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Percussive Fingerstyle Guitar

Learn the basics of the Percussive Fingerstyle. Step by step and right from the start.
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Learn Percussive Fingerstyle right from the start in a comprehensive guitar course that teaches you the basic techniques step by step. All lessons are based around a percussive guitar song that you will be able to play at the end.

The main learning objective of this course is to teach you how to play the guitar as two instruments at once by adding backbeats to regular chord progressions and picking schemes. Furthermore, you will learn some advanced strumming patterns and rhythms.

Besides the HD video tutorials you get many exercises consisting of PDF, Guitar Pro 5+6 and audio files in three different speed levels to help you learn even better. Challenging quizzes increase your understanding and provide you with instant feedback.

This course provides you with material for 4 to 6 weeks on average whereas the amount of time can vary depending on your level of playing.

Who is the target audience?
  • ✔ Intermediate to advanced guitarists that want to learn the basics of percussive fingerstyle
  • ✘ This course is probably not for you if you are further advanced and already have some experience with the percussive guitar technique
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What Will I Learn?
✔ You will learn the basics of percussive fingerstyle
✔ You will learn to play two instruments at once by emulating a drum set
✔ You will learn and understand rather advanced rhythms
✔ You will learn to read beat notation and tabs correctly
✔ You will learn how to use percussion to compose own rhythms and songs
✔ You will learn your first percussive fingerstyle song
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  • ✔ You should be able to play open and bar chords
  • ✔ You should be able to play standard strumming patters
  • ✔ You shoud have a basic knowledge of fingerpicking
Curriculum For This Course
Expand All 74 Lectures Collapse All 74 Lectures 01:26:12
Becoming The Drummer
10 Lectures 07:15

This lecture summarizes some important advice such as:

  • Turn on HD on videos
  • Check out the material downloads
  • Having fun ;)
Some Advice On How To Use This Course

This lecture covers:

  • Basic parts of a drum kit
  • How does a beackbeat work
Preview 01:18

The Parts Of A Drum Kit?
3 questions

This lecture covers:

  • How to emulate the bass drum on your guitar
  • How to emulate the snare drum on your guitar
Preview 01:55

This lecture shows you how you can read basic beat notation

Reading Beats (Basic)

Beat Variation #1

Beat Variation #2

This lecture covers:

  • Explaining how the hi hat is emulated on the guitar
  • Beat exercises
Preview 01:14

This lecture covers:

  • The first complete beat exercise
  • All three elements of a drum kit are used here
Second Beat

Read This Beat

Remember The Beat?
3 questions
Master The Beats
7 Lectures 04:09
Read The Beat (Advanced)

Exercise: Play The Beat I

This video is a brief demonstration of the exercise before.

Play The Beat (Showcase)

Exercise: Read The Beat II

This lecture covers:

  • A different beat variation
Second Beat

Exercise: Read The Beat III

This lecture covers:

  • A groovy beat
  • A beat including 16th notes
Third Beat
Turn Up The Bass
22 Lectures 13:57

This lecture covers:

  • Bas and downstroke combination
  • Basic beat with the bass on the 1 and 3 and the downstroke on the 2 and 4
  • Introduction of the chord: F#m7
Preview 02:19

Exercise 1: Bass & Downstroke
1 page

Exercise 2: Bass & Downstroke II
1 page

This lecture covers:

  • A bass and upstroke combination
Bass & Upstroke

Exercise 3: Bass & Upstroke
1 page

Exercise 4: Bass & Upstroke II
1 page

This lecture covers:

  • Bass hit together with up- as well as downstrokes
  • Explanation of right movement
Bass & Up- and Downstrokes

Exercise 5: Bass & Up-Downstrokes
1 page

Exercise 6: Bass & Up- and Downstrokes II
1 page

This lecture covers:

  • Bass hit played simultaneously with up- as well as downstrokes
  • Explanation of right movement
Bass & Downstrokes At The Same Time

Exercise 7: Bass & Downstroke At The Same Time
1 page

This lecture covers:

  • The chords needed to play the full song
    • F#m7
    • Aadd9
    • E mayor
    • Badd11
Show Me The Chords

Exercise 8: Show Me The Chords
1 page

This lecture covers:

  • The first part of the Intro
  • The fingerpicking pattern used
Intro Part A

Exercise: Intro Part A
1 page

This lecture covers:

  • The second part of the Intro
  • An added bass hit
Intro Part B

Exercise: Intro Part B
1 page

This lecture covers:

  • The last bar of the intro
  • Bridge part
Intro Part C

Exercise: Intro Part C
1 page

Full Intro

This lecture covers some basic learning advice:

  • Internalize the things
  • Don't move on to fast
  • Play without looking at your guitar
How To Practice

Exercise: Full Intro
1 page
One Man Band
13 Lectures 08:41

This lecture covers:

  • Explanation of incorporation the snare in a beat
  • Beat pattern
Adding The Snare

Exercise: Adding The Snare
1 page

Exercise: Adding The Snare II
1 page

Exercise: Adding The Snare III (Only Upstrokes)
1 page

This lecture covers:

  • Bass & downstroke at the same time
  • Using bass & snare combination
Bass Downstroke & Upstrokes

This lecture covers:

  • Introduction of 16th strumming
  • Counting 16th notes
Preview 01:40

Exercise: 16th Strumming
1 page

This lecture covers:

  • The chords used in the Chorus
  • The slightly different chord variations
Chorus Chords

Exercise: Chorus Chords
1 page

Full Chorus

Exercise: Full Chorus
1 page

Let's Play All We've Learned So Far: Intro + Chorus
3 pages
It's Gettin' Tricky
18 Lectures 09:28

This lecture covers:

  • Additional percussive elements on the neck
  • New beat pattern
Preview 01:12

Exercise: Adding Percussion
1 page

This lecture covers:

  • Percussive fills that can be used in a bridge
Percussion Between Chords

Exercise: Between Changing Chords
1 page

This lecture covers:

  • A more advanced percussive usecase
  • Percussion consisting out of 16th notes
Percussive 16th Notes

Exercise: Percussive 16th Notes
1 page

Percussive Notes as X's
1 page

This lecture covers:

  • The method of playing the snare and chords at the same time
  • Explanation of right movement
Simultaneous Snare & Chord Hit

Exercise: Snare & Chord
1 page

Playing The Bass, Snare & Chord At The Same Time

Exercise: Bass, Snare & Chord
1 page

This lecture covers:

  • The first part of the bridge
  • Explanation of picking technique
Bridge Part A

Exercise: Bridge Part A
1 page

This lecture covers:

  • The second part of the bridge
  • Explanation of right movement
Preview 01:21

Exercise: Bridge Part B
1 page

This lecture covers:

  • The entire bridge
  • Explanation of right movements
Let's Play The Full Bridge

Exercise: The Full Bridge
1 page

All Together: Intro + Chorus + Bridge
3 pages
Let's Play
4 Lectures 02:37

This lecture covers:

  • The preparation of the complete song
  • Practice advice
Full Song Preparation

Let's Play The Full Song
5 pages

Full Song Playalong

This lecture covers:

  • The final words
  • Well done ;)
Congratulations That's It For Now
About the Instructor
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Musician & Guitar Teacher

Tobias Rauscher is a melodic percussive fingerstyle guitarist who combines different influences in his songs. His musical characteristic is a strong focus on melody with various techniques and custom tunings.

With over 20 Million Views on YouTube Tobias also noticed an increasing demand for percussive fingerstyle lessons as many people contacted him for lessons, tabs and tutorials.

With his first courses on Udemy and his own Guitar Academy, Tobias aims to provide a great online learning experience to teach the art of percussive fingerstyle.

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