Personal Branding for Introverts, Shy and Camera Shy

A Concrete Toolkit for You to Build Your Personal Brand as An Introvert Freelancer, Entrepreneur or Executive
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About This Course

Published 3/2016 English

Course Description

Course Description

Hello there, wherever you are, dear Udemy student!

Here is a bold statement from the instructor of this Premium course, from the very beginning about what this course is and what is not: this course enables you to create a professional identity that will help you earn more money on your current professional expertise. It is not about strengthening your positioning among your close circle or friends and fans, but about carving a voice and a distinct reputation in your professional field. Whatever it is.

This course is brutally honest around several highly debated topics and with an obsessive care for well-defined steps, clear tips and actionable to do lists. At the end of this course you will be able to build your personal brand entirely from scratch, manage it consistently and start to cash in under its umbrella. I’ll make sure that you’ll successfully reach this point!

How can you do that? First of all, you become aware of your assets, as this course helps you understand how to transform your perceived minuses into pluses. Immediately after, you learn to ask yourself the right questions and get the appropriate answers, you become able to make a strategic choice, define it down to its essence in few possible words, wrap it in a nutshell of personal rhetoric and then go out to promote it efficiently, towards whom it matters. So let’s make sure that you own the proper tools and everything becomes clear!

I need you to know this, right now, before you unwrap this Premium Course I have designed just for you.

I am an introvert myself and I’ve been working in Advertising and Branding for 16 years already. I have a degree in Philosophy and an MA in Communication.

I’ve founded a Reputation Management company called … Innerout (does it ring a bell?), providing Branding Consultancy for startups and Lifestyle Entrepreneurship. I like to read and write, but that does not hinder me from delivering public speaking on a few areas of expertise. See? It’s possible!

Now, here I am! Ready to share with you here my expertise in full transparency as the world belongs to those who know how to make the most of who they are, in full authenticity, while having fun.

Get ready to make the most out of who you really are. See you in the course!

Your Reputation Expert,

Michaela Radulescu

What are the requirements?

  • An open mind, the wish towards a better self-awareness, the will to evolve and the determination to make honest money out of what you authentically are. Sustainably and for a lifetime.

What am I going to get from this course?

  • You get a clear picture of your key assets as a rather introvert in order to be sustainable and credible: self-awareness in a smoothly guided manner.
  • You understand the right questioning in order to get to the essence of you and a splendidly simple tool to put this essence in the best words for a relevant positioning
  • You get a clear to do list for laying the foundation of your brand – a first capital step to take right: tools to establish Descriptor, Personal Statement and Personal Manifesto;
  • You benefit from an actionable checklist of how to design your own personal visual identity kit, starting with your logo. Yes, your own logo!
  • You acknowledge dos and don'ts when going out to network, present or sell anything;
  • You access an honest checklist of solutions when speaking in public to avoid stress;
  • You work with dos and don’ts (with simple and mostly ignored rules) when creating and managing an online profile on all platforms.
  • • You get a set of downloadable resources with lifetime access

Who is the target audience?

  • • Young people at the beginning of their career and students who want to get an edge when applying for internships
  • Freelancers
  • Entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and digipreneurs
  • • Executives in downshifting or in search for a new professional challenge.
  • Who is not the audience? Extrovert outspoken sales people with a proven record of their outing and public speaking performance.

What you get with this course?

Not for you? No problem.
30 day money back guarantee.

Forever yours.
Lifetime access.

Learn on the go.
Desktop, iOS and Android.

Get rewarded.
Certificate of completion.


Section 1: 1: Your Personal Branding Quest Starts Right Now on Udemy

In this lecture you can easily spot my professional background and expertise that recommend me as the best Instructor for you on Personal Branding at this time on Udemy.


Nice to meet you, dear introverts! Your fast course benefits here!


You'll understand how to evaluate your own goals and objectives with the help of 2 schemes.

Introversion quick Quiz
Section 2: 2. Beautiful minds. The greatness of introverts, proven by science

Read these quick signs of your behavior in order to understand and value your special capabilities; understand introverts versus extroverts.


Facts proven by recent findings in Neuroscience, regarding the special capabilities that an introvert brain can develop. How can these specific traits boost a personal brand and why it’s good to be aware of them.


In this lecture you’ll understand that there are differences between shyness and introversion and there are different ways that you can treat them.


Discover your special control keys in several aspects as opposed to your fellow extrovert!


Engage in this checklist so you can tick off the sources of your shyness. Become aware of them and use them in your own benefit!

Section 3: 3. The leadership of introverts

Here you have a concise and interactive map on your introversion characteristics. Understand your own nature, let yourself inspired and know how to make these traits work in your benefit!


Use this essential guide to the right questioning as a prerequisite for defining your brand.


We’ve been living among so many myths related to how introverts lose the start towards success. Nothing more inaccurate. You’ll understand here, what aces you have in your sleeves that I bet you weren’t aware of. Browse through 9 disrupting simple truths that are gold, but you tend to ignore.


In this lecture you will find the top 10 most important assets of introversion. I suggest you work upon internalising them in your everyday life


In this lecture you’ll understand why introverts are much more prepared for success in life and overall happiness than anyone else. Amazing study, that lasted for 75 years and it’s still ongoing helps you understand what really matters in your career and social life and how to shape your personal brand according to that.


Take two pills of fundamental questions that trigger the exact answers that you need.

Section 4: 4. Personal branding down to essentials and to what really matters

Understand the reason why we live among brands, what is their essence and the vital need they nurture. At the end of this lecture you'll agree that, without brands our life as humans would be almost impossible. 


Find here the 3 main capital pillars of any brand. All the brands in the world follow this guideline. So should you!


You'll discover here that brands might not be what you thought they were. I challenge you to make a shift in your perspective about brands. 


When I say "lie" I refer to a daunting myth. 30 years ago this was possible. Not anymore. Understand how to avoid the main misconception and trap in branding and personal branding.


Find here a quick to do list to follow to make sure you get a boost in your career.

Section 5: 5. Lay the proper foundation of your brand: position yourself!

Personal Branding can start with the help of a simple conceptual tool. A concrete example of how self-positioning works and becomes functional.


Find here the literally single most important question that you have to answer to, in order to properly begin the whole process of personal branding.


A lecture that deals with the very heart of your personal brand and guides you, step by step, with concrete examples towards the way you can define yourself. A comprehensive guide for your self-definition at the end of which you’ll be able to vertebrate the hot core of your personal brand.


There are 3 possible life situations in which you can find yourself. Use this lecture to understand them and also pinpoint the solutions for each.


This lecture helps you understand and use the correct mental scheme and the right words to architect your Key Statement


3 examples of manifestos: from celebs to anonymous, just to get you started creating your own today

Section 6: Time to see how people see you: your best online profile is within reach
Your digital profile is who you are. Full stop. 7 golden rules.

A comprehensive guide showing you tips on how to behave on all social media platforms. Make sure you play by their rules.

Technical tips for selfies, replacing professional photos
Section 7: Business cards, email signature & personal logo matter. Master them!
Visit cards are not yet dead.

10 great reasons for why you should invest in a professional business card that represents you.


Concrete tips on how to present yourself via email, still dominant tool in the business communication.


Find here 9 capital rules if you want to master email communication and boost your results in business.


Not only companies have a logo. Any human entity can make a distinctive visual statement, memorable, own-able, replicable and functional. In order to function as a brand, you need to respect the rules of branding and your visual identity is the way you look and speak to the world.

Section 8: 8.How to network with less stress & more success in large meetings & 1 to 1

Networking within open groups can turn into a pleasurable and highly effective activity if you follow 5 tips, nicely explained. I guarantee little personal revelations upon simple truths that are constantly ignored and also some news about it.


5 golden rules for networking efficiently and make the most out of your expertise in public.


Your complete kit on 1:1 on networking. Although one to one seems to be the comfort territory for introverts, there are still lots of aspects to take into account in order to have a fruitful meeting. From knowing how to define your objectives for that meeting right to an efficient follow up, all the necessary rules are here.


Find here 5 rules to efficiently conduct your online networking in order to get the results you expect.

Online networking: the heaven for introverts and how to make it work for you.

A few critical steps for a fruitful meeting.

Section 9: 9. Public speaking and the ultimate fear: the fear of spotlight

A step by step guidance towards great speeches and great stage performance. A 100% inspirational talk around how to train your speaking skills with simple, but priceless tips. Remember that all great speakers were poor speakers at first!


A highly practical lesson with clear and easily applicable rules. If you only follow these rules, your speech and interaction during the speech are on their way to greatness.

Section 10: 10. Key Conclusions, Transfer of Knowledge into Action and Homework

Carefully look into this lecture and follow the instructions for taking concrete steps into building your personal branding!


You have here concrete steps to take further on in order to strengthen the skills you added and the knowledge you have gained.


It's time to see how this course has helped you so far. Please offer guidance for other students and let us know the improvement you made in your life using the tools in this course.

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Instructor Biography

Mrs. Mihaela Radulescu, Branding Consultant

Hello, dear student! Welcome on my page!

Unwrap this series of courses, packed into a Udemy Program, so you can quickly monetise your expertise, whatever it is, with the help of concrete and applicable Self Marketing hacks.

So belt up and prepare for the adrenaline of selling yourself better with a professional in Reputation, Marketing and Branding!

I am a Personal Branding Consultant, Founder of Innerout, a Personal Branding and Reputation Management entity, providing Branding Consultancy for Startups and Lifestyle Entrepreneurship.

Career overview:

16 years in Marketing Communication (Advertising and Branding agencies) from middle to top management positions: Client Service and Liaison in both entrepreneurial and corporate environments have been a blast for building my career.

I’ve worked as a part of Communication Consultancy teams for CPG global brands like Coca-Cola, Nestle, Unilever, Nivea, Henkel and IT field (Bitdefender and Qualitance)

I’ve been a Senior Brand Consultant within Brandient, one of the most reputed and awarded Brand Consultancy and Design Companies in Europe (

I delivered countless of public speaking on branding and leadership as well as brand engagement sessions for top companies and industries ranging from Pharmaceutical, Banking and IT fields.

Snapshot credentials:

  • Degree in Philosophy
  • MA in Philosophy of Culture
  • MA in Journalism and Communication Sciences
  • Post University Degree in Social Communication and Public Relations

I’m sure you’ll enjoy this Exclusive Program I created. If you need more info, or guidance into anything in particular, just post in the Questions Area.

Thank you for your interest in my courses and in me as a professional. I look forward to seeing you in one of my lectures very soon and I promise you that at the end of this Course you’ll have a …Brand New perspective on yourself!

So, go on! See what's in here for you!

Mihaela Radulescu

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