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Periscope 101 Profits: Business Strategies Pro Course

On this Course you will Learn how to Get Started with Periscope correctly and Increase Your Profits using Periscope Fast
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What Will I Learn?
Learn what a “highly-targeted” Periscope following is and why you need one
Learn how to attract great prospects
Learn how to leverage Periscope for your Business
Learn how to take followers off Periscope to your website or product
Learn how to build a loyal following
Learn how to use Periscope like a Pro
Learn our strategies for using Periscope to drive Profits
and much, MUCH more!
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  • You need an Apple or Android Smartphone or Tablet
  • You just need to follow the course, take a few notes, ask me if you're unsure of anything - and you're off!
  • No prior knowledge of business is assumed or needed
  • You just need an enquiring mind - oh, and pen and paper to make some notes!
  • A willingness and an enthusiasm to learn

On this course you will Learn how to use Periscope for Business and with over 12 hours of hands-on training and strategies this course is one of the most comprehensive courses on Periscope.

Welcome to Periscope 101 Profits: Business Strategies Pro Course which will help you grow your business using Twitter's great new live video streaming video service - Periscope.

No Power Points, no slides! This is all hands-on Action!

Learn How To use Periscope for Business to Maximize Your Profits.

Who else wants to know... How To use Periscope to help build your brand and following and help you maximize your profits?

Periscope is the fastest growing Social Media Platform in a long time and its leveraging live video to help you connect to your audience in a way you've never been able to do before.

In this course we will help get you started with Periscope and give you all the best tips on how to leverage this platform to its MAX!

This course is all hands-on examples shared straight from Periscope - this is NOT a Power Point theory course!!

As Periscope evolved over the next 6, 12. 18 months the course will evolve with it, with modules changing, vanishing and new ones added.

So its going to evolve into a massive recourse of all the latest and most update information on Periscope and using it for business that exists.

We will also include our archive or training live scopes as that evolves - so masses of content!

If you're looking to improve your lifestyle, if you want to improve your business, if you want to make a better life for your family, this course is definitely for you.

Simply listen to the secrets of how ordinary people became successful in this exciting fact filled course.

No shortcuts, no "get rich quick" scams, no nonsense.

Just simple, proven steps to wealth and success, easily, quickly and simply.

Give yourself a fresh start by enrolling in this life-changing course now.

Every moment you delay, you lose out. Simple as that.

We will be adding lots more new and up-to-date modules to this course as time goes by, new modules, new techniques, new strategies AND the good news is, all the ongoing updates to this course are FREE, always, for ever. So whatever you pay for this course TODAY, you won't pay a penny more for all the great value we will add over time.

And there's a 30 day absolutely no questions asked full money back guarantee - my personal promise of your happiness and satisfaction! You really have nothing to lose and everything to Gain!

Who is the target audience?
  • Small business owners
  • Marketers
  • Network Marketers
  • Internet Marketers
  • Anyone with a business who wants to market online
  • Anyone looking to get more leads and more sales
  • Anyone Who Wants to make extra money
  • Anyone who is fascinated by business, money, success - and all three!
  • Anyone, any age, anywhere in the world
  • Any ability
  • Yes, anyone at all
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Curriculum For This Course
Expand All 59 Lectures Collapse All 59 Lectures 05:12:29
Introduction to Periscope 101 Profits - Bonus Gift!
2 Lectures 03:54

If you've not got this already you can download our KickStart Guide.

Periscope 101 Profits Kickstart Guide v1.2 - Bonus Gift!
45 pages
Getting Setup
8 Lectures 54:37

In this module we discuss why Periscope and why we think Live Streaming Video and in particular Periscope are a real game changer in branding and building a business online through live video.

Preview 06:32

In this module we talk about who are the front runners in streaming live video and why we think Periscope has the edge.

Who Are The Front Runners in Live Video Streaming Right Now

In this module we run through how to install and do the basic set up of Periscope onto your Smartphone or tablet.

How to Install Periscope on Your Smartphone or Tablet

On this video we run through the hardware & software requirements for using Periscope. What will it run on and what it won't.

Hardware & Software Requirements for Periscope

The great thing about Periscope is that all you need is your phone to get started BUT if like us you like gadgets then we run through some of the gadgets we use that can give your scopes that extra bit of quality.

A Few Gadgets for Periscope - for the Gadget Lovers!

Live video is great but smartphones and data packages may not cope so what your limits and in this module we run through some of the things to look out for.

TOP TIP - Watch Your Limits!

In this module we take you for a short guided tour of the functions of Periscope and where to find them.

Periscope - A Guided Tour!

In this module we show you how to edit/change your profile image, title and description.

How To Change Your profile Thumbnail, Title and Description
Okay Your All Set Up So Lets Get Started!
11 Lectures 45:45

In this module we run through why it is important to have a great profile description.

Preview 06:02

In this module we talk about why it is so important to secure your Periscope branding and how to do that and why you need to act now.

Securing Your Periscope Branding

Having secured your branding in this module we show you how to set up.

Securing Your Brand Part 2 - Set Up Your Web Forwarding

In this module we show you how to follow other people on Periscope.

How To Follow Other People on Periscope

In this module we show you how you can actually set up multiple Periscope accounts for different puropses.

How to Have Multiple Periscope Accounts

In this module we will show you how you can find live scoper's (and how you can be found) via Periscope's mapping functions.

How to Use the Map's search function

With all social media we get trolls and trouble makers so in this module we show you how you can police your scopes.

Policing Your Scopes - Booting Out the Troublemakers

How to unblock someone you've blocked on periscope.

How to Unblock Someone

In this module we cover who are the sort of people it would be good to follow on Periscope and why.

Who To Follow On Periscope and Why?

Okay so if you've been on Periscope already then you've seen all these hearts popping up but what is it all about and why do we think in the future the number of hearts you've got could be very important.

What's With the Hearts?

In this Top Tip module I show you how you can still comment on a Periscope even when it says Broadcast is full and you are usually locked out.

TOP TIP - How To Comment Even When a Broadcast is Full
Are You Ready? Lets Get Scoping
9 Lectures 40:27

For most its the fear factor holding back people doing their first scope so in this module we talk about a few stratedgies to help those first scopes easier.

Getting Over The Fear Factor

In this module we cover setting up to broadcast for the first time.

Preview 02:28

Okay here we go, its time for your first broadcast.

Your First Broadcast

Here is a nice TOP TIP about why you should tag your friends into your scope titles.

TOP TIP - Tag Your friends in Your Scope Titles

Been caught out with this one myself so this is a MUST watch TOP TIP.

TOP TIP - Go Silent!

So when your starting off how often should you scope?

Question - How Often Should I Scope?

In this module we cover the methods we use to save our Scopes with and without the hearts and comments.

How to Save Your Scopes - with and without the comments and hearts

In this module we show you how to get the web replay/live URL to your scope so it can be viewed on the web.

How To Get the Website URL For Your Scope

Okay so you've mucked up your scope and don't want it seen over the next 24 hours, in this module I show you can how you can delete it fast.

Got it Wrong Live? - How to Delete Scopes
Get It Right on The Night!
8 Lectures 42:52

In this module we show you how to set up the perfect backdrop to your scope.

Get It Right! - Creating Your Perfect Backdrop

In this module we cover why its vital to have the perfect title for your scope and how it can help to get you a massive audience for your scopes.

Get It Right! - Why It's Vital To Have The Right Scope Title

In this module we talk about how and why to put your website name in your title.

HACK - Profile Title Hack!

In this module we discuss why it's vital to connect your Periscope account to Twitter.

Get It Right! - Why It's Vital To Connect Periscope to Your Twitter Account

In this module we talk about how and why you should re-use your scopes.

Get It Right! - Make Sure You Re-Purpose/Reuse Your Scopes

Okay so you've got viewers on periscope but how do you get them off Periscope and onto your website?

How To Get People Off Periscope and Onto Your Website

On this module we talk about a great tip about sharing your followers.

TOP TIP - Share Your Followers

In this module we talk about how we get over 27,000 hearts on just one scope. In fact we actually got over 170,000 hearts but only 27.5k counted because of the 500 heart limit.

Preview 12:20
Periscope-in-Action: Maximizing Your Scoping Performance
7 Lectures 26:54

On this module we go through a quick-start check list items for making your first scopes successful.

Preview 04:23

In this module we talk about using the Share It Call To Action

Call-To-Action - Share it!

In this module we talk about using call to actions to get more comments.

Call-To-Action - How To Get More Comments

In this module we talk about using call to actions to get more hearts.

Call-To-Action - How To get More Hearts

Great tip for increasing enagegment by spot lighting viewers.

Spot light viewers for extra engagement

In this module we give you a top tip to avoid the silent pause.

TOP TIP - Avoiding That Silent Pause

Another top tip on how to avoid that screen switchover drop out.

TOP TIP - Avoiding the Switch over Dropout
Periscope-in-Action: Question & Answer Strategies
7 Lectures 22:03

Introduction to Periscope-in-Action: Question & Answer Strategies section.

Q & A Strategies- Introduction

In this module we talk about Q & A Strategy Two

Q & A Strategies - Strategy One

In this module we talk about Q & A Strategy Two

Q & A Strategies - Strategy Two

In this module we talk about Q & A Strategy Three

Q & A Strategies - Strategy Three

In this module we talk about Q & A content - The Facebook & LinkedIn method.

Q & A Content - The Facebook and LinkedIn Method

In this module we talk about Q & A content - The survey method.

Q & A Content - The Survey Method

In this module we talk about Q & A content - Storing and analizing your conversations

Q & A Content - Store & Analyze the Conversation
Periscope-in-Action: Business and Audience Engagment
2 Lectures 11:43

How to reach out to indivudual viewers

Do Private One-To-One Scopes to Reach Out

In this module we talk about how we syndidcate our scopes as soon as we've finished shooting them.

Make Sure You Syndicate Your Periscopes
How To Get Followers
5 Lectures 19:14

In this module we are going to talk about how to use your profile description to attract lots of followers.

How To Use Your Profile Description to Attract Followers

In this module we will cover getting more followers by joining in the conversation.

Preview 04:16

How to get more followers for you and your partners by doing scoping collabrations.

Do Scoping Collaborations

Scoping HACK - The Follow back stratedgy.

HACK - The Follow Back Strategy

Scoping HACK - Getting traffic and followers from other people's replays.

HACK - Getting Traffic From Replays
About the Instructor
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