Hypnosis 3 weeks to confidence with women - hypnosis program
3.9 (8 ratings)
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1,861 students enrolled
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Hypnosis 3 weeks to confidence with women - hypnosis program

Hypnosis and EFT is a new 21st century three week program approach to getting confidence with women
3.9 (8 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
1,861 students enrolled
Created by Alan Kirwan
Last updated 3/2015
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What Will I Learn?
  • Naturally be able to choose what to say to any woman
  • Will feel good even if a woman rejects them
  • Reduce stress from your life with a simple technique
  • Change how you feel and respond to any situation in your life
  • overcome many of their limitations such as fear, anxiety, cravings eg. cigarettes and food
  • Be able to talk to any women while feeling relaxed and full of confidence
  • Have the confidence to approach any women
  • Hypnosis will help you to Have no fear of approaching any beautiful women
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  • Have an open mind and the intention to engage in all the exercises so that you will enjoy the benefits of using EFT
  • Have a quite place you will not be disturbed to complete all the exercises
  • Printer to print downloadable work sheets
  • If no printer is available a pen and paper
  • By completing this course your life will begin to change and improve because your confidence has increased
  • Hypnosis Warning do not listen to hypnosis while driving or where you full attention is necessary

Hypnosis 3 weeks to confidence with women - hypnosis program this program has been created to give you a similar experience and enefits of 3 private therapy visits with me.

You know already I hope that women are attracted to confidence and confident men and by you reading this you want to know more about feeling confident and my new approach to having the confidence of a pickup artist.

And just like I have said in the preview this is not about learning fancy pick up lines you can find them anywhere for free, and to be honest they can be worth just as much as you have paid for them.

because if you feel you have no confidence, nervous or anxious approaching a woman even to have a simple conversation those lines will not make any difference if you don't get to use them.

Okay enough said about that I am going to teach you techniques that will increase your confidence very quickly and these same techniques I have been using with clients for years and getting amazing results sometimes even in just one session.

You now can have your very own confidence sessions with me in this course and because you have a lifetime access and can download the whole course for having the confidence of any pickup artist.

that you can use over and over again that will blow you away with the results you will get, and how confident you will feel approaching any woman. So that when you look back at how you used to have no confidence then, thinking was that really me.

Not only that you will be learning an easy to learn and apply technique that not only will give you the confidence of a pickup artist but a technique you will be able to use in every area of your life so that you can be living the life you really want and with the woman or women you want

What you will learn in this hypnosis and EFT course

1. A personal feel good Confidence trigger

2. What is EFT?

3. How to apply EFT

4. The power of words

5. How to make changes deep in your mind to improve Confidence

6. After 21 days using this course notice the results you are having and how much more confidence you have.

Who is the target audience?
  • This course was created for men who have had difficulty attracting and dating women
  • This is not for you if you are not willing to set aside 35 minutes each day and commit to making a positive change to your life
  • Do not take this course if having women magnetically attracted to your confidence and relaxed attitude
  • All men who want to attract women with their confidence and relaxed attitude
  • hypnosis is not for you if you are not willing to do something different that will change your life more than you ever thought possible
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Curriculum For This Course
31 Lectures
How to start getting more Confidence
4 Lectures 27:54

To know what you really want to get from any training you must create images inside your mind, this is something you do normally to complete any task even something as simple as going shopping most of this works below conscious awareness. Now I am going to teach you to bring this map of information into conscious awareness so that you can begin to manipulate that map to achieve everything you want from this course

Preview 05:00

Everyone visualizes it is that a lot of people are not aware that they do because it is not always in conscious awareness. I am going to teach you that you do visualize and how you can begin to improve your visualization skills

But I don't visualize

How would you like to feel good any time you wanted. I am going to teach you how to create a trigger that you can use to make you feel great any time

Preview 11:23

The Title is a strange question but there are things you just never think about but actually know the answer to, but not only that I am going to teach you that some of what you don't know consciously about yourself can be changed by repetition or conditioning. I will teach you that your mind can be moulded and changed just by taking the time to take control over it instead of it running you on auto pilot

Are you right thumbed or left thumbed
The mind body connection
3 Lectures 06:48

Every thought creates a physiological effect, this fun exercise will prove to you that anything you focus on will create a physiological effect

Magnetic fingers power of imagination and thought

This is another fun exercise that will prove you can have even bigger physiological effects by focusing your attention

Magnetic hands bigger test of your imaginative power

This fun exercise is further proof that just by following instructions and using your powerful imagination you can use hypnosis to make positive changes

Balloon and book and the power of your imagination

Mind Body Connection

Mind Body Connection
3 questions
What is EFT
7 Lectures 26:36

About EFT ( Emotional Freedom Technique ) and why you should learn how to apply this easy to learn technique

Preview 03:27

Learn the EFT Tapping points and where they are located

The EFT Tapping points

Learn what energy meridians and major organs in the body the EFT points are connected to.

EFT Tapping Points and Energy Meridians they are connected to

A quick recap of where all the EFT points are and what meridians and organs they affect

Points Recap


2 questions

What is the setup phrase and why it is such an important part of what you are learning because the right words have the power to heal and you need to feel it to heal it while applying EFT

The Setup Phrase

Just as the set up phrase tunes you into what issue you want to work on the reminder phrase keeps you tuned in

The Reminder Phrase

The breathing exercise will teach you how powerful this simple technique is by having you experience a physical change in your volume of breath your lungs can use just by doing EFT

Preview 11:57
Get confidence of a pick up artist EFT
2 Lectures 19:04

To start to have the confidence of any pick up artist you must first eliminate your past failures of not being able to approach a women. It is important to eliminate these past failures because it is these failures that make you feel less confidence and feed those negative feelings. Now before you begin I hope you have participated in all the lessons because it is your participation that gets you ready to make all the changes you want each being a part of the puzzle that prepares your deep structured thinking at a subconscious level. Having said all that and you have done the work lets get you started to tap into more confidence than you ever thought you had.

Start to feel the confidence of a PUA with EFT

This is what you have wanted from the beginning of this course and it is time to help you feel you have the confidence to approach any woman

Get the confidence to approach any woman with EFT

The power of your imagination

The power of your imagination
1 question
Pick up artist Confidence Hypnosis sessions
7 Lectures 01:08:08

Everyone can resist change even if that change will benefit them. I will teach you why so that you can become more aware of why you stop yourself doing all that you want to. And that awareness will help you begin to stop doing that to yourself

Opposition Response that stops you achieving your Goals

This exercise will prove how simple language and words can hold you back no mater if they are said out loud or in your own mind

The power of words and how they affect you

I will prove to you that your subconscious does everything you ask it to and that by changing the language you use you can begin to get your subconscious to make positive changes for you.

Preview 04:07

People who believe they cannot be hypnotized can be hypnotised only if they agree to be hypnotized and to follow instructions

Preview 00:23

This is your first weeks Hypnosis session get the confidence of a pick up artist that you will have to listen to for seven days that becomes the foundation for all the hypnosis sessions over the following weeks and with this hypnosis session you will begin to transform your thinking and feelings to being more confident and full of confidence the company of any woman.

Week 1. Get the confidence of a pickup artist Hypnosis session

This is your second weeks Hypnosis session get magnetic confidence, for you to listen to for the next seven days that will reprogram and boost your confidence to feel magnetically confident and it is with this magnetic confidence your body language will change and how you communicate will change that will begin to attract more women.Because women are attracted to confident men these men become Alpha males to them.

Week 2. Get Magnetic Confidence Hypnosis Session

Welcome to your third hypnosis session you will be listening to for the next seven days that will increase your ability of being more assertive and by feeling more assertive you will be able to meet any challenge with Confidence. And because you have used each of the previous hypnosis sessions for 7 days and eliminated all the negative feelings that used to hold you back in the past with EFT, now with your new found assertiveness and confidence, women will feel magnetically attracted to you.

Week 3. Being more assertive Hypnosis session


2 questions
Mopping up
4 Lectures 15:50

Mopping up any remaining fragments of emotional charge connected to what you have been using EFT on

Mopping up

Using color and shape , your visual senses on that remaining feeling while applying EFT

Mopping up with EFT using color

Forgiveness can be a vital part of releasing trapped emotional charge because anger can become like an emotional glue

Preview 00:42

Eliminate anger towards yourself and others because this emotion can become a big road block to changing any negative emotion and by using EFT on that anger that you have agreed to release from your life the changes in your life and towards those close to you will amaze you.

Eliminate anger towards yourself and others with EFT


1 question
Advanced Techniques
3 Lectures 13:50

A list of secret tips that will improve your results with EFT

My Secret Tips with downloadable Pdf File

This Technique may seem very unusual but it is amazingly effective because it helps to connect both sides of the brain so that both conscious and subconscious work together while tapping on one EFT point that can seem to shift the most stubborn issues

Advanced EFT Technique

What if you could just step into a feeling of excellence. I am going to teach a guide you through a process that will let you step into a feeling of excvellece any time any place any where

Your own Circle of excellence

Advanced Techniques

Advanced Techniques
2 questions
Confidence Session Debriefing and Results
1 Lecture 01:39

This recording will help tune you into the changes and results you have achieved while engaging in the whole program

Preview 01:39


1 question
About the Instructor
Alan Kirwan
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31,335 Students
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Solutions for changing minds and Lives with Hypnosis & EFT

Hypnosis & EFT Courses with Creative solutions for changing minds and transforming lives

I love to make positive changes in peoples lives by creating easy to follow techniques with impressive results.

I am a qualified in the use of Hypnosis and hypnotherapy with a private clinical practice in Ballyjamesduff County Cavan Ireland and I specialize in EFT ( Emotional Freedom Technique ) combined with Hypnosis and  NLP to help people overcome emotional disorders, diet free weight loss, quit smoking, overcome fear and pain control, I also help people with behavior problems and I have been a author and creator of self help videos and audio programs.

My passion is to discover new ways to help as many people as quickly and easily as I can so they can begin to overcome their limitations improve confidence and enjoy the life they deserve


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