Photoshop Tutorials: Turn Family Photos Into Art
4.6 (21 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
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Photoshop Tutorials: Turn Family Photos Into Art

Easy Photoshop tutorials: Learn how to use Photoshop by turning family photos into Photoshop art your family will love.
4.6 (21 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
1,871 students enrolled
Created by Cat Whipple
Last updated 7/2015
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What Will I Learn?
  • GAIN the skills to create one-of-a-kind family portraits that your family will treasure forever.
  • BECOME an intermediate Photoshop user in as little as two days.
  • ATTAIN the Photoshop skills to create other unique altered photography art.
  • DEVELOP highly marketable Photoshop skills while having fun.
  • ACQUIRE a collection of over 80 textures and image files for use in other Photoshop projects.
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  • Have access to Photoshop cs 5 or higher (this one was created on cs6 but they are pretty similar.)
  • Have digital photos that you wish to alter, although it is not required as there are photos provided.

- - - Course was updated June 12th, 2015 - - -

Photoshop Tutorials: Turn Family Photos Into Treasured Art will have you mastering all the Adobe Photoshop basics in as little as two days.

In these fun and easy Photoshop projects, you will be guided through the process of turning a child's photo into a fairy, transforming a photo of a boy into a comic book character, and turning an ordinary portrait into something spectacular. In only a couple of days you can create fun, unique Photoshop art of your loved ones to hang on the wall or give as gifts.

------ This course comes with Udemy's 30-Day Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee, no questions asked. ----

These Adobe Photoshop tutorials for beginners will covers the primary Photoshop tools and Photoshop basics, including many of the most commonly used tools, layers and layer blending modes, and other PS skills that are the building blocks of becoming proficient in Photoshop.

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Five Star Review: "Great overview of a nice program. Thank you cat for this nice course. Learning on examples by following your steps is so helpful and you showed all basic tools someone needs to work with Photoshop for themself. Thank you. I am looking for your next project :-)" - Kathrin

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These fun and easy Photoshop tutorials will have you taking immediate action by applying the Photoshop techniques to your own family photos (or the ones provided.) The course files include:

  • 11 photos of people to practice on
  • 63 textures to use over and over in these and other projects
  • 41 backgrounds for your creative enjoyment
  • 32 sparkle and glitter images to add spectacular effects to all future projects
  • 8 pairs of fairy wings to use over and over

The 58 lectures that make up this 4-hour course will have you creating your own professional-quality, one-of-a-kind family portraits in no time - all the while learning highly marketable Photoshop skills that you can apply to other projects, and even make money with. Learn how to use Photoshop now. Your family will thank you.Start on your path the becoming a Photoshop pro now, the benefits are numerous. Here are just a few:

  • The ability to make amazing photo/digital art that your friends and family will love
  • Gain a highly marketable skill needed in numerous professions around the world
  • Hone a new artistic medium that can take your art to a new level

Purchase the course today and become one of the select few in the world who are experts in the best image editing program on the planet. Join over 1,500 students who have taken this course in the first month it launched (June 1st, 2015).

Udemy-backed, 30-Day Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee if you are not happy with the course.

Who is the target audience?
  • This course is for the absolute beginner in Photoshop who wants to take their family photos to a new level of creativity.
  • For beginners who want to understand the basics of Photoshop while learning via hands-on, fun projects.
  • This course is not for you if you are an intermediate or advanced PS user.
  • If you are using a really old version of PS you will not be able to follow along with the new interface (PScs6)
  • This course is not suitable for learning on a smartphone.
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Curriculum For This Course
60 Lectures
Introduction To Udemy And This Course Interface
5 Lectures 06:25

We will briefly go over what is covered in the Fairy Project, what is included in the download file, and some of the things we will be learning.­­

Preview 04:13

Set your screenview.

How To Have The Best Viewing Experience
1 page

A Bit About Comments And Messages - I Will Respond!
1 page

How To Get The Best Learning Experience From This Course
1 page
PROJECT 1: Turn A Cute Girl Into A Pretty Fairy
12 Lectures 33:22

Please download the files provided.

Now The Fun Begins - Load The Files

We will set up your Photoshop file and RGB mode.

Size Matters - How To Set Up Your Files For Best Results

This lecture explains zooming in and out, and how to adjust levels.

How To Zoom In/Out - And Adjusting Levels On Flat Image

What layers are and the window pallet explained.

What Layers Are And Why They Are Awesome

DPI (Size) Explained In More Detail

A short list of PS shortcuts we will be using in this course.

Photoshop Shortcuts: Work Smarter, Not Harder
1 page

What Have We Learned About DPI?
2 questions

We start working on the image by “placing” the wings, smart objects, rasterizing an image, and deleting backgrounds.

Understand Smart Ojbects And Erasing Backgrounds

We will choose, place and resize the fairy wings.

Fairy Wings! Pick A Pretty Pair And Let The Magic Begin

Using the lasso tool we'll seperate the wings onto their own layers.

Using The All Purpose Lasso Tool

We will use the erasure and lasso tool to cut the girl from the background image.

Removing A Figure From The Background With Destructive Editing

We'll use the clone tool to erase unwanted parts.

The Magic Of The Clone Tool - You'll Love This Tool

Get rid of the background by using the paint bucket, and make a new bottom layer.

Using Duplicate Layers For Editing Images
Layers And Textures For Background And Atmosphere
5 Lectures 16:52

In this video we'll pick the new background and place it into the project. We'll also rotate the image using transform.

Choosing A Beautiful Background For Our Fairy

We'll cover blending modes (which I have mistakenly called "filters" for the last 20 years) in the layer pallet.

Preview 04:55

We'll use some of the textures to create a new atmosphere for the photo, and apply feathering and opacity.

Feathering And Opacity: Important Tricks Of The Trade

Download a PDF of my favorite websites that offer free textures.

Free Textures Sites: Lovely Places By Lovely People
2 pages

In this lecture we will use the move tool to adjust the wings, and we will add another texture and use the linear burn blending mode to get an aged feel to the image.

How Textures Take Images From OK To Awesome

Remember To Work Smarter Not Harder
3 questions
Photoshop Brushes - The Magic Is Endless
8 Lectures 35:52
We'll learn how to import some new brushes and load them.
Obsidian Dawn: Gorgeous Brushes For Free!

Download the PDF to access the link for the brushes.

Brush Download Instructions Make It Easy
1 page

We will use our new Fairy Wing brushes to create sparkly effects.

Preview 05:22

In this video we will use the Glittering Swirls brushes to create a swirly atmosphere.
Glittering Swirls Brushes - For Endless Sparkly Fun

Adjust color to a layer using the Color Balance.
Color Balance: So Many Hues And Tones To Play With

In this lecture we will learn how to add text to our image, choose a font and size, and change color using the eye dropper tool.

The Text Tool: It's Not Writing, It's Art

We will add some glowing effects to the photo using Gaussian Blur.

Glowing With Gausian Blur

We will add more glowing effects to the fairy wings using the brush tool, as well as adding a glow effect to the text using Outer Glow.

More Glow Please: Other Ways To Create Glowing Effects
Wrap Up: Saving Your Files For Maximum Use
3 Lectures 07:16
Now that we are done we will save the image in different formats and sizes.
Save In The Safest Ways For Future Fun

Wrap up and conclusion.
Thank You

You Are Awesome!!!
1 page
PROJECT 2: Turn A Cute Boy Into Comic Book Character
15 Lectures 46:53

A brief description of what this project is.

Preview 00:40

How to download the image folders (there is 1):

- Click on the download icon in right column at the top.

- That will download the image files for use in this course.

- Double click on the zipped file to unzip them.

- Put them in a place where you will have easy access to them

Let's Get Started! Download The Files For This Fun Project
1 page

Preparing the file for use and a bit about what we will cover in this project. We will learn how to use the quick selection tool to select the background area.

The Quick Selection Tool - So Much Easier

Now we'll learn about Masks and using them to hide the background and why it's a better way to hide the background then deleting.

Working With The Amazing Layer Mask

We'll use the quick selection tool with the masking tool to finish getting rid of the background.

Masking Is Better Then Erasing - Here's Why

How to get a nice clean cutout from the background using the brush tool and the magic wand.

Using Multiple Tools For Quickest Results

We will create a poster edge effect in the filters area and apply that to a layer copy of the boy.

Poster Effects: The Comic Book Look Appears

We will make a layer copy of the boy and apply a dry brush filter to it, then we'll increase the vibrancy of the photo.

Dry Brush Filter Effects: The Comic Book Look Almost Complete

In this lesson, we'll create a half-tone color effect to create a comic book appearance.

Preview 03:13

We will add highlights to the eyes and adjust the levels on the shirt to bring out more color.

Comic Book Eyes - The Eyes Have It

I will show you two different ways to make a frame using rulers, and the stroke tool.

Frames: There's More Then One Way To Frame A Person

We will create a text bubble and add words using the text tool.

Text Bubbles And Words: The Fun, Final Touches

Now that we're done, we will save a TIFF and a JPEG file.

Saving Your Art For Safe Keeping And Multiple Uses

Congratulations! You Are Now One Of The Few...
1 page

PROJECT 3: Create Pretty Portrait For Grandma
12 Lectures 27:48
Download Grandma Project Files
1 page

Set up PS files and get ready to begin the third course.

Project Intro And Set Up

Learn a simple way to adjust the tone and hue of colors without destroying image quality.

Preview 03:07

How to add content to a background from an existing image.

Adding Information Where There Is No

Cloning and other methods for creating a new background.

Cloning For Smooth Transitions

How to tie up lose ends after masking.

Create Bits Where There Are None

Using masking and layered effects.

Using Masking And Bokehs

Using black/white to touch up areas on a mask layer.

Touching Up Images After Masking

Use textures to create a pretty oval frame.

Creating A Picture Frame

You Are A Superstar!
1 page

1 page

Coupon For You
1 page
About the Instructor
Cat Whipple
4.7 Average rating
196 Reviews
2,857 Students
4 Courses
Photoshop expert teaching Photoshop to artists: 4 courses

I LOVE Adobe Photoshop! I think it's the best invention on the planet and I want everyone to try it at least once, because it can transform lives. Really!

So who is this Photoshop junkie? I am a artist, photographer and graphic designer. I have used Photoshop for over 20 years in my personal artwork and professional career as a graphic designer and photographer.

Being a Photoshop expert has helped me land a job at a big daily newspaper (The St. Paul Pioneer Press in Minnesota); helped me become a graphic designer; given me the skills to work as a freelance photo re-toucher; and given me the confidence to sell my artwork online (you can see my work on FineArtAmerica).

I have taught numerous real-life classes in Photoshop, photography, and art journaling. And now I am enjoy teaching Photoshop online where I can teach even more people.