Presentation Tips From An Award Winning Pro Speaker
4.4 (11 ratings)
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Presentation Tips From An Award Winning Pro Speaker

International speaker shares his top tips to help your next presentation have lasting IMPACT !.
4.4 (11 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
73 students enrolled
Created by David Hyner
Last updated 9/2015
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What Will I Learn?
  • Understand how to present and speak in public with confidence like a professional speaker
  • handle nerves with increased certainty
  • present with few or no use of notes at all !!
  • use gesture and vocal skills to command an audience
  • use props and visual aids to ensure recall and immersion of your message
  • structure a talk like a professional speaker
  • use stories to create an emotional connection
  • handle the heckler and give praise effectively
  • deal with "ummmmms and errrrrrs"
  • essential DO's and DONT'S on speakers body language
  • Use of "pause" to gain genuine impact
  • microphones and sound
  • how to use humour to add impact
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  • no software required
  • pens, paper and a video camera or webcam to record when rehearsing

Aimed at those who give talks or speeches to small, medium to larger audiences, our award winning professional speaker of some 15 years (David Hyner psae fpsa alam) shares the knowledge of the great platform speakers in short easy to understand videos that gives you the skills, confidence and ability to make a bigger ... and lasting impact.

When you use this training you will be understand how to;

  • prevent presentation nerves
  • structure content easily
  • deliver with few or no written notes
  • storytelling
  • use of humour
  • handling hecklers
  • body language
  • gesture
  • … and much more besides

Great for speakers, teachers, lecturers, trainers and anyone who speaks for a living that needs a few top tips to take their delivery to the next level.

Includes great bonus resources to ensure depth of learning and ongoing development.

Who is the target audience?
  • anyone who needs to raise their game as a speaker or presenter
  • specifically created for education professionals
  • novice public or professional speakers
  • trainers, coaches and consultants
  • NOT aimed at high fee earning pro speakers ... you guys should know this stuff !
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Curriculum For This Course
18 Lectures
Presentation Tips From An Award Winning Pro Speaker
18 Lectures 01:37:05

1: Introduction

About your speaker - David Hyner psae fpsa alam abnlp

psae = professional speaking award of excellence

fpsa = fellow of the professional speaking association

alam = associate level and gold medal public speaking award from LAMDA

abnlp = practitioner of neuro linguistic programming

Introducing the presenter and the themes for this programme.

  • prepare, rehearse then deliver, ...... and record yourself.
  • its not just what you say but "how" you are saying it.
  • enjoy....
Preview 03:20

2: What to say

  • know your content inside out ... know your stuff.
  • it's NOT about the message when creating and structuring content
  • where do I get content from?
  • the questions to ask..... and answer in your talk
Preview 05:11

3: structuring your talk and speaking with conviction

  • saying & telling "vs" conviction.
  • close, start THEN middle.
  • rehearse with conviction "as if" an audience were there in the room.

..... and a resource sheet to help you structure your content and plan it in the right order.

Preview 04:51

4: Rehearsal techniques

  • rehearsal and preparation IS CRITICAL !!!
  • rehearse with conviction "as if" you were delivering the talk live.
  • get "stage time" .... speak anywhere that will hear you to fine tune your skills.
  • if new to speaking join speaking organisations to get feedback and raise your game.
  • how much rehearsal should I be doing?
  • Rehearse.... Rehearse.... Rehearse !

.. and a bonus resource of a list (with links) of the best organisations to learn and hone your speaking skills.

4. Rehearsal Techniques

5: The voice... and creating IMPACT !

  • why it is CRITICAL to warm up and protect the voice.
  • "how to" protect the voice.
  • NEVER warm up in front of an audience.
  • The power of the "hummmmmm".
  • Why rocking out in the car is good for you.
  • The "bee bore bar bay boo" principle.
  • How to improve diction and pronunciation.
  • walk, stop, talk.
  • awareness of tone, pace and musicality of the voice and its impact.

... and a great resource of a document giving details of the vocal warm up I do.

5. The Voice & Creating Vocal Impact

6: Handling nerves & stress

  • It's only FEAR ..... get over it by preparing, rehearsing and anchoring.
  • how remove your nerves and fear using "anchoring" techniques.
  • Using music, love and experiences as positive anchors.
  • Breathing technique... The intercostal-diaphramatic method.
  • the clench.
  • Pause.... breathe.... carry on.
  • .... and an awesome resource to help you understand the Amygdala and how you can control it better.
6. Handling Nerves & Stress

7: Use of pause & remembering lines

  • remove ummm's & errrr's.
  • stay silent in the pause..... it shows strength.
  • how to "hide" your notes.
  • how to remember things on flip charts and slides.
7. Use Of Pause & Remembering Lines

8: Notes - presenting with & without notes

  • notes at the back of the room.
  • notes on the stage.
  • notes in your hand.
  • NEVER have pages of notes in your hand.
  • use pictures in a "memory stack"

... and a resource example of one of my memory stack notes & an audio on use of memory skills worth £10 on its own.

8. Notes - Presenting With & Without Notes

9: Use of visual aids

  • get permissions to use images, videos and music if needed.
  • how to ensure your flip chart notes are seen at the back of the room.
  • how to use images on PowerPoint (PP) slides.
  • how to use and where to place a flip chart stand.
  • fill the screen with your images on PP slides.
  • ONLY use them as an aid to recall rather than "the message"

... and two great resources including a sheet on top fps for using powerpoint slides, and part of one of my own power points so you can see how i use them (and i wonder if you can spot any of the memory links in there as well?)

9. Use Of Visual Aids

10: Use of props & metaphors

  • use them to make a point or emphasise a point.
  • using simple magic tricks to create HUGE impact.
  • give away money.
  • show books.... don't juste ay "i read this book".
  • allow the prop or visual aid to add value rather than "be" the value.
  • you want them to remember YOU and not the prop!
10. Use Of Props & Metaphors

11: Handling hecklers

  • why it's all our fault!
  • accept responsibility for confusion.
  • why agreeing with them can be the best thing to do.
  • seek to understand them first before you defend yourself.
  • stroke their ego.
  • pointing to praise.
  • Getting in & out of their personal space.
11. Managing Hecklers

12: Use of gesture & body language

  • your left is right ..... and your right is left.
  • past is future and future is past.
  • point to praise.
  • open palm to challenge.
  • be consistent with your image, clothing and personal brand.
  • stand and hold the position.... then move with conviction.
  • the cuckoo dance and shadows dance.
  • stay in the light.
  • big fish .... little fish, and why this is critical.
  • plan, prepare and rehearse.

... and a resource sheet explaining the 5 star principle as a bonus.

when facing a larger audience it is impossible to make eye contact with every person and so by imagining that there are five large stars in the room ... spread out like the number five on a dice, you can present to each start in random order and a whole group of people sitting where you are looking think you are presenting "just to them".

*awesome technique".

12. Use Of Gesture & Body Language

13: Storytelling & emotional connection

  • tell a story as a metaphor or as part of a message.
  • how NOT to do "therapy" from the stage.
  • how even accountants can use stories.
  • live the story as you tell it.
  • saw, heard, experienced, felt.
  • how us how you felt.
13. Stories & Emotional Connection

14: Sound & microphones

  • why rehearsal is critical when using microphone and audio visual equipment.
  • work with the sound engineers at events .... they can make you look good or bad !
  • Know the housekeeping and emergency procedures.
  • why you MUST walk the stage before you speak.
  • take responsibility for the room.
  • rehearse "as if" it is real.
  • leave out the "bling".
  • cables, cables.... and more cables.
14. Sound & Microphones

15: Serving your audience

  • serving your audience.
  • "why" are you speaking?
  • the ego trip.
  • be "BIGGER" as a speaker to serve your audience.... not your ego.
  • The 5 90 5 rule ! .... Get this and it changes your life in every way!
  • How to serve sincerely 95% of the people in every room.... very time.
  • Why you should ignore evaluation forms.
15. Serving Your Audience

16: Using humour

  • how to use and add humour.
  • speakers are NOT comedians.
  • how to react when you do not get a laugh.
  • who to study to learn your craft.
16. Use Of Humour

17: Speaking Internationally

  • the world stage is open to you.
  • speak to event organisers and people from the country to learn what you need to know about the culture etc.
  • know what content will go down well and which will "bomb" before you deliver.
  • rehearse with translators if needed.... and how to select the right one for you.
  • be prepared to slow down and cut content to fit the allotted time.
17. Speaking Internationally

18: Review & Thanks

  • using the Udemy community
  • top tips from the world of professional speaking
  • review of all you have covered
  • ... now it's time for you to TAKE ACTION !
  • plan, rehearse, deliver !
18. Conclusion & Review
About the Instructor
David Hyner
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ACE speaker hall of fame, BBC radio host, & author.

As a researcher David Hyner has interviewed well over 200 top achievers from all walks of life. Amongst the many golden nuggets and gems of thoughts and behaviours that make people successful, he discovered "how" they set and achieve MASSIVE GOALS. David writes, speaks and broadcasts on his research findings.

Having authored (and co-authored or guest authored in) many best selling books, audios and videos on subjects ranging from business leadership through to teacher training, goal setting, stress prevention... and more, Davids passion is to help others become even more effective through sharing "how" highly effective people think and behave in ways that anyone can use. A multi award winning international professional speaker who delivers to between 20'000-50'000 people around the world each year.

"Probably the best speaker I have ever heard" - Barclays.

One of only 20 speakers to hold the prestigious PSAE (professional speaking award of excellence). BBC radio show host, adventurer, husband and father.

Academy for Chief Executives - Speaker hall of fame (one of only five to hold the award)