Adobe Photoshop CC Retouching and Effects Masterclass
4.2 (255 ratings)
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25,676 students enrolled
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Adobe Photoshop CC Retouching and Effects Masterclass

Five Courses in One! Photoshop Retouching + Effects for Portrait Photography and More. Learn the Essentials to Advanced!
4.2 (255 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
25,676 students enrolled
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What Will I Learn?
  • Edit and improve portait photos professionally in Photoshop.
  • Improve lighting, color, composition, and sharpness with Photoshop.
  • Apply industry-standard Photoshop retouching techniques in portrait photos.
  • Use Photoshop to create special effects in portrait photos.
  • Convert color photos to black-and-white in an artistic manner in Photoshop.
  • Stylize and add interest to portrait photos.
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  • Students need Adobe Photoshop (preferably Creative Cloud, although many earlier versions will have many of the tools; free trial version is fine as well).

LEARN PORTRAIT PHOTO PHOTOSHOP EDITING FOR FUN OR PROFIT! Many of my university students have went on to become full-time wedding photographers or do portrait photography on the side for extra income. Learn the industry-standard portrait photo editing techniques today!

THIS IS LIKE 5 COURSES IN 1 ULTIMATE COURSE: Portrait Corrections, Portrait Retouching, RAW Retouching, Portrait Stylizing and Special Effects, and Advanced Black-and-White Conversions.

This is the course that can teach you everything you need to know to advance in portrait photography Photoshop editing, whether you're a professional photographer looking to offer more services to clients and increase income, or a hobbyist looking to improve personal photos.

Ever wonder how portrait photographers have compelling portfolio photos? Or how magazine models look so flawless in those feature stories and covers? Or how that black-and-white photo jumps from the page with such detailed tonality and sharpness? Or how that couple's wedding photos feature that "pop out of the frame" special effect?

In this course, I've included the essential techniques to succeed in portrait photography Photoshop editing, including

  • Relevant color, lighting, and composition corrections
  • Effective retouching techniques
  • Stylistic adjustment techniques
  • Improved black-and-white conversions
  • Special effects and edits to offer as a bonus to your clients

These are methods you can use to improve your own photos for fun, or you can apply them to photos in your portfolio to attract more clients. Add excitement and interest to engagement photos, wedding photos, professional and executive photos, maternity photos, and all the other various categories of portrait photos.

This course will not just help you retouch photos that you’re already taking for a client. It also has the potential to help you land more customers, and add more photo enhancing services to your business.

Enrollment in this course includes access to hours of follow-along lectures where students “learn by doing.”

Signing up for the course also includes

  • Access to the discussion forums (for discussion and posting links to your portrait photos that you’ve been working on so fellow students and I can critique and give feedback!)
  • Access to all future lectures that are added to this course (that may be a result of questions from the discussions forums) or new techniques related to portrait photography
  • Discount coupons for other new courses that I launch
  • Free support files to follow along in the lectures (most of the lectures feature the same photos available for download, but students are free to use their own photos of course)
  • Besides over 5 hours of lectures, I also include quizzes to assess your learning, and some helpful handouts on file formats, color terminology, Photoshop keyboard shortcuts, and a portrait retouching checklist.

See my bio on this page for more of my educational and professional background.

Let's get started learning and creating!

Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone interested in learning the essential Photoshop techniques in portrait photography.
  • Portrait photographers who want to offer extra services to clients such as special effects, color and lighting correction, retouching, and advanced black-and-white conversions.
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Curriculum For This Course
76 Lectures
Portrait Photography Digital Darkroom
8 Lectures 33:46

An introduction to the course, Edit Portrait Photos in Photoshop like a Pro.

Preview 02:05

Learn the various file types and modes of images in Photoshop.

File Types and Modes

Learn the difference between 8-bit and 16-bit images and the reasons to use each.

Working with 8-Bit and 16-Bit Images

Learn the various file formats such as JPEG, PSD, TIFF, PNG, and RAW in this printable PDF handout.

File Types Printable Handout
1 page

A printable PDF handout of color terminology to know.

Color Terminology to Know Printable Handout
1 page

Learn the overall tools and techniques that we'll be using with portrait editing.

Tools and Techniques Overview

Download support files for Photoshop portrait photography techniques course.

Download Support Files for Follow-Along Lectures

Print this PDF handout for a quick keyboard shortcut reference.

Keyboard Shortcuts in Photoshop Printable Handout
2 pages
Portrait Photo Corrections in Photoshop
9 Lectures 35:49

You learn the instructions for the assignment for this section: editing photos using corrections techniques and posting to the discussion board.

Assignment: Correct Color and Lighting in Your Photos

This is an introduction to the photo corrections that you'll be learning in this section.

Introduction to Photo Corrections

Learn a quick technique to check for dust, specks, and scratches in portrait photos.

Checking for Dust, Specks, Scratches

Learn how to improve lighting in a photo using levels and brightness adjustments.

Brightening and Adjusting Levels

Learn how to improve lighting in a photo by adjusting curves.

Adjusting Curves to Improve Lighting

Learn how to correct white balance in portrait photos using Photoshop.

Fixing White Balance

Learn two ways to sharpen portrait photos.

Sharpening Portrait Photos

Use lens correction in Photoshop to correct distortion in portrait photos.

Lens Distortion Corrections

Learn how to crop and straighten photos for better composition.

Cropping and Leveling

Portrait photo corrections quiz

Portrait Photo Corrections
5 questions
Portrait Retouching Techniques in Photoshop
30 Lectures 02:06:03

You learn the instructions for the assignment for this section: editing photos using retouching techniques and posting to the discussion board.

Assignment: Retouch Your Photos

This is an introduction to portrait retouching techniques in Photoshop.

Portrait Retouching Techniques: Best Practices

Learn a variety of methods to remove dark circles in Photoshop.

Removing Dark Circles

Learn how to remove wrinkles in Photoshop.

Preview 02:37

Learn how to use the free transform and liquify tools to increase eye size.

Making Eyes Larger

Learn three ways to sharpen eyes.

Sharpening Eyes

Learn how to remove red lines in eyes using the clone stamp tool.

Removing Red Lines in Eyes

Learn how to whiten eyes using a layer adjustment and masking technique.

Whitening Eyes

Learn how to change eye color using hue/saturation and color balance adjustment layers with masking.

Changing Eye Color

Learn how to reshape eyebrows in Photoshop.

Reshaping Eyebrows

Learn how to reshape teeth using the transform command or liquify tools.

Reshaping Teeth

Learn how to whiten teeth using a hue/saturation adjustment layer and masking technique.

Whitening Teeth

Use the free transform tool, a feathered selection, and liquify to adjust lips.

Making Lips Larger

Learn how to add lipstick or adjust lipstick or lip color.

Adding or Adjusting Lipstick

Learn how to add a glossy shine to lips using a layer blending mode and masking.

Preview 02:05

Learn how to modify the nose using the transform command or the liquify tool.

Modifying the Nose

Learn how to remove stray hairs in Photoshop.

Removing Stray Hairs

Learn how to add highlights to hair using a layer blending mode and masking.

Adding Highlights to Hair

Learn how to change hair color in Photoshop using a variety of techniques.

Changing Hair Color

Learn how to lighten shadows on a face using layer blending modes and masking.

Lightening Shadows on the Face

Learn how to darken areas on the face such as the eyebrows or lips using a layer blending mode.

Darkening Areas on the Face

Learn how to remove hot spots with two methods in Photoshop.

Removing Hot Spots

Learn how to remove blemishes and other marks using the healing brush and spot healing brush tools.

Removing Blemishes Part 1

Learn how to remove blemishes with the patch tool and clone stamp tool using a few options such as fade and multiple clone sources.

Removing Blemishes Part 2

Learn how to soften skin using a blur and transparency adjustment technique.

Softening Skin - Adjusted Blur Technique

Learn how to use the high pass filter technique to soften skin.

Skin Softening - High Pass Technique

Learn how to soften skin and lighten a photo by using a channel as a layer.

Skin Softening - Channel as Layer Technique

Learn how to add digital makeup in Photoshop.

Adding Digital Makeup

Learn how to make people look slimmer using free transform adjustments.

Slimmer Look Technique 1

Learn how to use the liquify tool to adjust portraits.

Slimmer Look Technique 2

Portrait photo retouching techniques quiz

Portrait Retouching Techniques
10 questions
RAW Filter Portrait Retouching Techniques in Photoshop
7 Lectures 23:20

You learn the instructions for the assignment for this section: editing photos using RAW Filter techniques and posting to the discussion board.

Assignment: Use Camera RAW Filter to Edit Your Photos

Learn how to use the camera RAW filter in Photoshop.

Introduction to Camera RAW Filter

Learn how to sharpen and smooth photos in camera RAW filter in Photoshop.

Sharpening and Smoothing in RAW

Learn how to use camera RAW filter to make colors pop in Photoshop.

Making Colors Pop in RAW

Learn how to remove blemishes in camera RAW filter.

Preview 03:48

Learn how to apply selective adjustments in camera RAW filter in Photoshop.

Selective Adjustments in RAW

RAW portrait retouching techniques quiz

RAW Portrait Retouching Techniques
5 questions

Print this handout to keep as a useful portrait photo retouching checklist.

Photo Retouching Checklist Printable Handout
1 page
Special Effects and Stylizing in Portrait Photos in Photoshop
10 Lectures 57:52

You learn the instructions for the assignment for this section: editing photos using special effects and stylizing techniques and posting to the discussion board.

Assignment: Apply Special Effects and Stylizing to Your Photos

Learn how to add special effects to portraits in Photoshop.

Introduction to Special Effects in Portrait Photos

Learn how to effectively add contrast to portrait photos or part of portrait photos in Photoshop.

Adding Contrast in Portraits

Learn how to make colors pop in portraits using Photoshop.

Making Colors Pop in Portraits

Learn how to create a photo collage out of couple or group photos in Photoshop.

Preview 09:37

Create a pop-out effect in portrait photos using Photoshop.

Pop Out Effect

Create an adjustable lens flare in Photoshop.

Editable Lens Flare Technique

Learn how to use blurring and masking top create a simulated depth of field.

Simulated Depth of Field

Add abstract and gradient backgrounds to a portrait photo in Photoshop.

Adding a Powerful Background

Use a method normally used in landscape photography to clone people in portrait photos.

Meeting Your Clone

Special effects and stylizing portrait photos quiz

Special Effects and Stylizing Portrait Photos
5 questions
Artistic Black-and-White Portrait Conversions in Photoshop
8 Lectures 37:08

You learn the instructions for the assignment for this section: converting photos to black-and-white using techniques from this section and posting to the discussion board.

Assignment: Artistically Convert Your Photos to Black-and-White

Learn how not to convert to black and white in this introduction to black-and-white conversions.

Introduction to Black-and-White Image Conversions

Learn how to use color modes of RGB and Lab and channels to convert to black and white.

Color Modes and Channels Conversions

Learn how to use channels and selective masking and layer opacity adjustments to convert to black and white.

Channels and Masking Conversion

Learn how to use the black-and-white adjustment layer technique for a customized conversion.

Black-and-White Adjustment Conversion

Learn how to use the channel mixer adjustment for black and white conversion.

Channel Mixer Adjustment Conversion

Learn how to use the gradient map adjustment for black and white conversion.

Preview 04:49

Learn how to use the RAW filter to effectively convert color photos to black-and-white photos.

RAW Filter Black-and-White Conversion

Artistic black-and-white photo conversions quiz

Artistic Black-and-White Photo Conversions
5 questions
Organizing Portrait Photos and Using Actions in Photoshop
4 Lectures 09:10

Learn how to use Adobe Bridge to organize and look up portrait photos.

Organizing Photos

Learn how to apply batch actions and create custom actions in Photoshop.

Creating Actions and Applying Batch Actions

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About the Instructor
Chad Neuman, Ph.D.
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Professor / Designer / Developer / Photographer 20+ yrs exp.

I love seeing students succeed in their designs, photos, productions, and careers!

Do you want to learn become a better designer or communicator? Do you want to learn industry-standard editing and effects in Photoshop? Do you want to create logos for your brand or for clients? Do you want to learn new skills that are in demand in the new digital economy?

Welcome! I'm passionate about communication, writing, and design education, and I'm currently a full-time professor of graphic design and digital journalism at Southeastern University. I've taught classes on design, photography, and writing for the past ten years. My university students have become full-time, award-winning photographers, web designers, creative specialists, reporters, and layout designers. And now, you can learn from me as well!

Get started by enrolling in my courses, learning new skills and knowledge, and asking me questions in the discussion boards.

About the instructor:

By combining my professional in-the-field experience (both full-time and freelance), formal education, and experience teaching these topics, I've been able to produce top-notch courses that maximize learning and enable students to become better graphic designers, logo designers, photo editors, and writers.

Professional Experience:

I've worked as Webmaster and Advertising Designer at a regional newspaper (The News Chief), Internet Development Director at an award-winning advertising design firm, Technology Librarian at a city library system, and Managing Editor at two international graphic design magazines at Kelby Media Group. I've also written for publications and designed web sites and other promotional work for clients on an on-going basis for the past 20 years.


Besides relevant marketplace experience, I also have a B.A. in Communication from Southeastern University, an M.A. in Journalism and Media Studies from the University of South Florida, St. Petersburg, and a Ph.D. in Communication from Regent University. My Ph.D. dissertation focuses on the mythic branding of Apple's Macintosh/Mac in their primary commercial campaigns (1984, Think Different, Switch/Real People, and Get a Mac).


My combination of professional real world experience, formal education, and experience in teaching have all enabled me to produce quality courses that help students become better graphic designers, photo editors, writers, and illustrators.

I'm the founder of Good Creative Academy, the premiere online school for learning and creating. If you're looking to learn more about graphic design, writing, and new media entrepreneurship, you have arrived at the right place!

Fun tech-related facts about me:

I taught myself QBasic when I was 13, and later used that programming language to write a program that simulated the DOS prompt, to fool my high school graphic design teacher into thinking the computers had been hacked.

I used web banner advertising on my web sites in high school and during my freshman year of college, which brought in about $750 a month in income.