Power of Mind
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Power of Mind

Unleash Your True Potential
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Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
1,189 students enrolled
Created by Earners Classroom
Last updated 3/2015
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What Will I Learn?
  • Think positively
  • Apply the law of attraction to your thoughts
  • Live an optimistic life
  • Overcome negative thoughts
  • Practice the art of critical thinking
  • Overcome fear
  • Be a responsible person
  • Develop a positive attitude
  • Think critically
  • Improve their relationships
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  • Students should be ready to embrace change in their attitude and way of thinking
  • This course doesn't have any specific pre-requisites except that you come with an open mind and ready to work on your weak points.

Are you tired of trying and failing?

Do you set unrealistic expectations and then fail to follow through, only to be left with a mountain of guilt and shame? Do you follow through as best you can, and then fail anyway? Do you try everything, but nothing seems to stick? Something feels like it’s missing… but it always evades your grasp?

Are you tired of the vicious cycle?

If so, read on.

People everywhere have trouble following their dreams and making them reality. Maybe you’re one of them. I know I was.

MY mind was locked in a prison of its own design. But then I became aware… and instead of using my mind to hold me back… I flipped a switch and…

I used my mind to free myself and ACCELERATE EVERYTHING.

Maybe you don’t realize that the depression and mental stress you feel is ruining your relationship with those around you. Even in trace amounts… it’s poisonous.

Maybe you just can’t seem to tackle problems as they arise. They just accumulate until you end up in a more difficult and complex situation than you had originally.

What if you knew how to treat the problem from the start? What if you could stop that ripple effect, where everything gets so out of control that you just can’t handle it anymore… and you snap. You have a breakdown, or a violent outburst, or you stay in bed all day, depressed, and never want to get out.

Most people live with these issues every day. It’s too scary to face their problems. And no one’s judging your for it. After all, it’s not your fault. I was like you too, until I listened to that advice the homeless man told me.

Everyone wants to live the life of their dreams… but the sad part is, no one teaches us how to do it… and we all have to start somewhere.

I have great some GREAT news!

We’ve created a program that will help you unlock the Power of Your Own Mind.

There’s so much potential you have that is just WAITING to be tapped into. And we’ll give you the keys to unlock your success. With our Power of Mind program, you’ll immediately begin to make changes NOW and become the person you’ve always wanted to be.

The power of mind program was created with the sole purpose of giving people the tools to train their minds…. It’s over a decade in the making.

The power of mind program teaches you how to improve the most difficult situations:











And much more…

Change comes from within…

Have you ever thought about how you could change reality by changing the way you think?

The power of your mind can help you make changes in all aspects of your life that you never thought possible.

It all starts with the seed of “thought”.

Control how you think and you can control your life. By making simple positive changes to your thought pattern, you can change your destiny.

With The Power of Mind you will discover the very fundamental truths of your mind and inner powers that exist in every one of us. By applying the techniques provided, you are one step away, not just from a different mind, but a different LIFE.

Of course, this is all something any “life coach” could teach. The only difference is that they usually don’t practice what they preach, and they teach very badly, and they run, on average, about 20 times the cost of our program.

Imagine being able to make as much money as you want. To find the love of your life effortlessly. Finally getting the body you’ve always wanted and then KEEPING it for the rest of your life… these are all APPARENTLY external goals… and yet the key to achieving ALL of them is found only in ONE place… your mind.

Here’s just a taste of the things you’ll learn…

Module 1: Positive Thinking

Learn how reduce your stress, boost your health, overcome negative thoughts, and improve your life. The POWER of Positive Thinking is the key to them all.

How to apply the law of attraction to your thoughts, so that the goals you want become nearly effortless to achieve! How to live an optimistic life, so that negativity and misery don’t enter back into your life How to use positive self identification so your won’t SELF-SABOTAGE by feeling that you don’t deserve success

Module 2: Critical Thinking

A beginners guide to critical thinking that advances rapidly. This easy-to-understand book outlines barriers, steps, and benefits of not just thinking… but knowing HOW to think… and how that changes EVERYTHING.

A frame of mind that will guarantee that any problem you come across in the future can be handled with ease. The things to do that so that your mind never rusts away from disuse. The One Little known secret to amplifying your creative process and becoming 200% more productive.

Bonus MODULE: The Champion’s Mindset

The Champion’s Mindset is SO powerful. The Champion’s mindset is an exploration the only thing that TRULY separates a winner from a loser: the competition itself.

A surefire technique to overcome paralyzing fear, so you NEVER choke up when it counts The Winning Team Mindset: How helping others helps you far more than helping yourself.

THE FOUR PILLARS of The Championship Personality “OFF THE COURT”: Responsibility, fairness, honesty, and compassion A way to be so persistent that you never deter from your goal, even for a SECOND. This ALONE is worth TEN TIMES the cost of the book.

As soon as you join our program, you’ll be able to start making changes to your life, know everything there is to know about how to achieve your goals and live the life of your dreams.

So… Now You Know… but what will you do?

Will you turn around and walk away? Will you close the window and give up on all of your hopes… your aspirations… your dreams?

Will you go back to the life that you’ve been living for so long now… that is a constant source of anxiety, frustration, and longing?

Because if you choose to leave this opportunity… that’s exactly the outcome you’ll get.

But you COULD be part of something more amazing than you’ve ever been part of. You could be the kind of person that you ENVY… and the kind of person that your friends and family ENVY… the person who has it ALL figured out. The one who has it ALL together. The person who has truly MASTERED the incredible Power of your own mind.

“If you want something you've never had, you must be willing to do something you've never done.” ― Thomas Jefferson.

Join Power of Mind course and transform your life starting today!

Who is the target audience?
  • This course is meant for people who want to see real change in their personal lives. People who generally set unrealistic expectations and then fail to follow through. Even if they follow through as best as they can, they still fail anyway. This course will help people who feel like they are stuck in this vicious circle and want to break free from it using the simple powers of their mind.
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Curriculum For This Course
45 Lectures
Introduction to Power of Mind
1 Lecture 03:56

This is an overview of the Power of Mind course. In this video you will find out what to expect in this course.

Preview 03:56
Positive Thinking
12 Lectures 25:11

Positive thinking can add so much to your life – and now we know that positive thinking can add years to your life. When you think positive you get rid of stress and tend to live a healthier life and make better choices. If you’re naturally a negative thinker, there are ways you can change that thinking and get on the path to a life-changing way of thinking.

Preview 03:00

Rhonda Byrnes best-selling book, “The Law of Attraction,” brought to light many things about how our thoughts determine what our lives can be. The theory of The Law of Attraction says that what we project into the universe directly comes back to us to affect our lives either positively or negatively. It’s the old adage of, “What goes around comes around.”

Preview 02:13

When most of us think about improving our health, we think about changing our diets, taking vitamin supplements and exercising. What we don’t think about that could help us most in the long run is the power of positive thinking.

Preview 01:54

Do negative thoughts seem to creep into your mind and ruin your day or at least part of it before you even know what’s happening? You may have spent most of your life thinking that way. Parents or other influences in your life may have been the role models for your negative thinking patterns.

How to challenge your negative thoughts

Sometimes, being optimistic in the face of everything going on in the world and in our personal lives is difficult. It’s good to question or be skeptical of certain people and situations that appear in our lives, but it can also cause you to miss some of the good things in life.

How to live an optimistic life

You really can improve your life by changing the way you think. If you perceive that your life is in a ditch and you think it’s because of all the negativity, it probably is. There are many ways that you can work to change your thinking process and concentrate on the positive things in life.

How to improve your life by changing your thinking

Everyone falls prey to negative thoughts sometimes. It’s like watching a movie that begins with clear skies and happiness and seeing it turn into dark clouds and horror. The bad thing is that there’s no eerie music to alert us when that turn takes place in our minds from positive to negative. We can only tune into our thoughts once in a while to see how we’re doing.

Overcoming Negative Thoughts

Stress is a problem that can affect every aspect of your life. Your health, personal relationships, work and self-esteem are all connected with stress and the symptoms they cause.

Reduce stress through positive thinking

You may have heard about positive thinking, but don’t really know enough about to know exactly how it works. Positive thinking can provide many benefits in your life such as improving your health, opportunities in life, the way you relate to others and the way you see yourself.

The psychology behind positive thinking

Your inner voice can make a huge difference in your happiness, success and productivity. You’ve heard the old saying that you can easily talk to yourself, but when you begin to answer yourself, there’s a problem. Actually, that’s far from the truth. Listening to your talk and then providing answers can actually be very useful to your well-being.

Power of self-talk

Positive Thinking Summary Report 1
12 pages

Positive Thinking Summary Report 2
13 pages
Critical Thinking
10 Lectures 26:20

The dictionary defines critical thinking as, “disciplined thinking that is clear, rational, open-minded and informed by evidence.” It consists of practical reasoning that encompasses that result from logical thinking. Many experts consider it the path to forming a responsible society rather than one that only thinks about personal survival.

What is Critical Thinking?

The importance of critical thinking in your life is crucial to keep you from being scammed, losing out on success, being led astray and to develop into an individual rather than a person who goes along with the masses. It’s a skill that many people lack and one that’s more critical in today’s world than ever because of the constant stream of media idea that are presented at almost every waking moment of every day.

Why is Critical Thinking Important?

Do you ever wonder what heights you could rise to in your personal and professional life if you put all of your thinking into focus? So much of our brain capacity is unused and lying dormant. What if you knew the secret of thinking so that you life would improve tenfold and help you achieve all the goals you have in life?

Why You Need to Know How to Think

Critical thinking is essential to using your overall experience, background, common sense and other attributes to become more aware of how your efforts for success are being spent. When you have barriers to the critical thinking process, it can seriously harm your ability to move forward.

Barriers to Critical Thinking

If you’re on a quest to become a more critical thinker – that is, analyzing a situation before acting on it or forming an opinion based on things like religious beliefs, environment and other factors.

5 Key Steps to Critical Thinking

If you want to learn to think more critically so that you can analyze arguments and clarify confusing and deceiving situations, critical thinking may be for you.

Beginner's Guide to Critical Thinking

Critical thinking and creativity go hand in hand. Critical thinking lets you look objectively at a problem, issue, object or person and take into consideration the entire picture. Creativity enables you to take that entire picture and look at it in a new way.

Critical Thinking and Creativity

A person who is grounded in critical thinking is self-disciplined and is always in pursuit of excellence. Critical thinking uses intellect rather than ego or long-held beliefs to problem-solve and communicate more effectively with others.

Benefits of Critical Thinking

When you use critical thinking techniques to solve problems in your personal or business life, you can be much surer of a satisfying outcome. Critical thinking helps you to discard biases and beliefs and statements that are hurled at us through media outlets and make sense of what is presented.

Critical Thinking for Problem Solving

It’s important in today’s world to practice the art of critical thinking. You’re being bombarded by the media, Internet and in many other ways to think and act in certain ways. Unless you employ the skills of critical thinking we run the risk of settling for incorrect or biased ideas and to be led in a path that will keep us from success.

Practicing the Art of Critical Thinking
Champion's Mindset
11 Lectures 23:21

Every person has some type of fear inside of them. You may be worried or scared about performing well at work. Or you may be afraid that you have developed a serious illness. These are all solid fears but it is the way in which you handle them that counts.

How Fearless are you?

There is one successful trait among people who have a winning mindset and that is they are helpful.

While everyone is helpful to some degree do you go out of your way to be super helpful to people?

How Helopful Are You to Others?

If you want to better your life and attain your goals then you need to strengthen your power of persistence. Everyone has a persistent streak inside of them. The problem is that this streak is not as powerful as you had hoped for. If you find that your persistence diminishes fairly quickly there is hope for you!

Persistence Breeds Success

Almost everyone has been guilty at one time or other of speaking something out loud and then regretting it. Once spoken words cannot be taken back plus words are powerful and can have devastating effects.

Thinking Before You Speak

Everyone has some kind of ambition regardless of age, kids demonstrate this when they are small by dreaming of becoming a dentist or doctor. As you age you still have ambitions but the question is whether you are any closer to actually achieving them or not.

What Ambitions Do You Have?

The word responsible means being the person who has caused something to happen. Of course this could be a good or a bad thing depending upon the circumstances.Have you ever caused something to happen and not taken responsibility for it?

Being a Responsible Person in Business and Life

Being fair and honest to others is actually known as the trait of showing integrity. This includes not deceiving people and being honest when asked for your opinion on a topic. Have you ever made excuses for not going somewhere or because you needed to make that last sale to meet your quota? This is not showing integrity at all.

Being Fair and Honest to Others

Are you truly happy with your life? Have you achieved your goals and are you living the life that you really want to? If not, why? It could be that your attitude is to blame.

Developing a Positive Attitude

It can be difficult to understand what being compassionate really means. Of course you feel sorry for someone when they get hurt or become sick. But being compassionate means doing a little more than just ‘feeling’ something.

Do You Consider Yourself to be Compassionate

When it comes to developing your personality traits honesty is an extremely important one that you should work on. Most people would consider themselves to be an honest person. When it comes to business dealings you may act a little differently.

Honesty Counts

Champion's Mindset ebook
49 pages
Conclusion to the Power of Mind Course
1 Lecture 00:49

By applying what you have learnt in the Power of Mind course, you will be able to
use the various skills taught to help you take control of your life…be it professional,
social or personal situations.

Bonus Material Added 2015
10 Lectures 00:00
Building Your Network that Supports Your End Goal
9 pages

4 Step Goal Setting Strategy
8 pages

Daily Habits for Happiness and Success
8 pages

Mental Training for Peak Work and Life Performance
8 pages

Mastering the Phases of Perconal and Professional Relationships
9 pages

Finding Your Catalyst for Personal Motivation and Inspiration
8 pages

Keep Your Productivity on Track Through Any Obstacles
8 pages

Protect Yourself from the Top 10 Self Esteem Leeches
8 pages

Do Your Actions Support a Strong Mindset?
10 pages

Systemize Your Business for Increased Earning Power
9 pages
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