Practical Public Speaking Training
4.3 (2 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
26 students enrolled
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Practical Public Speaking Training

Rock peoples worlds with the only public speaking course that actually teaches you how to train your speaking muscles.
4.3 (2 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
26 students enrolled
Created by Steve Corney
Last updated 10/2016
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  • 16 Supplemental Resources
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What Will I Learn?
  • Develop rock solid confidence to deliver amazing presentations
  • Conquer your nerves and know how to turn them into positive energy
  • Engage with your audience and rock their worlds
  • Strengthen their speaking muscles, allowing them to make public speaking enjoyable
  • Know how to dedicate time to "Public Speaking Training" instead of rehearsing
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  • This course is very practical, if you want to submit some of your presentation training activities then you will need an audio recording device (smartphone, computer microphone)
  • A willingness and desire to become an amazing public speaker

Practical Public Speaking Training exists to help you actually TRAIN your speaking muscles. Just like your muscles in the gym, if you don't consistently work out, your muscles will get weaker. The same goes when it comes to public speaking training. 

How many people when they are given an opportunity to speak, end up simply rehearsing their speech and that's it? - I think we are all guilty of this at some point. 

How can we expect to get any better without specific training. Enter Practical Public Speaking Training. This course has been designed to give you a tried and tested gym program to help you strengthen your public speaking muscles so that when the time comes to speak in front of a group, you can do so knowing your speaking muscles are rock solid and ready for action. 

This approach is unique and is the only course that will provide specific activities to help you train specific aspects of your speaking. If you need to improve your volume control, train those muscles. If you need to improve vocal variety, train those muscles. If you need to be better at speaking off the cuff, we have activities designed to strengthen those aspects of your speaking.

Course inclusions: 

  • Exercise library for all your speaker muscle training activities
  • Discussion lectures on how to engage, ignite and inspire your audience
  • Creating winning presentation structures that rock worlds 
  • Self analysis to understand the areas you need to improve on

This course is completely self directed and with lifetime access you can complete your public speaking training daily or weekly, really whenever you feel like you need a tune up. But just like any muscle.. if you fail to train it for weeks, even months, when it comes time to present and use them, you may find that they are completely out of shape :) 

Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone wanting to improve their public speaking skills
  • People who have to give presentations as part of their work or their job
  • Business owners who want to learn to speak better as a means of promoting their business
  • Students who want to get better marks in their "presentation" based assessments
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Curriculum For This Course
47 Lectures
Whole course introduction
1 Lecture 10:35

This is an introduction to the course which goes into more detail about why actually training your speaking muscles is the only way to improve your public speaking skills. 

Preview 10:35
Module 1- All about you
4 Lectures 26:45

This lecture highlights one of the biggest challenges to great public speaking and tha is how to be authentic or how to be "real." By being real you can better connect with your audience


This lecture will help you uncover your strengths as a presenter. We all have them and everyone is unique. You will also identify areas of improvement to help make you an even better speaker. 

Finding your Style

This lecture helps you to get in the zone both for training and on the day of a big presentation. Without good mental focus and being mindful and present at the time of training and presenting you will not deliver to your full ability

Mental Warm Up
Module 2- All about the audience
11 Lectures 41:29

This lecture is all about understanding your audience, because in a presentation it's all about the audience. The more you know about them, the better your presentation will be received. 

Know your Audience

This lecture looks at ways and reasons as to how to captivate and capture the audiences attention. If you undersand who your auidience is, you can then tailor make your presentation to ensure it rocks their world. This session shows you how to do that

Captivating the Audience

This lecture is self explanitory, how do you get your audience excited and turned on about your presentation. This session is a lead in to some practical aspects of audience partipation strategies.

How to turn the Audience on!

This lecture and the next 6 are all about practical examples of ways you can get the audience to participate with you during a presentation. Audience participation leads to engagement and more engagment means they will be more likely to apply the information you are presenting. 

Preview 04:48

Audience Participation strategy 1- Show of hands.

Audience Participation Strategy 2- Turn to the person next to you

Audience Participation Strategy 3- Imagine

Audience Participation Strategy 4- Volunteers and Questions

Audience Participation Strategy 5- The Massage

Audience Participation Strategy 6- Taking the Pledge
Module 3- Structure and Planning
3 Lectures 19:45

This lecture takes you through the steps required to create a killer introduction. The introduction is the hook that captures the audience attention and makes them want to listen to the rest of your presentation. If you do this well, the likelihood of your presentation being successful increases. 

How to create KILLER introductions

This session follows on from the last and now looks at the end of the presentation where you have done all the hard work and now your job here is to be memorable. How can you leave a lasting impression on the audience and leave them wanting more. 

How to create MIND BLOWING conclusions
Module 4- All about the delivery
9 Lectures 59:12

This topic is a big one and rightly so. Nerves are a huge inhibiting factor for people new and experienced to presenting. There are reasons for this and once you know why you get nervous you can get out of your own way and embrace and dominate presentations, whenever they appear.

Preview 05:14

Dealing with Nerves Part 2

Dealing with Nerves Part 3

In this lecture we look at utterances. They do not need to exist in your presentations and when you can speak utterance free you will be able to take your presentation skills to a whole new level of professionalism. 

How to never um and err again EVER!

This lecture is also one of the first activities you will do. An exorcism! If this doesn't get rid of your um's and err's nothing will. Be sure to have a bucket load of fun with this session. 

Activity- Um and Err Exorcism

This lecture shows you how to create simple and easy to use cue cards or palm cards. These will help you keep place in your presentation and be able to recall key pieces of information. 

How to create and use Cue Cards

This lecture is more of a discussion piece is an important one about one of the biggest mistakes speakers make. 

Why you should never apologise

This lecture will talk to you and show you the power of PowerPoint. What can happen when it rocks and what can happen when it goes horribly wrong. 

What happens when PowerPoint goes horribly wrong!
19 Lectures 01:53:56

This activity is where it all starts. It's really important that before any exercise program, especially one with your voice that you warm up properly each time to help prevent injury. This warm up should be used prior to practice as well as a great thing to do before you present, to get everything primed and ready to go.

Preview 09:43

This activity is one of our most popular and effective activities because it helps speed up the connection between your eyes, voice and brain. This is to be used only in practice because if done in the real world, bad things could happen.

Preview 05:08

This activity will help train your volume muscles. If you have trouble speaking and projecting your voice then this activity will certainly help with that. Note: Please ensure you have completed a vocal warm up prior to commencing this activity. 

Activity- Volume Control

This activity will help you with vocal variety and improve your Seinfeld knowledge. Being able to add colour to your voice through tonality and vocal variety will help with audience engagement. 

Activity- These Pretzels

This activity is a great one for speaking off the cuff and coming up with dialogue with no stimulus. A good challenge for utterance removal also and one that will get your brain and voice connecting. 

Activity- The Alphabet Challenge

This activity will take a look a humour and help you understand and appreciate the power of the pause and the importance of taking your time and speed variation in delivery. You're allowed to laugh at your own jokes here. 

Activity- The Stand up Comedian

This activity take a look at an old training method for radio announces to get their speaking muscles primed and ready to go for the show. 

Activity-Radio Announcer Warm Up

This activity pays homage to some of the best off the cuff speakers on the planet. Race announcers. This activity will give you a chance to put yourself in their shoes and have a good at a fun, fast paced job.

Activity- Of course my horse

This activity will challenge your ability to improvise. You will be given random topics and forced to speak for a set period of time. 

Activity- Soooo Random!

This activity is another improvisational challenge where you will need to populate a movie scene with your own dialogue. Some will have only one part others you will have to get creative and have multiple parts to tell a story. Have fun with it and apply yourself as best as possible. 

Activity- BYO Voice

This activity will see you showing us through a house as well as calling a pretend auction. A great way to practice and improve your vocal variety and speak off the cuff without knowing what the video will show you next. 

Activity- The Real Estate Agent

This activity gives you the opportunity to live out a childhood fantasy. Being a weather reporter is no easy gig, in fact it will challenge you to keep the content flowing as well as keeping the audience engaged through your use of tone and language. 

Activity- The Weather Reporter

This activity will put you in the shoes of a radio announcer and your very own radio show. You will develop your radio voice and have some fun talking about the best show on the airwaves. 

Activity- Radio DJ

This activity helps you realise yet another amazing job, a news reader. You will be given a series of news stories and will be required to speak about them for a set period of time. This will strengthen every aspect of your speaking muscles and is not limited to just the news items in this activity. 

Activity- Breaking News

This activity alone will improve your vocal variety and is a tribute to an influential human. You cannot read a childrens book, especially dr seuss without vocal variety so of course this is our chosen resource to make sure your vocal variety rocks!

Activity- A tribute to Dr Seuss

This activity will see you become a movie critic and be required to talk about a movie/s that you need explain to the audience. A great challenge for you to master the art of talking off the cuff and making your words engage and excite the audience into wanting to see the movie. 

Activity- A night at the movies

This activity is one of our most popular also and for good reason. Tongue twisters are a great warm up activity and really help sharpen the brain and get you ready to rock your presentation. See how fast you can complete them as clearly as possible. Don't forget to smile! 

Preview 04:43

4 week training program
About the Instructor
Steve Corney
4.3 Average rating
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27 Students
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Rocker of Universes

Steve Corney has been rocking worlds and creating amazingly engaging online courses for individuals, companies and the education sector for over 10 years. In that time Steve has developed a unique ability to really connect with his audience and provide relevant and easy to apply, actionable content to his learners. 

Having taught public speaking to some of Australia's biggest companies (Boeing and Reece Plumbing) and working with a range of professionals including CEO's, Excecutive Management and Business Owners to improve their speaking confidence, Steve definately is someone that walks the walk as well as talking the talk. 

Steve specialises in engaging and fun, online courses and has a passion for providing soft skill and life skill education to people of all ages, specifically high school students to ensure they have every chance possible to realise their full potential.