Goals Achieved! Goal setting success made simple.
5.0 (11 ratings)
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2,299 students enrolled
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Goals Achieved! Goal setting success made simple.

Achieve your personal goals, boost your success and happiness, and live the life of your dreams.
5.0 (11 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
2,299 students enrolled
Last updated 3/2015
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What Will I Learn?
  • Understand how goals are linked to your success and happiness.
  • Identify what you really want to do with your life.
  • Discover the changes you can make to live the lifestyle of your dreams.
  • Set specific, achievable and relevant goals that excite and inspire you.
  • Develop skills to transform your attitude and mindset to position yourself for success.
  • Utilise resources to help build the skills necessary to complete your goals.
  • Put into action a plan to work consistently towards your dream lifestyle.
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  • A passion and desire to live a better, happier life
  • A notebook and pen to capture your ideas and inspirations

To have a truly happy and fulfilling lifestyle we need meaning in our lives. Goals provide that meaning, and the challenge and excitement to stop you being bored, complacent and mediocre.

This course will help you live life to its fullest potential. You'll learn to achieve inspiring bite-sized goals before preparing to take on larger more challenging, life changing goals.

Master a simple seven step strategy to consistently achieve your goals

  • Understand why goals are linked to success and happiness
  • Make the necessary changes to turn your life around
  • Take practical steps to set achievable goals
  • Develop skills to transform your attitude and mindset
  • Implement a plan to work actively on your dream lifestyle

We all set and achieve goals every day without even noticing. But they're generally routine life or work related tasks that don't always provide the excitement you need to remain happy and fulfilled.

Together we'll discover what really excites and inspires you. We'll look at how to set goals that are relevant to your future lifestyle. You'll discover how to achieve these goals whilst remaining motivated and craving of success!

I'll tell you about how I faced adversity before setting out on my two year “bucket list" adventure. I want to inspire you with my unique story so that you make the most of your life NOW.

Contents and overview

You'll advance naturally, step-by-step through this interactive course of 50 lectures.

First we'll figure out exactly what it is you want to accomplish in your life. Then, through a series of practical learning sessions you'll tackle your own real life goals from start to finish.

Goal completion is all about action, and action is what you'll take as you work with me. I'll be there every step of the way and you'll also be part of a supportive discussion group of other goal setters and achievers. There are plenty of extra resources to help keep you motivated.

By the end of this course you'll be perfectly positioned for success. You should feel confident, inspired and ready to embark on a lifetime of goal achieving adventures.

Procrastination is the number one reason why goal setters don't become goal achievers!

Come on - let's have some fun and go on a really effective, inspiring, goal achieving adventure together.

Who is the target audience?
  • If you feel you’re not living life to its full potential, then this course is for you. Perhaps you’re overwhelmed when you look into the future. You might think that life is passing you by and you’re ready to make some significant changes. Or you’re at a crossroads and need some new direction. If you want to set relevant and achievable bite-sized goals that will help you live the lifestyle you really desire, then click the “Start Learning Now” button!
  • This course is probably not for you if you aren't ready to make changes, or you don't have the desire to take positive action in your life.
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Curriculum For This Course
50 Lectures
3 Lectures 08:09


Welcome to this course on setting and, more importantly, achieving your personal goals. My name is Ian Usher and I'm excited you're here.

- Do you want to live life to its fullest potential?

- Do you want to create happiness by aspiring to, and achieving, your lifestyle dreams?

After all, bottom line, isn't that what we all really want? To have a happy, fulfilling life?

I'm guessing you're here because you need some help. Perhaps you feel overwhelmed when you look into the future. Or you're at a crossroads – in need of new direction.

Are you simply new to the idea of working towards structured and well planned goals?

Maybe you've already set some goals, but aren't quite sure how to tackle them. Whatever the reason, if you want to achieve bite-sized goals that will keep you happy and inspired, you're in the right place!

But take heed - if you're not ready to make changes, or take positive action in your life, then this course probably isn't for you.

Still with me? Great!

So here's what you'll learn once we get going.

First we'll figure out exactly what it is you want to accomplish in your life.

Through a series of practical learning sessions you'll work on your own goals from start to finish. This is an interactive course that will guide you all the way to success.

Goal completion is all about action, and action is what you'll be taking as you work with me. I'll be there every step of the way and you'll also be part of a supportive discussion group of other goal setters and achievers.

So what makes me an authority on personal goals?

Well, I have a degree in teaching – so I've got that bit covered! But my goal setting journey began in 2008 when I found myself at a major personal crossroads. A huge “blindside” moment had knocked my life off track and I had to re-assess. I chose to step outside my comfort zone and make a series of positive changes.

My story's quite unique and I've become somewhat infamous in the area of goals. But you can read more about that in my profile. Suffice to say I have now completed almost 100 bucket list goals and have a wealth of practical information I'd like to share with you.

Is this course full of hypothetical theory?

Not a chance! You'll learn by hearing, seeing, and most importantly, by doing. There are three easy to follow examples.

Our journey together will be fun, exciting and challenging. Most of all it will be more rewarding than you can possibly imagine.

You can't just “be happy”, you have to create happiness. To have a truly fulfilling lifestyle we must have meaning in our lives. Goals provide that meaning. They provide the challenge and the excitement to stop you being bored, complacent and mediocre.

I learned all this through adversity - I want you to learn this now, through your own choices.

If you've already enrolled – CONGRATULATIONS – You're on your way!

But, if you're still undecided please hit the “TAKE THIS COURSE” button, because really, there's no better time than right NOW!

Procrastination is the number one reason why goal setters don't become goal achievers!

Come on - let's go on a really effective, inspiring, goal achieving adventure together.

Preview 03:39

This course is laid out in an easy to follow format. You will advance naturally, step-by-step, as this course unfolds. Each simple process will guide you through a series of actions.

In Lecture 2 we look briefly at what you can expect to discover and learn in each section.

There is a PDF download of the course outline - just click the link below.

Preview 02:54

Throughout this course we'll be offering additional materials and resources to help you along the way. We hope they will give you added inspiration as you progress through each of the lectures.

Lecture 3 explains where you will find these free resources and how to access them.

For a handy reference guide to all the information available, there is a PDF file that you can download from the resources section for this lecture. It gives you a complete overview of the course.

Preview 01:36
My Background
3 Lectures 06:51

So, what qualifies me to talk to you about goals?

My story is a little unusual to say the least. I'll keep it brief here but I'll add some extra links if you want to delve more deeply into my story. These links will also give you more information about how I live my life.

I'm probably best known as "the guy who listed his entire life for sale on eBay". This resulted in a lot of media coverage around the world and led me to begin my own goal achieving adventure.

Lecture 4 summarizes my story and I hope it will provide you with the inspiration you need to get started with your own goals and lifestyle changes.

Preview 02:39

The one question I was asked most often in interviews on the run up to the eBay auction was, "What will you do once you sell your life?" After much contemplation I decided to write out my own "bucket list" of 100 goals that I would aim to complete in a challenging timeline of 100 weeks. This resulted in two years of solid experience setting, planning and achieving my goals!

Lecture 5 gives you an overview of that adventure.

You can download my "Bucket List" below - it may give you some inspiration for your own goals.

For an entertaining break, take a pause to watch the video highlights from my travels. You can find a link to this video below. There is also a link to the 100goals100weeks.com website.

Preview 02:41

What did I do after two years of amazing travel and goal achieving adventures? Find out a little more in Lecture 6.

For a real insight into my life at this time, you can watch a documentary filmed by a UK production company by following the link below.

Preview 01:31
Learning Objectives
1 Lecture 04:56

Lecture 7 looks at what you can expect to learn from this course.

It isn't just about the theory of setting and achieving goals. This is a practical, hands-on, interactive course that encourages you to take real, meaningful action.

One of the biggest benefits of this course will be an increased level of confidence in yourself and your abilities. You will finish the course feeling empowered, motivated and inspired. By following the guidelines presented, you will be more resourceful, more independent and ultimately happier about who you are, and where you are headed.

Preview 04:56
The Importance of Goals
2 Lectures 06:28

It's never too late to look at your life and ask yourself:

"Is my life really how I want it to be?"

Lecture 8 looks at the differences between dreams and goals and why NOW is the best time of your life to get started on the changes you want to make.

There's a great movie from 2007 called “The Bucket List”. It stars Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman. There's a link to the movie trailer below.

Dreams vs. goals

There are many books and quite a few courses that will tell you how important it is to set goals and to work towards achieving them. Few, if any, of these books and courses really discuss in much depth why goals are so important.

Lecture 9 continues to look at the importance of goals and the part they will play in your future success and happiness.

Dreams, goals, success and happiness
Defining Your Goals
3 Lectures 05:23

In this lesson you will be asking yourself some questions to discover what REALLY makes you happy.

Try to figure out what you are excited by, where your passions lie and what really makes you tick.

Download the "PDF Practical Learning Some Important Questions" (link below), to help you with this process. Use this lesson to help you figure out what really makes you happy.

A few important questions to ask yourself (inc practical learning)

Many people think of goals simply in terms of big ticket "bucket list" items. However, there are many more areas in which we can set goals and work towards our dreams and ultimate happiness.

This short Lecture 11 gives inspiration for your goals in a variety of different lifestyle categories.

Balance your goals

Your Personal Dreams and Goal Ideas

In this practical session you will reflect on what you've learned so far about goals and make a list of all the things that you would like to do, or achieve in your life.

At this stage don't limit yourself. Don't think about whether your goals are realistic, too challenging, or if they seem impossible.

Download the "PDF Practical Learning My Unlimited List" below, to help with this process.

Practical learning
Seven Simple Steps – Number 1
6 Lectures 17:00

In Lecture 13 we discover why it's so important to write down your goals.

Let’s get started

Goals need careful planning. Defining a SMART goal gives you direction and a solid plan to help set your goal on the path to ultimate success.

Let's start by finding out just what a SMART goal is in Lecture 14.

Set SMART goals for success

In Lecture 15 we take a more detailed look at each part of the SMART acronym.

We find out exactly what makes your goal Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-bound.

SMART detail

Now you are ready to apply the SMART strategy to your goals.

Download the "PDF Practical Learning Apply the SMART Strategy" document from Resources in this section.

Download the " PDF Three SMART Examples" as a guide to completing your worksheet and for inspiration.

Download and Print the "PDF SMART Worksheet" - one sheet for each of your goal ideas.

You now have all the tools to practice defining specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, time-based goals.

On this worksheet you'll find a number of questions that need to be answered and completed for each of the goals you have selected. The three examples of the SMART strategy, applied to three different types of goals can be used for guidance and inspiration.

Please don't rush this activity. It is probably the single most important part of this course.

A simple start (inc practical learning)

In Lecture 17 you will look at the process of making a commitment.

It's also time to think about which one goal you will move forward with when you get to Lecture 18's Practical Learning.

Make a commitment

Practical Learning Session - Goal Realization

Now we will look at what is your first goal.

Download the "PDF Practical Learning Goal Realization Sheet" to guide you through this exercise.

Download the "Goal Realization Sheet" as well - you will use this form consistently as you progress through the course.

Once you've worked through this lesson, we'd love to hear from you.

Why not be accountable to us and others following this course and tell us

"what is your goal and why did you pick it?"

Post a quick message on the discussion forum for this lesson.

Practical learning
Seven Simple Steps – Number 2
3 Lectures 05:43

In Lecture 19 you will find out why without a structured, well thought out plan you will lack any real direction. We will also look at setting a deadline - a target date for the achievement of your goal.

Planning, preparation and progress

A quick reminder here in Lecture 20 about keeping your first goal simple and uncomplicated.

An easy starting point

Practical Learning - Setting Deadlines

Now we will give some thought to deadlines and smaller action steps to make your goal less daunting.

Download "PDF Practical Learning Setting Deadlines"

Follow the instructions to complete Section 2 of your "Goal Realization Sheet" before continuing with the course.

Practical learning
Seven Simple Steps – Number 3
5 Lectures 17:55

Lecture 22 introduces the reasons why it is important to work on your mindset if you want to successfully achieve all your goals.

Mind over matter

Your attitude is one of the key precursors for the successful completion of your goals. You will find out how this will help you to succeed in Lecture 23.

Attitude and expectations

Lecture 24 provides you with some practical ideas to develop a positive mindset. Try to incorporate some of these into your daily routine in order to develop positive habits, and positive thoughts.

Positive thought processes

Lecture 25 suggests some great inspirational input, including books, movies and music.

There are some further lists here in the resources, to help provide you with even more inspiration. Take a look and see what's available.

Maybe start a discussion here in this section if you can recommend anything to your fellow course members.

Book links

Movie suggestions

Discussion points here to the right.
Inspirational input

Practical Learning Session - Inspirational Input

Depending on how creative you're feeling, you can select one of three practical lessons to complete this section. Or, if you really want to accelerate your progress, do all three!

Option 1 – A Vision Board

Option 2 – Books, Music, Films

Option 3 – Make a change

Download the "PDF Practical Learning Inspire Yourself" below to guide you through this exercise.

There are three further articles that can be downloaded below. They will provide inspiration as you work through this part of the course.

Practical learning
Seven Simple Steps – Number 4
3 Lectures 07:26

It is quite possible that a new goal will necessitate learning a new skill or will require some form of personal growth. Lecture 27 discusses this in more depth and gives you some practical ideas to develop the skills you will need to proceed with your goals.

Knowledge, skills and abilities

Mentoring and accountability plays a crucial part in setting and achieving goals. Lecture 28 discusses who you should make yourself accountable to and what you should look for in your mentor.

Why not make yourself accountable by posting details of your goal now on your Facebook / Twitter or other social media site!

Mentoring and accountability

Practical Learning - Developing your skills

In this Practical Learning lesson we will be asking these questions:

  • What skills do I need to acquire?
  • What knowledge do I need to learn?
  • Who will I select as my mentor?

Download the "PDF Practical Learning Develop Your Skills" document and use the instructions to complete both Section 3 and Section 4 of your "Goal Realization Sheet" before continuing with Lecture 30.

Practical learning
Seven Simple Steps – Number 5
5 Lectures 07:41

Well done, you're progressing well.

Let's have a quick recap of what we've achieved so far:

  • You've brainstormed a list of your ultimate dreams and goal ideas.
  • You've narrowed down that list to 3 short term goals
  • You've applied the SMART strategy to each of these goals
  • You've selected your first specific goal that is both relevant and achievable

Lecture 30 looks at what's next!

Positioned perfectly for success

Lecture 31 introduces real action. You've done all the planning and preparation - now we look at more practical advice for helping to support "Taking your first step".

Real action

Procrastination is the number one reason why "Goal Setters" don't become "Goal Achievers". Lecture 32 explains why and tells you how not to fall into the same trap.

Procrastination – the thief of ...?

Lecture 33 explains why there is no "perfect moment" to get started on your goals.

The "perfect moment" myth

Practical Learning Session - Taking the First Step

Now you will take the first practical step towards achieving your goal.

Download "PDF Practical Learning Taking the First Step" below, to talk you through the steps.

Then we'd like to hear about it.

Go to the discussion section on the right and post a quick message to tell everyone about your goal and what step you've just taken.

Maybe something like this:

"My goal is to …………………………………………….. and my first step was …………………………………

This first step was successfully completed on <date>."

You are now part of a goal setting community – others who are following this course. Others who can give you positive feedback and spur you on to complete your goal!

Practical learning
4 More Sections
About the Instructor
Ian Usher
5.0 Average rating
38 Reviews
2,443 Students
2 Courses
House Sitting Magazine Publisher | Fulltime World Traveller

In 2008 Ian sold his "entire life" on eBay to tackle his bucket list of lifetime goals. He now helps other people achieve their own goals, while living as a full-time house sitter and co-publishing a digital online magazine dedicated to house sitting, travel and roaming incomes.

In 2013, Ian was invited by TEDx Vienna to talk to 900+ people about “Living an Unlimited Life". In the same year, he was featured, along with his partner Vanessa Anderson, on a UK documentary “Ben Fogle: New Lives in the Wild". The program followed the couple's lives as they shared their remote island lifestyle in Panama with a few million people!

Ian's real life experience and inspirational story has made him somewhat infamous in the area of goals. His progress continues to be followed by the media and more recently he has been featured in educational study books. He is also a blogger for Richard Branson's Virgin website and other online magazines.

Ian and Vanessa are currently house sitting in Central America, where they have just launched the new digital magazine "House Sitting - The ultimate lifestyle magazine". This magazine is available on FREE subscription and can be viewed as a full responsive app on Android and Apple devices, or as a simple Flipbook version.

Ian and Vanessa are also developing their own information for people interested in lifestyle change and leading happier, more fulfilling lives. They continue to kick start people as they embark on their own life challenges and helps them to aspire to and achieve their own goals and lifestyle transformation.

So, what on earth would make someone decide to put their whole life up for sale… on eBay?

When Ian decided that it was time to leave the past behind and move on to the next chapter of his life, that is exactly what he did. The results were surprising, entertaining and challenging. However, the auction was only the beginning of the adventure.

What does someone do when they have sold their life? Well, just about anything they like really! Armed with a "bucket list" of 100 lifetime goals, and a self-imposed time frame of 100 weeks, Ian embarked on what could truly be described as the journey of a lifetime – a global adventure spanning six continents, two years, and almost every emotion.

Ian's first book, "A Life Sold", documents his compelling story and tells the roller-coaster ride of life, as experienced by one traveler who is simply looking for a new start. The film rights to his story have recently been purchased by Walt Disney Pictures.

Here's what some of Ian's previous students have said:

“I appreciate your reminder that we can start anew and create the life we want at just about any point along the way. It is inspiring to hear the stories of people like you who have found the drive to go after what you want and need in a bold and unexpected way."
Monica W, Laramie, Wyoming, USA

“I want you to know you have inspired me immensely to do whatever I need to do to see the world."
Dennis S, London, Ontario, Canada

Vanessa Anderson
5.0 Average rating
38 Reviews
2,443 Students
2 Courses
Course Development | Course Instructor | Writer

Vanessa works with her partner, Ian Usher, to develop and teach professional courses at Udemy.

She has a strong business background, having owned and managed her own business in the UK for almost 15 years. Before this she spent many years developing and teaching software courses working as the Training & Development Manager for Wordplex UK.

Now Vanessa's life is very different! She left England in 2013 to live a more fulfilling lifestyle aligned with her own dreams and aspirations.

Vanessa and Ian live as "global nomads", working remotely as they travel the world, experiencing different cultures and different environments. They were featured last year on their small island in Panama, on "Ben Fogle: New Lives in the Wild" - an hour long documentary showing how they lived remotely in the Caribbean.

Currently she is based in Shenzhen, China where she works part-time teaching English to local businesses and VIP students. She is also with Ian to develop a series of "Lifestyle Transformation" courses that will feature on Udemy throughout this year.

Vanessa blogs about her lifestyle for "Sapore di Cine" and other online magazines. She regularly contributes to her own website where you will find inspiring stories of her travels during the last two years.