Photoshop CC Projects
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Photoshop CC Projects

Take your picture-making skills to a higher level with this fun, and creative, project-based class
4.3 (4 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
23 students enrolled
Created by Robin Nichols
Last updated 2/2017
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What Will I Learn?
  • Students will have experienced a great range of extended Photoshop tools and techniques
  • You will be able to identify the problems of bringing different images together - and learn how to remedy mismatched tone, colour and contrasttures that are missed in day-to-day editing yet still provide impressive results...
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  • As this is all about Photoshop-based projects, a reasonable knowledge of CS 6, or CC, would be a distinct advantage

Adobe Photoshop CC Projects

CC Projects has been designed to enhance your knowledge of photo editing through carefully designed picture making projects.

Though some of these projects certainly are complex and time consuming, my philosophy as an educator has always been to keep things as simple as possible so that students never lose sight of the primary goal: making great images.

At the beginning of this class exercises take students through the process of learning simple enhancements. Further into the course you’ll discover tutorials designed to push students into areas of Photoshop that might be unfamiliar - not just for the sake of doing something different - but rather to expand your creative image-making repertoire.  

I finish the course by teaching students how to combine and blend completely different images together to create a range of photo-realistic illustrations, and montages…

In the beginning:

  • Understand how to create and save Photoshop Workspaces
  • Understanding Camera RAW previews
  • Learn the power of masking with the Camera RAW Adjustment Brush 
  • Using the Camera RAW Radial filter
  • Radically improve landscapes with the Camera RAW Gradient filter
  • Learn how to track down fantastic (free) custom fonts for use in Photoshop
  • Discover the potential of selections with the Quick Mask tool
  • Source, load and use hundreds of free custom Photoshop brush files

Getting Creative
These lessons are designed for students to learn how to change existing images into something with far greater visual impact.

  • Create fake HDR looks
  • Making stunning black-and-white and colour infrared ‘looks’
  • Create a painted look using Photoshop’s Art History Brush
  • Create your own pickle or jam labels from clip art and stock photos
  • Create your own custom movie posters
  • Stylise your work by adding a miniature look

Getting Real
Many classes involve creating a completely new image from several different picture elements so students can:

  • Understanding and working with vector objects
  • Learn how to integrate your own custom text into an image project
  • Learn the ultimate selection techniques with the Pen tool
  • Learn how to combine and edit different image elements so they fit seamlessly
  • Customise text to make it appear aged or worn
  • Create a photographic ‘look’ using simple, free, downloadable clip art file
  • Combine multiple vector, pixel-based and clip art elements to create a photo-realistic illustration

Who is the target audience?
  • This course is designed to show Photoshop users techniques and tools that they might be unfamiliar with in order to gain a greater understanding of the image making process
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Curriculum For This Course
46 Lectures
Start Here
12 Lectures 01:19:47

Here's a quick taste of what to expect in this CC Projects class

Preview 01:57

In this introductory tutorial I describe the main tools and features of the current Camera RAW interface...

Introduction: navigating the Photoshop Graphic User Interface (GUI)

To ease into this class I have included a few tutorials about working with the Camera RAW feature in Adobe Photoshop CC - this tutorial is about the previews you can use to see before and after shots during the edit process.

Introduction - Working with Camera Raw Previews

Saving a workspace is another thing you can do to Photoshop that speeds up your workflow. When the desktop gets in a mess and you need a refresher, simply call up your (saved) Workspace and everything pops back to where it should be. It's like hiring your own cleaner...

Introduction: Saving your Photoshop Workspaces

A selection is as sharp as a scalpel cut line - and very often this is too accurate or fine to produce a real result. Learn how to use the multi-function Refine Edge tool to, well, refine the edges of your selections.

Technique: Using the Refine Edge Feature

Another often overlooked feature to be found in the Camera RAW edit window - use the Radial Filter to add impact to portraits (among other types of image).

Preview 04:22

The amazing Adjustment Brush is used to make 'easy' masks - you just paint it into the image and off you go! And of course, if you make a mistake, as with all masking tools, it is very easy to repair, fix and re-do...

Masking with the (Camera RAW) Adjustment Brush

With its roots originally from the screen printing industry, this painting-based mask makes selections easy because it is such a good visual tool. Just hit the 'Q' key to turn Quick Mask ON, and then the 'Q' key again to turn it off...

Technique: Discovering the Quick Mask Mode

Custom fonts are those that are not usually found on your desktop computer - you can now use any font through Adobe's Creative Cloud or you can find, download and use free fonts from sites such as (providing you pay attention to the author's copyright requirements).

Technique: Accessing and Working with Custom Fonts

In this lesson discover how to find, download and install free Photoshop brushes. There are literally hundreds to choose from - then learn how to change an image radically by 'painting' clouds into a picture with a cloudless sky...

Technique: Sourcing, Importing and Using Custom Photoshop Brushes

Vectors are different to pixel-based images because, unlike digital images, they are infinitely adjustable. Here's a brief overview on how a vector works.

Technique: Working with Vector Objects

Probably the most accurate of all Photoshop's many selection tools. Often overlooked because it is not easy to perfect - but with a little patience and the right image, you'll come to appreciate that the Pen tool is the best option for 100% accurate selections...

Technique: Perfect Selections Using the Pen Tool
Short Projects
12 Lectures 01:24:32

Here's your chance to make your own custom copyright brush then use it to stamp your details across an image prior to it being submitted to a newspaper or magazine.

Creating a Copyright Brush

Using the Graduated Filter to enhance a Landscape

Originally designed for scientific applications, a colour infra red 'look' can be used quite successfully on portraits, landscapes and city scapes.

Project: Creating Colour Infra-red 'looks'

Here's a tutorial on how to convert a regular colour photo into an alien-like black-and-white infra red image that replicates the look of a Kodak IR film original.

Preview 03:58

If you are not familiar with HDR (high dynamic range) software - and don't have masses of bracketed shots with which to make a true HDR effect, here's an easy technique for creating a quick HDR 'look'.

Project: Creating a Fake HDR 'look'

Many folk like to make their own homemade beer, wine, pickles, jams, preserves, or chutney - here's a technique to make your own unique labels to add to your home cooked produce.

Project: Making Preserve Labels

Very often our night time shots are underexposed or just have way too much black in them. Follow this technique to ramp up the brightness and colour impact of your images, while making an unusual symmetrical design using Blend Modes...

Project: Enhancing those underexposed firework images with Blend Modes

Use the Art History Brush to convert a regular shot into one that looks like it has been hand painted. 

Print it out on watercolour paper or, better still, onto (inkjet) canvas, and you have a veritable work of art.

Project: Converting a photo to look like a painting

We see the tilt-shift effect used a lot in the video industry - in fact you probably have this effect on your smart phone. Here's how to do it using still images and a bit of layer tweaking...

Preview 06:15

In homage to British artist David Hockney's 'joiner', canvasses - made from hundreds of individually snapped Polaroids, this technique can be used on almost any type of subject matter.

Project: Homage to David Hockney - Creating a Polaroid Print Effect

Discover the creative possibilities when you download free Photoshop lightning brushes, load them into Photoshop and add them to create a unique and realistic-looking stormy sky...

Project: Adding Atmospheric Effects with Custom Brushes

Roy Lichtenstein was a very avant-garde pop culture artist in sixties America - this Photoshop technique echoes the look of his most famous cartoon series...

Project: Homage to Roy Lichtenstein
Project: Movie Posters
2 Lectures 22:48

In this exercise we look at how to effectively select a figure from its background, then add it, along with some special custom fonts, to a new document to create a classic 007 movie poster. (Check the downloadable materials links for sample movie posters if you can't locate your own).

Preview 12:58

Another movie poster based exercise where we get to grips with the type tool and custom fonts. (Check the downloadable materials links for sample movie posters if you can't locate your own.)

Project: Movie Poster (part II)
Shanghai Cityscape: Select, cut and paste
4 Lectures 20:41

Here's a short description of how we are going to achieve this multi-image collage. (Check the downloadable materials links if you can't locate your own.)

Shanghai Cityscape: Skyline Intro

If you plan on using images downloaded off the Internet - this is how you can check if it has copyright and usage restrictions

Copyright Awareness: Sourcing images off the Internet

Here's where the bulk of the techniques rests: transforming the perspective, copying, pasting and placing image assets into the montage background.

Shanghai Cityscape: Selections, copying and pasting

Here are a few final tips on how to make the cityscape illusion more real...

Shanghai Cityscape: Finishing off
Project: Santa Claus Montage
2 Lectures 23:02

In this exercise I select a studio shot image of Mr Claus and paste it into a stock shot of a Christmas tree in the snow.

Project: Santa Claus Montage

As the title suggests, here are a few final tips on making the result appear a bit more realistic.

Project: Santa Claus Montage finishing off
Project: Wolf Hall
2 Lectures 22:35

Wolf Hall is a beautifully filmed English historical drama set at the time of Thomas Cromwell and Henry VIII. Every scene in this show looks like a Dutch Master, so good are the lighting and production values.
In this exercise practice assembling three different images to make the resulting picture appear as if it were shot in the style of the TV Mini series.

Preview 06:18

This is part 2 of the Wolf Hall exercise. Adding the final finishing touches.

Wolf Hall part II
Project: Gary Oldman as Rembrandt
2 Lectures 19:59

Hollywood actor Gary Oldman as Rembrandt?  Use these two totally different stock images to learn how they can be made to look as though they are in fact one image...

Oldman Photo Montage (part I)

In the final tutorial I show you how to add the final touches to the Rembrandt/Oldman illusion

Oldman Photo Montage (part II)
Project: Creating a Travel Journal from Scratch
5 Lectures 28:34

This project involves the ultimate in deception - to assemble a wide range of images, sourced from all over the Internet, and put them together in a pastiche of a historical traveller's journal...

I have divided the process up into several sections because there are so many different processes at work in this project.  Use them in no particular order...

Travel Journal Montage: Introduction

In another exercise, see how you can source, load and use assets such as masking tape to make it appear that a picture is actually taped down onto a book page...

Adding Custom Assets: taping images into the page

Here's some more download fun - this time grabbing some coffee stains to simulate a well-used look to this (fake) journal project.

Adding Custom Assets: Sourcing, Downloading, Using Coffee Stain brushes

In this tutorial I show you how to select, bend, warp and mess with text to make it appear hand-written.

Technique: How to Age the 'Look' of Photoshop Text

In this demonstration see how easy it is to warp the shape of an otherwise perfectly rectangular piece of paper to make it appear old, tattered and worn...

Technique: Ageing and Warping Paper Effects
In addition to Photoshop...
5 Lectures 22:09

The Nik Software suite of software plug-ins used to cost US$700 - they are now free from Google. Awesome value, great image making potential...

Plug-In Fun: Nik Software

Here's a short demo of Nik's HDR software plug-in - shoot several exposure-bracketed images, assemble in HDR Efex and choose from a wide range of 'looks'. It is easy to use and produces impressive looking results.

Plug-in Fun: Nik HDR Software

While you can do most things in Photoshop, many take a lot of time and experience. Mediachance's Dynamic Auto Painter produces fantastic-looking 'painted' effects in a matter of minutes.

Standalone: Dynamic Auto Painter

Here's a quick look at a fantastic range of Photoshop plug-ins from a company called Jixi Pix. As you'll see in this demo, Jixi Pix has a wide range of specialist plug-ins designed for specific looks - grunge, black-and-white conversion, soft focus, cartoons, HDR and a lot more.
Even better, the apps cost very little and deliver tremendous visual punch when used with the right image...

Adding Stylish Impact with JixiPix

Here's a selection of visual effects made on the same image using a range of Jixi Pix apps...

More Photoshop Plug-in Examples from JixiPix
About the Instructor
Robin Nichols
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Like a few others involved in the industry, I’m in the enviable position of being able to combine my life’s passion, photography, with my job. And, even though I spend too much time in front of a computer, it remains one of the best occupations in the world…
Born in the UK, I’ve spent the past 31 years in Sydney. I began work in Australia as a cameraman in the audio-visual business, then as a freelance photographer. In the nineties I worked as a contributing freelance writer for several photo publications, then as a full-time magazine editor for more than eight years. In 2000 I started my own publishing business producing Australia’s best-selling specialist digital photo techniques publication: Better Digital Camera magazine.With this I aggressively pursued the goal of producing clear, well-illustrated information written in simple English and continued to develop this plain-speaking style in another specialist magazine, Better Photoshop Techniques.

Nowadays I mostly teach and run specialist photo tours to photo-centric locations such as Africa, Japan, Bali, Iceland and Cuba. When not travelling I run photo workshops, teach digital photography, video and post-production classes online and in face-to-face classes locally through Sydney University.