How to Make Pastry Dough and Bake Delicious Pies
4.4 (37 ratings)
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1,820 students enrolled
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How to Make Pastry Dough and Bake Delicious Pies

Using an easy pie crust recipe, learn how to make pastry dough, and bake it into flaky pie crust and delicious pies
4.4 (37 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
1,820 students enrolled
Created by Judy Kahansky
Last updated 2/2016
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What Will I Learn?
  • Learn how easy it is to make pastry dough, roll and shape a pie crust from scratch and to bake an apple pie just like Mom all on their own!
  • Students will have rolled out their first batch of pie crust by the end of Section 2!
  • Enjoy a Baking Experience with an Experienced Pastry Chef
  • Experiment with different recipes and methods of making regular and gluten free pastry and pies
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  • Download baking ingredients and equipment pdf lists from Section 1

How to Make Pastry Dough and Bake Delicious Pies is a Baking Experience!

My Mom used to always say - "An Apple Pie without cheese, is like a kiss without a squeeze." You will learn to bake my Mom's amazing apple pie recipe!

The course has BRAND NEW SECTIONS - students will have learned to make a batch of shortcrust pastry dough, gluten free pastry dough and how to bake a pie by the end of Section 2.

NEW! ecookbook Easy as Pie RECIPES now included as a bonus to this course. Pie and tart recipes including my favorite - Lemon Meringue and Krissy's Favorite Pie - never before published! And they will always be exclusive to this ecookbook.

There are now over 840 students taking How to Make Pastry Dough and Bake Delicious Pies and we are still growing! Join me in my kitchen, and learn to make pastry and delicious pies!

You will learned to mix pastry dough two different ways and how to bake an apple pie, all by the end of Section 2! 

Student Review! Fun and informative :) I've just finished the course. I found it really fun, easy and informative and I loved the way Judy explained and showed things. I can't wait to try the bonus recipes! If you want to learn how to make great tasting pies, take the course and create your first one :) And if you've tried your hand at that already, you still might learn a thing or two. (by Renata Palka-Mlynkowiak)

How to Make Pastry Dough and Bake Delicious Pies is a baking experience that feeds both your creativity and your stomach. You will be baking with me – right in my kitchen! My course will teach you how to make pastry dough and roll out a piecrust that you can use in sweet and savoury recipes, expanding your meal planning menus, to save time and money. Pies freeze really well and you can fill your freezer! At the end of this course you know how to make pastry dough and will be baking elegant and tasty showstopper pies – letting you show off at your next dinner party!

This is a Baking Experience. Learn to Bake a Pie Step-by-Step with an Experienced Pastry Chef and Baker.

  • Baking is very creative
  • Receive Experienced Advice on the right baking equipment
  • Use Ready to print Shopping lists for ingredients, recipes
  • Save time & $ by adding pastry and pies to menu planning and your freezer
  • Learn the right way to Mix Pastry Dough
  • Discover the secret tips to Rolling the Pastry – turns out right every time

An Easy and Fun Course to Learn Everything You need to Make Pie crust and Baking Yummy Pies.

In addition to learning how to make pastry and bake a pie, we'll learn about shortcrust pastry, a little history, and the most popular uses today. You will make pastry dough and bake an apple pie right along with me in the course. We will talk about menu planning, and how making savory and sweet pies, can quickly fill your freezer with healthy delicious meals – saving you both time and money.

I will teach you helpful tips to get it right the first time – mixing the dough, rolling your pastry, and pulling an aromatic, scrumptious pie out of your oven – not a soggy, gooey mess! After years of experience that includes baking hundreds of pies, I have applied continuous improvement principles and refined the process. You will learn how a little organization can save lots of time!

What this course includes

I designed this course for beginning cooks, however everyone who is curious about baking – or just wants a new experience will have fun. With 23 lectures, this course will take you from learning what equipment and ingredients you need to a finished baked pie.

I have provided you with templates for shopping, what baking equipment to get, and ingredients to stock your pantry with. You will learn how to make pastry two different ways. All of the recipes we cover in the lectures are included in the resources sections – for you to print out, including BONUS recipes for you to try and my new ecookbook - Easy as Pie RECIPES!

You will be mixing pastry dough, learning helpful tips and tricks and making your pie right alongside me, in my kitchen!

Completing this course will enable you to expand your cooking repertoire, baking pies for school bake sales, hosting dinner parties – offering a home baked pie to the next neighborhood pot luck. It will be time to show off your newly acquired skills!

You may even decide to become a pastry chef and bake pies as part of a catering adventure like I did – or run a pastry & pie business. Really, the opportunities are endless. Join me in my kitchen today!

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Who is the target audience?
  • “This course is designed for enthusiastic home cooks who want to take their skills to the next level.  You’re a beginner cook, who’s comfortable in the kitchen but really wants to get creative and to know more. You have an itch to create delicious pastry and serve these delectable treats at your next dinner party or potluck.
  • You will learn two ways to mix pastry dough and make pie crust - traditional and the easy quick way with a small food processor
  • You will learn to make gluten free pastry dough for pies as well!
  • Even experienced bakers will learn new tips and enjoy the recipe and BONUS recipes
  • NEW! Easy as Pie RECIPES ecookbook includes favorite pie and tart recipes
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Curriculum For This Course
22 Lectures
How to Make Pastry Dough From Scratch - The Basics
5 Lectures 01:27

This is where we will talk about how to make pastry dough, how you will quickly learn to make pastry dough by the end of Section 2, pastry making equipment, the benefits to you, being creative with pastry, having fun and sharing with each other.

Introduction - What you Will Learn

This article provides a discussion on the different types of baking equipment students will need to make pastry dough and bake a pie and recommendations.

Baking Equipment Needed to Make Pastry Dough and Bake Pies
1 page

All the ingredients and baking equipment need to make pastry dough and bake a pie are included on these easy to use lists!

Pie Baking Ingredients you will need
2 pages

Articles describes the different oven temperatures, how to choose the correct baking times to ensure the flakiest pie crust, and the correct way to place the pie in the oven.

Ovens and Baking Times for a Great Pie Baking Result
1 page

Article discusses the importance of organizing baking ingredients, equipment and workspace to have an enjoyable learning and baking experience.

Getting Ready to Bake that Delicious Apple Pie - Easy Apple Pie Recipe
1 page

A review of the information in Section 1

Pastry Dough 101 - The Basics for an Amazing Pie Crust
5 questions
Let's Bake a Perfect Pie from Scratch | Just Like Mom!
4 Lectures 15:59

Easy Pastry Dough Recipe and detailed step-by-step instruction on how to mix the ingredients, in the right order, to make pastry dough. This includes using a deep mixing bowl, mixing the dry ingredients first, making sure the vegetable shortening is cut into small pieces for easy blending, and the importance of not overworking the pastry dough. There is also a downloadable Shortcrust Pastry Recipe.

Make Pastry Dough From Scratch |Hand Mixing the Pastry Dough

Students are taken through the quick and easy process of using a food processor to blend their shortcrust pastry dough to save valuable time and with less mess in the kitchen.

Make Pastry Dough from Scratch |Easy Pastry Dough from the Food Processor!

This lecture shows students the importance of 'chilling' the dough before it is rolled out and Students are shown how to get the shortcrust pastry ready to refrigerate for a 'resting' period.

Time to Chill - preparing the pastry dough

The first Delicious Pie includes step-by-step instructions to prepare the apple pie filling. Student's are provided with a recipe for Mom's Apple Pie, and are taught how to make a filling that will cook evenly in the shortcrust pastry dough pie crust shell. Students are also taught how to prepare the shortcrust pastry so that the apple pie filling will not create a soggy bottom crust, resulting in flaky pie crust and a delicious sweet and lightly spiced filling.

Preparing Mom's Apple Pie - Easy Apple Pie Recipe
Let's build a perfect pie, Just Like Mom!
4 Lectures 14:51

The fun begins when students take the chilled pastry dough from the refrigerator and learn how to use the rolling pin, parchment paper, and some expert tips and techniques to roll out perfect shortcrust pastry into flaky pie crust. Students will be given ample time to learn this important technique.

Easy Pie Crust Recipe |Rolling out the pastry dough for perfect pie crust

Students learn how easy it to prepare their pastry dough for the pie tin, and to ready it for the apple pie filling; students will learn the pie crust edging technique 'fluting' and how to make it look professional.

Easy Pie Crust Recipe |Trimming the pastry dough

Students are taken through the step-by-step process to ready the shortcrust pastry dough for filling, adding the apple pie mixture, the importance of adding the top crust and other techniques prior to baking to ensure a light flaky pie crust and of course a delicious pie!

Building Your Perfect Pie

A summary of methods and tips that students have learned in the previous lectures.

Easy Pastry Dough Recipe |Baking Pies - Tips & Tricks
1 page
Applying Your New Pastry Making Skills
4 Lectures 00:00

Having mastered the art of creating shortcrust pastry, students are given a recipe for an elegant chocolate walnut pie infused with orange liqueur.

BONUS: Chocolate Walnut Pie recipe
1 page

Students can expand their weekly meal planning by including savory pies, baking ahead of time and stocking the freezer! This easy to make chicken pot pie will warm many hearts.

BONUS: Chicken Pot Pie recipe
1 page

A recipe for students to use pastry dough to make a delicious sweet treat

BONUS: Cinnamon Pastry recipe
1 page

Hot off the press! My new ecookbook Easy as Pie RECIPES includes recipes for pies, pastry and tarts - some never published before! Lemon Meringue and also my daughter's favourite - Chocolate Pie! Enjoy!

NEW! ecookbook Easy as Pie RECIPES
24 pages
Congratulations! Course Completion and Resources
5 Lectures 01:50

At the end of the course students are encouraged to share photos of their delicious pies, practice all of the pastry recipes included in the course, including the bonus pie and pastry from a food processor recipes.

Congratulations! You are now a master pastry chef and pie baker!

BONUS: Baking Equipment Resources
2 pages

BONUS: Course Completion and Review
1 page

All of the downloads are located here for convenience.

BONUS: Download Resources - complete list
1 page

BONUS: Discount Coupons and additional resources
1 page
About the Instructor
Judy Kahansky
4.5 Average rating
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4,163 Students
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Over 40 years of Pie Baking Experience! Teacher & Writer

I am a student of life with over 25 years experience in business management, with a Masters Degree in Public Administration . For many years I was also the pastry chef for our family catering business, creating dozens and dozens of delicious sweet and savoury pies and desserts for catered events. Required to produce a large number of pies from scratch in a short time frame, I refined my baking skills and have learned many short cuts and tips to pass along to both beginner and experienced bakers . My latest hashtag is #piegoddess, and I love to create new recipes and bake family favorites for our friends and family. My husband and I are adventurers, live full time in our Fifth Wheel Recreational Vehicle and I choose Joy every day! I am a writer, food blogger, dog lover and all of this plus being a wife, mom and stepmom and step-grandmother happily content baking perfect pies for family and friends.