Professional WordPress Theme Development from Scratch
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Professional WordPress Theme Development from Scratch

Create Amazing WordPress Themes from Scratch / 4 Complete Projects Included / 26 PSD Files / Advanced Topics Covered
Best Seller
4.7 (247 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
1,840 students enrolled
Last updated 7/2017
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  • 26 hours on-demand video
  • 2 Articles
  • 23 Supplemental Resources
  • Full lifetime access
  • Access on mobile and TV
  • Certificate of Completion
What Will I Learn?
  • Create a WordPress Theme with Twitter Bootstrap
  • Create 4 Different WordPress Themes
  • Convert 26 PSD files into WordPress Templates
  • Learn how to transform any PSD file into a WordPress Theme
  • Learn Good Practices in WordPress Theme Development
  • Learn some advanced Features like Custom fields and Custom Post Types
  • Understand WordPress Theme Development
  • Create Mobile First WordPress Themes
  • Learn how to Write Secure WordPress Code
  • Learn how to create Options Pages in WordPress
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  • A Code Editor (There´s a video where i'm gonna show 4 different free editors)
  • A Local Server (I´m gonna be using MAMP but LOCAL, WAMP or BITNAMI are free and work great!! )
  • 26 PSD Files already Included (if you don't have Photoshop don't worry i'll be including all the files)
  • Images for this course already included + Content and Other materials to develop Amazing WordPress Themes


I added 90 new videos ( a new complete theme ) that makes this course perfect for the 2017 year in WordPress Theme Development.

We're building a Complete Restaurant Theme, some of the features of this theme are:

  • Mobile First with a Custom Grid
  • Reservation Module as part of the Theme
  • Includes Custom Post Types and Advanced Custom Fields

Plus many more.. checkout the First Theme Video for free 


17 New Videos, PHP Basics :) if you want to learn WordPress then you should know at least the basics of PHP, and in this course you will find 17 videos that will teach you PHP the right way!


35 new Videos had been added to this course where you will learn how to develop a WordPress Theme using Twitter Bootstrap


                  COURSE DESCRIPTION


Start creating your own CUSTOM WordPress Themes from scratch with this 100% practical course.

We will build 4 projects, adding more functionality and complexity: 

  • A Restaurant WebSite: Includes Advanced Custom Fields, Custom Post Types, Mobile First CSS, advanced jQuery integration with some practical examples, how to write secure themes in WordPress
  • A City Blog Website: You will Learn the basics of WordPress Theme Development in this project.
  • A Travel Agency Website: In this project you will learn how to use WordPress starter themes, Advanced Custom Fields, Widgets API and Custom Post Types.
  • A Blog: In this project you will learn how to integrate Twitter Bootstrap to create amazing responsive WordPress themes.

WordPress powers 25% of the websites in the world, knowing WordPress Theme Development is a key skill this days, you will be able to develop your own themes by the end of this course.

25 Hours of content full of tips, tricks and techniques for WordPress theme development in one course (The same techniques that i use in my , Plus:

  • 3 Complete Projects will be developed
  • 26 PSD files to Convert into WordPress templates included
  • Understand what are Custom Post Types, Custom Fields and how to use the Widgets API
  • You can ask me anything about WordPress Theme Development using the Udemy Panel

Who is the target audience?
  • Don't be afraid to code, i will guide you and help you in all the process :)
  • if you have basic HTML & CSS experience and you want to create dynamic sites, this course is for you!
  • Previous WordPress Theme Development experience isn´t required, i assume this is your first WordPress Theme
  • If you´re trying to Learn Custom Post Types, Custom Fields, Widgets API, create a REAL WORLD PROJECT this course is for YOU!
  • If you wan to create mobile first, CSS3 Compatible WordPress Theme this course is for you
  • If you learn best by building real world projects this course is for you, we're building 4 COMPLETE PROJECTS!
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Curriculum For This Course
303 Lectures
What we´re going to build in this course
13 Lectures 54:46

Let's review the first final project!

Preview 08:02

In this video you will find the files for the first Theme

Photoshop and Image Files for the First Project

Let´s take a look at the very first WordPress Theme that we´re gonna build in this course, hope you´re excited for this one!

Preview 05:06

Are you excited for this course? let´s review the Photoshop Files for the first theme that we´re gonna build!

Second Theme - Reviewing the Photoshop Files

The Second theme is a most advanced theme, in this video i´m gonna showcase some functionality that this theme has, so you can start developing this kind of websites when you finish this course!

Preview 05:47

In this video let´s review the Photoshop Files for our Second Theme

Third Theme - Reviewing the Photoshop Files

Here's the 3rd Project for this Course, it will be a Theme using Twitter Bootstrap

Preview 03:12

Let´s see what you will be capable of doing when you finish this course

Preview 03:51

We need some images for this course, let´s review them. If you have your own images, you can use them!

Image Files for this Course

Here´s the link for some of the images that i will be using in this course, credits to the authors and owners of this images, remember that you can use your own images or download this ones. They all share Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic Licence, so this is the links to the original author.

Image Links

Checkout this amazing WordPress Development Environment!

Local by Flywheeel

Let´s review the tools that you will need for this course, a Local Server, a Code Editor, WordPress and of course Photoshop!

Preview 01:04

In this video i'm going to show you some of the packages that i recommend for WordPress Development on Atom

Installing ATOM Packages for WordPress Development
PHP: The Basics - Up And Running with PHP
17 Lectures 01:26:11

Let's create our first PHP File

Preview 07:13

Let's see how you can print values with PHP 

Preview 02:53

Creating variables in PHP is really easy, let's see some examples

Creating Variables in PHP

Let's make or code smarter with conditionals in PHP 

Conditionals in PHP

An array is a collection of items, they're really powerful and really easy to create and manage

Arrays in PHP

An Associative Array is more readable than indexed array, let's see some examples!

Associative Arrays in PHP and Concatenation

When working with arrays, var_dump, print_r and pre will be your best friends, let's see some examples

var_dump, print_r and pre in PHP

There're 2 styles when writing PHP Code, PHP in HTML or HTML in PHP


Loops are great and they're everywhere in PHP, let's review the 3 most populars for WordPress development, first the For Loop

For loop in PHP

Loops are great and they're everywhere in PHP, let's review the 3 most populars for WordPress development, let's continue with the foreach loop

The foreach loop

Loops are great and they're everywhere in PHP, let's review the 3 most populars for WordPress development, the last one but most popular in WordPress, the While loop

The While loop

Every language has a lot of built in functions, let's review some of them in PHP

PHP Functions - Standard Functions

If a function doesn't exist, you can create your own, let's see how you can create a function in PHP and then Call It

PHP Functions - User-defined functions

Let's see how you can pass arguments into functions to make them more powerful

PHP Functions - Functions with arguments

In WordPress there're a lot of Template Tags, which are functions that print content, they look magical, but let's recreate a small example of what's behind this Template Tags

Template Tags in PHP and WordPress - Example

Let's review the functions that return values 

PHP Functions - Functions that return values

Yeah, not everyone loves math, but let's see some examples of Math, Numbers and PHP!

Math & Numbers in PHP + Some Examples
Our First Project - Restaurant WordPress Theme
21 Lectures 01:49:58

Let's install WordPress in a local server

Installing WordPress Locally

WordPress has a really simple file structure, let's review it and create a new file

Getting Familiar with the WordPress files structure and creating the theme

You only need 2 files to create a WordPress Theme, style.css and index.php

Adding the first files to our Theme

Let's get familiar with the WordPress Theme Hierarchy

Reviewing the Template Hierarchy in WordPress

Let's create the Pages for this website

Creating Our Pages and some Adjustments

Let's create a header and footer.php files

Creating the Header and Footer Files

The functions.php is the file that contains all the functionality related to your theme 

Creating a functions file

Normalize.css makes browsers render all elements more consistently and in line with modern standards. It precisely targets only the styles that need normalizing.

Adding Normalize.css to our theme

Let's add our logo to the header.php

Adding the Logo into the header.php

In this video we're adding the main menu to our Theme

Creating a Menu in WordPress

Now that we successfully created the menu, it's time to print it into the header

Printing the menu in our theme

Yo can create as many menus as you want, in this video we're adding the social menu

Creating a Social Menu

Let's print the Social Menu in our website

Printing the Social Menu

Let's add some global styles that we will re use in this example

Writing some CSS for global styling

Let's add some CSS to our header

Styling the Header

Let's add font awesome to our theme

Adding Font Awesome to show some amazing icons!

Let's print our Icons into the social menu

Printing the icons in our Social Networks Menu

Let's add some CSS to our Main Navigation

Styling the Main Navigation

Let's make our menu Responsive with some CSS

Making our Menu Responsive

Let's add jQuery into our Theme

Adding jQuery to our WordPress Theme

Let's write a small jQuery function that will show and hide the responsive menu

Using jQuery to show / hide the mobile menu
First Project: Restaurant Theme - Working with the About Us Template
17 Lectures 01:19:35

Let's add 2 google fonts into our theme

Adding Google Fonts into our theme

The loop is really powerful, it will help you to display any content in WordPress

Creating our first Loop

Let's print the featured image

Printing the Feature Image and adding some HTML

Let's print the featured image as a background

Printing The feature image as background

Let's add some CSS to our hero image

Styling the Background Image

Let's add some CSS to the main content 

Styling the Main Content for Pages

Let's add a theme that will be used for the About Us Page

Adding an About Us Template

Let's install Advanced Custom Fields!

Adding Advanced Custom Fields

Let's register some fields with ACF

Creating the Fields with Advanced Custom Fields

Let's populate our fields

Adding Information to our newly added fields

Let's print the fields that we created earlier

Printing our fields and registering new image sizes

Let's style the last part of the About Us page

Styling the Bottom Section from the About Us Template

Let's add a small javascript code to detect the size of an image in our site

Adding a javascript function to detect the size of images

Let's finish the JS code!

Finishing our JavaScript code

Let's give the final touches to the bottom section of our site

Finishing the Bottom section with some CSS

Let's start working with the footer of our theme

Working with the Footer

Let's style the footer

Styling the Footer
First Project: Restaurant Theme - Working with the Menu Page
10 Lectures 54:54

You can name your themes with almost any name (no special characters allowed) so let's create a new template file for the Menu

Creating a our-menu.php Template File

Let's add some basic information to this page

Adding the Basic Information

Let's create a new custom post type (gist included in the files)

Adding a New Custom Post Type for the Menu

Let's register some fields in our new custom post type!

Adding Fields with Advanced Custom Fields to our Post Type

Let's populate our custom post type with some posts

Loading the Menu Entries in our new Custom Post Type

Let's Query the Database with a WP_Query

Creating a Custom Query in WordPress

Let's review what we have learn  so far

Some Quiz
1 question

Let's finish the Loop

Finishing our Custom Loop

Let's create a simple grid for this theme that we can re use for future pages

Adding a Custom CSS Grid

Let's style the specialties

Styling the Menu Page with CSS

Let's create a single template for our custom post type

Working with the Single Specialty Template
First Project: Restaurant Theme - Working with the Blog Template
11 Lectures 01:14:37

Let's start working with the Blog Template

Working with the index.php file

Let's add some blog posts to display in the blog page

Adding Blog Posts to have some data to work with

Let's print all the content that we need in the blog page

Printing the loop for the blog page

Let's add some CSS for the blog page

Styling the Blog Page

In this video we're creating the sidebar file

Working with the Sidebar

Let's create a Widget Zone and Add some Widgets

Adding Widgets into our sidebar

Let's add some CSS in our sidebar

Styling the Sidebar

Let's work with the Single Post Template for this project

Working with Single Posts Templates

Let's print a comment form!

Printing and Styling the Comment Form

In this video i'm gonna show you how to print the single file

Printing the Comments in the Single File

Let's add some CSS to our Comments!

Styling the Comments with CSS
First Project: Restaurant Theme - Working with the Gallery Page
3 Lectures 19:10

Let's add a Gallery with WordPress

Creating a Gallery

Let's add a jQuery library for our gallery

Adding a jQuery Library to interact with our Gallery

Let's adjust the size of the thumbnails

Adjusting the Thumb Sizes for our Theme
First Project: Restaurant Theme - Working with the Reservation Form
6 Lectures 48:50

Let's add a new template for the reservations or contact page

Creating the Reservation Template

Let's add some styles to our Form

Styling the Reservation Form with CSS

Let's create a new table in our database for the submissions

Creating a new Database table to save the Submissions

Let's write some code to insert data from the form

Inserting data from the Contact Form to the database

The users should never be trusted, that's why sanitizing and escaping data is really important

Security Functions to Sanitize and Escape Data in WordPress

Let's sanitize the input from the users

Sanitizing our Data before submission and Redirecting once the form is submitted
First Project: Restaurant Theme - Adding Option Pages to your Theme
3 Lectures 18:58

Let's add a new option page in our backend

Adding a New Page in the Backend

Let's add a submenu page!

Adding a SubMenu Page

Let's write a small piece of code that will print the submissions from the users

Printing the Form Submissions into the WordPress Backend
First Project: Restaurant Theme - Building the Front Page
10 Lectures 01:05:42

Let's start working with the front page of this website!

Printing the Site Description in the hero image

Let's small some small fixes to our hero image in the front page

Styling the Hero Image

Let's add a Query that will display 3 random posts from the specialties post type

Printing 3 Items from the menu into the home page

Let's finish the loop for this section!

Finishing the Loop for the menu

Let's add some CSS for the specialties!

Styling the Specialities section in the front page

Let's continue the homepage, in this video we're building the fresh  ingredients section

Working with the Ingredients section of the homepage

Let's add some CSS for the ingredients section

Styling the Ingredients Section with CSS

Let's print the gallery in the front page

Printing the Gallery in the HomePage

Let's re use the reservation form from the previous code

Printing the Reservation Form

Let's style the reservation form for the home page

Styling the Reservation form with CSS
16 More Sections
About the Instructor
Juan Pablo De la torre Valdez
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Freelance Web Developer and Owner of Easy-WebDev

My name is Juan Pablo De la torre Valdez, i´m from Guadalajara. Mexico.
For the last 10 years i been working with the web, i have a lot of experience in modern Web Technologies such as Foundation, Bootstrap, RWD, WordPress, Drupal, PHP, JavaScript & jQuery, HTML5, CSS3, SASS and Photoshop.

I started a company called CreativaWeb where i design and develop WordPress based websites.

I really like to design and develop websites, in the recent years i made hundreds of websites for Government, Universities, Startups and Medium-Size Companies from my city, the whole country and  from another countries.


Soy diseñador y programador web desde hace más de 10 años, tengo amplia experiencia y trabajo diariamente con tecnologías como Foundation,  Bootstrap, WordPress, Drupal, PHP,JavaScript y jQuery, HTML5, CSS3, SASS y Photoshop.

Comencé una compañia llamada CreativaWeb, donde principalmente diseño y desarrollo sitios web en WordPress.

Me gusta combinar mi trabajo en diseño y programación; en los años anteriores he hecho cientos de páginas para dependencias del Gobierno, Universidades, Pequeños y Medianos de negocios de mi ciudad, a nivel nacional y de otros países.