Plan Your Own Blog Tour
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Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
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Plan Your Own Blog Tour

Blog tours are a great way for authors to find new readers, and we show you the ropes in this comprehensive guide.
3.8 (2 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
14 students enrolled
Last updated 5/2013
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  • 4 hours on-demand video
  • Full lifetime access
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What Will I Learn?
  • By the end of the workshop, you'll understand exactly how to plan, organize and execute a blog tour that will earn you new readers for life.
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  • The desire to learn about reaching out to readers through blog tours
  • A website, mailing list, book or something else to promote during your tour.

Want a fun way to find new readers for your work? Would you love to hang out at places filled with readers who are looking for a book just like yours? That's exactly what you'll do when you plan your own blog tour -- and it's an amazingly effective way to build your fanbase!

Whether you use your tour to promote your new book, build your mailing list or promote your KDP free days, you're putting yourself (and your work) directly in front of thousands of potential fans. 

While you can't throw together a blog tour overnight, we'll cover all of the basics in just a few short hours. Then, you'll be ready to start planning your own tour and watch your crazy-dedicated fanbase grow!

Now, for all the deets:

  • The workshop contains six clear, concise lessons that will each take you around an hour to complete (depending on how speedy you are). You’ll be able to start and stop the lessons at your leisure, so you can knock the whole course out in two days or two weeks — it’s up to you.
  • The lessons are a mix of text, audio, video, examples and exercises. We’ll do our best to accommodate every learning style!
  • All of the goodies (videos, slideshows, exercises and resources) will be available online, ready for you to take on at your own pace.
  • We’ll be here, only an email away, to answer any questions that pop up and give you one-on-one advice, specific to your book and audience. We’re also considering a live chat/conference call for folks who prefer talking things out.

Who is the target audience?
  • Authors in charge of promoting their own work (indie/self-published or those with a small press)
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Curriculum For This Course
27 Lectures
Introduction to Blog Tours
5 Lectures 36:17

In this video:

  • What all 6 lessons of Plan Your Own Blog Tour will cover
  • The details of exactly how the workshop will…work

Preview 07:34

In this video:

  • What a blog tour is and how it’s different than a guest post
  • Why paying someone else to set up your blog tour might not be in your best interest
  • Share the #1 goal of every single blog tour (and hint at why it’s better to do it yourself)

Preview 06:12

In this video:

  • Why you are your own best blog tour planner!
  • 3 big reasons why setting up your own blog tour is worth the time and energy.

Preview 04:42

In this video:

  • Why we plan blog tours way differently than most “pros”
  • How our thinking helps you plan a more effective blog tour

How Our Wacky Approach To Tours Gives You Better Results

In this video:

  • How long planning your own blog tour takes
  • The exact steps involved and what you’ll need along the way
  • Your homework assignments!

Download Homework: 

  • Reader Profile Intro (PDF -- download Homework Intro below)
  • Reader Profile Questions (PDF -- download Homework Reader Profile below)
  • Non-Fiction Angles (PDF -- download Homework NF Angles below)

Lesson Wrap-Up

  • Be sure to download the quiz and checklist below to ensure you're staying on track!

Reality Check: How Long This Takes and How it Works
Finding the Right Blogs & Joining The Community
5 Lectures 41:58
In this video:

  • Quick recap of Lesson 1
  • A look ahead to Lesson 2
  • What you’ll need to complete Lesson 2

Recap & Rundown

In this video:

  • How do you go about exploring the world wide web for blogs?
  • Your goals for the search
  • 4 great ways to find blogs!
  • Blog directories to check out:

4 Ways to Find Blogs

In this video:

  • Time to narrow down our list!
  • Use these five criteria to find the *best* blogs for your tour
  • BONUS! Blog Scoresheet | Download [PDF]

5 Criteria to Pick the Best Blogs

In this video:
  • What will increase your chances of getting a “yes”?
  • Why it’s important to introduce yourself first
  • How to join the community (without seeming like a stalker!)
6 Ways to Get the Ball Rolling

In this video:

  • It’s time to jump in and get your feet wet
  • Get ready to scour the internet for some great blogs
  • Download: Lesson 2 Quiz [PDF]

Homework Assignment!
Planning The Tour & Sending Requests
4 Lectures 36:18
In this video:

  • Share the four details to consider when planning your blog tour:
    • Dates
    • Length
    • Number of Stops
    • Choosing Blogs

The First 4 Details to Consider When Planning Your Tour

In this video:

  • Choosing an overall topic for each of your prospective tour stops
  • The three groups of topics you can choose from
  • How to decide which topic is the best fit for each stop

Matchmaking: Choosing the Perfect Topic for Each Tour Stop

In this video:
  • Choosing the type of content to suggest for each tour stop
  • The pros, cons and considerations for each type of content
  • How to decide which type of content is the best fit for each stop
  • Blog Post Headline Ideas: Link 1 | Link 2
Matchmaking, Part 2: Choosing Each Stop’s Content Type

In this video:

  • The 4 things you MUST include in every tour stop request
  • The 3 things you should NEVER include
  • An easy way to track your requests
  • Sample requests for different content types
  • Download the Excel Template for tracking requests (.xls file -- download Track Tour Stops below)
  • Download Sample Request PDF (PDF -- download Request Template Samples PDF below)
  • Download Sample Request .Doc Templates (.docx -- download Request Template Samples Word below)
  • Download Request Checklist (PDF -- download Request Checklist below)
Lesson Wrap-up:
  • Be sure to download the checklist and quiz below to ensure you're staying on track!

I Can Haz Guest Post? Sending Tour Stop Requests
Preparing Your Content
5 Lectures 46:28
  • Quick recap of Lesson 3
  • A look ahead to Lesson 4
  • What you’ll need to complete Lesson 4
Recap & Rundown

  • What’s the order of operations after someone agrees to host a stop on your blog tour?
  • Want to know the secret to writing posts FASTER?
  • Download: Post-Yes Checklist [PDF]
5 Things to Do After “Yes”

  • Tips for writing each type of blog tour stop (guest post, giveaway, excerpt and Q&A)
  • Why you should still write great content for a contest or excerpt post
  • How to pick the best possible excerpt for your tour stop
3 Writing Tips for Each Tour Stop

  • Why is it SO important to have a good bio/byline for your post?
  • What should you incorporate into your bio?
  • How can you include the hobbies/interests of your fans in your bio?
Writing a Kick Booty Bio/Byline

  • It’s time to start writing some awesome posts!
  • Download: Post-Yes Checklist [PDF]
  • Download: Lesson 4 Quiz [PDF]
Homework and Wrap-up
Preparing Your Abode
3 Lectures 37:15
  • What to do while you’re waiting for your post to run
  • Improvements to make to your website
  • Pitfalls to avoid
  • Resource: Author Website Checklist ( -- PDF)
Preparing Your Website for New Readers

  • Getting Facebook and Twitter ready for those new fans!
  • 3 easy tasks to get done now
  • Small things make a big difference
  • Resource: Build a Better Author Bio on Twitter (
3 Easy Ways to Spruce Up Social Media

  • Using your mailing list to help kick off your tour
  • Why it’s important to share your tour with your current fans
  • Final preparation tips
  • Resource: Sample Emails (.doc -- download Sample Emails Word below)

Lesson Wrap-Up

  • Be sure to download the quiz and checklist below to ensure you're staying on track!
Using Your Mailing List to Pump Up Current Fans
Being a Good Guest & Next Steps
5 Lectures 30:23
  • Quick recap of Lesson 5
  • A look ahead to Lesson 6
Recap & Rundown

  • What etiquette rules do you need to follow to be a good guest?
  • Should you comment on someone else’s blog? (Hint: YES)
  • What’s your job to do with each stop on your tour?
3 Must Do’s To Be a Good Guest

  • How can you make your new fans feel welcome?
  • What will get them to open up and talk to you?
  • Why is it important to make your conversations with fans a two-way street?
3 Ways to Roll Out the Welcome Wagon

  • What should you do after your tour has ended?
  • How do you keep fans interested?
  • Why is it important to keep networking with other bloggers?
3 Steps to Take After Your Tour

  • CONGRATULATIONS! You have completed the Plan Your Own Blog Tour Workshop!
  • Download: Lesson 6 Quiz [PDF]
  • Your final homework assignment:
    • Set aside time in your schedule to answer comments for each tour stop
    • Plan a welcome post for your blog/social media accounts for new fans
    • Decide what your next promotion will be to share with fans
Conclusion: Wrap-up and Homework
About the Instructor
Toni Tesori
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The Geek @ Duolit

Toni has been a total geek since the age of 11, and a professional graphic designer/web developer for over ten years. When she's not helping indie authors navigate the ins and outs of design and promotion, Toni attempts to bank enough sleep to not be a total zombie while taking care of her 1-year-old daughter! 

Shannon O&'Neil
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Book Marketing Guru

After self-publishing my first book in 2008, I realized writing a book is actually the easy part -- making sales is where it really gets tough! 

Fortunately, my education and work experience is in media relations, marketing, and design. I put my knowledge to use and learned the ropes of book marketing. It was so much fun (and so rewarding!) I wanted to help other authors achieve their indie career dreams as well, so I joined forces with my best friend (and fellow marketing/design extraordinaire) to launch Duolit: The Self-Publishing Team.

Part resource guide, part marketing coach, and part enthusiastic cheerleader, we help authors find their readers, grow their fanbase, and reach their goals.

From mailing lists and blog strategies to social media mastery and launch plans, we cover every aspect of the process in a way that's fun and easy to follow!