Posturecise Pro-How To Age Well With True Posture Confidence
4.6 (50 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
2,063 students enrolled
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Posturecise Pro-How To Age Well With True Posture Confidence

Fix your posture by training like a pro. When you work this closely with a qualified Posture Doctor you get big results!
4.6 (50 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
2,063 students enrolled
Created by Paula Moore
Last updated 4/2016
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What Will I Learn?
  • Regain lost spinal flexibility
  • Knowing the 2 biggest posture secrets that you'll use for life!
  • Having abs that both look and feel strong
  • Standing tall - it no longer hurts!
  • Look in the mirror - you like what you see
  • Knowing how to remove your own painful muscle knots
  • Create a healthy posture habit for life!
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>> Updated December 27th, 2016

1800+ students enrolled; 4.9* out of the last 10 reviews!

Following on from an incredibly successful introductory Posturecise course, it was clear that Posturecise Pro was needed for those of you who wanted just a little bit more in the way of challenge and desired to take your posture correction to the next level.

This is what some of our pupils are saying:

"Great. Have exercised for many years (jog, walk, swim, gym, yoga), yet posture not good. I started the Posturecise programs when I injured my shoulder. Posturecise has not only supported my recovery from injury, it has given me a much greater awareness of my own body and correct movement. My posture has improved significantly and I feel much more confident during activities." Thank you. Jan Hall

"I love this course. I the exercises are very well explained and demonstrated, easy to follow. I have struggled with posture problems and back ache for a while and incorporating these exercises into a daily routine have really made a difference for me. Thank you for this course!" Ralitza Abadjieva

"Great Course! I work at an office job, and spend a lot of time commuting. This course was exactly what I needed. The course starts with measuring your posture, and then moves on to outline specific stretches, exercises, and massages to target key areas like forward head and rounded shoulders. Definitely recommend if you are willing to do the work to improve your posture." Shannon Everett

"Posturecise has helped me release my upper back tension in a short time. It was amazing to see how a few simple, well structured and targeted exercises could make such a difference so quickly." Sabrina Colvin Sterling

"I've been looking for an easy to learn system for improving posture for a long time. And now I have found it." David Ed Wilkes

"Ive had posture problems for a long while now and much as I have struggled to correct it, I just havent found the consistent technique that you taught here. Poor posture always left me feeling tired constantly and just doing a bit of your course helped boost my energy. I will endeavor to follow your 21 Day Challenge. Thanks again!" Abrl Pglng


Dr Paula Moore

In the early 90s, frustrated by years of pill-popping and chronic daily headaches, I took myself to a chiropractor. I was so amazed with the results, that I moved to the UK (from Toronto) to study Chiropractic.

Several years after qualifying, I was horrified by a picture of myself. I had developed horrible forward head posture - I was embarrassed to be a healthcare professional with bad posture. I become obsessed with how to improve my posture. I spent years studying x-rays and trying new products and exercises. I later qualified with a fellowship in the physics of posture correction. I fell in love with posture!

Regaining attractive, tall, confident posture takes time and commitment but a commitment to your health and well-being that you can learn to love, until one day you wake and look in the mirror and you see that you are oozing posture confidence – and boy, that will be a day to celebrate.


Posturecise Pro - The advanced version of the original Posturecise course

Posturecise Pro is all about YOU and helping you regain attractive, youthful posture. Posture that you're proud of, posture that makes you feel confident.

The course includes my posture Golden Rules and includes a whole series of self tests that you can do to help you to determine where you are starting from and helps you monitor your progress as you move through the course.

The Posture Strengthening section of the course will help you target the worse posture areas by far (neck stabilizers, rotator cuff, abdominal core and pelvic architecture). This is a tough section.

The Posture Stretching section targets whole muscle groups - the muscles responsible for round shoulders, hunch back, the chronically tight lumbar region and the muscle tension in our necks due to our busy desk-based lives.

A really exciting section of the Posturecise Pro course is an entire section on Self Treatment: You'll learn lots of self massage techniques and particularly how to remove painful muscle knots from your shoulders, back and buttocks.

Posturecise Pro goes beyond creating a new habit. This course is designed to help you create attractive, youthful posture that will leave you thriving and practically oozing posture confidence!


What this course is not:

A bust your gut boot-camp for fitness slaves that feel the need to pound their bodies and sweat profusely.

A quick fix - I can not stress this enough. Good posture is not a quick fix and Posturecise is not a miracle cure. Good posture is a life-long commitment and one you can learn to love and enjoy!

I will not look at your posture on this course but I do teach you how to do you own posture self-analysis.

I can not tell you how long it will take to correct your posture because there are many factors that contribute to your rate of healing: past injury, nutrition, emotional health, fitness levels, age etc.

But if you want my personal experience with posture - remember I have been doing posture for almost 20 years and I have helped thousands of people improve their posture and regain confidence, then you may just love this course.


You'll Receive:

  • 40 lectures! (Video/Audio/Quiz/PDF)
  • 5 self analysis tests that help you analyze where you are starting from and monitor your progress
  • My two Golden Rules – The two biggest secrets about posture, you've never heard about
  • 8 posture strengthening exercises (includes the 10Ib chin tuck, Paula's Plank and the Walking Lunge)
  • 8 posture stretching exercises (includes the Extreme Neck Stretch and Round Shoulders Be Gone!)
  • 6 self treatments (includes How to Remove Painful Muscle Knots Yourself)
  • Instruction from a qualified primary health care physician (not a trainer)
  • Open email communication with Dr Paula Moore encouraged


Click the "take this course" button, top right, now ... every hour you delay is costing you your health ...

Dr Paula Moore

Who is the target audience?
  • This course is suitable for all posture pupils who have completed the original Posturecise course, or have some fitness experience.
  • Anyone who wants to age well!
  • Anyone with a desire to ooze posture confidence!
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Curriculum For This Course
41 Lectures
Welcome to Posturecise Pro!
2 Lectures 04:50

Welcome to Posturecise Pro. Listen as I talk you through what to expect on this course. Enjoy yourselves and NEVER hesitate to post your questions and comments - I'm here to help!


Preview 04:31

Posturecise Pro is not for the beginner. Most of you will have already completed Posturecise - How to Create a Healthy Posture Habit For Life and are now ready for the advanced pro version. Please watch this short video before starting the Posturecise Pro program. Hey, I know you know this stuff, but if you are anything like me, you might be tempted to jump straight in, and I don't want you to injure yourselves. If you are unsure if this program is suitable for you, please talk with your health care provider before beginning this course.

Proceed with Caution
Self Tests - How Good Is Your Posture?
6 Lectures 16:53

Have a listen to this audio, so you understand just how to use the home tests to mark your starting point and monitor progress throughout the course.

Self Testing - 5 Simple Ways to Monitor Progress

Tried every treatment without relief? Unhappy with your posture appearance? Want to really understand the cause of your troubles? Now you can! Here is a great tool for you to learn to assess your own posture and monitor your ongoing improvements, long after you have completed this course.

Full Spinal Posture Analysis - Self Assessment

You can realign your entire body just by moving your head. When your head is held in a forward position, the weight of your head increases dramatically.

Preview 01:23

How severe is your forward head posture? Remember that with your head held in a forward position, you can add up to 30 pounds of extra pull on your neck and upper back - OUCH!

Forward Head Posture - Do You Have it?

Good healthy posture in the pelvis is achieved when the back, leg and gluteal muscles work in symmetry - when left equals right. Your pelvic posture is crucial to the alignment of your entire spine and body - much like a solid well-constructed foundation is key to your home. Use the Pelvic Balance Test to monitor your foundation.

Pelvic Balance Test

When we slouch we reduce our vital lung capacity by up to 30% (says Dr Rene Cailliet - founder of rehabilitative medicine). Yikes! Reduced oxygen can cause, fatigue, memory loss, concentration difficulties, anxiety, coordination trouble, muscle knots and chronic pain. Use this test to monitor how well you are progressing through the course.

Vital Lung Capacity Test

Quiz Time
4 questions
The Golden Rules Of Posture
3 Lectures 09:25

There are many things I learned about posture in all my years of study and private practice but the two biggest lessons are this: 1: Most of us have never been show the real way to bend and 2: How to actually stand up straight and tall without making our posture worse.

Golden Rules - 2 Big Lessons Learned in Private Practice

The world’s best bodybuilders know it... Although the hip hinge is used in traditional cultures for everything from picking up infants to planting vegetables, it has been all but lost in our busy desk-based society. Fear not, I'm re-introducing the most natural of movements - but it's not going to be easy!

Golden Rule #1: Hip Hinge

A swayback is an exaggerated curve usually seen in the upper lumbar spine. It is frequently the result of trying to “sit up straight” for many many years. A better way to improve your posture and grow taller is to learn to tuck the ribs.

Golden Rule #2: Rib Tuck

Quiz Time
2 questions
9 Lectures 17:41

If you thought the chin tucks from my first Posturecise course were tough, you ain't seen nothing yet! Add 10 Ibs (the weight of your head) and gravity to those chin tucks and now we're talking! I love this one.

The 10Ib Chin Tuck for Forward Head Posture

The beauty of this shoulder straightening exercise, is that it is easy enough to do at your office desk. Seriously, you may moan (it burns) but it's soooo good!

Preview 02:32

The rotator cuff is a group of muscles and tendons that attach to the bones of your shoulder, allowing it to move whilst keeping it stable. Rotator cuff injury and inflammation (tendonitis) is the most common cause of shoulder pain, I've seen in private practice. If your arm hurts when you brush your hair, or put on your jacket, then you might have injured your rotator cuff. Either way, this exercise is great prevention.

How to Avoid Rotator Cuff Strain

With the long hours of sitting we do, we are all rounding more than ever. You can never have too many exercises for the shoulder girdle, in order to prevent iposture. Do twice as many for the back as the front for this one.

Theraband Shoulder Pulls

Chronic round shoulders tighten and shorten our chest muscles and weaken upper back muscles. Enjoy the total burn as you put your upper back muscles through their paces with these four exercise positions. OUCH - in a good way!

Prone Shoulder Retractions - OUCH! (in a good way)

Paula's plank is a great way to build endurance in both the abs and back. This move is also great for building overall strength; an exercise that demands a lot from the core.

Paula's Plank

The theraband bridge is not only the perfect exercise for a splendid round rear, but it will also help keep your back and pelvic alignment strong and healthy.

Preview 02:00

Lunges can be used as both cardiovascular and strength training if you do several sets at once. Learning how to do a lunge correctly can help get your quadriceps, hamstrings, buttocks and hips into shape. Learning how to do a walking lunge, just might get you super sexy summer legs!

Walking Lunge - for Super Sexy Summer Legs!

A simple pdf download so you can print and take your Posturecise Pro strengthening exercises with you anywhere, and always remember the correct order.

Strengthening Exercise Crib Sheet - Print Me!
1 page
10 Lectures 18:46

Everyone has a normal range of motion, and this range diminishes as a result of inactivity. Luckily, activity and posture stretching restores it. Your joints will maintain their nutrition and youth when you practice Posturecise daily. Inactivity ages the body prematurely!  

How to Grow Young
1 page

When the head sits permanently forward (forward head posture), the mid back muscles become long and weak and the front shoulder muscles short and tight causing painful knots to develop.This 2-in-1 stretch not only reduces chicken head appearance but gives a great stretch at the same time!

Chin Tuck & Turn

One of the best (and easiest) ways to stretch your neck muscles - It's so simple it's almost silly!

Preview 02:59

When you wake up in the morning with a crick in your neck, or have trouble turning your head when driving, the culprit may be your Levator Scapula! This stretch feels so good that you'll find yourself using it throughout the day.

Stiff Neck? Blame this Muscle ...

Whether you work in an office, lift weights or simply struggle with bad posture, chest stretches may be an essential activity missing from your daily routine. Hunching forward and overuse can easily tighten your pecs. If you find it hard to sit up straight, your chest muscles may be tight. Luckily, here are two chest stretches that you can do just about anywhere and require no special equipment.

Deep Pec Stretch

Spending a lot of time at your computer slumping can tighten and shorten your pectoralis minor muscle pulling your shoulders inward and downward. This seemingly easy towel stretch will help put your body and round shoulders, back into better alignment.

Round Shoulders be Gone!

Bad posture is by far the most common cause of hyper-kyphosis (round back) and is the one cause that has the best possibility of correction. Bad posture develops over many years from desk-based occupations, manual labor, sporting injury, slouching from shyness or low self-esteem and the activities of our daily life. This is an intense exercise - one you build up over time. You will come to love this deep mobilizer.

Intense Stretch to Reduce Slouching

The quadratus lumborum muscle (QL) resides deep in your back. It stabilizes your pelvis and lower back and isn't always that easy to stretch - until now! This simple little secret will deepen the standard QL stretch and you can even do it at the office!

Deep Lumbar Stretch - Feels so Good!

The piriformis is a muscle located deep in the buttock and runs in close proximity to the sciatic nerve. When the piriformis muscle becomes tight, it can irritate the sciatic nerve that leads to sciatica-like pain: Tingling and numbness that runs from the lower back, to the buttock and sometimes down the leg and into the foot. Wow, even if you have no symptoms, you need to know this powerful prevention stretch!

This Stretch Everyone Should Know!

A simple pdf download so you can print and take your stretching exercises with you anywhere, so you always remember the correct order.

Stretching Exercise Crib Sheet - Print Me!
1 page

Quiz Time
1 question
Self Treatment
7 Lectures 22:16

Watch this video to find out the four things you need to begin these self treatment techniques and begin to feel the benefit from melting your chronic muscles knots away for good!

Self Treatment - This is What you Need to Begin

The combined effect of shoulder mobilization, followed by self massage, can dramatically improve shoulder flexibility and reduce unattractive round shoulder appearance.

Preview 02:05

Chronic slouching and forward head posture overwork the muscles in the upper back. When a muscle stays active, the muscle's waste products build up and form a knot. An increase in blood flow, using this simple self treatment, will help to breakdown and vanish muscle knots that cause pain and tension.

Shoulder Knots be Gone (Part 2)

The quadratus lumborum muscle (QL) is one of the deepest muscles in the back and it is a common cause of lower back pain. Quadratus Lumborum trigger points (aka muscle knots) can occur anywhere along the muscle belly, especially in these 2 sweet spots. This is so darn effective. Don't forget to travel with your trigger point ball!

Lower Back Muscle Knots

Trigger points in the piriformis muscle are very common, and are usually involved to some extent anytime there is pain in and around the gluteal/pelvic region - thigh, groin and leg pain. These muscle knots often trick you into thinking you have sciatica (nerve pain), when you don't. This is so effective, you'll be showing all your friends!

Buttock Muscle Knots - Ouch!

Deep-tissue self massage loosens muscle tissue, releases toxins and boosts circulation. Use slow strokes with deep finger pressure over areas of tension, moving along the muscles – always reduce pressure if it’s causing any pain. Massage your shoulder muscles after you remove the muscle knots. The massage will help to wash away the lactic acid and prevent the knots from returning.

Self Massage for Neck & Shoulders

Massage your QL muscles after you remove the muscle knots from your low back. The massage will help to wash away the lactic acid and prevent the knots from returning. Feels soooo good!

Self Massage for Low Backs

Quiz Time
5 questions
What's Next?
2 Lectures 08:03

Before answering this question it is important for all posture pupils to really understand that there are just no short cuts or quick fix solutions to good posture. Regaining attractive, healthy, confident posture takes time and commitment and a commitment you can learn to love!

How Long Will it Take to Correct My Posture?

Congratulations on completing this challenging course! This was not easy, so I hope you feel proud of your progress!

 There are 4 things you need to do, in order to maintain and build on the results you've achieved so far:

  1. Time of day
  2. Nutrition
  3. Breaks
  4. Monitor
What's Next?
2 Lectures 01:51
Bonus 1 - Sit Less Move More

Bonus 2 - Balance Exercise For Beginners
About the Instructor
Paula Moore
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I Fell In Love With Posture

I've been teaching Udemy courses since September 2014, and in that short period of time, I've created 10 courses (6 are best sellers), over 8 thousand happy students have enrolled, with hundreds of 5* reviews - smiling!

People often ask me why I left a successful chiropractic career, and I tell them that I was frustrated by the quick fix approach to health I found in private practice. I wanted to hand back control, and that is exactly what I did. I took my posture tips and health advice online and began making posture videos. Never did I imagine my posture videos would go viral, and receive millions of views - but they did!

I fell in love with posture and now, I'm a full-time online Posture Doctor!

Best Selling Author

Paula is the best-selling author of The Posture Doctor and creator of a popular video blog on posture; and with over 8 million Youtube views, she is fast becoming the next big thing in online digital healthcare. Paula is a very popular keynote speaker who presents, Talks That Move You and has received international attention with interviews by the BBC and Breakfast Television, and is the 2012 winner of The Business Profile of the Year - London, UK.