Dog Training - Part 1: Natural Raw Food Diet For Dogs & Cats
4.2 (16 ratings)
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Dog Training - Part 1: Natural Raw Food Diet For Dogs & Cats

Transition Your Dog & Cat Onto Raw Feeding The Safe & Easy Way & Why They Need More Than BARF!
4.2 (16 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
128 students enrolled
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What Will I Learn?
  • Advance your Natural Dog Whispering skills so you can form a better bond with your companion animal.
  • Improve your knowledge about where domesticated animals have come from and what the main problems they face in society today so you can be better equipped to help them lead longer happier lives in your care.
  • Grasp why it is important to feed domesticated animals their species appropriate diet so their overall health and well-being is being cared for in the best possible way.
  • Expand your pet nutrition knowledge, so you can identify which ingredients get left out of processed pet foods and why these can cause vitamin and mineral deficiencies which can lead to poor health and behaviour problems.
  • Know which two most vital steps to take BEFORE switching an animal onto its species appropriate diet so it makes the smoothest transition possible.
  • Boost your confidence about how to introduce raw foods, including raw bones, so you avoid many of the mistakes novice raw feeders often make.
  • Master your raw feeding skills so you know which raw foods are safe to eat and which ones you are to avoid which may cause further digestion issues within your animal.
  • Feel confident about knowing how to monitor the changes the animal will go through on its new diet and how to trouble shoot any problems if they arise.
  • Progress your knowledge so you know which supplements are necessary to ensure that the animal’s digestive system works correctly and how they can help to detox harsh toxins or poisons from their system in a safe and effective manner.
  • Acquire helpful tips on how to source, store and handle raw foods safely, along with learning how to dramatically cut your animals lifetime pet care bills, saving you time, stress and money.
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  • No special requirements and suitable for anyone with a pet, considering a pet or interested in pets

This video training course is a LIVE RECORDING and part of Nikki's three day workshop. The course is aimed at those who wish to gain full education on natural pet diet and nutrition and how to safely make the switch from processed pet food onto a raw food diet.

The course goes into detail about how to provide the optimum nutrition through feeding a raw, species appropriate diet to dogs and cats, which pet foods to avoid, the correct ones to give, how much, how often and how to make further money savings on lifetime pet care bills by feeding a raw and natural diet. 

Includes extra bonus training on Natural Dog Whispering Methods and a special bonus video from Udemy Instructor, Barry Mapp, all about dog poo which is a MUST SEE! 

Who is the target audience?
  • This training course is suitable for both dog and cat owners, Rescue Shelter Staff, Dog Breeders, Dog Trainers & Dog Behaviourists, who are looking to improve the quality of life of the animals in their care, by feeding them a species appropriate raw food diet.
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Curriculum For This Course
27 Lectures
Course Introduction By Nikki Brown
1 Lecture 03:37

Welcome To My Online Natural Pet Diet & Nutrition Course, which is taken from my three day training workshop for my students who are training become Natural Dog Whisperers. This video training course is aimed to help all animals lovers who care for animals both at home or at work, to help them lead and longer healthier happier life in their care with you.  

Preview 03:37
An Introduction Into Natural Dog Whispering
3 Lectures 32:29

In this video lecture, Nikki, introduces the concept that Dogs are part of the canine species and the importance of understanding that it is when we try to humanise an animal, that health and behavioural problems can appear. Nikki also talks about the importance of learning about what our domesticated canines need to bring them back into natural balance and well-being and ensure their every need is fulfilled correctly. 

Preview 13:19

In this video lecture, Nikki talks about the benefits of learning how to communicate with animals in their own language and why it results in a deeper trust and bond with your animal companion. 

How Natural Dog Whispering Yields Better Results Than Treat Training

In this video lecture, Nikki, compares the different methods other dog professionals use and what the key elements are to becoming a successful Natural Dog Whisperer and what methods are used to correctly identify the problems. 

What Are The Key Elements To Becoming Successful In Natural Dog Whispering.

Answer the following quiz questions by selecting the multiple choice answer which Nikki discussed in the relevant video presentation.  

An Introduction into Natural Dog Whispering
10 questions
Understanding The Canine Species
2 Lectures 39:31

In this video, Nikki talks about where dogs have come from, how they have evolved through domestication, what the present challenges they face and what we can do to look towards the future to help our canine companions live longer healthy and happier lives in our care. 

The Past, Present & Future Of Our Canine Companions

In this video, Nikki takes a look at the past, present and future of our canine species and the global problems they are facing in today's fast paced society and what we can do to help our animal companions to lead longer and healthier lives in our care. 

The Global Problems Dogs Are Facing

Answer the following quiz questions by selecting the multiple choice answer which Nikki discussed in the relevant video presentation.

The past, present and future of our canine companions
4 questions
Natural Pet Diet & Nutrition
13 Lectures 01:39:29

In this video Nikki discusses why it is important to provide an animal with its species appropriate diet so we can help them balance out their health and well-being whilst being in our care. 

Why It Is Important To Provide Your Pet With It's Species Appropriate Diet.

In this video Nikki, explains where commercialised pet food originated from and how over the last 100 years it has developed into a multi billion dollar insudtry. 

The History of Pet Food

In this video, Nikki discusses how the commercialised pet food industry is heavily embedded with the veterinary associations and why this is contributing to our animals poor health and well-being. Nikki also takes a look at the more educated and Holistic Veterinarians, who are helping their clients by providing correct education on raw feeding & pet diet and nutrition.  

What Is Happening In The Pet Food Industry

In this video, Nikki discusses the main terms you may find on commercial pet food and explain what they really mean. 

What Do The Terms On Pet Food Labels Really Mean?

In this video, Nikki discusses the signs to look out for that processed pet food is damaging an animal's system and shows one of her real life case studies to show how quickly a dog can return back to good health and vitality by using her natural protocol. 

Some of The Effects of Processed Pet Food Diets

In this video, Nikki, explains why senior animals can still make the switch onto a natural raw food diet, which can help to extend their quality of life and lifespan. 

Can Old Dogs Make The Switch Onto A Raw Diet?

In this video, Nikki discusses the three main factors which need to be considered before switching your dog or cat onto a raw food diet. 

The Factors You Need To Consider Before Switching Your Pet Onto A Raw Food Diet

In this video Nikki, explains her best protocol for fasting and detoxifying the animal's system in preparation for the diet switch to take place successfully and safely.   

How To Prepare Your Pet's System Before Feeding Raw Meaty Bones

In this video Nikki, discusses the importance of supplementing your pet's diet with the correct organic supplements to ensure optimum health and vitality.

Why It Is Important To Supplement Your Pet's Diet With The Right Supplements

In this video, Nikki discusses what Fulvic Acid is and why it is so important to ensure the animal receives this natural substance to ensure their digestive, immune and nervous systems function at their optimum levels to create natural health and well-being.  

What is Fulvic Acid?

In this video, Nikki discusses the changes which you will notice in your animal when it has been on the raw diet for a period of between 2-8 weeks. 

What Changes Will Occur In Your Animal On The Raw Diet?

Special bonus video from Barry Mapp who literally takes his camera around the garden to study his dog's poo and the remarkable changes it has gone through since putting his dog onto a raw meaty bones diet. 

Preview 02:43

In this video, Nikki discusses the importance of giving your cat and dog, raw bones and how to overcome any fears you may have about them choking on them. 

This video clip was taken by one of Nikki's clients who filmed his dog Lottie investigating and eating her very first ever raw chicken wing. 

Nikki explains why It is important to note NEVER GIVE YOUR DOG COOKED BONES from your dinner plate or the pet shop and teaches you ways to trouble shoot any animal who may be swallowing their raw bones too quickly.  

Is It Safe To Feed Raw Chicken Meaty Bones To Your Pet?

Answer the following quiz questions by selecting the multiple choice answer which Nikki discussed in the relevant video presentation.  

Natural Pet Diet & Nutrition Quiz
12 questions
How To Safely Make The Switch To A Raw Meaty Bones Diet
6 Lectures 33:04

In this video, Nikki gives a brief outline of which raw foods are to be fed in the first two weeks of the animal's raw diet and how much to give and how often. Please note this is just a guide which has been based on a medium sized dog who gets walked once a day. Amounts will vary according to the size of dog, and how much exercise it will receive every day. The important thing to note is that for the first week, it is best if things are taken slowly and daily recommended amounts are worked up to over a period of one to two weeks. 

What Raw Foods Are To Be Given In the First Two Weeks? How Much and How Often?

In this video, Nikki discusses which types of raw meaty bones meals to give an animal and the importance of why they need to receive offal or "organ meat" in their diet too. 

What Other Types Of Raw Foods Can You Feed After Two Weeks On The New Diet?

In this Video, Nikki discusses when it is appropriate to begin feeding puppies on raw meaty bones and how to safely ensure they develop strong immune systems and healthy teeth and gums. 

Other Factors To Be Considered When Feeding A Raw Diet

In this video, Nikki discusses what BARF food is and when it maybe a good idea to feed an animal this kind of raw food.

What Is BARF & When Is It Appropriate To Feed This To An Animal?

In the Video, Nikki discusses what to look out for when identifying early stages of gum disease and tooth decay in an animals mouth. she then goes onto discuss about the safety guidelines to follow when storing and handling raw foods for animals. 

Safe Care When Storing, Handling and Feeding Raw Meaty Bones

In this video Nikki, discusses the cost savings you can make throughout the lifetime of caring for an animal, when you feed them a raw, natural, species appropriate diet.  

Cost Savings Of The Raw Meaty Bones Diet.

Answer the following quiz questions by selecting the multiple choice answer which Nikki discussed in the relevant video presentation.  

How To Safely Make The Switch Onto A Raw Meaty Bones Diet.
12 questions
Bonus Lectures: Real Life Case Study
2 Lectures 14:56

In this video, Nikki presents the real life case study of Bella and how her natural protocols on the Canine Angel Natural Health Program, helped this dog to recover and heal from a serious life threatening illness in just five short months. 

Case Study: The Story of Bella (Part 1)

In this video Nikki discusses the lessons which she learnt from Bella throughout her healing program and why it is important to share these lessons so it may help other animals who are going through the same kind of experience. 

Case Study: The Story of Bella (Part 2)
About the Instructor
Nikki Brown
3.9 Average rating
16 Reviews
128 Students
1 Course
Natural Dog Whisperer at Canine Angel

My name is Nikki Brown and I am The UK’s Leading "Natural Dog Whisperer" 

I earned my reputation as "The Canine Angel", through helping pet owners all over the world, to solve and prevent, both health and behavioural problems, using a totally natural and holistic approach.

I belong to the Association of the Canine Behaviour Centre in Cumbria, UK, where I gained my qualifications in Dog Psychology and Advanced Dog Aggression. My areas of expertise are: Human & Dog Psychology, Natural Dog Whispering, Animal Communication, Natural Pet Diet & Nutrition, Natural & Holistic Health Care For Animals, Pet Bereavement Counselling & Energy Healing. 

My passion lies in being able to help the human understand the world through their pets eyes and ensure they receive my expertise in helping to solve and prevent any health or behavioural problem which their animal may be suffering with, 

My aim is to help both the human and animal to form an unbreakable, deep and loving bond so their relationship may grow in strength and unity, which will ultimately lead to a happier and healthier life for them both and thus preventing early euthanasia or the animal having to be re-homed or enter the rescue system. 

I have appeared on TV & Radio and have written for several Top UK Dog magazines and have self published my first Book  "What Your Dog is Begging For!" 

I service clients and students all over the world, through 1-2-1 mentoring and training sessions, Group training workshops and seminars, training manuals, videos, books and articles.  

Barry Mapp
4.2 Average rating
991 Reviews
17,888 Students
7 Courses
Mind Mapping, Wellness, and Learning Coach at Udemy

I'm a speaker, trainer, and personal development coach based in the UK with a special interest in the brain, accelerated learning and people development.  My present focus is  developing high quality, simple, innovative, life-skills based, video e-learning courses. I now have over 16,000 students in more than 150 countries - this is the reach and power of e-learning.

My 'MIND MAPPING - SMART WORKING' Course is currently the NUMBER ONE Personal Development course in the mind mapping niche, with more than twice the number of enrollments and ten times the number of four and five-star reviews compared to the next most popular course. A course that's genuinely worth paying that little bit extra for. 

A bit of background information about me: 

I've worked in schools, colleges and universities in the UK, and also in the corporate and SME sector, working with students, teachers, apprentices, managers and leaders. My background is actually in clinical science where I ran an NHS Clinical Biochemistry Department in a District General Hospital and I was also a Quality Consultant to my local hospitals and local Health Authority. I also have an active interest in Health and Healing.

Back in 1996, after training in 'mental literacy' with Tony Buzan (the inventor of Mind Mapping), I set up my own training company the House of Learning. A year later, I put some of my new skills to the test and competed in the World Memory and the World Speed Reading Championships (silver medal position in the latter). Altogether, I have 20 years experience working in the personal development sector and in the field of business leadership. I am also a teacher and practitioner of Reiki and I have a Udemy course about the 'Science of Healing' 

'Mind' Mapping - Smart Working - Creating Effective Mind Maps' was my first course in this marketplace and I now also have a 'Smart Learning' and a 'Smart Speaking' course.  Many of my students have English as a second language. I have launched three new courses in 2017 and there are two more courses on the way for Summer - then I'll take a breather I think!