Ultimate Pressure Cooking - The Complete Course

Chef lectures in how to cook quick, healthy and stunning dishes in the Pressure Cooker
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About This Course

Published 10/2016 English

Course Description

With Ultimate Pressure Cooking , you can quickly learn how to use your pressure cooker to prepare healthy, self-made, stunning dishes in no time !

Pressure Cookers have lately been praised by highly rated chefs like Heston Blumenthal. They are back en vogue.

Still many recipe books are either written by amateurs or include recipes back from the 70ies. It´s dificult to get quality instructions and learning material, although knowledge is crucial in order to make best use of this kitchen tool.

A great cook knows how to combine the technical requirements of his kitchen gadgets with the craft of cooking and the artistic skills of composing dishes.

You can now learn from a chef and graduate in Culinary Arts how pressure cooking really works, why the techinique is unique and how to easily create delicious results in a fraction of the time of conventional cooking.

Ultimate Pressure Cooking  will teach you these core skills:

•  Kitchen Tool - Learn how a pressure cooker operates and which are the core benefits of using it.

•  Culinary Techniques  - Understand basic culinary techniques

•  Stocks in the Pressure Cooker:  - Learn about stocks and create your own healthy self-made stocks in no time

•  Soups and Sauces in the Pressure Cooker: – Make healthy vegetable soups in 10 minutes and create basic sauces.

•  Slow-Cooking in the Pressure Cooker: – Learn how to make braised dishes faster than ever before.

•  Steaming in the Pressure Cooker:- Use your Pressure Cooker to steam vegetables and fish.

•  Rice in the Pressure Cooker- Learn how your pressure cooker can become a Speed Rice Cooker.

•  Legumes in the Pressure Cooker:- Understand how to create base legumes to deliver plant based proteins to your diet

•  International Classics in the Pressure Cooker:  - Master sef-made Potato Mash, stunning Spaghetti Bolognese, Beef Burgundy and Thai Curry and other classic recipes.

•  Desserts in the Pressure Cooker: Create building blocks and compose your own desserts.

•  Culinary Thinking: Start to think like a chef

In this course, I am sharing my cooking knowledge from Culinary School applied to the Pressure Cooker.

In addition to over 40 lectures and 3 hours of theoretical foundation and practical, hands-on instruction, this course includes printable PDF summaries of the core concepts of each lesson and all course recipes outlined for stove-top and electric pressure cookers and illustrated with a photo. The Udemy platform also gives you direct access to me where I can offer you personalized feedback along the way.

In just over 3 hours of lessons, you will gain the skills and confidence to master your kitchen tool and achieve restaurant quality cooking results.

Finn Eisenberg

Chef, Food Blogger & Cookbook Author

What are the requirements?

  • Basic cooking knowledge and interest is required.
  • You should have standard kitchen equipment such as a blender, sauce pans, cutting boards, oven, in order to follow the recipes.
  • This is usually standard equipment of a "normal" kitchen.
  • Apart from that you only need a pressure cooker with a steamer basket.
  • You may wait to purchase a pressure cooker until watching the first part of the course where I explain details about which model is best for you.
  • All recipes are specifically outlined for electric and stove-top pressure cookers. However the videos are demonstrated in a stove-top model

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Understand everything you need to know about the pressure cooker as a kitchen tool and apply the knowledge in practice.
  • Master healthy, quick and great tasting dishes in your pressure cooker
  • Learn how to make self-made stocks and healthy soups in a fraction of the time of conventional cooking.
  • Understand how to steam vegetables in the pressure cooker, and enhance their flavor.
  • Create aromatic slow-cooked dishes and ragouts faster than ever before
  • Make real mashed potatoes in a few minutes in the pressure cooker and forget about instant powders
  • Learn how to use the pressure cooker as a rice cooker
  • Use your pressure cooker to compose building blocks of stunning desserts
  • Get direct Chef guidance

Who is the target audience?

  • This course is meant for anyone, who wants to learn and master pressure cooking, a unique cooking technique in a unique kitchen tool.
  • It is aimed at beginners , amateurs and hobby cooks, but it will teach "serious" cooking
  • In this sense it is not suited for those who want fast and convenience food, ready in 5 minutes.
  • Don´t expect a pure recipe course. This course is 50% about cooking principles and 50% recipes.

What you get with this course?

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30 day money back guarantee.

Forever yours.
Lifetime access.

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Get rewarded.
Certificate of completion.


Section 1: Introduction to the course "Ultimate Pressure Cooking"

This lecture gives a brief introduction to the course content and the learning path you will be taking. The course is structured in 3 main sections. 

  • A theory part about the pressure cooker as a kitchen tool. 
  • An introduction to basic cooking techniques. 
  • And a practical part that walks you through culinary sections from stocks to desserts, explains you the basic concepts of each category with regards to the pressure cooker, and demonstrates the principles with step-by step video recipes of classic dishes. 

After practicing, your knowledge will become a skill by a repeating the key aspects with a 

  • printable PDF summary of each section and and a 
  • PDF with the recipes, outlined for stove-top and electric pressure cookers and illustrated with a photo.

This course lecture briefly explains you the concept of active learning. In order to let your knowledge become a skill it is essential to repeat and practice. Only in the combination of understanding basic cooking principles and practical application in the kitchen, one will be able to become a better cook.


Pressure cooking combines a number of benefits. In this section you will learn that the pressure cooker saves you energy, it saves you time, it preserves vitamins and it has has unique culinary properties.

Section 2: The Pressure Cooker

In this section you will learn how a pressure cooker works and on which principles it is based. Understanding pressure cooker operation makes the link to understandig its´ benefits.


We will very briefly wrap up the pressure cookers history , and learn about  first to third generation pressure cookers.


Electric or Stove-Top Pressure Cooker?  Which model is best for you? Both have advantages and drawbacks.  Learn more about it in this lecture...


Cooking times are a critical point when it comes to pressure cooking. This is for two reasons. First we cannot check food for doness because of the sealed lid. Second the food cooks faster and can be quickly overcooked. 

Learn about general cooking times, cooking times at high altitudes and how to work around the challenges. 


Learn about the three methods of releasing pressure from your kitchen device.


Don´t be afraid of pressure cookers. Learn why modern devices can be considered safe.


By following these guidelines you will be on the safe side whenever you use your pressure cooker.


Assuming that you are new to pressure cooking: Here is how you can test your new kitchen tool.


This downloadable PDF summarizes the key points of all the lectures so far.  The pressure cooker: a kitchen tool.

Section 3: Basic Culinary Knowledge

In order to understand how you can make best use of your pressure cooker, it is helpful to have a basic knowledge of cooking techniques. In this chapter of the course you are going to learn about dry heat cooking techniques.


In order to understand how you can make best use of your pressure cooker, it is helpful to have a basic knowledge of cooking techniques. In this chapter of the course you are going to learn about moist heat cooking techniques.


In order to understand how you can make best use of your pressure cooker, it is helpful to have a basic knowledge of cooking techniques. In this chapter of the course you are going to learn about where pressure cooking is located in the context of cooking techniques.


This chapter of your course summarizes the lesson about basic culinary theory. You can download it as a PDF and it will help you to internalize  the key aspects of your pressure cooker with regards to cooking techniques

Section 4: Stocks in the Pressure Cooker

Stocks are an essential ingredient to many dishes from sauces over soups to stews , ragouts , paellas, risottos and many more. Self-made stocks are healthy and can boost your cooking results to new levels. 

Learn about self-made stocks, their quality markers, and the unique ability of your pressure cooker to produce them in great quality and  in a fraction of the time than it would take in conventional cooking. 


Chicken stock is a versatile stock. In conventional cooking the preparation time is around two hours. The pressure cooker reduces it by half. Learn how to make basic chicken stock and how to store it , so you always have self-made stock on hand.


Learn how to cook a healthy self-made vegetable stock in your pressure cooker. Vegetable stock can be used to substitute for any other stock if your diet is vegan or vegetarian. 


Find the recipes for vegetable stock, chicken stock, fish stock (fumet),and veal stock, illustrated with a photo,  to download and print. 


A downloadable and printable  PDF with a summary of the key points that you have learned in the stock section.

Section 5: Soups

In this lecture of the course you will learn about soups. You will hear about soup thickening agents. You will get an instruction on how to safely liquidize vegetable soups and how to enhance soups by creating contrasts in color, flavor and texture with inlays and garnishes. You will also see that you can already make use of your self-made stocks.


This soup is perfect for autumn days when pumpkins are ripe and sweet and let this soup shine. Its also the time for pomegranates . Their red seeds make a beautiful color contrast  and enhance the fruitiness of the soup. 

Get hands on instruction how to bring  this soup on your table in no time.


This hearty soup can be made vegan or with ham and Wiener/Frankfurt sausages, to make it an even heartier experience.  It is thickened by the natural starches of the split peas. This soup will cook in 2 hours in conventional cooking. Learn how to make it in a fraction of the time in your pressure cooker.


Download and print the recipes of the soup section.


Download and print the key aspects of what you have learned about making soups in your pressure cooker.

Section 6: Sauces

In this lesson you will learn about the categorization of sauces and understand which sauce can be pressure cooked and which not. You will also understand how to thicken sauces and what you have to be aware of when using thickeners in the pressure cooker. Again you will see that a good self-made stock is the key ingredient of many sauces.


In this lecture you will make a basic tomato sauce in a few minutes in the pressure cooker. This sauce can be used as a base for many pasta sauces , pizza toppings or can be eaten as is .


Creating a real Sauce Bordelaise from scratch in conventional cooking takes hours. In the pressure cooker you can do it in 30 minutes.  In this lecture you will learn how and have a great sauce for your Sundays roast.


A PDF with the sauce recipes , illustrated and ready to download and print.


Repeat and internalize the key points of the sauce section. Download the PDF and print if you would like.

Section 7: Meats & Poultry: Slow Cooking made fast

In this lecture you will learn the basics of meat cookery in the pressure cooker. You will understand why it is important to sear meat before pressure cooking. I will walk you through the concepts of braising and "fastslow cooking and you will understand which cut of meat you should choose in order to create stunning stews and slow cooked dishes.


Beef Burgundy is a classic of French cuisine. In this lecture you will learn how to make it in the pressure cooker in around 30 minutes, have your beef fork tender and  thicken the braising  liquid to the right consistency so you will achieve a perfect aromatic sauce. Enhance this dish with fresh vegetables and serve with fresh Baguette!

This dish is also perfect to prepare in advance for a stress-free several course dinner. Simply cool down, store in the refrigerator and heat through before your dinner. 


You can braise curries with the right cuts of meat in your pressure cooker. In this lesson you will learn how to do it and create a southeast asian flavor profile


Download a printable, illustrated PDF of the the recipes in the meats section. 


Download a PDF that summarizes the key points of cooking meats& poultry in the pressure cooker. Printout if you like. 

Section 8: Pasta in the Pressure Cooker

In this course lecture will learn about the pressure cooker and pasta. You will understand why pasta itself is almost always better made in a conventional boiling pot of water , but the pasta sauce can  be made in the pressure cooker, especially if the sauce is a braised ragout like Ragu Boolognese (for Spaghetti Bolognese).


In this lecture of your course you will follow a step-by step guide on how to create a Ragu Bolognese , an iconic Italian pasta sauce in the pressure cooker. You can pair this ragout with Spaghetti or even better a robust pasta such as Pappardelle. 

The pressure cooker will display its full benefits here: It will do the dish in only 30 minutes and it will extract stunning flavor from a secret ingredient. In this lecture you will learn everything about it .


PDF recipeof pressure cooked Spaghetti Bolognese to download and print.


The key points of the pasta in the pressure cooker as a PDF. To download, print and remember.

Section 9: Fish & Seafood in the Pressure Cooker

In this lecture you will learn the basics of fish categorization, fish cookery in the pressure cooker, and using the pressure cooker as a steamer. You won´t need expensive steaming equipment. Your pressure cooker comes with an integrated steamer. You will also learn what to look for when buying fish and how you can determine freshness.


In this course section you will learn how to use your steamer basket in the pressure cooker. Steaming is a gentle and healthy cooking technique and opens you the door to a whole new range of delicious dishes


Download the recipes of the fish section as a printable and illustrated  PDF.


Want to remember they key concepts of how to steam fish in the pressure cooker? No problem. Download the PDF.

Section 10: Rice: The Pressure Cooker as a Rice Cooker

In this lecture you will learn about rice cooking in the pressure cooker. Understand why the pressure cooker substitutes a rice cooker and how to steam rice in under 10 minutes.


White rice is a great side dish to stews , ragouts and curries. Learn how to make it in under 10 minutes in your pressure cooker and have it properly seasoned and enhanced with a buttery touch.


Learn how to make pilafs and add a complex oriental flavor profile to your dish. You will also understand how you should pre-cook proteins and meat so they come out done at the same time than your rice.


Get the recipes of rice in the pressure cooker as a PDF.


Remember the key points of steaming rice in the pressure cooker. Download and print the PDF summary.

Section 11: Vegetables: The Pressue Cooker as a Steamer

In this course lecture you will learn the basics of steamed fresh and frozen vegetables in the pressure cooker. You will learn how to preserve their color and how to enhance their flavor.


In this lecture you will steam fresh green asparagus in your pressure cooker´s steamer basket and enhance its flavor and texture by shortly sauteíng it in a flavored butter. This method is suitable for many other vegetables and can be varied , so you can create countless delicious and healthy starters and side dishes.


Learn how to use shock frozen vegetables: In this lecture you will make steamed green peas with mint that are finsihed in a sauté pan. 


In this lecture you will learn how to make creamy mashed potatoes in your pressure cooker in minutes. You will also learn how to prevent the dish from becoming like glue , how to add flavor and how to give it a final touch of  moisture and flavor.


Get the PDF with the illustrated recipes of the vegetable section.


Remember the key points: Download the PDF and read how  to steam vegetables in the pressure cooker , how to preserve colors and how to enhance steamed vegetables so they will not taste bland. 

Section 12: Dried Legumes- Healthy Vegan Proteins

In this lecture you will learn about the key elements of cooking dried legumes in the pressure cooker. You will understand when to soak dried legumes and how to use them for follow-up recipes. You will also understand how you can easily reduce meat consumption by adding plant based proteins to your diet.


As an example of pressure cooking  dried legumes we will make the base of black (brown) lentils. You will see how you can  store them so you can use the base for follow-up recipes, in salads, stews etc.


Get a PDF with the base recipes of lentils, canellini beans , chickpeas, and additional recipes from my book. You can use the base for these follow-up recipes: White beans with tomato, stewed lentils with sausage and hummus.

The principle here is to prepare  the base legume in the pressure cooker and use it later on for a follow-up preparation.


Remember the key points of how to cook dried legumes in the pressure cooker. Download and print the summary PDF.

Section 13: Desserts in the Pressure Cooker

In this lecture of your course you will learn about which desserts can be created in the pressure cooker and how to compose desserts by combining building blocks.


In this lecture you will make a hot chocolate sauce (fudge) in the pressure cooker in only 2 minutes !! It can be perfectly combined with steamed or poached fruits, ice cream or pastries.


In this course lecture you will make the iconic Crème Brûlée in your pressure cooker.  By using small ramekins you can steam this dish portioned in only a few minutes. You will  avoid a stressful preparation in a water-bath.

You will need a small kitchen torch to finish this dish which can be perfectly prepared in advance. As a tip you can do the final kitchen theater at the table with dimmed lights. Be sure your guests will be impressed !


Download the recipes of the dessert section as a printable PDF.


The key points of how to make desserts in the pressure cooker. Download and print the PDF.

Section 14: One Last Thing

Short course wrap up of Ultimate Pressure Cooking and final goodbye.

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Instructor Biography

Finn Eisenberg, Chef & Food Blogger | Ultimate Pressure Cooking

Finn M. Eisenberg is the chef and founder behind a comprehensive learning program, related to pressure cooking.

Finn has graduated from culinary school and is dedicated to teaching cooking with the help of visual arts and new media.

His recipes and food photography are published in a cook book, and on his his web site and food blog.

Finn loves sharing his knowledge about food and culinary arts. He also has a strong focus on food photography and design.

In his free time he is passionate about FC Barcelona and Chess (desperately trying to become a second Magnus Carlsen;)

He lives in Catalunya, Spain.

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