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Pincredible Marketing: Double your Traffic with Pinterest

This step-by-step Pinterest course will take you by the hand and show you how to safely skyrocket your business online.
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Created by Lisa Devereaux
Last updated 11/2016
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Would you like to position your online marketing or business for a whole new level of success while dominating the latest and most effective Pinterest marketing techniques in just a few hours? This step-by-step Pinterest training system is going to take you by the hand and show you how to safely skyrocket your business online presence in the shortest time ever.

Hi there fellow Internet marketers and business owners, Nowadays, the success of your online or offline business depends not only on the quality of traffic to your website, but largely on the social recognition and interaction your business gets, and that is a hard fact. You could be claiming to have the best business, product or service, but… …if you don't give the right social impression, your business will fail!

  • Do you really want to get the most out of the newest and hottest social site (Pinterest) and don't know when or how do it?
  • Are you struggling to find a proven and trusted training system about Pinterest (including the latest updates)?
  • Do you already have an important amount of Pinterest followers and don't know what to do with them so you don't start losing them or even get your account shut down?

Discover The Secret Businesses Have To Attract Traffic and Sales For Free. This Strategy Is Used By The Fortune 500 Companies and You Can Too (No Matter What Your Product Is)

Did you know most of the 70,000,000 users are pinning images that they aspire for or have a strong desire for? That could be travel, to exotic places they want to go, fashion they want to wear, beautiful inspired homes and gourmet recipes they want to try. So wouldn't be awesome if your job as a business is to inspire a Pinterest user? I can show you how to tell a story with visual media to make it “aspirational” and desirable for a Pinterest User to Pin, Like and Comment.
DESPITE ITS RAPID ADOPTION, I OFTEN HEAR, “I DON'T GET PINTEREST,” OR “IT'S ONLY USEFUL WHEN PLANNING A WEDDING.”I hear you, and I felt the same way. But let me tell you something.

Finally, you don´t have to worry anymore about wasting your time. You don't have to worry anymore about old and ineffective Pinterest marketing strategies still being taught on the Web that may actually shut down your Pinterest account no matter how many followers you have. My very-easy-to-follow steps are more than enough to get you where you really want to be using the incredibly-viral power of Pinterest. Our latest creation will give you exactly what you need in order to reach all of your online business expectations of success. Yes, now you will have the power to strongly and safely position your business on Pinterest and apply the latest and most effective techniques in just minutes!

Who is the target audience?
  • This course is best suited for bloggers, online business owners and internet marketers. Open at all levels you will find some great strategies and case studies on how you can leverage Pinterest free traffic to your website.
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What Will I Learn?
Position your online or offline business over the newest, hottest and most powerful source of social traffic in the shortest time possible
Quickly and safely grow a huge army of potential clients or customers 100% targeted to your business.
Productively interact with your new and existing clients or customers in order to scale your business to a whole new level of success.
Know how to double your targeted visitors to your site using Pinterest with these strategies
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  • I recommend you open a Pinterest account if you have not already done so.
Curriculum For This Course
Expand All 34 Lectures Collapse All 34 Lectures 03:19:38
Why Pinterest?
4 Lectures 10:33

Hi, my name is Lisa Devereaux and I am the creator of Pincredible Marketing. Welcome! I am super excited to meet you and to share with you the free strategies you can do right now for your business or blog by leveraging Pinterest traffic.

The course has been designed for the online marketer, blogger and business owner in mind. If you have a website and want more targeted traffic than this course was written for you.

But why Pinterest?

Did you know most of the 70,000,000 users are pinning images that they aspire for or have a strong desire for? That could be travel, to exotic places they want to go, fashion they want to wear, beautiful inspired homes and gourmet recipes they want to try. So wouldn’t be awesome if your job as a business is to inspire a Pinterest user? I can show you how to tell a story with visual media to make it “aspirational” and desirable for a Pinterest User to Pin, Like and Comment.

As part of this course, you will receive over 30 video training modules divided into 5 sections on how to assess your Business objectives today and how to reach your goals. I love to use case studies as we go as well to demonstrate some real examples.

As a Bonus I have also interviewed 4 Pinterest specialists who also use these strategies. Here we will discover what 4 things each of these Pinterest Experts have in common. In each interview we will share live case studies of how businesses are exploding on Pinterest, the strategies to use Promoted Pins, how to etsy businesses success with Pinterest and much more!

If you have any questions regarding the course please don't hesitate to contact me :)

So let's have some fun and get going!

Lisa Devereaux
Creator of Pincredible Marketing

Preview 01:55

Are you still unsure if you should be spending time on Pinterest? Watch this video where I share why you should pay attention:

Did you know?

  • Pinterest is the 4th most-used social media site
  • Pinterest has 70 million users
  • There are over ½ million verified business accounts on Pinterest
  • Pinterest has over 2.5 billion average monthly pageviews
  • Pinterest users spend an average of 98 minutes per month on Pinterest
  • The average amount per order that derives from Pinterest traffic is between $140 and $180
  • For more statistics that should make you pause and consider go to Pinterest Statistics here
Preview 02:31

Many companies ask me is Pinterest good for my business. Now, I like to share with you in this quick module that yes, your business will be perfect on Pinterest. Now, of course it does make sense for some companies. For instance, if you're in the industry of fashion, or art, or parenting photography, home décor, they are perfect to be on Pinterest, but if you're not quite sure, here are few questions I'd like to go through with you.

First of all, does your brand fall into one of the Pinterest categories?

A Pinterest category is something that you can allocate your pin to. If we go to, here I can show you that there are a number and number of categories that you can be part of.

To learn more please click the Video above.

Preview 03:15

How to apply a Pinterest Social Media Strategy for your Business.

The next step is that you need to define your business goals. Is it lead generation? Do you want more brand awareness? Do you want to increase customer engagement? Of course, every business wants to increase sales. Do you want to drive more traffic to your website? Do you want to market a new line of products? Or is it all the above?

The next step in any kind of strategy is really to understand who your target audience is. Watch the lesson above to learn more.

How to Apply a Pinterest Marketing Social Media Strategy to your Business
Where are you Now?
5 Lectures 29:59

Here is the process for setting up your Pinterest Business Account. Here are some tips to make sure you have your profile and boards set up and ready to go.

I also have a look at some other business accounts to see how they are set up too.

If you need help with verifying you account go to:

I also found this wordpress plugin, This plugin allows you to verify your website with Pinterest by inserting a meta tag on your front page (no coding required). Go to

Setting up your Pinterest Business Account

Have you ever read the book 'How to Win Friends and Influence People'? Well with social media marketing the same rules apply. Now when you think of Pinterest we have a few rules that I recommend, a little bit of social media etiquette that I recommend you follow. First of all having read this book jab jab right hook. It's a boxing analogy, think about it again jab jab right hook.

Pinterest is all about sharing first. Share share share promote your blog post, your service, your pin through your pinnable image. You don't want to be constantly promoting your own pins. Think of sharing first. Share share share promote your own pin. Think of that when you're online on Pinterest.

The do's and don'ts of Pinterest Marketing

How to conduct a Pinterest Audit with my ten point traffic light report. Watch the video and learn the steps I take to review your Pinterest profile and Website.

How to conduct a Pinterest Audit

Here we review some further examples of websites and blogs to see if they are optimised for Pinterest Marketing.

Strategies to optimise your website for Pinterest Marketing

Why should you optimise for Pinterest search? Pinterest is visual search engine! Learn how you can optimise your Pins so they can be found on Pinterest by the smart feed.

How to optimise for Pinterest Search
Where are you going?
3 Lectures 21:59

This module I want to go through with you how to use Pinterest to research your target market. If you have a business, market research is so important and Pinterest gives you so much free data to use to find out what is your target market interested in.

Who are they? Is your market growing? You need to understand their social trends, their demographics, their gender, family type, it is so important to keep an eye on your market so you're aware of any changes over time and so your strategy remains relevant and targeted and up-to-date.

I wanted to go through a few other things about Pinterest. Pinterest is incredibly valuable in regards to consumer insights. It shows us what people like through re-pinning, through liking and through commenting. The main purpose of market research is to learn as much as possible about your customer. Pinterest is a fantastic way to display what customers like, what they already own, and what they want in the future.

Here are some strategies you can use right now to discover what your customers are liking.

How to use Pinterest to Research your Market

How to use Pinterest to profile your competitors.

If you are in business, I recommend you get a feel and understanding who else is competing for the same target market. Who are the sources of competitors? I want you to do a bit of a scan to have a feel for businesses competing in related products, in the same market. You want to look for businesses using related technologies and solutions. You want to find businesses that are already targeting your prime marketing segment but with even unrelated products as well.

Other sources of competitors include businesses from other geographic areas, with similar products and even new businesses organized by former employees or managers of existing companies. To find these competitors, I recommend you do Google searches, and also I think you'll gather a bit of a feel of your own customer base, who else they are searching for to get that product or solution. Watch more in the training here.

How to use Pinterest to Profile your Competitors

Who should you follow on Pinterest? Here are some strategies of who to Follow to maximise your business on Pinterest.

Recommendation of who to follow on Pinterest
How will you get there?
15 Lectures 43:18

There are 3 Rules of Engagement on Pinterest.

Like Facebook, the rules of engagement is Like, Comment and Share.

With Pinterest it is Like, Comment and Re Pin.

The more you engage the more people will engage with you.

  1. Constantly re-pin on other people's pins
  2. Keep liking other peoples pins
  3. Comment on other people's pins
  4. And send a THANK YOU to people for pinning and re-pinning your Pins

The Thank you comment takes it one step further and mostly far overlooked. If you see someone has re-pinned your Pin, then make the effort to go to his or her Board, and make a comment saying “thanks” for repining.

I also like to Message new Followers with a Thank you as well.

Learn more by clicking the video above.

How to get more engagement on Pinterest

Guide to Optimising your Pins for Maximum Traffic

Types of Pins to create for your Business

How do to attract Pinterest followers to your account. Here are some things that you can do which are really quite easy.

Watch the video and learn more.

5 Creative Tips to Get More Pinterest Followers

Creating images that will be noticed and shared is a worthwhile investment of your time. Here are some tips in the video above for creating the perfect Pinterest images to get your brand notices.

Besides a great image to attract attention it is also important to encourage users to take action and click through to the website behind it. The most common reasons someone might click on image are:

• To find out more about the product, service, business or information

• To complete the call of action like download a product or optin to your email list

• To purchase your product.

Keep this in mind next time your create your next pin. Watch more information in the video above. Here are some resources mentioned:

Image Creation Tools


As mentioned in the above video - is one of my favourite editing tools. No matter what size you need to design on social media, Canva has the template ready. You can search and purchase their stock image direct or upload your own. They have heaps of templates to inspire and get your started.

Pic Monkey

Pic is another tool which can help you create images. It also has tools to help you edit and touch up photos but features to filter your photos. Have a play and edit for free on the trial version.

Creating the Perfect Pinterest Images to Get your Brand Noticed

Tailwind is the official Pinterest Marketing and Analytics tool. Here is my tutorial on how you can leverage Tailwind to give you an insight on your marketing for your business.

Understanding Pinterest Analytics with Tailwind

Tailwind helps you schedule your Pins as well as optimises your account to make sure you are pinning at the right times during the week. Here is a short tutorial on how to use it.

How to use Tailwind to schedule your Pins

Pinterest messaging is a feature I believe to be totally underutilized in Pinterest. Pinterest enabled the new feature as a way to make pinning personal and enables you to send a private message to your followers.

What really sets the system apart from Facebook Messenger or Twitter's direct messaging system is that Pinterest Messaging is more focused on engaging in conversations in a visual manner within Pinterest. This is particularly helpful in simplifying complex projects that are too hard to explain through words, as well as saving users the hassle of sending picture attachments back and forth. (Imagine explaining a hairdo tutorial in words!) Be it text, links, pins or entire boards, Pinterest users can share as much content as they want without losing track of the conversation or compromising their privacy.

How to use Pinterest Messaging for Business

Ten Useful Tips to Boost SEO with Pinterest

Here are more creative ways to use Pinterest in your marketing. Take your inspiration from the following Brands:

Target (Seasons and Catalogue Boards)

Starbucks (Loyalty cards)

Capital One (Go Local, Christmas Campaign - the 12 Days of Pinterest)

Lauren Curtis (Video Makeup tutorials)

Coupons App (Coupon pinboards: For businesses that publish coupons across the web, creating a pinboard of those coupons is a great way to share them with a wider audience.)

Product Demos: Do you own a restaurant? Make a video for each of your menu items and pin them. Photos of food do exceptionally well on Pinterest. Since images far outnumber videos on Pinterest, imagine how well your video will do.

How-To Videos: Pinterest is a great way to share expertise, especially in the DIY, crafts and cooking categories. A contractor could create a huge following with a video series of simple household repair tips.

Video Tours: If you're a realtor or an interior designer, Pinterest is a great place to show off a beautiful home. Landscapers can also show off their work. Boards by colour (weddings, birthdays, home)

1. Create a Video Gallery Pinners aren't only limited to pinning images; they can pin videos, too! Create a pinboard of some of the interesting videos your business produces interspersed with relevant images.

2. Create boards by season – Christmas, Halloween, Easter boards and Valentines day

3. Coupon pinboards: For businesses that publish coupons across the web, creating a pinboard of those coupons is a great way to share them with a wider audience.

More Creative Ways to Use Pinterest for Marketing

Strategies to get noticed on Pinterest Group Boards

Images aren't the only things that can be pinned on Pinterest. You can pin videos, too! Watch the video for more examples.

How to Mix up your Pinterest Marketing with Video

How to manage your Time on Pinterest

Another way to save you time is by downloading the Pinterest App on your smart phone. So while you are out and about and have a few minutes you can check in to Pinterest and keep up to date with the latest pins!

Pin on the fly with Pinterest Mobile App
Pinterest Bonus Interviews
6 Lectures 01:31:24

Here is a Bonus Interview with Anna Zubarav! Tips and Strategies on How to Get more followers. Part 1.

Questions we discussed:

  • How did you discover Pinterest, and what were your first experiences like?
  • What 'aha' moments have you experienced where you realized Businesses could really benefit from Pinterest?
  • Can you share with us how you were able to successfully grow your followers on Pinterest?
  • What follower-building tips do you give to someone who is just starting out on Pinterest for their business.
  • When building your Business Profile on Pinterest it is easy to think the goal is to increase your followers but what strategies should businesses implement to make sure they are the right or targeted followers?
  • How can a business know if “Pinterest is right for my business?”
  • What are the biggest mistakes businesses are making on Pinterest?
  • What are you favourite Pinterest Tools or Resources?

Anna is a Social Media Preneur who is Passionate about Social Media. In her blog you'll learn on How to Increase Your Social Media Presence and stand out from the crowd. She's been named amongst Top People to Follow on Pinterest. Her Pinterest Boards are filled with insight and tactical solutions for any Social Media Marketer. She is also amazingly visual with 2 of her Instagram Accounts where she gives lots of Inspiration and Educational Posts on How to Gain Following on Instagram. Anna is also a full-time Internet Marketer, Mom of 2 amazing kids, retired from the corporate industry and looks always at things from the Bright side.

Tips and Strategies on How to Get More Followers on Pinterest with Anna Zubarav

Part 2 to Bonus Interview with Anna Zubarav! Tips and Strategies on How to Get more followers.

Part 2

Part 3. Bonus Interview with Anna Zubarav! Tips and Strategies on How to Get more followers

Part 3

Expert Interview Series – Case Study with Vincent NG

Vincent is the Author of “Pinterest to Profits with Pintalysis,” 199 page ebook that offers a step by step guideline on how to make the most out of Pinterest for small business owners, that discusses in detail about how the world of Pinterest search works. Delivers a Podcast: Pictures to Profits, Guest Blogger to Social Media Examiner, Top Dog Social Media, Tailwind, Hello Society, and Oh So Pinteresting and Regular Guest Speaker with recent speaking at the 2015 Social Media Marketing World.

Questions we discussed:

  • How did you discover Pinterest, and what were your first experiences like?
  • What 'aha' moments have you experienced where you realized Businesses could really benefit from Pinterest?
  • What are the biggest mistakes Businesses make with using Pinterest and how to they avoid them?
  • What are the five pillars you recommend a business should follow to create a profitable Pinterest Marketing strategy?
  • Give us an example of a Company that follows Pillar One: Determine Your Marketing Strategy and Business Goals
  • Give us an example of a Company that follows Pillar Two: Visually Optimize Your Pins
  • Give us an example of a Company that follows Pillar Three: Search Optimizing for Pinterest and Search Engines
  • Give us an example of a Company that follows Pillar Four: Build Your Community to Create Virality
  • Give us an example of a Company that follows Pillar Five: Optimize Your Website for Pinterest Sharing
Pinterest to Profits with Pintalysis with Vincent Ng

Expert Interview Series – Renae Christine

With kids in tow, RenaeChristine built a six-figure stationery company from home and is now teachingothers how to do the same.

Christine has helped tensof thousands of other business owners build their businesses through herpersonal trainings via the Rich Mom University. She has spoken at world wide conventions, authored the Home BusinessStartup Bible, and is currently a speaker in demand.

In between raising 3 girls and building businesses, you can find Renae guzzling Easy Cheese while tripping over her shoelaces.

Welcome to How to Sell onEtsy with Pinterest

Some of the questions weshared included:

  • How did you discoverPinterest, and what were your first experiences like?
  • What 'aha' moments have youexperienced where you realized Businesses could really benefit from Pinterest?
  • How should Etsy owners usePinterest for market research?
  • What are the biggestmistakes Etsy Businesses make with using Pinterest and how should they avoidthem?
  • How can Etsy businessowners benefit from Pinterest?
  • How would an Etsy Selleruse Pinterest to Launch their Business?
  • How do you Use Pinterest ToDrive Traffic To Your Etsy Shop?
  • What are your top tips toset up Pinterest Boards for Etsy Businesses?

The book mentioned in the interview is called. "Words that Sell. 6000 Entries to Help You Promote Your Products, Services, and Ideas"

How to Sell on Etsy with Pinterest with Renae Christine

Expert Interview Series – Rachel Rofé

Rachel Rofé is a multiple bestselling author that's been featured in Entrepreneur, Woman's World, and Fox News. Since she began internet marketing in 2006, she's developed over 30 products, 40 Kindle books, and bought and sold companies with as many as 120+ employees. She speaks nationwide about copywriting, book creation, outsourcing, and product creation. And her favorite part: she does all of this while living the "internet lifestyle", traveling the world and having fun.

Some of the questions we shared were:

  • How did you discover Pinterest, and what were your first experiences like?
  • What 'aha' moments have you experienced where you realized Businesses could really benefit from Pinterest?
  • What are the biggest mistakes Businesses make with using Pinterest and how to they avoid them?
  • What is Pinterest Promoted Pins?
  • What has been your experience with Promoted Pins for Business?
  • How do you set up Pinterest Promoted Pins?
  • What Sales Funnels do you recommend with Pinterest Promoted Pins?
  • How will you be using Pinterest in the future for marketing your business?

Enjoy this interview!

Success with Promoted Pins with Rachel Rofe
Pinterest Case Studies
1 Lecture 02:21

If you are building an email list or want to sell affiliate products here are some strategies to help you leverage the free traffic from Pinterest.

First of all Pinterest no longer accepts affiliate links or short links. So if you had pins with those links in the past the pins will remain, but the links are now blocked.

So how do Affiliate Marketers monetize Pinterest?

The main strategy is to curate your own pins which link back to a bridge page, optin page or your own blog post which then links to a sales page or ecommerce site for affiliate commissions.

Let me show you.

How to use Pinterest for Affiliate Marketing
About the Instructor
3.9 Average rating
14 Reviews
148 Students
1 Course
Creator of Pincredible Pinterest Marketing

My name is Lisa and for the past fifteen years I have built a career in Commercialisation, Strategic Management and Internet Marketing. I live in Brisbane, Australia and have a Bachelor degree in Science and Masters in Technology Management.

I am a mum to gorgeous 5 year old identical twin daughters. I'm amazed how kids now grow up with technology at their finger tips to facilitate learning and the A,B,Cs.

I am passionate about taking an innovative idea to market and with the growth of digital marketing, social media and outsourcing I believe anyone with the motivation and vision can be a online entrepreneur.

But it wasn't always that easy. I earned my stripes as a blogger back in 2008. Although I was immersed in traditional commercialisation in the offline world (market research, product development, intellectual property, raising capital and tradition company structures) it wasn't until I jumped online to see how I could target my ideal customer that I suddenly had learn a whole lot of new skills that weren't taught in my Business Masters degree I had graduated from, the year before.

I learnt everything I could from the technical angle of web design, social media, network marketing, and affiliate marketing. But learning the technical parts of marketing is only a tiny piece of the puzzle. I needed to learn about nurturing an entrepreneurial mindset needed in the virtual world and this was achieved by following online entrepreneurial podcasts, blogs and books and maximising connections by attending Internet marketing events and coaching. Although the virtual world opens up so many opportunities it is at events that really build connections with like-minded people.

So I soon started working with different online businesses with both digital products and companies transitioning from a traditional business to selling products online. The biggest question we ask would be, “Where did does your ideal avatar or customer hangout online?"And I am here to share with you how to find your ideal customer on Pinterest!

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