12 week Postnatal Transformation Yoga Program
4.8 (3 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
11 students enrolled
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12 week Postnatal Transformation Yoga Program

Learn how to restore and strengthen your core, release tension, relax and transform your body and mind
4.8 (3 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
11 students enrolled
Last updated 8/2016
Price: $120
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What Will I Learn?
  • Restore and strengthen your core after pregnancy
  • Get in touch with your pelvic floor muscles and activate them consciously
  • Release pain and tension in neck, shoulders and back
  • Relax and calm the busy mommy-mind to recharge and increase your energy levels
  • Have basic knowledge about the anatomy of the Pelvic Floor Muscles, fascial tissue and the meridians
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  • No prior knowledge is required. You should, however, always consult a physician before starting this or any other exercise routine. Especially if you were injured during labor or had a c-section, you should ask your doctor or midwife if yoga is appropriate for you.
  • You will need a couple of props: a Yoga Mat, Yoga Blocks or thick books, a Yoga Bolster or thick cushions, a Yoga Belt, 3 small balls, a blanket or large towel
  • A list of props required for the respective session will be displayed during the intro of the session

This exciting new 12 week Postnatal Transformation Yoga Program combines the core- and body- strengthening effects of a dynamic-flowing Yoga practice with therapeutic techniques to release excess tension and open the body as well as the healing power of Yin Yoga. The program is especially designed for the needs of mothers who want to reconnect to their body and get back in shape after pregnancy and birth giving. Classic Yoga Poses and Sequences like Sun Salutations are modified and adapted to the postnatal body. 

The program consists of 12 Yoga classes with different physical and/or spiritual topics. There are 4 types of classes:

1) Flow Sessions (5 classes): These dynamic sessions contain a variety of poses and breathing techniques to help you reconnect to your core and pelvic floor muscles. The sessions build upon each other and intensity will increase gradually. 

2) Therapeutic Sessions (3 classes): By using props (belts, blocks, balls…) you will learn to release tension from those areas which tend to become tight and painful in moms (neck and shoulders, back…) and to support the healing process.

3) Yin Yoga Sessions (2 classes): This very gentle, meditative practice targets the fascia (connective tissue) in long-held yoga poses and will open up blocks and tensions on a very deep level of both body and mind. 

4) Pelvic Floor Muscle Sessions (2 classes): You will learn to get in touch with your pelvic floor muscles and to activate them using props and muscle-reflex loops to build strength and stability and reduce the risk of involuntary urine leaks, back pain or organ prolapse.

BONUS: Yoga-Quickies

·      “Reverse Sun Salutations”: Short flowing sequence for a quick practice (under 15 minutes).

·      “Short n Sweet”: Complete but short session (under 30 minutes) for busy days

·      “Baby Meditation”: Mini-Meditation with your Mini-Me

Who is the target audience?
  • Postnatal women (minimum 6-8 weeks after delivery or 12 weeks after c-section) who want to reconnect to their core, release excess tension and help their body and mind heal
  • Mothers of older children who want to build strength for the demands of their everyday life as a mom
  • Any other woman who wants to get in touch with her core and transform herself
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Curriculum For This Course
20 Lectures
Week # 1
3 Lectures 37:33

This is a general introduction to the course in which you will get some information about the program, its structure and how to practice. Also you will get to know me a little and learn about my intentions for creating this program and sharing it with you. 

Preview 06:52

In this video you will learn about the anatomy of the pelvic floor muscles to get an idea of what they are, where they are located, what their functions in the body are and why it is important to strengthen them after pregnancy and birth. 

A Quick Guide to your Pelvic Floor Muscles

This session will help you get in touch with your pelvic floor muscles and teach you tools to feel, activate and use them more consciously.

Pelvic Floor Muscle Session 01: Feel (I)
Week # 2
1 Lecture 23:25

Similar to the first Pelvic Floor Muscle Session, you will practice exercises which will increase your awareness for your pelvic floor muscles and strengthen them. 

Pelvic Floor Muscle Session 02: Feel (II)
Week # 3
2 Lectures 01:08:41

The intro to the Flow Sessions will is meant to introduce the idea of the "New Core", a new understanding of our core. You will receive information on the anatomy of this "New Core", the role fascia plays and how to effectively activate and exercise these muscles. 

A Quick Guide to the Flow Sessions, the "New Core" and Fascia

A gentle flow to slowly get in touch with your "new core"

Flow Session 01: Reconnect to your "New Core"
Week # 4
2 Lectures 46:15

In this session you will receive in-depth information on the fascial tissue and how and why it can cause pain and tightness in your body. 

A Quick Guide to the Therapy Sessions

The first Therapy Session contains exercises to help open tightness in your feet, legs and hips. You will be releasing tension from your tissue using (tennis) balls and other props. 

Therapy Session 01: Feet, Legs and Hips
Week # 5
2 Lectures 01:01:37

In this video you will learn the very basics about the meridian system and the life energy (Qi) which flows through the meridians. Furthermore you will receive important information on how to practice Yin Yoga. 

A Quick Guide to Yin Yoga

Our first Yin Yoga sequence targets the Gallbladder Meridian by practicing twists, outer hip openers and side bends. 

Yin Yoga Session 01: The Gallbladder Meridian
Week # 6
1 Lecture 01:09:13

The second Flow Session is all about rooting down through feet and legs to find freedom and openness in the upper body - spine, neck, shoulders and the mind.

Flow Session 02: Roots and Wings
Week # 7
1 Lecture 42:10

The second Therapy Session will help you release tightness and tension from you upper body - especially your spine, neck and shoulders. Again you will be using a number of different props to work deeper in to the tissue.

Therapy Session 02: The Upper Body
Week # 8
1 Lecture 01:20:42

The third Flow Session will challenge your balance with a variety of balancing poses. These poses will help strenghten and tone your deep core and build more strength from the inside out while helping both your body and your mind to practice finding harmony. 

Flow Session 03: Finding Balance
Week # 9
1 Lecture 54:36

The exercises which are practiced in this Yin Yoga Session are meant to target 10 of the main meridians and bring harmony and balance to the entire system.

Yin Yoga Session 02: Balance your Meridians
Week # 10
1 Lecture 01:04:16

In the most flowing session so far you will learn to access your inner strength by softening a moment instead of becoming hard and fighting your way through your sequence

Flow Session 04: Flowing – Not Fighting
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About the Instructor
Ilke Krumholz-Wagner
4.8 Average rating
3 Reviews
11 Students
1 Course
Pre- and Postnatal Yoga Teacher and Yoga Personal Trainer

----------English Version----------

Moving and being physically active have always been an important part of my life. Therefore, I also wanted to try out yoga while I was staying in the USA in 2003. This initial yoga experience, however, was not a success but rather confusing, I have to admit. After I returned to Germany in 2004 I gave Yoga another try and started practicing Power Yoga on my own using DVDs and online videos. At the same time I started studying Sports Sciences at the University of Gießen (Germany). For a long time the focus of my Yoga practice was on more physical goals like building strength, increasing flexibility and detoxifying. But when I developed stress-related issues during my job as a research assistant at the university, I realized how important it is to maintain a balance between intense physical work and relaxation in order to stay healthy.

To learn more about the physical, spiritual and mental aspects of yoga, about yoga philosophy and myself, I started a 200-hour Teacher Training with Young-Ho Kim in Frankfurt in 2011. From the very first moment I knew, that becoming a Yoga teacher was right for me and so I also took the 100-hour Yoga Personal Trainer Teacher Training in 2011. During these training I was lucky enough to learn from a number of great teachers and gain experience in different Yoga styles (Young-Ho Kim & Jang-Ho Kim – Intensive Yoga, Barbra Noh – Anusara Yoga, Richard Hackenberg – Pranayama, Irene Kapl – Nuad Thai Yoga).

Ever since then I have taken further Teacher Trainings and workshops to increase my knowledge and help my students:

2012: Prenatal Yoga & Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training with Patricia Thielemann

2013: Budokon Yoga Teacher Training with Cameron Shayne

2013: Core Strength Vinyasa Workshop with Sadie Nardine

2015: Yin Yoga Teacher Training with Stefanie Arend

What I love most about Yoga is the fact, that it´s about the person, not the performance. We live in a world in which we are oftentimes judged by how well we perform. Yoga helps you to get back in touch with your body, your spirit and your needs. For me, Yoga is an way of working with your body and your spirit while respecting your own limits. Yoga is supposed to challenge you but not exhaust you but increase your energy.

Aside from being a Yoga Teacher I am also a DSV Ski instructor and have been teaching since 2001.


  • 2004 University Studies Sports Sciences, engl./amerik. Literature, Psychology
  • 2009 research assistant the the JLU Gießen, Dept. of Sports Medicine
  • 2011 Intensive Yoga Teacher Training 
  • 2011 Intensive Yoga Personal Teacher Training 
  • 2012 Pre- und Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training
  • 2013 Core Strength Vinyasa-Workshop 
  • 2015 Yin Yoga Teacher Training

----------Deutsche Version----------

Seit meiner Kindheit sind Bewegung und körperliche Aktivität wichtige Bestandteile meines Lebens. Zum Yoga kam ich allerdings auf Umwegen. Meine erste Yogastunde habe ich in den USA besucht und sie war leider kein „Aha“-Erlebnis, wie von anderen oft beschrieben. Nach dieser eher missglückten und verwirrenden ersten Stunde begann ich 2004 nach meiner Rückkehr auf eigene Faust Power Yoga zu praktizieren. Parallel dazu nahm ich mein Sportstudium auf. Lange Zeit lag der Fokus meiner Yogapraxis auf den eher körperlichen Aspekten von Yoga wie Kraft, Beweglichkeit, Entgiftung. Erst die körperlichen Auswirkungen von Arbeitsstress in meinem Job als wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin an der Uni zeigten mir, wie wichtig und notwendig eine Balance zwischen intensiver Körperarbeit und Entspannung für die Gesundheit ist.

Um mehr über die körperlichen, geistigen und seelischen Aspekte von Yoga, die Yogaphilosophie und über mich selber zu lernen, ließ ich mich 2011 von Young-Ho Kim in Frankfurt ausbilden. Von der ersten Stunde an war ich begeistert und fühlte, dass Yoga mein Weg ist. Deshalb ließ ich mich parallel zur 200-Stunden-Grundausbildung auch zur Yoga Personal Trainerin ausbilden (108 Std.). Während der beiden Ausbildungen erhielt ich Einblicke in unterschiedliche Yogastile, wie dem Intensive Yoga und Elemente aus dem Anusara, Pranayama und Nuad-Thai-Yoga. Zu meinen Ausbildern gehören neben Young-Ho Kim auch Jang-Ho Kim, Barbra Noh, Richard Hackenberg, Anika Leititis und Irene Kapl. Des Weiteren habe ich 2012 das Pre- und Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training bei Patricia Thielemann in Berlin absolviert. Von Cameron Shayne wurde ich 2013 in Budokon-Yoga ausgebildet und durfte von Sadie Nardini (“Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga”) lernen.

Was mich an Yoga fasziniert ist die Tatsache, dass der Mensch und nicht die Leistung im Mittelpunkt steht. In einer Zeit, in der wir stark an unseren Leistungen gemessen werden tut es gut, wieder mit seinem Körper, seinem Geist und seinen Bedürfnissen in Kontakt zu kommen. Für mich ist Yoga intensive Arbeit mit dem eigenen Körper und dem eigenen Geist mit Respekt für die eigenen Grenzen. Yoga soll herausfordern aber nicht erschöpfen, sondern Kraft und Energie spenden.

Zusätzlich zu meiner Tätigkeit als Yogalehrerin bin ich ausgebildete DSV Ski Instructorin im Bereich Ski alpin und unterrichte seit 2001.


  • 2004 Studium Sportwissenschaften, engl./amerik. Literaturwissenschaften, Psychologie in Gießen
  • 2009 wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin Sportmedizin JLU in Gießen
  • 2011 Intensive Yoga Teacher Training in Frankfurt
  • 2011 Intensive Yoga Personal Teacher Training in Frankfurt
  • 2012 Pre- und Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training in Berlin
  • 2013 Core Strength Vinyasa-Workshop in Frankfurt
  • 2015 Yin Yoga Ausbildung bei Stefanie Arend