Online Traffic Generation Bootcamp-Total Traffic Solution
3.4 (35 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
1,331 students enrolled
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Online Traffic Generation Bootcamp-Total Traffic Solution

Learn How to Turn Advertising into PROFITS...
3.4 (35 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
1,331 students enrolled
Last updated 11/2016
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30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • 4.5 hours on-demand video
  • 2 Articles
  • 9 Supplemental Resources
  • Full lifetime access
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What Will I Learn?
  • Get Laser-Targeted Traffic at Very Cheap, Like 10 to 15 cents Per-Click
  • Understand Strategizing Smart Strategies in PPC & launch your first campaign
  • Understand How to use PPC Platforms to make Work For You & launch your first campaign
  • Super-Target Your Traffic and Reach Millions of People Who Really Really Wants Your Service/Product
  • Convert Traffic Into Real-Time Customers Who Actually Buys
  • Touch Core-Desire of Your Potential Viewers
  • Understand Mind-Set of Your Traffic
  • Understand PPC Marketing (Pay-Per-Click)
  • Derive insights and optimize your PPC campaings by using Clickmeter
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  • Very Strong Desire of Actually Complete the course and Apply All Knowledge into Your Business
  • Have a computer and a internet connection.

Discover How You Can Get Thousands of Red Hot, Pre-Sold BUYERS to Your Sites!

One Course, 5 Hours of Content - 2 Powerhouse Traffic Sources and TONS of BONUSES IN YOUR POCKET...! (All FREE)

  • End Dependency on one Particular Traffic Source
  • Unlimited, Targeted, Super Traffic on Crack!
  • Unlike SEO, Secret Strategy and Ninja PPC Techniques gets you NEARLY INSTANT TRAFFIC.. Within 48 Hours..

Kaivalya Deshpande Here! And One Thing EVERY Online Business Owner NEEDS is TRAFFIC.

No Matter What it is - CPA, Affiliate Marketing, Selling your Own Courses Online, E-Commerce, Freelancing Services...

                                                 WE ALL NEED TRAFFIC!

Traffic is the engine that drives money into our bank account. We need it to send us targeted leads and sales - the people who are spending money on things they both need and desire.

But there is one single problem...

                                The Big Traffic "Lie"... Constant Content Churn and Burn!

You know what this big lie is? It's the lie that you need to write, produce, optimize and go completely batsh*tcrazy just to get traffic!

A lot of crap is sputtered out about "writing", "syndication" and "article marketing" ... with people constantly churning out content, chasing the Google/Facebook Beast in "Standard" way, in hopes to catch big dough!

Of course, we know what happens next. Burnout.

You spend hours upon hours writing content, submitting to the directories, building back-links, working social media, uploading videos... for what ends up being a trickle of traffic.

                                              #1 Frustration for IM'ers

This seems to be people's biggest frustration with trying to make money online. Getting traffic.

I mean, let's think about what you would usually have to do to get free traffic:

  • Do TONS of Keyword Research, Hundreds of Keywords to find, Hundreds of Articles to Write...
  • Write 2 to 5 Articles a day, and shooting them out to 100's of article directories.

         Back-linking it all.

  • Getting the on-page SEO just "right".
  • Finally getting traffic and then Google "makes a change". Congratulations. It's all down the toilet.

Sound familiar? I bet so.

This is the experience for a LOT of people. Constantly trying to dig up traffic and having nothing but dirt thrown in the face!

                                                 Why Try When You May Fail?

And so, for a majority of people, the struggle continues to make money online. Constant chasing targets, burnout and endless loops of information overload, which cause people to stumble, fall, and sadly, fail. I continue to hear stories like this:

"Kaivalya, I did everything... I wrote articles and back-linked hard for about 2 months. I used Keyword Generating Softwares for about two months and purchased gigs. I finally hit the first page for my category keywords on the 2nd of this month. But then Google had an update and my site tanked..."

This guy's site, all his effort... He might as well just delete it off his servers as the effect was just as bad.

                                                       Wouldn't it Be Nice To...

Imagine - Being able to write just ONE Article, just one Advertising Swipe, and Doing it SO GOOD, Turning it into a traffic and money magnet that attracts buyers who beg to give you cash! Imagine being able to gain true financial freedom - the ability to gather traffic on command, with minimal work as possible!


  • Instead of wasting months after months for SEO, Get Way too targeted traffic in 48 hours for 20 to 30 cents per click!
  • No Longer Fear Failure - No More Pouring Days Into Something and Having it Flop?
  • No More Relying On Joint Venture Partners to Send You Traffic - Instead, Why Not Go Where the Traffic Is?
  • Utilize A Method In Which You Can Turn A Single Article/Video Into "Money Magnet" by Using PPC Power-Houses?

Now, you can!


                                              Online Traffic Generation Bootcamp -Total Traffic Solution

                             Learn How to Turn Advertising into PROFITS by Turning PPC Campaign into MONEY                                                                                                          MAGNET!

                                                                 Put an End to "Churn and Burn"!

No longer do you need to "churn" out content and "burn" yourself out. Stop putting out so much damn content! Stop attempting to write write write... Busting your a$$ for back-links and free traffic.


Discover how you can leverage a Google AdWords and Bing Ads, Take no more than 40 minutes to Set it up, and turn it into MASSIVE and POWERFUL TRAFFIC MAGNETS!

                              Your time Is Valuable - Gain Confidence AND Success!

We are Constantly worried that our time will be wasted. It sucks - and we both know it. Why put time into something if it's doomed to fail? What if you could be confident about the work you were doing WOULD pay off?

That would be awesome, wouldn't it?

Finally, You Can! With the Online Traffic Generation Bootcamp, you’ll discover a fast and simple method of creating consistent and reliable (Multiple) Traffic Sources, and TURN ADVERTISING INTO PROFITS (Literally Money Magnets!)

                                              Fast and Simple System!

The system I am Explaining in OTGB is stooopid simple. I dramatically increase your persuasiveness of Ad Copy and thus, increase your chances of success. But that isn't all..

I'm going to show you how you can leverage a single Ad Copy and turn it into TRAFFIC MACHINE - all which bring you targeted BUYERS!

It's fast, and simple. And it works.

You no longer will depend on the slow SEO for traffic, instead, turning to these powerful strategies and Ninja Approaches, Ending your Dependency on SEO or Joint Venture!

                           Oh No - That Four Letter Word... W - O - R - K !

OK - I'm not going to lie. It IS going to require you to do some work. As I am going to Walk-You-Through Every step, You will have to create your Ad Text, Select Demographics and Laser-Targeted Keywords. You will have to follow the system. But if you follow my instructions, you will lessen the amount of work you need to do, While, Increase the chances of Pulling Massive Traffic to your sites, and finally start experiencing success.

                                     Here is What You Will Discover Inside:

You will discover secrets I've NEVER Shared Before - Secrets about how I work so damn efficiently and how I utilize a simple writing formula that gets people begging to buy! (Without any Hardcore Selling)

And best of all, you can use this in any niche, whether it is in Affiliate Marketing, info product Marketing, CPA, Freelancing Services and more!

  • Discover the Secret to Massive (Buyer's) Traffic - Turning A Single PPC Ad into a Landslide of Traffic!
  • How Only 20 Minutes a Day Can Bring You (Almost) FREE, Unlimited Traffic, For Life!
  • Put an End to The "Churn and Burn" Method - Focus Instead on ONE Reliable Traffic Generation Method PPC Cash Machine and Leverage it Into Thousands of Red Hot Buyers!
  • Discover My Secret "Trick Formula" To Getting People to BEG to Give You Money...
  • Discover Strategies and Ninja Keywords for YOUR NICHE (And How can YOU Do it Again and Again) That Will Revolutionize Your Efforts Online - Some You May Know - But You've NEVER Seen Them Work Together Like This!
  • How to Write an Ad Copy That Pre-Sells and Get's People to Your Site Without Begging, Badgering or Selling... They Will Think that, You are SUPER COOL And Love You For It!
  • A Simple to Understand, Double System Formula (Smart Ad Copy + Advanced Keyword Selection) That Works! 

                               Works In Any Niche, For Most All Business Models

This works regardless of Niche, regardless of Business Model. If you desire  (Almost) free traffic to a blog, to a sales page, to a squeeze page, an Affiliate Review - Basically, If you Need BUYER'S Traffic almost free, This is it!

So Don't worry - this method is FOR YOU!

      Less than 2 Hours Video Content - Simple, Fast, Easy to Consume and Implement!

NONE of this wading through 300 Videos, Struggling through Hundreds of PDFs or sitting through a Boring Webinar.

This is Fast, Intuitive, Easy to Get Through and Immediately Actionable. You'll be up and running in less than 2 Hours !

                       Imagine - A couple of Hours Or Less To Financial Freedom

If you utilize this Method, Instead of Grinding and Frustrating and Pouring your Efforts into Black Hole of Free Traffic, Imagine what that could do for you? If you could just spend an hour or less, a few days a week, You Could Completely Change Your Life!

Because that is what targeted traffic can do, right?

If you had access to this - and you implemented it Immediately - Imagine what life would be like?

  • Eliminate Financial Stress and No Longer Worry about Bills.
  • Fire your Boss, Free-Up your time, and live your life like YOU want.
  • Spend time with friends, family, hobbies - whatever you desire - it can be yours.

How much would that be worth for you?

Well, I know this - whatever dollar amount that is - it's nothing compared to the cost of this Online Traffic Generation Bootcamp!

                          Revolutionary Video Course - Revolutionary Guarantee

100% Satisfaction OR 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee! If you give this a try, and actually implement it - and you don't see an ounce of traffic - I will Pay you 100% money BACK.! No Questions Asked!

                  BONUS - Marketing Funnel Creation Introduction for Newbies!

I've actually included a POWERFUL bonus, for free! Inside you'll get access to the NINJA - Marketing Funnel Creation Introduction, in which I show you how to create a basic working marketing funnel that consistently will generate revenue FOR YOUR BUSINESS on Almost Autopilot! So you can use PPC Techniques to Drive BUYERS to this Marketing Funnel.

It's a powerful video, and it's yours as a free bonus!

                                    Don't Hesitate! Price Going Up Fast!

The price is heading up quick. - so be sure you grab it before it gets any higher. You won't regret it and it's 100% Guaranteed!

P.S. - This System will supply you with endless, Cheap and Hot Targeted Traffic - in a way different than you've seen before! the writing method, the resources, and your work flow could totally change your life. So, grab it now!

P.P.S. - The price is rising fast, so grab it before it gets any higher!

P.P.P.S. - 100% Guaranteed - Remember, I'll Pay your 100% Money back, if you Try it and Completely Fail.!

                                                                         Enroll Fast ABOVE..

Who is the target audience?
  • People Who Are Beginners at Marketing and Online Business
  • People Who Want to be Good at Targeted-Traffic-Generation On Demand
  • People Who Wants to stabilize Their Business By Tapping into Multiple Sources of Traffic
  • People Who Wants to convert Their Traffic into Real-Time Buyers
  • Digital marketers
  • Anybody at a digital agency that deals with media buys
  • Startup owners looking to get more sales
  • Business founders looking to expand their customer base
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Introduction to This Course
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Introduction of Online Traffic Generation Bootcamp. 

Without Fancy Introductions, Let's Actually GET TO WORK RIGHT NOW...

 This is where Rubber REALLY Meats the Road..

Preview 07:53

Basic Concepts of Pay-Per-Click (PPC) World, Just in case, if you are Beginner...

Preview 04:49
Let's Create Campaigns and Funnels to Convert Traffic into Real-Time Buyers...
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Let's Take care of Something called Marketing Funnel.

NEWBIE Friendly..

Getting Magic Gun Ready
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How to Harness The Power of Two Platforms at Single Place - Part 1

Part 1 Continued...

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How to Harness The Power of Two Platforms at Single Place - Part 3

Learn some things about Bingads and Creating PPC Campaign

Things That You Ought to Know About This Platform
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Introducing to Amazing Platform that Provides Multiple Platforms of Traffic at a Cheaper Cost

How I get Solo AD + Pay Per Click + Banner Media at Single Place

Learn Some things that a wise Marketer Ought to Know About This Amazing Platform AdClickMedia

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Introducing An Amazing Platform that Not-Many-Marketers Talk About

Get Amazing Results With A Killer Underground Network

Learn Some Important Thing About This Underground Network, In Order to Tap Into Multiple Streams of Traffic Successfully

Things That You Ought to Know About This Platform
2 pages
Bonus Section
4 Lectures 05:54

Learn some Basic Things about Clickmeter. Learn Why Tracking and Split Testing is Important

Clickmeter Introduction
2 pages

Conclusion of Whole course and What You Need to Do Next...

Conclusion and What's Next?

Fancy Learning some More Valuable stuff with Ray Cash Flow system?

Learn some More With Ray Cash flow...

Join Me On Facebook
Updates and EXTRAS
2 Lectures 12:09

Get some Strategies and Points that you Must Focus on, to Optimize and Tweak your Traffic Generation Game

Update 1 - Some Useful Tips (Split Testing and Link Rotation Concepts)

BIG Update of November 2016
BONUS Section - 25 Business Mindset Secrets
23 Lectures 02:53:53

Various Approaches to Make Money

Ways to Make Money

Learn Exactly How Wealthy People Invest Their Time and Money

How to Invest Time and Money

From The Dawn of Time, Every Great Leader Has Taught Us, We Become What We Think About…

You Become What you Think About

What is your WHY

What is your WHY

Keep Multiple Streams of Traffic, and Income Sources.!

The MS Formula

Pull Marketing

Some Distinct Differences Between Being Hungry and Being Desperate and How Wealthy Thinks and Solutions on Desperate Mentality

Are you Hungry or Desperate

Some Approaches About Making Money Online That No-One-Talks-About

How to Make Money Online

Learn How to Use a Secret Mind-Set to Leverage Your Business to Next Level


What Get Rich Quick Schemes Understands Perfectly...

Get Rich Quick

What Get Rich Quick Schemes Don’t Understand…

We Think in Pictures… And so does your Prospect


How Your Mind Looks Like

How Your Mind Looks Like

Production and Consumption Ratio

Production Consumption Stability

Would You Like to Know How Your Business Will Look Like After 5 Years?

How Your Business Will Look Like After 5 Years…?

Some Distinct Differences Between Being Happy and Being Satisfied and How Wealthy People Thinks

Are you Happy or Satisfied?

Talking About Taking Risk in Business

How to take RISKS in Online Business

Finally, Another Secret (Not Exactly Secret You See…) Revealed!

Expertise Magnet

How Much You (Don't) Work Defines Your Success…

How Much You DON'T Work

That’s What All It Takes to Become Successful

A Decision

Here’s How I Hire People in My Business

Something about Hiring People

Strategizing Is Actually a Bad Thing…

Don't Strategize

How Your Goals and Dreams and Visions Look Like?

Scary and Exciting Goals
About the Instructor
Kaivalya Deshpande
3.4 Average rating
189 Reviews
7,929 Students
3 Courses
Online Entrepreneur, Marketing Expert, Instructor
Rohan Singh
3.4 Average rating
189 Reviews
7,929 Students
3 Courses
Entrepreneur, Web Developer, Graphics Designer

It Actually SADDENS me to Admit, I am an Entrepreneur.

Because, As the Definition of Entrepreneur is, "Person who SOLVE Problems"

When I say, I am en Entrepreneur, I am Admitting that, our Society has a lot of Problems, Specially Business Communities.

But Since, that's THE TRUTH, I might as well, take these problems as an OPPORTUNITY, 

The way I Help People, is by Teaching them about Online Marketing, Coding, Programming, Online Traffic Generation, Marketing.



You have REAL EXPERIENCE in the Respective Fields.

That's Exactly why, from last Year, I am Constantly Writing Blog, Doing Web-Developing for Small Business Owners and Affiliate Marketing.

So, Rest Assured that, You will be Learning from "DOERS"

If you want to Learn Various Programming Languages (FOR FREE) Make sure you hit the link of my website, and Enroll for In-Depth Video Courses.

and, Try some of the Coaching Programs Below. We have made Sure to make it worth your time.

See you Inside,

- Rohan