PMI-ACP Agile Principles and Mindset

Prepare for Domain I of PMI-ACP certification. Learn Scrum, Kanban, Lean. Improve your leadership knowledge and skills.
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About This Course

Published 3/2016 English

Course Description

Welcome to “PMI-ACP Agile Principles and Mindset”

Join this course and quickly learn the stunningly-effective agile management principles, and develop your agile mindset as you are preparing to take and pass your PMI-ACP certification exam - all at the same time.

You may have heard the expression “Ideas rule the world?”

Over the course of my career, I’ve bumped into a few great ideas that grab hold of my mind and wouldn’t let go.

You know, that “aha” moment - a lucky strike, a revelation?

When something comes to your attention by chance and suddenly you want to dig deeper, and learn as much as you can about it immediately

And you keep mulling it over and over again - for the rest of your life. 

And you want to share it with the rest of the world. Because it just feels like a super-useful thing from which everyone can benefit.

To me, “Agile” was exactly such idea. First time I read about it, my brain started to “salivate”…

“this is it! I want more - learn it!”

The thing is…

Agile is arguably the most powerful project-management approach that gets you consistently-amazing results when you do it the right way. 

It can skyrocket your productivity and the productivity of your project team. And eliminate “waste” in the process.

It can deliver value without striving and emotional strain if you take time to learn how

However, to DO Agile right, you need to BE agile, and to gain a rock-solid understanding of Agile principles.

And you must learn how to implement them - for maximum results.

That’s why, I invite you to enroll in this course.

In this short and sweet, ideas-packed on-line training program you'll master the fundamental principles of agile project management.

And the best part, you’ll begin to prepare for the Project Management Institute's Agile Certified Practitioner exam (PMI-ACP) - all at the same time.

It’s like killing two birds with one stone - double benefit.

Because this course follows the PMI-ACP Exam Content Outline. After you take and complete this course, you’ll be able to: 

  • Explore, embrace, and apply agile principles and mindset within the context of the project team and the organization. 
  • Pass with flying colors any question of Domain I of PMI-ACP exam. (Agile Principles and Mindset)
  • Supercharge your important leadership skills - to maximize probability of your project’s success.
  • Learn to clearly explain Agile to others. So you can successfully uplift your to team to your level.
  • Develop your ability to quickly get things done in an environment of super-high uncertainty and learn how to deliver consistent results in any circumstances. 

In other words, as you run through this course, you learn about Agile, you’ll learn to think Agile, and you’ll learn to be agile for wicked effectiveness on all your endeavors. 

Now, how do you know if you really want to take this course?

You should take this course…

  • If you work in any industry with the environment of high uncertainty. Such as software development, high-tech, consulting, research and development, marketing etc.
  • If you are a project manager or a program manager in any industry whatsoever. It is my strong belief that any project manager will benefit from developing an agile mindset, so take this course!
  • If you are working at a start up
  • If you are managing a team in any environment - you are gonna love this course.
  • If you are in process improvement and change management: you’ll benefit from the ideas that you’ll learn in this course.
  • If you are considering to get certified as an Agile practitioner and take the PMI-ACP Exam - this course is for you.

What’s inside?

This is what you should expect as soon as you begin the course:

You’ll kick off your study with a quick PMI-ACP certification overview. So you are deeply familiar with this most highly-regarded Agile certification in the industry. 

Our next step will be to turn on the “beginner’s mind” and think about what it means to be agile and why it’s very important for you.

Then, you’ll continue to learn about the world of Agile management and explore various agile methodologies and approaches, such as Scrum, Kanban, Extreme Programming (XP), Feature Driven Development (FDD), Dynamic System Development (DSD), and Crystal. 

It will help you “nail” and clarify many Agile concepts, so you can begin implementing them in the course of your work.

Finally, the course will focus your attention on the essential concept of Leadership and you’ll learn why it is paramount in any Agile project environment. 

You’ll watch high-quality video lectures and take mind-tickling quizzes which will help you reinforce your learning and acquire a rock-solid understanding of the material in this course.

As you are progressing through the course, you’ll be immediately preparing yourself for the Agile Certified Practitioner exam. 

This course is the first and the most important one in a series of seven courses dedicated to the Agile Certified Practitioner material. Each of the seven courses will cover one domain from the PMI-ACP exam content outline.


I invite you to come along and join the course right now

Simply click on the… 

“Take this Course...” 

button to get started.

What are the requirements?

  • Turn on your "beginner's mind" and willingness to learn.

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Master and apply Agile project-management principles to consistently deliver value.
  • Prepare for PMI-ACP exam questions of Domain I - Agile Principles and Mindset.
  • Develop your agile mindset.
  • Explain and promote Agile to others in your organization.
  • Improve your effectiveness when working in high-uncertainty environment.
  • Maximize your value when working in teams.
  • Enhance your leadership knowledge and skills.
  • Advocate for agile principles to develop a shared agile mindset.
  • Ensure common understanding of agile.
  • Support change by educating and influencing to enhance effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Practice visualization to enhance transparency and trust.
  • Create a safe and trustful environment for experimentation.
  • Enhance creativity by experimenting with new techniques.
  • Learn to collaborate to share knowledge.
  • Establish safe team environment to encourage emergent leadership.
  • Practice servant leadership.

Who is the target audience?

  • Everyone pursuing Agile Certified Practitioner certification from Project Management Institute (PMI-ACP).
  • If you work in any industry with the environment of high uncertainty. Such as software development, high-tech, consulting, research and development, marketing etc.
  • Managers who need to create agile environment in their organizations.
  • If you are a project manager or a program manager in any industry whatsoever. It is my strong belief that any project manager will benefit from developing an agile mindset, so take this course!
  • If you are working at a start up.
  • If you are managing a team in any environment - you are gonna love this course.
  • If you are in process improvement and change management: you’ll benefit from the ideas that you’ll learn in this course.

What you get with this course?

Not for you? No problem.
30 day money back guarantee.

Forever yours.
Lifetime access.

Learn on the go.
Desktop, iOS and Android.

Get rewarded.
Certificate of completion.


Section 1: First Things First
Study Tips
Section 2: PMI-ACP Certification Overview

This is a very quick review of what PMI is. You probably already know it - that's why it's quick.

PMI-ACP Certification Overview
PMI-ACP: Do You Qualify?
Taking the Exam
Exam Content
Section 3: Agile and Agility - Let's turn on a "beginner's mind!"

Let' pretend we don't know what agile or agility is. Where do we start? Well, definitions of course! It helps to do it, even you already "know all that stuff." Part of being agile is the ability to get back to basics.


When I first got interested in Agile. This definition was a real eye-opener. It totally helped clarify a few things in my mind and understand the benefit of the agile approach.

Who is more agile?
Agile: Big and Small
Agile: When and Where?
Agile and Waterfall
Section 4: The World of Agile
Agile Manifesto 2001 - Values Statement
6 questions

This quiz will help you reinforce your learning of the values of Agile Manifesto.

Agile Manifesto 2001 - 12 Principles
6 questions

Take this quiz to reinforce your knowledge of the 12 principles behind Agile Manifesto.

Declaration of Interdependence 2005
Declaration of Interdependence quiz
6 questions
Philosophy and Methodologies of Agile
Section 5: Scrum
What's Scrum?
Scrum Roles
Scrum Events
Scrum Artifacts
Scrum quiz
5 questions
Section 6: Kanban
What's Kanban?
Kanban Examples
Kanban Principles and Benefits
Kanban quiz
5 questions
Section 7: Extreme Programming (XP)
XP Core Values and Roles
XP - 13 Core Practices
XP Development Life Cycle
Extreme Programming quiz
5 questions
Section 8: Lean
Lean quiz
4 questions
Section 9: Feature-Driven Development (FDD)
Feature-Driven Development
FDD quiz
3 questions
Section 10: Dynamic Systems Development Method (DSDM)
Dynamic Systems Development Method
DSDM quiz
3 questions
Section 11: Crystal Methods Framework
Crystal Methods
Crystal quiz
5 questions
Section 12: Leadership
7 questions

This is a learning quiz. Only part of it is intended to quiz the knowledge. The main purpose is to get you to think about Agile-team leadership.

Section 13: Agile Principles And Mindset - Retrospective
Agile Principles And Mindset - Retrospective
Section 14: Learning Questions
11 questions

Some learning questions with food for though for your in-quiz-itive mind.


In this bonus lecture you receive multiple special offers that you can advantage of any time and keep learning.

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Instructor Biography

Igor Ovchinnikov, Helping you learn fast, so you can do your job well.

Hi, I am Igor Ovchinnikov.

Welcome to my profile page. This is where you normally get to learn about me and read something like this:

“Igor Ovchinnikov is a corporate trainer with over 10 years of experience. He lives in San Francisco and provides excellent training-delivery services to clients all over the Bay Area. He has delivered training for Apple Computers, Stanford University, University of California, Google, Boston Scientific, Altera, Stryker Endoscopy, Air Liquide, BAE Systems, City of San Francisco, Anritsu, Genentech, Novartis, Bayer, Systron Donner, and many others. 

Mr. Ovchinnikov holds an MBA from the Ohio State University.”

Well, frankly, I always have some serious cognitive dissonance whenever I have to write about myself in the third person like this. It’s a bit silly - don’t you agree? So, enough of this out-of-body talk!

First of all, you probably don’t care about me that much. Second, you are probably more interested in why you should buy my courses and what’s in them for you? You may be more interested in how my teaching is different compared to the other great instructors out there?

I have to confess, it is something I've been wondering about too. You know, when someone asks you what you are good at, it’s tough to answer that. Especially, because when you are really good at something, you don’t really perceive it as a big deal. Don’t you agree? Think of something you do really well. Now, do you really work hard on it, or does it come kind of naturally?

So, to answer this question to myself, I recently decided to ask my students. Most of the ones I polled are employees of just one organization where I teach - Stanford University, so the research sample may not be fully scientific. Anyway, I asked a few dozens of my students what they liked best about my teaching style. It was really surprising, that most of them told me that their favorite part was how clear things became after I explained it to them. One of them said literally: “You are a great explainer. It was so confusing before, and now I finally understand it!” 

I think, here’s what I can promise you when you enroll in my courses. I promise you clear explanations, so that things will be no longer confusing.

So, here’s my value proposition to you:

When you enroll in my courses and go through the material, you should expect clear explanations that will help you learn and build your skills fast, so you can succeed at your job. 

If that is the experience that you are interested in, simply enroll in my courses below.

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