Photograph Forensics: Reading Photographs for Dating
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Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
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Photograph Forensics: Reading Photographs for Dating

This course will teach the student, whether a pick up artist or not, how to read photographs instantly to improve dating
4.3 (3 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
27 students enrolled
Published 11/2010
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This course will teach the student how to read photographs to accurately point out the condition of relationships between people, the amount of attraction built up between people, so you can recognize your ability to move further in the relationship.

This is a lecture I give at Dating Theory Conventions to allow people to see what was previously unseen. Hundreds of my personal students, men and women, have used this information to know exactly what to do in a relationship.

This testimonial from "TM" says it all. "Tech's photoreading technique is amazing. It is one of the best ways of telling where you stand with a woman without having to guess. This is also a great skill you can use to show you have relationship knowledge, and is very easy to learn once he shows you the basics. I highly recommend learning this skill."

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Curriculum For This Course
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My First Section
7 Lectures 01:20:59
Course description: I describe what you will accomplish in field and as a consumer of PUA goods from this information.
Photograph reading course! What it is and what to expect

The narrated lecture teaching you the basics of photograph reading and its uses in field, in relationships, as a gambit, and as a way to search for gurus.
Preview 52:30

PDF explaining the basic concepts of photo reading
PDF handout from the PUA World Summit 2010
5 pages

Photograph reading is not done in a vacuum. In other words, one picture does not tell the WHOLE story. You could have no attraction from the target in one picture, then the very next (After DHV'ing yourself) you have her all over you tilting towards you with hand on your chest. So one photograph doe…
Brief lesson on the infield uses of photograph forensics

Ok. You have guys who call themselves “Online experts” and “Texting experts” and “Day game experts” and “Facebook/Myspace experts” and “NLP” experts and “Same Night Lay” experts. Today I’m going to help you sniff out if th…
Other ways to sniff out good from bad gurus

In this presentation you will watch my transition from Average Frustrated Natural to MPUA through the things I've shown you in photoreading. You should see the same transitions in your game. If you find in your photos you already have tons of attracted ladies leaning their heads in, then you are set! If not, watching the transition of your photographs to having more highly attracted women will show you how well you are doing or what you need to work on. If you have specific questions about your photos feel free to send me through email and let me evaluate.
My Game Journey through Photos: Watching transitions over time

So I was asked to explain how I interject the photo read into my interactions.
How to introduce photo reading in your interaction
About the Instructor
Technoslaughter Art
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Start with me to learn to improve your dating life

Technoslaughter is also known as "the best Dating instructor that you haven't heard of… yet". (He's the guy with the Red-outlined yellow box on his face to protect his and his students' identity). He has been featured in the December 2009 issue of Cosmopolitan UK and also was a VIP speaker at the 2010 PUA World Summit in which his lecture on Photograph Forensics was the ONLY lecture that the audience requested be repeated on the basis of content alone. He is featured on the DVD's of the 2010 Pua World Summit in the all star panels and is gaining much deserved notoriety in the Social Arts scene. But that's not what you wanted to know. In 2012 he was voted as one of the top dating instructors in the world by Casanova Crew, and received the award for most Cerebral instructor in 2013 from Vince Kelvin at the PUA World Summit.

Have you been disappointed with your interactions with women? Have you ended up, time and again, in the "Friend's zone?" Have you spent more than one evening in your life waiting for a woman to show up for a date only never to hear from her again and she flakes? Have you been divorced after being married to a woman you dedicated your life to, only to find her having affairs with one or more men? Have you spent more than 80 dollars on a date only to go home alone and without even a kiss?

Well that was Technoslaughter for 36 years of his life. That is... until he learned the social arts. And for the last 8 years he has gained the respect of his students and the community for keeping integrity in his teachings and for focusing on doing no harm through his knowledge, while maintaining respect for other men and women through his experience.

Techno has been in the PUA community since 2006 after a divorce left him lonely and at rock bottom as far as relationships. He had his epiphany when he saw The Pickup Artist TV show and joined Project Hollywood, Area 51 online Yahoo Group and gained notoriety as one of the leaders in the group: He posted his Field Reports from his beginnings as an Average Frustrated Chump to his realization that all of us are actually Average Frustrated Naturals™. He lives in North Carolina and holds most of his trainings in the Raleigh, NC area.

He has trained with and for the best instructors and gives kudos to Kosmo, Joe D (Joseph Doyle), Mystery, Matador, J Dog, Mighty Baron, Dozer, Salvino, Neil Strauss, Mike Long, and Ross Jeffries as his direct influences in the game and has received direct instruction from most of them. Technoslaughter took his experiences to create a new training method known as the “Reunion." At reunions, we bring Dating instructors of all skills together, talk new theory and give advanced lectures. Most importantly we go out in social settings to learn the techniques to solidify the theories. We always come home with new ideas on what we want to learn and where to get the info. And you are always invited to join us.

With reunions we have made amazing discoveries and all have become synthesized/hybrid men: Ones who can mix and mingle any style and any concept into a conceptual framework of “the best self." The best-self pua is never a slave to any one method or theory. The best self has the ability to use all the schools of pick up to his advantage and does so in a loving, mature manner that is win-win-win for the the men, their friends, and their ladies, and enhances all their lives.

His website and blog, and this udemy course will lead you to your goals in pickup and life faster than you ever thought imaginable... if you are dedicated to the task and want true success without losing yourself. This udemy lecture series is aimed at doing that for you. If you were to imagine becoming a master pickup artist rapidly, you would participate in the lectures, get involved in the discussions, and join in on the trainings and see for yourself the value we provide in helping you reach your goals.

Email technoslaughter at to ask when the next training will occur.

Look, we don't know where you've been or where you are in your training, but there's a good chance we've been there. If your dating life is not getting you to where you truly want to be, maybe we owe it to ourselves to talk. We understand the need for keeping your training under wraps. We wish you good luck, much respect, and unending thanks just for learning about us and what we can do for you. The decision is always yours on if you continue to train with Technoslaughter. And you'll find you made the right choice.