Photoshop For Professional Photographers
3.8 (3 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
72 students enrolled
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Photoshop For Professional Photographers

Photoshop demystified by a pro portrait photographer with 20 watch-do-learn tutorials so you master the essentials fast!
3.8 (3 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
72 students enrolled
Created by Matt Brading
Last updated 4/2014
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What Will I Learn?
  • Demystify Photoshop for once and for all!
  • Master the essential skills in the shortest possible time
  • Learn professional techniques you can apply in any feild of work
  • Actually do each step yourself so you experience the skill as you learn
  • Become proficient and confident without spending weeks of your valuable time on it!
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This “Photoshop for Photographers: How to Use Photoshop Professionally” course has been designed to give any serious photographer a solid understanding of Photoshop and the essential skills to achieve professional results, in the shortest possible time. This recurring criticism of Photoshop is that it's too complicated and takes too long to learn.

This Photoshop for Photographers course overcomes that with 20 short, over-the-shoulder tutorials that you follow along with, completing the exact same steps on the exact same images, on your own computer. This helps you learn each technique correctly so you can master this powerful software in just a couple of hours.

Take this Photoshop for Photographers course and learn how to use Photoshop professionally.

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Curriculum For This Course
21 Lectures
Introduction To Tools & Pallets
5 Lectures 33:39

This first tutorial introduces each of the essential tools we'll be using ... what they do and how to apply them.

  1. Move Tool
  2. Rectangular Marquee Tool
  3. Elliptical Marquee Tool
  4. Lasso Tool
  5. Polygonal Lasso Tool
  6. Magnetic Lasso Tool
  7. Magic Wand Tool
  8. Quick Selection Tool
Preview 06:32

This second tutorial introduces some of the more advanced tools including:

  1. Crop Tool
  2. Eyedropper Tool
  3. Color Sampler Tool
  4. Spot Healing Brush
  5. Healing Brush
  6. Patch Tool
  7. Red Eye Tool
  8. Brush Tool
  9. Clone Stamp
  10. History Brush
Preview 11:11

This third tutorial introduced the remain tools we'll be using...

  1. Eraser Tool
  2. Gradient Tool
  3. Blur Tool
  4. Smudge Tool
  5. Dodge Tool
  6. Burn Tool
  7. Sponge Tool
  8. Horizontal Type Tool
  9. Vertical Type Tool
Essential Photographer Tools. Part 3

Pallets are a major component of the Photoshop editing system, and this tutorial will ensure you have a solid understanding of what they all do and how you can apply them to create stronger images.

  1. Tool Pallet
  2. Image Pallet
  3. Layers Pallet
  4. History Pallet
  5. Actions Pallet
  6. Character Pallet
  7. Paragraph Pallet
  8. Brush Pallet
  9. Brush Presets Pallet
  10. Info Pallet
  11. Navigate Pallet
  12. Histogram Pallet
  13. Mini Bridge Pallet
  14. Color Pallet
  15. Swatches Pallet
  16. Adjustments Pallet
Recognizing And Using Photoshop Pallets
Making Adjustments
2 Lectures 11:00

Mastering Adjustment Layers is possibly the single most important step towards creating professional results in Photoshop. This tutorial introduces the fundamentals...

  1. How To Use Levels Adjustment Layer
  2. How To Use Curves Adjustment Layer
  3. How To Use Exposure Adjustment Layer
  4. How To Use Vibrance Adjustment Layer
  5. How To Use Hue/Saturation Adjustment Layer

How To Make Adjustments In Photoshop Part 1

This tutorial introduces some more advanced Adjustment Layer tools and ensures you have the skills to apply them and achieve the best possible results in your images.

  1. How To Use Black And White Adjustment Layer
  2. How To Use Color Balance Adjustment Layer
  3. How To Use Photo Filter Adjustment Layer
  4. How To Use Channel Mixer Adjustment Layer
  5. How To Use Posterize Adjustment Layer
  6. How To Use Selective Color Adjustment Layer

How To Make Adjustments In Photoshop Part 2
Adobe RAW Format
2 Lectures 11:16
  1. Know Why To Use RAW
  2. How To Use Mini Bridge To Open Raw Image In ACR
  3. Understand The Color Of Light
  4. How To Use White Balance Card To Set White Balance
  5. How To Use Built In Settings For White Balance
  6. How To Manually Adjust White Balance
  7. How To Syncronize RAW Image Settings
Adobe Camera Raw Part 1


  1. How To Adjust Exposure Of A RAW Image
  2. Understanding RGB Color Level Numbers
  3. How To Use Recovery Adjustment
  4. How To Use Fill Light Adjustment
  5. How To Use Blacks Adjustment
  6. How To Use Contrast Adjustment
  7. How To Use Clarity Adjustment
  8. How To Use Vibrance Adjustment
  9. How To Use Saturation Adjustment
  10. How To Use Sharpening Adjustment
  11. How To Use Noise Reduction Adjustment
  12. Processing RAW Images Into Photoshop
Adobe Camera Raw Part 2
Layers, Gradients & Vignettes
2 Lectures 12:33

Layers & Selections are easily the most powerful and important Photoshop tools. Master these and you can do pretty much anything. This tutorial covers layers and ensures you have the knowledge and skills for the remaining tutorials.

  1. How To Stack Multiple Images Using Layers
  2. How To Hide Layers
  3. Use Move Tool To Perfectly Position Similar Layers
  4. How To Create A Layer Mask
  5. How To Brush In A Layer Mask
  6. Use The Channel Pallet To View Your Layer Mask
  7. How To Add A Vibrance Layer And Use Clipping Mask
Using Layers In Photoshop

Now we start on some of the more create processes and give you practical examples of how you can improve, correct and modify your images.

  1. How To Add A Solid Color Layer To Make The Sky Bluer
  2. How To Use Gradient Tool Within A Layer Mask
  3. How To Use Elliptical Marquee Tool For Vignetting
  4. How To Add Feathering To Elliptical Marquee Tool
  5. How To Use The Fill Command Within A Layer Mask
  6. How To Create A Vignette In An Image
  7. How To Flatten An Image
  8. How To Adjust Crop Settings
  9. How To Crop The Final Image
Creating Gradients And Vignettes
Facial Blemishes & Skin Fixes
3 Lectures 21:03

Even if you're not a specialist portrait photographer, this tutorial is must-watch, as it introduces two extremely powerful tools that every photographer should master (and use!)

  1. Using Spot Healing Tool
  2. Using Healing Tool
  3. Using Clone Tool
  4. Know Which Healing Tool To Use For The Job
Retouching Facial Blemishes - Part 1

This tutorial covers a few quite specialized techniques that are mostly only going to interest portrait & wedding photographers. All the same, we still recommend everyone takes the time to watch and do the exercises yourself, to add these powerful tools to your skill set.

  1. Using Patch Tool To Remove Blemishes
  2. Patch Tool With Destination Setting
  3. Patch Tool With Source Setting
  4. How To Remove Bags From Under The Eyes
  5. Use Layers To Reduce Effect To Make Retouching Look More Real
Retouching Facial Blemishes - Part 2

If you photograph people, even if you're not a specialist portrait or wedding photographer, you will sell more photos when you know how to make them look good!

  1. Duplicate Layers
  2. Turn A Layer Off
  3. Use Lasso Tool To Select An Area
  4. Create A Layer Mask From A Selection
  5. Use Brush Tool To Edit A Layer Mask
  6. Use Gaussian Blur To Smooth Skin
  7. Special Preview Of The Portraiture Plug In Filter
Smoothing The Skin
Adding Punch To Any Image
1 Lecture 05:52

This is THE tutorial for Stock Photographers. No matter what your field, these days your images need to stand out from a massive online crowd, and this tutorial shows you how to make that happen...

  1. Add A Curves Layer
  2. Create An S-Curve To Add Contrast
  3. Change Layer Blending Properties
  4. Use Opacity To Create The Perfect Look
  5. Boost Color Saturation With Hue/Saturation Layer
  6. Use Sponge Tool To Brush In Saturation To The Background
Adding Punch With Curves And Saturation
More Facial Work
3 Lectures 13:59
  1. Use History Brush To Brighten The Eyes
  2. Change The Eyes To Any Color You Want!
Creating Beautiful Eyes

  1. How To Use History Brush To Darken Lips
  2. Use Layers To Reduce The Impact And Get That Perfect Level
  3. Use The History Brush To Darken Eyelashes
Darken Lips And Eyelashes

This short tutorial shows you a simple technique to get the yellow out of any set of teeth!

How To Whiten Teeth For a Perfect Smile
Simple Body Effects
1 Lecture 06:55
  1. How To Use The Liquify Tool Without Slowing Down Your Computer
  2. My Secret Tool Setting That Will Help Anyone Get Amazing Results With The Liquify Tool
  3. Use Clone Tool To Repair Any Background Distortion
  4. How To Use The Liquify Tool To Slim Down Your Subject
Weight Loss The Easy Way
Final Touches
2 Lectures 09:55
  1. Use Layer Blending Properties To Add Artistic Feel To A Portrait
  2. Remove Texture From Critical Areas Without Losing The Feel Of The Blended Color
  3. How To Use Layer Mask To Perfect A Mask Selection Effect
Turn Any Portrait Into An Artistic Blend

Three essential steps to finish off any image ready for printing or submission to a Client:

  1. How To Create A Vignette
  2. How To Crop To The Desired Print Size
  3. Use The Unsharp Mask To Sharpen The Final Image
Finishing Touches For Printing Prep
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Matt Brading has been helping photographers market their work online since 1998 when he launched one of the very first fully internet-based stock library, OzImages. What started as a small group of photographers banding together to sell their work has now grown into the GlobalEye Images network of stock photo libraries and a host of marketing and business resource websites for photographers.