Phantom Filmschool 1- master autopilot with Litchi

Use autopilot to get amazing cinematic shots with your drone. You will master the Litchi app & take pro footage!
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About This Course

Published 12/2015 English

Course Description

Donald Davis

"This course is great, After applying the principles that I learned in this course, my videos for my Phantom 3 are 100 % better. Cant wait to finish, and take Phantom Filmschool 2 "


Walter Smith

"This course was more than I ever expected. I've been flying a Phantom for 3 years and learned more from this course than from 3 years of searching YouTube, joining forums and reading books. I am a new Litchi user and this course has opened my eyes so much. I'm like a little kid in the candy store waiting for each new lecture and the Resources/charts/PDFs what a bonus. I would give you 10 stars if that rating were available."


David Thomas

"Very well done. Great examples. Well organized. Informative. Instructor does an excellent job explaining concepts and providing demos."


 **This course is for anyone with a Phantom 3/4 or Inspire**

This course will teach you how to use the Litchi app to shoot pro cinematic footage with the help of autopilot on your DJI Phantom 3/4 & Inspire quadcopter or drone. Up until now you would need a 2 person rig (camera man and pilot) to do these shots flawlessly such as the Inspire 1 or the S1000.

I will teach you how to set up and execute the following 6 killer shots:

- the Flyby

- the POI (Point of interest) Flyby

- the advanced POI Flyby

- the Orbit

- the Forwards Reveal

- the Backwards Reveal

- 7th bonus material shot: the Corkscrew

We will go in depth into the Litchi Hub, how to Frame a subject and the Litchi app and camera settings with emphasis on aerial videography Golden Rules.

You will be able to apply these shots to almost any situation and your ability to shoot awesome cineamtic footage will skyrocket after this course.

You will also have a thorough understanding of the Phantom camera and be able to choose the settings that deliver the best results (Android app only). From now on videography on a drone will be professional, smooth and cinematic.

After this course you will take to the skies with your drone with confidence and the necessary skill set to shoot awesome pro footage!

What are the requirements?

  • Must be able to fly a Phantom
  • Must have read the Phantom manual
  • Must know the rules and regulations
  • Must know how to properly calibrate a Phantom
  • Must be able to measure height of obstacles in area to ensure that you set your missions above obstacle height

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Shoot 8 killer shots that will blow your audience away
  • Use the Litchi hub like a pro
  • Frame a subject with ease
  • Use Litchi app & camera settings to get the best results
  • Use autopilot to shoot stunning footage with your Phantom 3/4 & Inspire
  • Grasp the concept of shutter speed and ND filters
  • Use the Litchi app with ease & confidence
  • Get maximum footage per battery without wasteage
  • Calculate the correct altitude settings for a mission

Who is the target audience?

  • Anyone with a Phantom 3/4 & Inspire who wants to shoot professional looking aerial footage
  • Anyone who can do the basics on the Phantom 3/4 & Inspire - not a total newcomer, but have at least some of the basic experience and has read the manual and guidelines and is familiar with the rules for safe flying
  • Course is done on the Android version of the Litchi app, but should work the same or very similar on the iOS version
  • Not aimed at shooting aerial still photography - this is video

What you get with this course?

Not for you? No problem.
30 day money back guarantee.

Forever yours.
Lifetime access.

Learn on the go.
Desktop, iOS and Android.

Get rewarded.
Certificate of completion.


Section 1: Introduction

Hi there and thanks for choosing to take this course.

This course will empower you to shoot aerial video using autopilot via the Litchi app (links below on where to get the app).

Why autopilot? Well because when flying on the sticks (i.e. the left and right control sticks) it is challenging to get smooth, pro cinematic shots. You might get some great footage but you will get a lot of not so great footage with that, taking up precious battery time.

On Autopilot the software takes care of all of that and you get great smooth cinematic shots and more of them on a single battery. Plus in many ways its safer because if you do the planning correctly you will not crash or lose sight of your Phantom - often we panic and our judgement isn't so good as to where the Phantom is in relation to other objects and its easier to crash then one might thinki!

The Phantom has one major constraint: a single remote controller (RC). This means you have to use the RC to fly the Phantom and manage the camera at the same time - a difficult task that requires hours and hours of practice. The 2 controller systems like the Inspire 1 or the S1000 have the advantage of a dedicated RC for the pilot and the camera-man making it feasible to get amazing complex shots as one person focuses on the position of the drone and the other focuses on the camera.

But that has changed as autopilot capabilities now exist and great 3rd party apps like Litchi have been created to take full advantage of this and give you full autopilot capabilities for your Phantom.

The DJI Go app also has autopilot capabilities and in some cases they are worth looking at, but for the most part the Litchi is better from the point of view that you can pre-plan your shots from the comfort of your living room and not under pressure while up in the air. And lets face it flying requires intense concentration and pressure mounts easily so its best the planning and thinking is done before hand when you have the time.

Please see the links below for where you can get the Litchi app and also the Litchi help manual. A link to the DJI website for Phantom 3 help videos and downloads has also been provided.

This course will teach you 6 main shots (on iOS you are not currently able to do the orbit yet, but Litchi assure me its something they are working on). These 6 shots should empower you to get some amazing footage and maximum value per battery. But the main thing is that you will be trained to use the Litchi app which does come with a learning curve. Once you understand the intricacies of this app you will be empowered to create some of your own killer shots which hopefully you will share with me and other users to try out.

So I wish you happy and safe flying and that you take the most awesome amazing shots with your Phantom 3.


Litchi recently launched the mission hub which brings your flying experience to the cloud. Watch this lecture to learn all about how to use it.


This lecture explains the concepts about keeping your subject in frame and specifically the Litchi variables that will affect framing.


Some students have requested a showcase of all the techniques in a Montage video and here it is showing some of the popular shooting and editing techniques

Section 2: Litchi app & camera settings
iOS app & camera settings
Android app & camera settings
Phantom 4 settings
C button technique for Phantom Standard
Camera setting to fix motion cadence or juddery pans
Shutter speed and ND filters
Section 3: The Flyby

This lecture teaches you how to set up perhaps the most basic yet oftentimes the most striking shot known as the Flyby. Sure you can fly this shot manually with the sticks in P-mode, but you will not always get a smooth, consistent cinematic shot. With the help of the Litchi app you will be guaranteed a brilliant consistent and smooth Flyby shot everytime. The Flyby makes a great opening shot for your production. This lecture will teach you how to safely and quickly set up the Flyby.


I will take you through the Litchi app step by step and explain to you exactly how everything works and how to master the Waypoint mode to achieve the perfect Flyby.

Execution of the Flyby

Here we get to review the Flyby in all its glory after editing it on Adobe Premier Pro 9.

Section 4: The POI (point of interest) Flyby

This shot takes the Flyby to a new level as we now introduce a point of interest (POI) which the camera tracks and keeps in frame throughout the shot. You will learn how to set up the POI and how to work the mission settings to get the Phantom to fly in a smooth manner all the while focusing on the POI.


By now you should have some familiarity with the Litchi app and Ground station mode. In this lecture I will show you how to add a POI (point of interest) to a mission and to select the correct Gimbal mode and heading to achieve a super smooth POI Flyby shot.


Here we will look at what the Litchi app looks like when the shot is being executed. I will show you the key items to focus on to help you understand this shot better.


This is where we get to see the final footage of the PPI Flyby and to assess how well the Litchi app managed the shot. A bit of editing has been done in Adobe Premier 9 CC.

Section 5: The advanced POI (point of interest) Flyby

The Advanced POI Flyby has more complexity in the shot to give a more sophisticated result. Here we show you how to use more then 2 waypoints, to create tight smooth turns and to explore changes in altitude to create a beautiful cinematic shot.

A recent use of this shot was done in a very special location in South Africa called Cloud 9 - see links below.


We show you step by step how to set up this Advanced POI Flyby shot. Some useful tips are also given especially around how to ensure proper gimbal pitch when using a higher altitude above a subject matter close by.


Here we examine what the shot looks like when executing it on the Litchi app in air.


Here we take a look at the final shot and talk through the various set up decisions we made which gave us a great result in the end.


Footage taken by the author demonstrating the Advanced POI FLyby

Section 6: The Orbit

The Orbit is a classic shot that up until now has been virtually impossible to fly. But, with the advent of autopilot like the Litchi app this shot can be easily and quickly set up at home and flawlessly executed on the field to give you super smooth cinematic footage for your project.


I will show you step by step on how to create this shot on Litchi app. I will discuss an auto versus manual version giving you flexibility and options for when you execute the shot.


You will see what this shot looks like running on the Litchi app whilst the Phantom is in flight.


Finally we will review an edited version of the Orbit.

Section 7: The Forward Reveal

The Forward Reveal is an absolute classic shot that is often used as an establishing shot at the beginning of a scene. Learn how to set up and run this shot in full autopilot for pro smooth results.


I will teach you how to set up this special kind of mission in the air by using custom keys as well as interpolate - all to achieve this classic shot. I will then show you how this shot appears on the Litchi app when being executed in the air.


Here we go through the Forward Reveal and I will show you how to make it look even better in post production by adjusting the starting point and speeding it up a little.

Section 8: The Backward Reveal

A spectacular shot that reveals a subject whilst moving away. Oftentimes used with architecture.


There are a few ways to create this shot, for example it can be done with a POI. However we will show you how to do this using the same Frame to frame method we used for the Forward Reveal.


Here we take a look at the Backwards Reveal after some editing. This is a simple yet powerful shot and is excellent for buildings and architecture.


This method allows you to set up the Reveal with a single click of the C1 button and employs Focus mode. 

Section 9: The Corkscrew

This shot was created by Taylor Moore (website link below) and is a mesmerizing powerful shot only capable of being achieved on a quadcopter. This lecture builds on from your knowledge gained in Section 6 the Orbit and takes it to the next level. There is a clever trick that is applied for safety reasons and explained in the lecture.

Section 10: Course Lock

Learn how to shoot a straight line shot with course lock 

Section 11: Extra stuff (formerly Bonus material)
Interpolation explained

This lecture is a review of version 3 of the Litchi App


What does the elevation information on the Hub under each Waypoint's altitude setting mean? I explain it in this short video.


In this lecture you will be shown the concept of how altitude works in relation to power on position and a method for calculating altitude on uneven terrain. Please note a spreadhseet called the "altitude setting calculator" is attached to this lecture. 


A short lecture containing the one thing we must always know how to do - stop a mission!

How to change the mission or cruising speed during a mission

The Cheatsheet is a summary of most shots in both courses. Print it, laminate it and have it with you when you go flying as a handy reference tool. Created by Mike Soto. 


Here is a website where I uploaded Youtube friendly music for cinematic shots.

You can sample the music and download it on the site and its categorized into Royalty free vs Youtube friendly.

If you have any music you want me to add let me know.

Happy flying

Laurence Seberini


Use the Reveal Calculator to calculate how long a Reveal shot will take to execute. Created by Anthony Cioffi

Pre flight checklist lecture
Section 12: Bonus lecture
Bonus lecture

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Instructor Biography

Laurence Seberini, Aerial videographer

I am a passionate about aerial videography & have been in the game since 2012. I love the Phantom 3 but often get frustrated with the remote controller limitations. However, recently with the introduction of autopilot capabilities the Phantom 3 is now capable of amazing cinematic pro shots. I have spent a lot of time figuring out autopilot shots and created this course to share my techniques with you. I really hope your videography gets taken to the next level with this course.

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