How to Write a Book and Become a REAL Best Selling Author

A complete guide to creating, publishing and monetizing your book in multiple formats: eBook, Audiobook and Print Book
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About This Course

Published 11/2014 English

Course Description

Ever dream of becoming a Best Selling Author?

Have your books read around the world?

Make money in your sleep?

You’re in the right place. There has never been a better time in history to write a book than RIGHT NOW.

Most people don’t become authors because they either don’t believe they’re capable or they don’t know how to spread their message. This is where the game has changed. Why? It starts with understanding that Amazon is the new Google. They’re going to do close to $100 Billion (yes, BILLION) in revenue this year. Where they differ from Google is that they make their money when your book SELLS (not through advertising). To do this, they will spread your message FOR YOU…for FREE…and drive massive amounts of traffic to your book.

All you need to do is create the book and follow the Passion 2 Published formula so people can BUY it.

Sounds simple enough, doesn’t it?
It is!

The Passion 2 Published course is simple - it’s the step-by-step process of creating, publishing and monetizing your book in multiple formats: as an eBook, Print Book and Audiobook. People consume information differently these days, and the more formats you offer your book in, the more royalties are put in your pocket. I walk you through how to publish your eBook on Amazon, your Print Book on Amazon and CreateSpace, and your Audiobook on ACX (which distributes to Amazon, Audible and iTunes).

I’ve never seen a course this comprehensive.

But let’s both get on the same page right off the bat - this course is about writing a REAL book that will circulate around the world, earning you passive royalties and building you a sustainable brand that will stand the test of time.

I’m not talking about a 30-page glorified handbook that you’d be embarrassed to show your friends. I also won’t BS you with unrealistic amounts of money you’re going to make from your book. Will you make money? YES. I guarantee it. But whether you make $1,000/year or $10,000+/year depends on how well you follow the steps in this course.

Still, ask any prolific author and they will tell you the REAL money you make is NOT from your book. Your book is simply the launching pad to MUCH great opportunities.

Trust me, I’ve eaten plenty of ramen noodles in my day and no one appreciates the value of a dollar more than me, but the royalties you make from your book will be peanuts compared to what you can potentially earn elsewhere.

Keep in mind - it costs you NOTHING to publish on these platforms. No hidden costs. No monthly hosting fees. No mandatory selling requirements. All you do is login to your accounts (which I show you in the course) to check your royalties and see how many people, around the world, have purchased your book. It’s a pretty cool feeling :-)

The Passion 2 Published curriculum is video training, either with me speaking direct-to-camera (like the intro video) or doing screencasts so I can show you how to create your book, format it, upload it online, maximize your royalty structure, etc. There are also plenty of downloads for brainstorming the framework of your book, checklists as you progress through the program and free social media sites for promoting your book (to name a few).

How long will it take you to complete this course? Like anything in life, it depends on your motivation. I've seen people do it in as short as 7 days. Realistically, you should expect to have a QUALITY book created and selling online, in multiple formats, in 30 days. 60 days would be the high end. 90 days at the absolute maximum.

Just take action and follow along with what I'm teaching. YOU CAN DO THIS!

This course is covered by Udemy’s unconditional 30-day money back guarantee. I will also give you my personal guarantee - I cannot do the work for you but if you step, I step. I will ALWAYS meet you halfway. If you need clarification or help, ask me. That’s what I’m here for. I genuinely want to empower more people to step up in the world, spread their message, build a lucrative business and have a helluva good time doing it.

I’m hoping you choose to invest in this course. I believe it will change your life.


- Scott
Creator, Passion 2 Published

What are the requirements?

  • Students should have an idea(s) for the book(s) they would like to create. If you have multiple ideas, that's cool. I'll help you brainstorm and identify the first one to go with. But if you have absolutely no idea what you'd like to write a book on, you probably want to do a little soul searching before enrolling :)
  • If you decide to outsource some of the editing, transcription, cover creation, etc., with the EXTREMELY low-cost resources I recommend, you may need end up paying an extra $20-50. Of course, none of these costs are mandatory - you have to choose what your time is worth and if you'd like to do all of the before-mentioned tasks yourself, you have that option.

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Identify your most profitable niche and categories BEFORE starting
  • Craft a compelling title and subtitle so your book gets found...and people BUY
  • Create an outline and framework for the structure of your book
  • Outsource cover creation, formatting and editing for a high quality finished product
  • Publish a book in multiple formats of eBook, print book and audiobook
  • Distribute your book globally on Amazon, CreateSpace, iTunes, Audible and others
  • Monetize passive revenues from your book by maximizing your royalties
  • Join the Best Selling Author's club!

Who is the target audience?

  • You SHOULD take this course if you've ever wanted to write a book and you just haven't known how, or have been afraid to do so (it's okay, I was there too). This course is for action takers who are ready to make it happen!
  • You SHOULD NOT take this course if you want a perfectly written book, making millions of dollars in passive revenue, handed to you on a silver platter with little-to-no effort on your part. Everything worthwhile in life requires work but I PROMISE if you follow the step-by-step plan in these videos, it will change your life and be worth it in the end.

What you get with this course?

Not for you? No problem.
30 day money back guarantee.

Forever yours.
Lifetime access.

Learn on the go.
Desktop, iOS and Android.

Get rewarded.
Certificate of completion.


Section 1: Getting Started

Not sure where to begin? START HERE with strategies and best practices for getting the most out of the Passion 2 Published program.

You'll see a Book Writing Framework download that is meant to be a "working document" as you progress through the first two sections of this program. The best books are the ones that are planned and well thought out. That's what this document is meant to do.

You'll also see a Best Selling Checklist that will stick with you through the entire duration of the curriculum. It will be especially helpful when you get to the publishing process of your book in multiple formats.

Let's go!


This video walks you through how to select your ideal category (and sub-category) on Amazon based on your target niche. It also describes how to research the good (and bad) from the books are selling well to ensure your book receives high reviews and positive social proof.


  • Treat your book like a new business and do a competitive analysis and research
  • Drill down deep. Understand how categories and sub-categories work on Amazon and try to write your book for a highly targeted niche
  • Analyze 2 and 3-star reviews to see what’s good and what you can potentially do BETTER
  • Be crystal clear who you’re writing TO and what you’re writing ON

Attached is a downloadable document that will help you better understand Amazon's Sales Rankings. You can also view these rankings online at


Your title and sub-title are one of the first things people will notice when deciding whether to buy your book. Crafting the catchy, perfect title, as well as making it KEYWORD FRIENDLY, is a game changer for marketing your book.


  • Title often isn’t as important as sub-title. The sub-title usually is the descriptive part that tells the reader exactly what the book is about
  • Highlight top 20 best selling titles in your sub-category (or 2) and go to to craft your perfect title
  • Remember that Amazon is a SEARCH ENGINE and it’s critical that your title is keyword friendly

Outlining and organizing the content for your book starts with simple brainstorming. From there, you make connections for chapters and sub-chapters. Lastly, you want to do research on the best selling books in your category to make sure you’re covering all necessary and relevant content.


  • Brainstorm the general topics that will go into your book. DON’T THINK. Just write.
  • Make connections between your brainstorming topics. These will likely become your chapters.
  • Don’t feel the need to include EVERYTHING. Just include the essentials and most relevant content.
  • Aim for roughly 2-5 sub-chapters (or key points) that go into each chapter.
  • Research and “model” other best selling books on Amazon that are doing well.
  • Realize there is NO PERFECT OUTLINE for your book. Use your imagination and choose the one that is best for you.
Section 2: Create

There are two separate methods that you can use to create your book and there are pros and cons to each. One if the “traditional method” and the other is the “little known method.” Which one you choose depends on your skill set and how quickly you want to get your book created.


Choose the BOOK FIRST option if you enjoy writing and feel you can consistently discipline yourself to write a little bit each day, or week. It’s the more “traditional” option and will take you slightly longer to create your book, but as long as you continue making progress, this is a good choice.

Choose the AUDIO FIRST option if you are a reasonably polished speaker and you’re comfortable talking on your topic (possibly have given speeches or presentations on your topic, but not mandatory). It will cost you a bit (ballpark $50-$75) to get your audio transcribed but this is the fastest way to get your book created.

If you’re up in the air on which option to choose, I’d go with the AUDIO FIRST Option.

Even if your initial audio isn’t perfect, it will still get you a kick start on creating your book. You can then add, subtract or edit the content from there.


This video takes you through five key strategies to help you get started on creating your best selling book. Yes, GET. YOU. STARTED. :)

  • You can create your book in either Microsoft Word or Pages (please contact me if you’re looking at using anything else)
  • Look for things you’ve already created to serve as “building blocks” for your book (blog posts, articles, journals, notes, etc.)
  • GET STARTED! Pick the chapter (or part of your book) that comes the easiest to you and do that first. Gather momentum.
  • Turn everything OFF. Discipline yourself to be focused and productive during your book writing time.
  • Move around periodically (every 60-90 minutes). When the body turns off, the brain turns off.

This video serves as your “home base.” It gives you the strategies to continually come back to to make sure you’re maximally efficient and effective in writing your book.


  • 1. Block time and schedule it in your calendar (like you would ANY important meeting)
  • 2. If you’re stuck, google to see what else is out there (blog posts, books, articles)
  • 3. Write to your ideal reader avatar (your PERFECT reader who NEEDS your book)
  • 4. When in doubt, ADD VALUE (entertain the reader, simplify things or make their life more interesting)
  • 5. Stay tight with your message and always come back to the central theme
  • 6. Use personal stories REGARDLESS of the type of book you’re writing
  • 7. You’re an author! Don’t doubt yourself – you’ve got the goods!


There are two different methods for editing your book and both involve outsourcing. The one golden rule is that you cannot edit your book yourself. SOMEONE else has to read it before it gets published :)

The first method is to outsource to someone online. I’d recommend using Fiverr, just like you would for transcription, cover creation, etc.

The second method is to give it to family members or friends. I’d recommend giving it to two people and MAKE SURE they’ll be honest with you. It does you no good to have them give you glowing positive feedback if there is something glaringly wrong with the book.

Whichever option you choose, I’ve always told my editors that I don’t necessarily want them to edit the voice of the book. When that happens, I think it takes away from your message and natural writing style. What I WANT people to edit are:

  • Spelling and grammatical errors (your instead you’re, they’re instead of their, etc.)
  • Sentence structure and flow. Do new paragraphs need to be created? New chapters? Sub-chapters?
  • Areas that seem confusing, could possibly be ommitted or those that need additional clarification

Depending on the type of book you’re writing, you could either pass it along as it is created or pass along the whole thing when it’s written. If it’s a book that has to be read in sequential order, you’d have to choose the latter option. Otherwise, I’d recommend the former.


This video takes you through the four first steps you need to take before recording your audio.


  • Choose your microphone

- You can use the speakers on your computer but the overall quality of your audio will be lower

– I recommend the H390 USB Headset w/Noise-Canceling Microphone Logitech Headset Microphone

– The Blue Microphones Yeti USB Microphone would be highest quality microphone

I'm a big fan of Logitech products. I've never had a bad experience with their microphones and they give you good bang for your buck. You can find any of these on Amazon.


  • Find a secluded place (preferably one where you can stand up while recording)
  • Outline your first chapter (stories, details, key points, transitions)
  • Download Audacity free audio recording software

- CLICK HERE to download Audacity


This video is a basic tutorial of how to most effectively record and edit your audio in Audacity.


  • DON’T GET FRUSTRATED – you WILL get better with practice!
  • Make sure your external microphone is selected when recording (if you’re using one)
  • Clap your hands or snap your fingers to make it easier to edit your audio when the track is completed
  • Be sure to have at least 1 sec of silenced audio at the beginning and end of your track
  • Your project rate should be 44100 Hz and choose 192 kbps when you export the mp3 file
  • If you are outsourcing the transcription, you can export the mp3 in 80 or 96 kbps to shrink the file size
  • Always choose “Save Project As” and save your Audacity project so if you need to edit it later, you can
  • RELAX and just be YOU when recording!

Creating a stunning book cover is one of the most critical components to your book sales. But it’s not as difficult as many people think. It starts with choosing a distinct, eye-catching image and then outsourcing the cover creation…in an affordable way.


  • The MOST IMPORTANT component of your cover is that it is distinct. You want people to click on your cover when they’re on Amazon to learn more.
  • Choose an eye-catching, royalty free stock image.

The personal site that I use for royalty free stock image is Make sure when you’re searching for an image that you choose one with a portrait orientation. You do not need to buy the highest resolution version of the image. My advice is to save many eye catching images in a “lightbox” (you’ll be able to do this after you create an account) and then compare your favorites to choose the best one.

  • Go to to outsource your cover

Here are the links to the two best book cover creators I’ve found on Fiverr:

Click Here for 1 >>>

Click Here for 2 >>>

You’ll need to pass along the image you chose as well as answer some basic information about the cover (title, subtitle, author name, general feel). If you have thoughts on how you would like the cover to look, definitely pass them along. Otherwise, they’ve done a pretty good job of creating mine on minimal instructions.

If you want to find your own “gig” on Fiverr, after searching, be sure to click on “High Rating” and do your homework. Look for someone who has high star ratings and quite a few buyers. Whatever you do, choose someone who offers revisions as part of their gig. I’ve never needed anything major changed but I have had a couple of subtle tweaks on some of my covers.

  • If you feel the burning desire to go with a higher end outsourcing site for your cover, I’d recommend Note – I DO NOT think this is necessary, but some people have the notion that nothing valuable can get created for $5 :)
Section 3: Publish

Before watching this video, you must have your own individual account set up on Amazon KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing). Amazon needs to know how they can pay you when your book starts selling :)

CLICK HERE to get started >>>


If you’re not as savvy with Microsoft Word and using the Best Selling Checklist (PDF from the "Getting Started" portion of this course), this video will walk you through some final step-by-step formatting considerations.


Before watching the below video, you must have your own individual account set up on Amazon CreateSpace (Print Book Publishing). This is a separate royalty payment from your eBook payment.

CLICK HERE to get started >>>


CLICK HERE for free jpg image to PDF converter for your book cover (if you do not already have it in PDF format)


If you’re not as savvy with Microsoft Word and using the Best Selling Checklist (PDF from the "Getting Started" portion of this course), this video will walk you through some final step-by-step formatting considerations.


Before watching the below video, you must have your own individual account set up on ACX (Audiobook publishing platform for Amazon, Audible and iTunes). This is a separate royalty payment from your eBook and Print Book payments.

CLICK HERE to get started >>>

Section 4: Monetize

This video walks you through running KDP free promotions and the 5 simple steps to getting your book on the best sellers list.


Your Amazon review link is: “” Insert YOUR book’s ASIN (located on your Amazon page) in place of ######.


Video is the BEST way to communicate the message of your book. Learn how to get comfortable in front of the camera and create a killer book promotional video!


  • Look THROUGH the camera and talk to your ideal reader!
  • Ensure you have good quality audio and use an external microphone if you have one. Otherwise, “dampen” the room beforehand.
  • Don’t go buy an expensive HD camcorder. Your laptop, phone or tablet is high enough quality.


  • Introduction (your name, expertise and book title)
  • Why you wrote the book (What is your story? Who are you trying to help?)
  • Book description (BRIEF overview of what’s included in the book). Don’t tell them everything – just give viewers an idea of what to expect
  • How viewers can get the book + bonuses (are you offering any additional incentives for buying the book?)

This is my promotional video for the 50 Best Tips EVER for Running Fitter, Faster and Forever.


This video gives you advanced social media strategies to promote ONGOING book sales. It also serves as a good starting point for building your brand.


There’s a RIGHT way and a WRONG way to do social media. You want to casually let people know that you’re an author but you don’t need to jam it down their throats. People appreciate strong, quality content, and if you provide this (in any social media platform), you will get noticed and your books will sell.

  • LINKEDIN: Write regular (weekly) posts about topics related to your book and share them with your connections. Also join groups in your target market. BE SURE to add “Author” to your profile.
  • FACEBOOK: Build a business page and post quotes and excerpts from your book. Install freebooksy app that will migrate all your data from Amazon onto your page.
  • INSTAGRAM: Post “quote cards” with short passages from your book that people will like and share. Not just for self-help and motivation industries!
  • FIVERR: Consider exploring this for promoting your book. Do a little bit of research, but if any amount of promotion gets you more than 2 sales, you’re already profitable.

This video shows you how to create an Amazon Author Central account (free) to establish credibility as an author and to house author-related information all in one place.

CLICK HERE to create your free Amazon Author Central Account


Scott Welle is a #1 international best selling author, speaker, peak performance strategist and founder of Outperform The Norm, which trains high achievers and athletes to remove their self-imposed limitations, increase confidence and accomplish more than they ever thought possible. He has authored 9 books, has a Master’s degree in Sport Psychology, serves on the Executive Certification Board for NESTA, the Advisory Board of the Minnesota School of Business – Globe University and the Board of Directors for the Minnesota Distance Runners Association. Scott is a foremost authority on motivation via the Brain-Body interaction and practices what he preaches regarding health and high performance – completing five Ironman triathlons and 25 marathons and ultramarathons.

POSITIONING yourself is critical, so when you’re posting your bio on different platforms (Author Central and Social Media), make it sound compelling. People should read your bio and be impressed!

Section 5: Conclusion

First, I genuinely want to thank you for taking this course. I hope it served you (and will continue to serve you) as you market your book and, perhaps, contemplate creating more books in the future. Remember - it is NEVER as difficult as it is the first time you do something.

Second, if your book isn't selling quite as well as you would have liked, go back to the following four checkpoints:

  1. Keywords
  2. Categories
  3. Cover
  4. Content

From my experience, I would start with tweaking the categories and see how it affects your book's sales. Give it at least two weeks if you're going to experiment with different categories. It's not something that will become immediately visible over night.

I would also recommend uploading and testing a different cover. Same thing, give it at least two weeks to see what happens to your sales. Choose the cover that seems to be getting the most traction.

Your keywords aren't going to change much over time and the only way I would go into SERIOUS revision of the content would be if you're getting consistent reviews about an area of your book that was unclear, not thorough enough, etc. If you make any of these changes, you have the option to republish as a second edition or to just keep the same edition you have.

Wishing you all the best in your future journey as an author!

- Scott


Please feel free to use this sample disclaimer in your book as you wish. Note - I am not a lawyer and/or doctor and I take no responsibility for whether this will cover all the liabilities related to your book. It's just merely something to help you and provide a framework.

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Scott Welle, #1 Best Selling Author, Speaker, Performance Coach, Aries

Scott Welle is a #1 international best selling author, speaker, peak performance strategist and founder of Outperform The Norm, which trains high achievers and athletes to remove their self-imposed limitations, increase confidence and accomplish more than they ever thought possible. He has authored 9 books, has a Master’s degree in Sport Psychology, serves on the Executive Certification Board for NESTA, the Advisory Board of the Minnesota School of Business – Globe University and the Board of Directors for the Minnesota Distance Runners Association. Scott is a foremost authority on motivation via the Brain-Body interaction and practices what he preaches regarding health and high performance – completing five Ironman triathlons and 25 marathons and ultramarathons.

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