iPhone Masterclass - From novice to mastering your iPhone
4.5 (3 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
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iPhone Masterclass - From novice to mastering your iPhone

The only iPhone course you or your parents will need to master the iPhone
4.5 (3 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
8 students enrolled
Created by Torsten H
Last updated 3/2016
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What Will I Learn?
  • Insert a SIM card and navigate the initial setup
  • Make and receive a phone call
  • Write a text message and email
  • Take a photo and video and share it or print a photo
  • Install an app
  • Read your kids or grandkids a bedtime story with a video call
  • find information on the internet
  • Navigate using Maps to find where you left your car parked
  • Set birthday or medication reminders
  • Read the news, check the weather and stocks
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  • This course is ideal if you already have your iPhone or iPad ready to go, but you can also learn ahead of acquiring your smart device.

What's this course about?

The complete, easy-to-follow course that takes anyone from iPhone or iPad novice to master in just a few hours.

What will you (or your parents) be able to do after the course?

No matter what your technical background is, I will guide you from removing the iPhone or iPad carefully from the box, inserting the SIM-card, setting the iPhone up, right through to creating an Apple-ID and free email address, to writing text messages and emails, taking photos and videos.

At a relaxed pace and with normal everyday language, we will master the most useful aspects of the iPhone, from navigating with Maps, to taking notes, setting up birthday reminders and using the calendar to offload and outsource a part of our lives.

Who is this course for?

NOT ONLY GREAT FOR SENIORS!! A number of 30-40 year olds have benefited from the easy-to-follow, step-by-step learning method of this online course. We cover everything you need to know and leave out the unimportant things (to avoid overwhelming).

Have you noticed the difference in how the 50+ generation communicate versus the under 20s? Does your family live apart or perhaps overseas? Wouldn't you like to share those beautiful moments with your parents the way you do with your friends via your iPhone or iPad?

Please don't underestimate our Seniors. I have taught many to go from masters of snailmail and landline phones to being masters of their iPhone - believe me how proud they are when they can upload a photo to the iCloud shared album.

So often Seniors see smartphones with skepticism, but after going through this course, not one of them could imagine life without a smart phone, particularly due to the closeness they can reach with their grandkids.

I'm proud to say, this course will get them there.

Who is the target audience?
  • If you weren’t born with an email address setup for you, but don’t want to be put into dusty attic by your kids or grandkids, this course is for you. If you want to connect and share the precious moments with your youngsters, this course will get you to the point of mastering the most useful aspects of your iPhone or iPad.
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Curriculum For This Course
36 Lectures
Introducing the greatest window to connect with your grandkids today
1 Lecture 02:30

Thanks for joining us. This brief introduction sets the scene for this exciting and easy-to-follow course on your new iPhone or iPad.

Preview 02:30
First things first - Getting started
5 Lectures 37:55

This is the exciting part now - right up first! This lecture will run through everything that's inside the iPhone box. Enjoy that Christmas feeling and also that particular 'Apple' scent when opening new Apple products.

Unboxing your iPhone

Turn your iPhone from a beautiful paperweight into a powerful device that will bring you so much closer to your friends and family. Almost everyone I have taught this to thought they wouldn't appreciate this about the iPhone - now, almost every one of the over 60-year-olds could not imagine going back to just the phone and the paper-post.

But for this, we need to insert an active SIM-card (size for the iPhone 6 and 6S: "nano-SIM"). You can get this from your mobile phone provider of your choice. Here it's worth shopping around or asking your younger relatives for advice on what provider and plan would suit you best.

Let's take a look how to insert your SIM-card into the iPhone now.

Insert a SIM-card to connect to the internet

Before we take a look at the magic that's inside the iPhone, let's take a quick look at the buttons, cameras (yes, there are 2 - can you spot them?), microphones and loudspeakers on this most highly regarded piece of technology. Don't forget to stop and smell the roses and enjoy the beauty of it - Apple has won more design awards for its line of iPhones than you can poke a stick at.

The outside of your iPhone - buttons, switches, mics, etc.

Setting up your iPhone is an important first step that lays the foundation for great experiences with it. So, grab a tea or coffee, as this takes a little while - but here's the good news: You only have to do it once.

The one-time, all-important setup of your iPhone

You can find the most commonly used apps and features like a flashlight and your camera with one flick of your finger, even if the iPhone is locked. We'll examine how the control centre holds the most important apps in one glance for you. Let's take the first steps with your iPhone, just like jumping into a new car.

The control centre, notifications and basic operations
The things you will do most often with your iPhone
9 Lectures 01:03:03

Apple has a few functions available even when the iPhone is locked. This saves you having to unlock it first, say to take a photo quickly, but still keeps all your information safe. Here we'll learn how to lock and unlock the iPhone. Let's take a look.

How to lock your iPhone & what can be done when it's locked

Let's take a look at how to navigate around the iPhone using a few of the most useful tricks. You will learn how to handle apps and avoid a common problem if your finger rests too long on the screen. Let's find out how.

How to open, change, move and close apps to save battery life

You've probably heard about these little things called 'apps'. What are they? Where can we find them? In this lecture, we will learn to find and install a very handy little navigation map from the App Store. For this we'll need our Apple ID from your setup. Don't worry if you don't have one - we can create one here together.

Apps: Learn how to find and install or remove programs from your iPhone

Would you know how to change your iPhone's ringtone, add in an email account, or turn on battery-saving mode? Or how can you avoid high costs by turning data roaming off while travelling? Or what if you wanted to put a nice photo of you and your grandchild on the main screen of your iPhone? I also recommend which fingers' prints are most useful to add, so that you can unlock your iPhone easily and quickly from your pocket, table or purse.

We'll examine the settings app, in which you can do these things and more.

Settings: Very important!

Here we dive into how to use the phone part of the iPhone. Sure, you can dial any number, but adding people you call often to your contacts that makes easy as pie. Remember the speed dial function on your home or office phone? I'll show you how to add contacts to your favourites on the iPhone, so that you can find them with one tap. Let's take a look.

How to make & receive a phone call, and use your contacts

These little snippets of text have almost replaced actually talking on the phone. They keep you to the point and don't disturb the person to whom you're sending it in the way a phone call would. They hear the sound that you have sent them an SMS but can choose when to read it and respond back. Let's learn how this works.

How to write and receive an SMS (text message)

Emails! Love them or hate them - they have almost replaced normal post mail or the fax. You might be surprised to realise that the teenagers of today wouldn't know how to send a fax. Now with this lecture, it's time to show them that you can create an email account, set it up on your iPhone, write, read and organise your emails - all with a few taps of the screen. It's easy, I promise.

How to write and read emails

Ever gone fishing or shopping? Well, think of the internet like the largest lake or shop filled with every kind a information that you can imagine. Let's learn how to use the right app to look for information to help, for example, your granddaughter with a school project.

How to find something on the internet

With your iPhone, you can feel safe that you will always find your way. I'd like to show your the Maps apps of Apple and Google, and how you can easily use these to find yourself or where you left your car. They're also great for planning trips and choosing the best route to your goal.

Maps: How the iPhone will help you get around
Photos and videos of your grandkids
5 Lectures 36:39

Believe me, it won't take you long to realise how great it is to always have a decent snap-shot camera in your new iPhone. Take care with the flash and babies' sensitive eyes - I'll show you how to turn the flash on and off. Let's have a play with the camera and the photos app.

How to take a photo

Remember the times when taking panorama photos, or extra wide, 180° shots, were a complicated business of taking multiple photos, then marrying them up next to each other in a software? Well, now you're only a twist of your hips away from taking beautiful panorama shots with your iPhone or iPad, with no synchronisation required. Let's take a look how this works.

Preview 05:13

Like with photos, your old video camera will soon begin gathering dust once you start bringing home magical videos from holidays or from your grandkids at the playground. Semi-professional directors have used the video camera in the iPhone to film stunning nature documentaries, that's how good it is.

How to make a video

How to print a photo at the store

Please take my word for it - setting up a Shared Album with which you can share photos and videos with friends and family is one of the best features of the iPhone. For example, your son or daughter take a video of your grandchild taking its first steps or banging on a pot. After only 2 clicks, they make the video available to you in an instant to watch on your iPhone - even if you're half a world away. Please learn this one.

How to make a shared photo/video album in the secure iCloud
Video calls - the way to share in those small, precious moments in real time!
3 Lectures 18:35

What seems natural for us to talk with someone on the phone is not even half the picture for kids these days (quite literally!). They are growing up seeing and talking with each other on smart phones and computers everywhere. So, the choice is yours: make them adapt to you or rather join the fun in making video calls with them using your iPhone (for free, anywhere in the world!). Here's how using the pre-installed Facetime app.

Preview 08:15

Skype was actually around a bit earlier than Facetime as the most commonly-used video call application. You can decide for yourself if you prefer Facetime or Skype, as both are very user-friendly. Although if you want to videocall a non-apple phone, you will be better off with Skype. I'll show you how to download the Skype app from the App Store and make & receive a videocall with Skype here.

How to make and receive a Skype call (iPhone to non-iPhone)

This again will make their jaws drop, plus it's a very nice feature. Here I'll show you how to make a snapshot of a running videocall. You can do this with both the Facetime and Skype apps. My mother-in-law made a lovely photo during the video call of my son and I in the pool, and she was on the small thumbnail at the bottom of screen.

Impress them: Take a screenshot photo of your video call
How the iPhone can organize and ease up your life
12 Lectures 01:21:02

This wristwatch-replacing app provides you with a world clock, alarm, stopwatch and handy countdown timer. Let's take a quick run through how to use these.

World clock, alarm, timer

The best part of the Calendar app is how easy it is to use, yet how intelligently it supports your scheduling needs. I can hear the whimpers of your paper organiser already ;-)

Calendar - Easy, quick scheduling in your pocket

Believe me, you'll be using the Calendar app in no time for all your scheduling. So what better place to automatically have your loved ones' birthdays appear, so you'll never miss a birthday again. In this brief text lecture, I'll show you the quick trick to setting this up.

Birthday reminder: Never miss a birthday again

This must be one of the most consulted apps every morning in the world. Use the weather app for your favourite cities around the world. See the hour-by-hour and 7-day forecasts, as well as the usual detailed data like chance of rain, humidity etc.

Weather: Honey, what should I wear today?

What a useful little app this one. Heard something you want to remember for later or jot down absolutely anything like on a piece of paper. You can write down anything now in your Notes app, then even shoot it off to a friend by email or message. Let's find out how this works.

Notes: Jot things down quickly for later

The world keeps turning and news being generated. Learn how to customise the News app to show you updates, stories and in-depth articles from the sources you trust and from the areas you're interested in.

Preview 05:44

eBooks: Travel lightly but smartly with eBooks on your iPhone

Tailor a custom list of stocks you own or would like to watch in the Stocks app. This provides you with an overview of the stock price, the relevant fundamentals as well as news articles related to each stock. So too good to be true? Let's find out how to set this up.

Stocks: Stay up-to-date with market movements

Forget the old pen and paper To-Do lists. You can now easily keep lists and reminders in categories right on your iPhone. Let's take a look how.

Reminders: Your To-Do list just moved inside the iPhone

iTunes - Your gateway to music and more (IMPORTANT!)

Music: Get in the groove

5 Tricks for greater ease of use
What now? Congratulations! You've made it.
1 Lecture 01:40
About the Instructor
Torsten H
4.5 Average rating
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8 Students
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Udemy trainer

After having taught a number of Seniors the joys of getting the most out of their iPhones and iPads, I want to share this course with you. They appreciate that I use their language, speak clearly and slowly so they can follow easily. I truly love hearing back from them and perhaps from you about the wondrous experiences they were able to share with their grandkids (first steps, first words, etc), just because they could use their smart device to connect with their families far away or even on the other side of town.