Positive Power of Being Neutral©
4.2 (32 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
253 students enrolled

Positive Power of Being Neutral©

Shifting from stress, anger, guilt, and reaction, to joy and happiness
4.2 (32 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
253 students enrolled
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What you'll learn
  • Learn a step-by-step protocol for becoming neutral.
  • Create more happiness and have more fun in life.

  • Eliminate stress, increase patience and kindness, stay present and focused under difficult conditions, and live a stronger and more harmonious life.

  • Make the law of attraction really work.
  • Increase daily experiences of unconditional love and acceptance.
  • Become energetically strong for becoming neutral.
  • Stay in neutral, which is one of the most powerful states to be in, giving power to live in harmony, and enabling access to deeper, infinite intelligence.
  • Increase the daily experience of strength, peace, patience, kindness, respect, harmony, joy, and appreciation of yourself and others.
  • Learn other options for getting to neutral.
  • Manage stressful situations in life with ease, joy, playfulness, and one's whole being.
  • Increase energetic support for desired states (what is wanted out of life, feelings and desires).
  • A printer is needed if the Student wants a hard copy of the Manual and Course Instructions.
  • Students just need to have an open mind and be willing to sharpen the skills taught in how they live life every day.
  • No prior knowledge is required.
  • We recommend finding one or two people to work with to sharpen skills learned in the course.

Experience a deeper ease of living by not reacting or over reacting to yourself, to others, or to external influences.

  • Transform from being stressed, depressed, anxious, and fearful to feeling calm, peaceful and balanced!
  • Shift from reaction and drama to calm and balance!
  • Handle difficult and chaotic situations with objectivity and clear focus!
  • Sharpen your skills for positive interactions!
  • Learn simple techniques to apply daily!

So much of our life experience is reaction. How we react to others and to the events of our daily lives determines the ease in which we live. Internal and external factors that seem to be beyond our control trigger reactions that take us away from joy and peace. Our energy goes weak when we are in reactive mode. 

In this Course, you will learn and apply powerful principles of energetic alignment to alter patterns and behaviors to support life, strength, confidence, clarity and joy.

When we are not neutral and our energy comes from reaction, blame, and anger, our energy becomes depleted, and leaves us sick, tired, unmotivated, totally drained, and "STRESSED OUT"

Bruce Lee describes, “The stillness in stillness is not the real stillness; only when there is stillness in movement does the universal rhythm manifest.” This describes that being still and being neutral allows us to dance with the rhythms of the universe and manifest what we want, NOT WHAT WE DON'T WANT! Let's attract what we do want, and have the energy to get it.

“Don’t let a mad world tell you that success is anything other than a successful present moment.” Eckhart Tolle  Being in the present moment is what we achieve by getting neutral. 

"Your problem is not your problem, your problem is your reaction to the problem." Anonymous 

There is a PDF file that contains Course Instructions, which give step-by-step directions for how to proceed through the Course.  This PDF is in Lecture 1 and you can either view it online or download it to save and/or print.  It is listed as a PDF file in the lecture, and can also be seen by clicking on the blue "Resources Available" box on the left hand side while listening to Lecture 1.  The Course Instructions can also be found at the end of the PPBN Manual.

The PPBN Manual PDF file is located in Lecture 2 and contains all the info you will need for understanding and completing this Course.

It takes four to six hours to complete the Course, with additional time as needed to continue sharpening skills.

Who this course is for:
  • We believe EVERYONE can take this course, since the tools taught in this course are so simple that when applied, life flows more easily, which results in less struggle.
  • Anyone having difficulties in family, work, or other important relationships will benefit from this course.
  • This course is for those who want to reduce stress and improve relationships with themselves and others.
Course content
Expand all 28 lectures 06:00:52
+ Where It All Begins
3 lectures 25:00

Thank you for choosing to do the Positive Power of Being Neutral© Udemy Course! This Course includes a Participant Manual and online Sections that contain instructions, references to the materials, video recordings, and exercises. Also included are clips of audio recordings from live workshops of people going to neutral around their real issues.  These recordings will help increase familiarity with the actual process of getting to neutral.  

You can use the Manual while working through the Sections, as well as offline.

The Video Introduction includes:

  • Why we need to get to neutral and how it can positively affect our lives.
  • The basics of getting to neutral.

The way this Course is structured is that there are cycles of Explanation and Demonstration, and then You Do It!  You might ask, "Can I really do it on my own?"  The answer is YES!!!  And, it is a skill-building Course.  We need skills to shift how we act and react in various situations. You will be doing the work several times, and it is very helpful to have someone to do it with.  Some people learn better doing it on their own.  Others learn better by doing it with others.

When it comes time to do the work, it is suggested that you find one or more people to interact with (family, friends, coworkers).  When you find an interested person, first explain what the Course is about and why you decided to take it.  Then, a first option is to describe how you are using the Neutral Process Protocol to get yourself to neutral in various life situations, and get their observations/reactions.

A second option is to offer to help them to get to Neutral to a couple of their life situations.

A third option is to see if there are one or two others who might also sign up for and take the Course.  This could be the easiest way to have someone else to work with.

All three options will work in terms of you sharpening your skills in getting to neutral.

Preview 14:30

If you have not started reading the Course Instructions PDF referenced in Lecture 1, please do so now.  You may download the Course Instructions PDF and save and/or print, or view them online in Lecture 1, or you may also find them at the end of the PPBN Manual.

The PPBN Manual is a PDF file here in Lecture 2. You may download it and save and/or print, or view it online. If printing, please note that you only need to print the first 53 pages of the Manual if you already printed the Course Instructions from Lecture 1, as the Instructions are also at the end of the Manual PDF.

There is also a "Neutral at a Glance" page at the end of the Manual.  This page is a condensed guideline to remind you how to work through the process once you are comfortable with all the skills you have learned.  You can print and use this page for a convenient reminder of the process when your full materials aren't close by, or when you feel you don’t need to have the full manual with you to do the process.

Refer to the Course Instructions for each Lecture as you progress through the Course.

Please read pages 3-25 in the Manual. As you read, please focus on what it means to have weak energy in your body vs. strong energy.

We all know what weak or strong muscle strength is when we are going to lift or move an object or do some physical activity. You can experience this same ‘knowing’ with non-physical ways to which our energy goes strong or weak. Reread pages 8-10 and identify five thoughts, feelings, phrases, emotions and/or actions that your energy goes strong to, and five that your energy goes weak to. You may check these off in your Manual, or write them in a separate notebook.

PPBN Manual and Course Instructions (pdf)
73 pages

This lecture covers pages 5, and 8 to 11.

The important part is to understand how we create weak energies and how these are disempowering us.

Many descriptions of how we cause our energy to go weak are identified on pages 8-11. When we can identify the ones we do and when we are experiencing them, we can then change them to states that empower us. Then we get stronger to a higher percentage of our life.

Please be aware of the deeper implications of not getting to neutral as described in pages 17-19 and 21-25.

How We Get Weak and Strong Energy
+ Course Objectives and Options for Becoming More and More Neutral
1 lecture 17:35

Lecture 4 covers pages 3, 4, 6, and 7:

  • Definitions of neutral.
  • Course Objectives.
  • Options for becoming neutral.
  • The overall Energetic Well Being Purpose.
  • Ways in which we can get out of the rut of being stuck.
Definition of Neutral & Course Objectives
+ Getting Our Energy Strong in Our Midline/Central Core
3 lectures 23:27

This lecture covers pages 12-15. This is a basic foundation for:

  • Identifying levels of energy.
  • Strengthening our energy.
  • Identifying what to do when it is not at 100%.
  • Keeping it at 100% everyday.

When you hear the word “neutral” in Lectures 5, 6 and 7, we realize you have not learned the full process yet.  Once you have learned it, you will come to understand that getting to neutral is a way of helping you to get energetically strong inside, and getting energetically strong inside helps you to get to neutral.  You will eventually feel how strongly they support each other.

Part 1

This is a continuation of the last lecture.

There is a lot of information in Lectures 5 and 6, so please re-listen to the videos until you are comfortable with the steps, and to help with continually feeling the difference between strong and weak and then shifting your energetic strength and alignment.

Part 2

When sharpening skills in knowing when our energy is going strong and when it is going weak, in the prior Lecture we used the example of saying your real name five times to feel strong energy, and saying, "my name is (not my real name)" five times to feel weak energy. This recording is an example of a person who does not like their real name and their energy goes weak to it, and it goes strong to a preferred nickname.

Note that while the process of getting to neutral has not yet been discussed or described, this is a good example of finding a best and worse scenario in order for the person to get strong to their central core.  The process will be described in depth in Lecture 9, and there will be many exercises for sharpening skills in the process.

Live Example of a Person Who Is Not Neutral to Their Name
+ Pure Awareness Through The Heart
1 lecture 17:54

What does it mean to be in a state of Pure Awareness?  Being in a state of peace and calm is very powerful and allows one to be in a place of no judgment, which aids getting to neutral with ease. Getting to neutral also helps to get into and stay in this place. This is a place of Pure Awareness.

A question you may ask is, "What do I do if and when I am having difficulty focusing or getting into this place, or into neutral?"  A powerful approach we recommend and include in this Lecture is Pure Awareness Through the Heart. It's an excellent process to follow before starting the Neutral Process Protocol.  We’re used to thinking of expressing love to another person. In this case, you benefit by expressing it to yourself!

We have discussed getting our energy to 100% strong every day on pages 12-15 in the Manual. This is good preparation for deepening a sense of pure awareness:

Sit in a comfortable, quiet place when getting your energy to 100%.
Close your eyes and breathe easily a few times.
Keep focusing on your central core/midline until it feels completely strong.

Breathe into your heart.
Put a hand on your heart.
As you take a breath and express, “Thank you, I love You….I love You, thank you,”
Imagine breathing these words into your heart.
Imagine these expressions of love expanding in your heart.

Helping to keep your awareness:
You may start thinking, questioning, feeling confused;
Having doubts, fears, feeling resistance, anger, or pain;
Feeling like you can’t do it, having negative self talk;
Getting drowsy or wanting to go to sleep.

If you start to resist, judge yourself, or fight it:
Accept anything and everything you are experiencing or feeling or thinking by noticing/observing what is happening, and choose to consciously shift by once again expressing to yourself…“Thank you, I love you...I love you, thank you,” as you continue breathing into your heart.

That’s it!  It’s that simple!  Persevere and you’ll get better and better at it!  It may take some getting used to doing.  Do it a few times….say it out loud.  Even more powerful – express it out loud!  Look in a mirror if it helps….keep repeating until you start getting used to it, and until you start feeling it inside.

Preview 17:54
+ Exploring the Full Neutral Process
5 lectures 53:17

1.         Before listening to this explanation of the Neutral Process Protocol, please complete the sentence statements on Internal Peace, Patience & Kindness with Self and Others on pages 26-27, with as many responses as come to mind.

2.         Read pages 28-32.

3.         Listen to the video explanation of how to get netural, which works in conjunction with the remainder of the following steps, including checking about whether or not you have become neutral.  The video is a detailed explanation of pages 28 and 29, exploring the full process of getting to neutral!

4.         Then, choose the three responses on pages 26-27 that bother you the most, and write out your worst and best scenarios for each in order to get to neutral.

5.         Follow the instructions in the Protocol to get yourself to neutral to each of the three responses.

6.         Please keep going back to question e. at the bottom of page 28: "When you focus on the situation, does anything bother you?"  This will help you determine if you are neutral or not. If not, keep digging deeper and asking what is worse, as illustrated on page 29.

7.         If you are not neutral, keep asking what is worse than the worst scenario in order to find what is bothering you the most; and then ask what is better than the best scenario in order to get neutral to your highest expectations. Some examples of worse scenarios are mentioned towards the end of the video.

8.         Keeping cycling until the response to question e. is, “NO! Nothing is bothering me.”

There are responses to Frequently Asked Questions about Neutral on pages 48-50.

Also, this video references Napoleon Hill's "Six Basic Fears" from his book Think and Grow Rich; the fear of poverty, criticism, ill health, loss of love, old age and death.  These fears can be used when getting to worse scenarios.

The Neutral Process Protocol

This video reviews pages 30-32 on "What Enables Us To Get To Neutral?" and explains further how getting to neutral actually causes the negative feelings and reactions to go away. 

"Do the thing you fear and the death of fear is certain." Ralph Waldo Emerson

He is talking about having the courage to take action...and the neutral process is talking about having the courage to uncover what the worst scenario is, and what the best scenario is, for you!

How Does Neutral Work on a Quantum Scale

There is often a question of why we need to go to neutral to our best scenario. Please listen to this audio for an explanation. 

It is because we set up expectations, and when they are not met, we react, which gets in the way of meeting our expectations!

Thus, when we stay neutral and strong to our best scenario, we increase the flow of abundance to create our best scenario!

Why We Need to Go to Neutral to the Best Case

As you have learned that our energy goes weak to 80% of our own thoughts and feelings.  As you increase your skills in getting to neutral, you will also get more and more skilled at sensing whether or not you have gotten to neutral, and even begin to sense the percentage of how neutral you are.

Preview 20:42
Beware of the Warnings Part 2
+ Skill-building Examples
6 lectures 54:18

The most effective skill-building takes place when you are doing the work yourself, getting to neutral on your own issues and reactions, and helping others get to neutral on theirs.  Learning can also take place by seeing others doing the work.  This section contains examples of participants going to neutral to their real issues using the Neutral Process Protocol.  Different people do the work in different ways.  Notice what it takes in each case for the person to get to neutral.  

There are also examples of LeRoy working with Adam to help him get to neutral on issues he was experiencing.

Please note how the Protocol is being followed in these examples.

Learning by Observing Examples of Skill-building

This is the first of three examples of participants going to neutral to their real issues. Please note that the process of getting to neutral that the participants go through as the Protocol is followed in this Lecture and in Lectures 16 and 17, as well.

An Example of Going Neutral to Fears
Students Practicing Neutral
2-Way & 4-Way Neutral Demo

This is a good example of getting to neutral where there are three worst scenarios, and for feeling comfortable suggesting a worst scenario when working with another person.

More Complex Example of Getting to Neutral with Adam

Hay Fever Live demo with finding the root causes and getting to neutral

Getting Neutral to a Physical Condition
+ The Spirit Triad
1 lecture 01:24

Getting neutral to an increasing number of ways we are bothered by/reacting to events, issues, people, and situations helps to improve our whole life. We go strong to an increasing percentage of our life (remember page 5, that shows how adults on average are going strong to 20% of their life).

The Spirit Triad is a description of how to get more neutral to our life as a whole, going beyond getting neutral to specific situations. As we become more calm, balanced, present, and engaged in life, we gain a deeper understanding of who we really are, the "I AM". We increase peace, patience, and kindness with ourselves and others.

There is a second key area that needs to be dealt with. It is anger. A high percentage of people (we estimate over 70%) are carrying anger at themselves or others. Anger is like a gift that never stops giving, and it gives upset, reaction, drama, disrupted relationships. etc. While a person can go neutral to specific reactions, getting neutral to anger eliminates a wide range of possible reactions before they happen.

To effectively deal with anger, a person needs to be centered in their heart and increase their experience of unconditional love. From there, they are able to love, forgive, and accept themselves and others.

The base of the Triad: I. Neutral - Perfect Harmony, and II. Centered in the Heart, provides a great foundation for III. Being and Only Seeing Unity. The following lectures are focused on sharpening skills in each of these.

Please read pages 33-37 both before and after watching the video. There is a lot of information to absorb. 

To help prepare, please complete the sentences on pages 38-41 on Creating Strength and Clearing Attachments with as many responses as come to mind.

This also may be a good topic to discuss with someone who knows you well. Getting feedback on some of the issues raised, such as where anger is directed, can help your self-exploration.

Why is There a Spirit Triad?
+ PART I. Spirit Triad - Neutral - Perfect Harmony
1 lecture 10:14

Getting to Perfect Harmony involves getting neutral to three broad ways in which we create reactions:

  • Things that bother us on a daily basis, as listed on pages 26-27 and at the top of page 34. These were the focus of getting to neutral while learning the Neutral Process Protocol.
  • Emotional attachments we have as listed on pages 40 and 41.
  • Concerns about lacking or not living up to strengths as listed on pages 34, 38 and 39.

Attachments reveal where we are likely to react. 

Please listen to the audio about how to clear attachments.

Then, select the three items you are most attached to on pages 40 and 41.

Get to neutral to each to them.

Then, check your responses to Creating Strengths on pages 38 and 39. 

Is there anything that bothers you about any of them, or about lacking strengths?

If so, get neutral to three of them.

In both cases, getting neutral to what bothers you the most helps ensure you are getting to worst scenarios.

Getting Neutral to Attachments and to Concerns About Lack of Strengths
+ PART II. Spirit Triad - Centered in the Heart
5 lectures 01:02:55

For all the lectures/work in this Section, it will be especially helpful for you to settle in a quiet place, do the Pure Awareness Through the Heart Exercise in Lecture 8 or meditate, and allow time and focus to complete them.

Being fully Centered in the Heart involves five important activities:

  • Identifying any anger you are carrying, if any.
  • Filling your heart and chest with Unconditional Love.
  • Forgiving and receiving forgiveness.
  • Experiencing how you have helped others.
  • Loving yourself through a deeper understanding of how we all create our own universe.

Please watch the Video.

Are you carrying or feeding or suppressing or ignoring any anger? 

If not, stop and check again. We find that 70%+ of the population is.

If still not, please go through the detailed questions below. If not then, please go to the next Lecture.

For example, are you angry at:


God? This life?

Men in general? Specific men? Parents, family, coworkers, friends, enemies?

Women in general? Specific women? Parents, family, coworkers, friends, enemies?

Organizations? The Government? Companies?

Authority figures? 

Those who pollute, do harm, hurt others, hurt animals, hurt the environment, don't seem to care???

Others??? Road hogs?

Can be old or new.

Unearth any angers that are there. Any of it only creates weakness. Time to clear it away!!!!!

Identifying the Focus of Anger

Whether you have anger or not, it's helpful to identify and increase your experiences of unconditional love as described under, "Fill Your Heart and Chest with Love," at the top of page 35. To do so, it's helpful to think of specific situations where you are likely to have experienced such love, and then to write down every expression of it that comes to mind. Expressions of love that people often come up with include:

Love that is truly unconditional, closeness, warmth, awe, acceptance, support, presence, joy, fun, playful, expansion, breathing easily, calm, peace, awakening, transitioning, feeling and being "up", love unfolding within me, receiving, nurturing, ease, patience, kindness, gentleness, goodness, faithfulness, perception, brighter, content, clarity, oneness, close, letting others in, care free.....

Let this list help you to remember. 

Again, the reason for remembering your experiences of unconditional love is because they are probably the best description there is of who you really are!!!  It is a foundation for being able to forgive yourself and others.

Put a hand on your chest and breathe in several times, and when you do expand the actual feelings of love that you have experienced...but not with your thinking - expand the vibrations of the feelings - keep expanding!

This may trigger resistance, which often comes from past experiences in the form of:

Love hurts, love is conditional, love does not last, love is not possible in this human experience, I'm living in the real world, not in make believe; or in some other negative perception or belief.

Get neutral to any of them that you experience!

Then continue to expand your experiences of unconditional love into every cell in your body, all your thoughts, feelings, emotions, and energies...into all of YOU!

This is increasing your experiences of the REAL YOU!!!

Filling Your Heart and Chest with Unconditional Love

In Lecture 8, we worked on increasing Pure Awareness Through the Heart.  The phrases used in that exercise originated from Dr. Hew Len. This Lecture uses the same phrases as a way of increasing love and acceptance of yourself and others.  It is an important way of getting to neutral.

Read IIb. Loving Yourself and Others on page 36, and read pages 51-53 Ho'oponopoo, Dr. Hew Len, before listening to this audio description. 

At the end of the audio, follow the directions to list five people who have bothered you in the recent past. Then list what bothers you the most about them.

Identify times when you have said, thought, or done what is bothering you about the five people. 

Then you can use a shortened version of what Dr. Hew Len suggests which is to express to yourself: 

"Thank you, I love you!

I love you, thank you!"

You are not expressing this to the person you feel bothered by!!!

Remember, they are a reflection of what bothers you about yourself.

Loving Yourself And Others - Ho'oponopono
Understanding and Clearing Issues About Husband
Example of Clearing Rage
+ PART III. Spirit Triad - Being and Only Seeing Unity
1 lecture 15:19

There are three main areas of focus for PART III. Being and Only Seeing Unity as described on pages 36 and 37.

  • Continuing to see and feel the True Self is One. A way of reinforcing this is to keep getting your central core energy to 100% everyday as described on pages 12-15, and to keep feeling yourself full of Unconditional Love as described on page 35.
  • Defining your desired state as described on page 37, and keep focusing on it with enthusiasm.
  • Being thankful for your desired state as though it already exists, page 37.

Please watch the video.

Strengthening True Self as One and Thankful for Desired States