Grow Your Business the Right Way
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Grow Your Business the Right Way

How To Create The Right Strategy To Get Your Business To Where You Want It To Be
5.0 (1 rating)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
18 students enrolled
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What Will I Learn?
  • Learn how to grow your business the right way with certainty and control and not hope and luck.
  • Establish the best route to take, be prepared for the hazards that may lie in wait and stay on course to make it happen.
  • Define where you want your business to be and create the right strategy that will get it there.
  • Build a stronger business that will achieve your aims year-on-year.
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BRAND NEW COURSE: How To Create The Right Strategy To Get Your Business To Where You Want It To Be

Growing a business is hard and most don’t make it beyond the first few years.

You work long hours and weekends, suffer sleepless nights and sacrifice precious time with your loved ones. And you do this often just to keep your head above water. You put your heart and soul into making your business work and you’re busy but achieving little.

It shouldn’t be this way. You KNOW you have a good business and that you could be making the money you want to make in order to give you and your family the lifestyle you deserve.

Well, it doesn’t have to be this way.

Most businesses don’t have to fail in their first few years.

You can beat the odds and grow a successful business and this course will show you how.

Successful entrepreneurs aren’t successful because they’re lucky or have found some magic secret. They’re successful because they know where they want to get to and exactly how to get there.


At the heart of every successful business there is a coherent strategy that guides it. At the heart of every struggling business there is NOT.

Most business owners struggle because they focus simply doing stuff and hoping that some of it will work. They’re opportunistic and react to anything that might win them a customer or client. They do what they do without really knowing if it’s going to make a difference.

They work hard in their business but don’t know where they’re going. They have no destination to aim for and no course to steer their business on.

Does this sound familiar?

If you want your business to be successful you need a clear destination and you need to set it on the right path to reach this destination. In this course I’ll show you how to do both.

I’ll show you how to spend your precious time focused on doing what you should be doing so that you have the CERTAINTY of knowing that you’re doing the right things and the CONTROL needed to keep your business on course.

This course will show you how to create the system and show you the steps to go through, to create the right strategy that your business needs in order to grow. This system will keep you on course as your business grows and becomes more complex. Creating the right strategy is fundamental to business success and this system will do just that.

In this course you will:

Learn how to create and implement the right strategy that will give you the growth you need and get your business to the next level.

Discover how to identify and eliminate the weaknesses in your business and the risks and threats to it so that your business stays strong and on course.

Know what you need to do in order to build a successful business year on year that gives you the return you deserve.

Here’s just a sample of what we will cover in this extraordinary course:

  • How to create a clear destination to aim your business at.
  • How to set the right path to get from where you are now to this destination.
  • Carry out a thorough assessment of the strengths and weaknesses in your business and the risks and threats to it and eliminate the things that can knock you off course.
  • How to identify the key priorities to focus your time and effort on.
  • Why knowing how your business flows is vital to success.
  • Create a high-level one-page strategy map that aligns your business flow with your key priorities
  • How to break down this strategy into manageable goals and how to meet them.
  • How to become strategic and not be distracted by shiny objects that will take you off course.
  • How to create connected business that will get to where you want it to be.
  • How to do all this and still sleep well and have a life.

Throughout this course you will have access to guides and templates that will help you create the right destination and strategy for reaching it.

You will also be able to access tools and further reading that will help you implement what you have learned in this course. This extra help resides in a membership site that I will refer and link to in the course. This site is an exclusive membership site only accessible to those who have invested in this course. To access this site click the link in the course and complete the short form on the registration page.

You have invested so much in your business, not least your future. Don’t leave it to chance. Don’t rely on hope and luck, which is all you have without the right strategy and means to achieve it.

Invest in this course, invest in your business and achieve all you want from it.

Who is the target audience?
  • Micro, small and new business owners who want to grow their business the right way with certainty and control and not with hope and luck.
  • If you are busy working in your business but feeling stressed that your business isn’t moving forward as it should then this is the course for you.
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Curriculum For This Course
32 Lectures
Introduction to Plan to Succeed
3 Lectures 12:08

This course can dramatically transform your business so that you achieve extraordinary results year in year out. In this lesson I'll outline how.

You will see the big picture overview and understand why setting and implementing the right strategy is vital for business success.

I'll show you around the course and available material including an exciting exclusive membership site that contains extra tools that will help you to a greater depth.

Preview 05:24

This course follows the key steps that successful business owners go through in order to drive their business forward with certainty and control.

In this lesson I'll take you through these same key steps so that you are prepared for the journey ahead.

Preview 05:49

There are 3 fundamental questions that you must be able to answer if you want to build a strong and successful business.

In this lesson I'll outline these 3 fundamental questions that you need to be able to answer to get your business to the next level. Work through this entire course and by the end you will be able to answer these questions.

3 Fundamental Questions
Section 1: Where Do You Want Your Business to be?
3 Lectures 07:08

Why does your business exist?

At the core of every business is a fundamental purpose - a reason for its existence. Define this purpose well and it will guide you and help keep you going through the tough times.

Your Purpose

Where do you ultimately want your business to be?

Create this vision to inspire you, to inspire others and to create that end destination that will help keep you and your business focus and on course.

Your Vision

How will you grow your business and reach your vision? What values do you hold dear?

Having established your ultimate destination you need to define how you're going to reach it. From a very high perspective how will you realise your vision? How will you reach this ultimate destination? You have finite resources and time so where will you focus your efforts? Finally, as your business builds and you bring people in how do you want them to represent your business? How do you want your business to be perceived? What values do you hold dear?

This lesson ends this section and includes a guide that will help you further to create these key core business statements.

Your Mission and Values
Section 3: Where Are You Now?
5 Lectures 37:53

Before you have any chance of of getting to where you want your business to be, you must know where it is now. This is crucial if you are to have any chance of reaching your goals.

This is about knowing your business well enough so that you can build on your strengths and identify and strengthen weak areas in your business and be prepared for potential risks and threats to your business. 

Key to doing this is to know how your business 'flows' from one key stage to the next.

In this section you will map out how your business flows and carry out a thorough internal and external assessment of your business as it is now. 

Work through the lessons in this section and the accompanying material and know your business better than ever before. We'll begin with your business flow.

Where Are You Now and Your Business Flow

A strong business flows from one key stage to the next efficiently and effectively. 

In this lesson I introduce the concept of thinking of your business in terms of how it flows. 

Know how your business flows and and you will know it better than ever and be able to clearly see how to make it work more efficiently and effectively.

Your Business Flow

Learn how to map out how your business flows from one cause-and-effect stage to the next.

Map out this flow and see clearly how well your business works and any weak and vulnerable areas that you need to address.

Make sure you download the the guide that goes with this lesson.

Preview 03:56

Do you know where your business is strong and where it is weak and potentially vulnerable?

In this lesson, we'll cover the internal assessment of your business that will focus on knowing where your business is strong and where it is weak and potentially vulnerable.

Where Are You Now - Internal Assessment

What risks and threats lie in wait to knock your business off course? Don't struggle like most business owners and not be prepared for that which can harm your business.

In this 2nd part of your business assessment we we look at the external factors that you could potentially exploit and those that can potentially harm your business.

This exercise is vital if you are to be prepared for the hazards that will be lying in wait and which will set your business back if you aren't prepared for them.

Download the guide for further help and if you want to assess where your business is now as thoroughly as possible then click the link here too and access the Business Foundation Health Check Tool.

Where Are You Now - External Assessment
How Will You Get to Where You Want to be?
10 Lectures 01:04:55

Now you're going to create the strategy that will get your business to the next level.

You know where you ultimately want your business to be and where it is now you can start to map out how you're going to get there. In this section you will discover how to break this journey down into major milestones so that you only need to focus on getting to the next milestone. 

Having defined the next major milestone you will then map out where you're going to focus your time and effort and which route you're going to take. 

By the end of this section will have created a top-level, one-page strategy map that will guide you to this next major milestone.

There is a ton of extra material in this section that will help you create the right destination and the right path to getting there and that will help you mitigate for the risks and hazards that lie ahead.

Preview 01:34

Create a clear destination to aim your business at.

You cannot reach your long-term vision in one leap or one strategy. You need to break this journey into key milestones. These Strategic Destinations will represent the next major level to aim your business at. 

This is the destination that you will create your strategy for.

Your Strategic Destination

Define your Strategic Destination and how you will reach it.

Learn how to create a clear Strategy Statement that will define your Strategic Destination and how you intend to reach it. This statement is essentially a more detailed vision and mission statement that will help you and others stay focused as you as you implement the strategy that will guide you to it.

Your Strategy Statement

You don't have unlimited resource and time.

You need to focus your limited resource, time and effort where it matters most. In this lesson I'll show you how to identify your key priorities that will create the best path for you to take that will keep you focused, help you avoid, eliminate or overcome potential hazards and deliver the best return for your time and effort.

Download the guide that covers creating your Strategic Destination, Strategy Statement and Strategic Priorities to help you further.

Key to getting your strategy right is to know your customers extremely well. I have created a tool in the membership area that will help you get to know your key customers well and which will help strengthen relationships with them..

Your Strategic Priorities

Will you be able to stay on course?

Having set a clear destination and identified where to focus your resource, time and effort, it's time to create the strategy that will get you from where you are to where you want to be. 

In this lesson I show how you can break down your journey into manageable milestones. 

I also outline what can go wrong when you set off on the journey without having assessed your business well enough and identified the potential hazards ahead. It's vital that you carry out a thorough assessment and here you'll see why.

Because identifying the risks and threats to your business and being prepared for them is so important to the successful creation and implementation of your strategy and hence your business, I've created a 'Risk Analysis' Tool which you can access using the link below.

Creating Your Journey and the Impact Your Assessment Will Have on it

Create top-level milestones to reach your first destination.

Here's an example of setting a Strategic Destination and intermediate milestones based around the Strategic Priorities you have identified. This example is a landscape gardener who wishes to expand his business. This same approach will help you set the route to your own next Strategic Destination 

I've included the spreadsheet I used in the video that you can use and adapt for your own business to create measurable milestones if you wish.

Journey Example - The landscape Gardener

The first step to creating the right strategy...

is to make sure that your Strategic Priorities and how your business flows is aligned. In mapping out how your business flows you may discover areas that need to work better which could in themselves be a priority. Having set your priorities you need to make sure that your key business stages are set up to act on those priorities.

How your business works and where you're going to spend your resources, time and effort need to work together to bring you the maximum return possible.

Aligning Your Business Flow to Your Strategic Priorities

Now you're ready to drill down and identify where you need to focus your efforts.

You've linked the key stages of your business flow to your Strategic Priorities. In this lesson, you'll become more specific as to what that actually means in terms of the what it is you actually need to do.

You'll identify the key elements in each stage of your flow that align with your focused priorities and start to build a top level picture of your strategy.

Identify the Key Elements of Your Strategy Map

Create the top level map that will guide you to your destination.

Now you have everything set out to create your high-level, one-page strategy map.

Once you've worked through this lesson and the accompanying guide you'll see how it's all coming together. You're connecting the dots that make up your business and aligning them so that they work together to drive to the destination that you have set. You've identified where you should focus your resource and time to have the best chance of reaching this destination and you've mapped out the key elements in how your business works which show you in more detail what you need to do to reach your destination within the focused priorities that you've set.

It's all coming together and I hope your feelings of having more certainty, because you know what you need to do, and more control, because you see where to focus your limited resource and time, is growing.

Your Strategy Map

Example Strategy Maps for you to use

Here I run through some example strategy maps that you can download and adapt for your own business.

Strategy Map Examples and Templates
Build Your Strategy Plan
6 Lectures 44:42

Now you have a top-level map it's time to create the detail underneath.

You now see from a top-level what you need to do and where to focus your efforts to get to your destination. To make it happen you need to create measurable targets and clearly defined actions. 

Carry out these actions and you will meet the targets. Meet the targets and you will reach your key milestones. Reach your key milestones and you will reach your destination.

Keep everything connected.

Preview 01:00

Everything you do is connected.

In this lesson I'll show you how everything connects from your central purpose to your daily actions. It's key that you understand these connections and see how these connections work together, impact each other and create a strong base for you to build your business on.

Most business owners focus on tasks without any connection to goals that need to be met and a destination that needs to be reached. Successful business owners do not leap straight to actions; they make sure that their actions are linked to targets that need to be hit.

Strategic Layers

Create your measurable goals.

Turn the milestones that breakdown the journey to your Strategic Destination, into measurable goals. These then become your focus because you've connected everything. Hit these goals when you specify and you will know that you are on course.

Your goals need to be challenging but achievable. They also need to address weak areas in your business and risks and threats to it. That's why it's imperative that you carry out a thorough health assessment of your business and identify these key risks and threats. That's why I've added the link below that will give you access to the tools that will help you do this.

Your Goals

Keep the goals you need to meet, how you will meet them and what you'll actually do, connected.

All that you do must connect. Your daily actions must link to an objective that you need to achieve that by achieving gets you closer to meeting one or more measurable goals.

In this lesson I'll show you how goals, objectives and tactics (the means by which you'll achieve your objectives - your actions) all link. I'll also illustrate this with an example goal that the landscape gardener needs to achieve in order to reach his first milestone.

Goals to Tactics

Time to get your creative juices really flowing.

You have identified your first key milestone and with everything connected you know that you only need to focus you time and energy on getting there. Get there and you know you are on course and can then focus on your next milestone.

Here I'll show you how to map out what you need to do in order to reach your first milestone and I'll use the usual example of the landscape gardener to do this.

Your First Milestone

Know what you need to do and when you need to do it.

By now your level of certainty has increased massively because you know what you need to actually do (your tactics) in order to achieve objectives that if met will get you closer to meeting your goals.

To make sure that you do reach your goals when you need to, you need to know when you should be doing what. Map this out and in turn you will increase your feeling of control and you get to know what you should be doing week-on-week, month-on-month and quarter-on-quarter.

You're reducing the things you need to do into bite-sized, manageable chunks that you know will take your business forward because they're connected to your goals and through them your milestones and through those to your Strategic Destination. 

I've linked a guide, 'Goals To Tactics' to this lesson to provide further reading.

Timeline What You Need To Do
Making it Work
5 Lectures 32:16

Creating the right strategy is one things but successfully implementing it is quite another.

There is little point in spending time and effort creating the right strategy that will get your business to the next level if it's then going to sit on a shelf and not be followed and adapted.

In this section I'm going to show you how to keep your strategy alive so that it guides you to your next destination and I'll gives you tips on how to stay focused on keeping your business on course.

Preview 01:10

Do you know where you are?

To know that you're on course to get your business to where you want it to be you need to know where you are at any time. That way you can maintain what you're doing or make changes to get back on course.

This why your goals and what you do to achieve them need to be measurable. 

In this lesson I show you one way to keep on top of what you and others you outsource to or employ, are doing. This is a but effective spreadsheet-based planner which is also available for you to use.

Click the link below if you haven't already opted in or login to the membership site to access a template planner.

Stay on Course

Get it out of your head.

I've shown you some techniques for mapping out what you need to do and how you intend to do it. In this lesson I talk more about these techniques and introduce other techniques and everyday software tools that can help you.

Techniques and Tools

Your Strategy

You now have your strategy and the means for achieving it. In this lesson I'll recap the key steps that we've taken to build your strategy that will guide you and help you get your business to the next level. And you'll see again how everything is connected and just how important that is.

Bringing it Together

Pep Talk

In this final lesson I talk to you about how important it is that you do this and how you need to set aside the time and simply start. It's about staying focused on what it is you need to do, about being strategic and not reactive and about staying in control to drive your business forward.

Last Word
About the Instructor
Christopher Briggs
5.0 Average rating
1 Review
18 Students
1 Course
Business Strategist

My name is Christopher Briggs and my mission is to reduce the number of businesses that fail and to help business owners achieve extraordinary success.

I am the author of Your Business Foundation and the creator of the Business Foundation System, which I use with my clients to help them build their businesses on the kind of strong foundation on which all successful businesses are built.

From engineering (designing silicon chips) and to marketing, I have 20+ years experience working in the electronics industry. I won many multi-million contacts for the various semiconductor giants I worked for and finally co-founded and built a software company, which I closed in 2009.

Since then I have consulted, coached, trained and helped the owners of micro, small and medium-sized businesses to create the right strategy that will help them successfully grow their business.

During this time I researched why most businesses struggle and ultimately fail and discovered the 3 fundamental elements, Strategy, Systems and Leadership that, if missing, will cause a business to struggle. These elements became the 3 Fundamental Building Blocks that make up the solid foundation that all successful organisations are built on and the basis of what I teach - I even wrote a book on the subject.

As well as successes, I have had my fair share of set backs and struggles. I have got things wrong and wasted precious time, money and energy working to get them right. My successes, my struggles and the huge amount of experience gathered on this journey have given me what I need to help others succeed.

Here are some thoughts from people I have consulted, trained and worked with:

Chris provides clarity and direction. Ian Evans, CEO, IB Technology

Came away feeling calmer and in control of my company’s future. Simon Hall, Owner, Ecostyle – Seminars

Chris helped us strengthen our long-term strategy and find the direction we needed to generate more income and become less reliant on Government funding. Pauline Odulinski, Principal of Aylesbury College.

A powerful framework for businesses of any size. Matthew Trowbridge, Chairman/NED of growing technology companies

Chris possesses the inherent skills and experience to grow business. Chris Gill, President & CEO, Silicon Valley Association of Start-up Entrepreneurs.

Two hours with Chris is like a cerebral flossing! Jenny Fayle, CEO Linfield Group.

Chris builds relationships. He builds trust with partners and customers and aims to achieve results that benefit all. Andrew Poliak, Director of Business Development, QNX Software Systems

Chris has given me new focus and a real drive for expanding my business and maintaining its current high standards. Julie McDonagh, CEO Capulet Care.

Everyone in business can benefit.  Craig Green – Lloyds TSB.

The 3 days went like lightening… I will be implementing all that I've learned.  Angela Hodges, Douglas McMilan Hospice.

By working with Chris we have been able to create the right goals and the processes needed to achieve them. We are working more effectively, are more focused and staying on track. At times our sessions have been exhausting but always very rewarding and the return is clear. James Whybrow, Director of Work Force Development. South Staffordshire College.