Adobe Audition CC Course: Audio Recording & Post Processing
3.8 (16 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
894 students enrolled
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Adobe Audition CC Course: Audio Recording & Post Processing

Remove background noise and echo in home Audio recording with Adobe Audition CC: Improve Voice Over Recording Quality
3.8 (16 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
894 students enrolled
Created by Arun Nagarathanam
Last updated 6/2016
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What Will I Learn?
  • Learn the best, quick and easy methods to do voice over or audio recording + post processing your audio recording in Adobe Audition CC
  • Get to know the things required if you're using a Smartphone mic or Condenser Mic or Lavalier Mic - for quality audio recording
  • Learn where to place your mic and how to setup it to reduce humming + increase volume of your voice
  • Learn how to adjust your Cardioid, Omnidirectional, Lavalier and Smartphone Mic to reduce background noise, hissing sounds, pop sounds and reverb
  • Learn how to adjust your Mic gain using Adobe Audition CC to exclude noise from getting recorded - very important
  • Learn to create Adobe ID and download Adobe Audition CC + required Plugins
  • Learn to Open and save audio along with a custom work-space in Adobe Audition CC
  • Get to know some important tips before starting your voice recording
  • Learn how to record your audio separately in Adobe Audition CC, while doing screencast or talking head videos
  • Learn how to remove noise manually and automatically
  • Learn to repair your voice merged with short noises
  • Learn how to increase the volume of your voice in audio recording without getting any distortions
  • Learn how to remove reverb or echo from your audio recording completely
  • Learn how to remove hissing sounds, distortions and other impulse sounds easily
  • Learn how to deepen your voice, improve vocal clarity and enhance your voice automatically
  • Learn how to do all the above process quickly for faster Udemy course creation
  • Once you have completed all these steps your audio will pass Udemy course review in 1st attempt
  • You're in the hands of 'Lightning Fast Responder' badge holder, instructor. So get the help, whenever you need it
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  • If you have already purchased Adobe Creative Cloud, then you can choose to buy or not buy only one plugin
  • I showed how to download and install the trial version of Adobe Audition CC Trial and required plugins in this course itself. So you don't need to pay upfront, use you can use trial version of software and plugins to learn this course
  • No prior experience needed in Audio recording or Editing or post processing

(2016 - New Course) - Udemy Course Creation: Remove noise + hollow echo from your Audio recording with Adobe Audition CC - fully captioned

"Get approved in Udemy Review Process in 1st Attempt!" 

Marguerite Beaty says, "I have been struggling with my sound quality quite a bit. I was able to fix a few things, more by luck. This course helped me understand how to work with Audition and how to create a good sounding audio tape. I think that everyone who is thinking about an online course, podcasting or anything that has to do with sound should take this course. This class is very clear. It's an extremely well organized class and it's easy to follow. Congratulations!"

Are you frustrated of your audio recording, facing troubles with echoes, noise and reverberation?

Don’t worry I have come up with a simple, superb and surprising solution. When you pass on each lecture you will feel confident that you can make wonders in audio recording with minimum investment

Kimberly Sheridan says, "Any new Udemy instructor knows how frustrating it can be to invest so much time and energy into creating their course only to have the Udemy Review Team reject it for poor (or noisy) audio when they thought it sounded fine when they submitted their course for review. Every week, I see frustrated instructors posting messages begging for help in figuring out *why* their audio is being rejected and *how* to get their course approved so they can start earning a return on all the investment they’ve made in creating their course. While Arun does recommend buying a software, when there are other free options, he correctly teaches that in order to get a professional result, you’re going to have to invest a little bit of money. While hobbyists might be able to slide by with free software (if they have a really quiet, echo-free recording environment & a quality microphone), anyone seeking to earn a living on Udemy should view buying Adobe Audition & this course as worthwhile investments that will easily give them a return on investment within their first few sales."

Social Proof:

  • Over 800 satisfied students
  • Over 11 Positive reviews
  • 3 Hours of Organized and Polished HD Lectures
  • Complete Captions (English Subtitles)
  • Personal Assistance to get your Test Video + Course Approved
  • Offline access via Udemy app for Android & iOS
  • Course Completion Certificate
  • 30 Day money back guarantee

> Are you planning to upgrade your Mic to remove noise from your voice or Audio recording?


> Are you searching for the best Mic to record vocals?

Stop searching!

You can correct all the issues you face, with the help of Adobe Audition CC.

Don’t get shocked, your Smartphone Mic or a $50 like Samson Go / Blue Snowball Mic can do wonders!

You don't even need a shock-mount or a Pop filter!

Raja Biswas says, "Great course.. It gives clear and step by step instructions.. It will help anyone who are going to publish their videos on udemy or anywhere..."

Is this the right course for YOU?

This course is mainly for Udemy instructors, pod-casters, voice over artists, online tutors and online course creators, who wish to get best/excellent quality audio from the audio gear they already have.

If you want you audio recording to sound good with post processing using Adobe Audition CC, then this is the right course for you

You might be a songwriter, and want to get into audition so that you can record your songs for others to hear.

You may want to record vocals, other instruments and successfully express what you are trying to say in your songs.

Maybe you’re not into music, but want to record your voice clearly for an audio book, seminar talks, or some recorded classes at school.

This course will definitely give you the power to create advanced, clear, noise free audio recording.

Bernard Hooft says, "I recommend this course for everyone who makes a Udemy course. Lots of techniques are shown to improve the sound of your voice."

What value will I get from this course?

I will help you Remove reverberation / hollow echo from audio recordings without re-recording your Audio.

You can even remove background noise completely, improve voice quality and sound - easily following my step by step instructions.

Is it even possible?

This is the digital age, and we don’t record on reels of tape any more.

  1. You’ll simply need a computer, a simple software installed in it.
  2. One T-Shirt, a notebook
  3. 2 small size Table Mat
  4. And a smartphone.

Normally the sounds recorded through a microphone are highly affected by the environment they are recorded in.

Outside noise can be picked up, and the sound being reflected around your room will spoil the recording. So if you are planning to increase your budget and buy a high end audio interface or microphone, I will give you a simple solution.

Come on! Invest your time in this course, money in Audition CC and create wonders!

Riaz Mohamed says, "The instructor is very clear and caters for all types of audience from beginners to Advanced. Highly recommended course. Thank you for this great work Arun."

Am I the right instructor?

"Experience is the best teacher!"

When I created my 1st Udemy course, my course was reviewed and rejected approval, because of poor audio quality.

"Reason is my audio has got background noise."

After some deep thoughts, I recorded my audio in night time, waiting idle for the whole day time.

"But the shocking thing is I was again rejected for reverberation."

I was simply helpless at the moment and was searching for a best solution online, in almost all websites.

"But nothing worked out."

Then I suddenly got a solution and now, that solution made me, to stand before you with this approved and improved audio quality courses.

Now I would say proudly that I am one of the Udemy instructors, with 10 approved courses in hand.

I felt it’s time to share that 1 solution to you all, which will help you to get the best / excellent audio and clear voice in your audio recordings.

Rob Dennis says, "Complete. Precise, and to the point. Definitely worth taking this course. My test video was approved without any comments."

What are you waiting for?

I know what is running in your mind now!

Do you want to know and apply that solution?

Yeah join my hands and improve your audio quality, so as to improve instruction delivery and production quality.

I will not leave you helpless anymore. Take this course and I will travel along with you until you get your desired audio quality and a crystal clear voice in all your recordings.

Who is the target audience?
  • If you want to create a udemy course and get approved in Udemy review in 1st attempt using Adobe Audition CC
  • If you want to do noise free audio recording at a budget
  • If you want to edit or post process your audio recording to improve your voice over quality
  • If you have Adobe Audition CC or Adobe Creative cloud already, then this is the right course for you
  • Udemy Instructors
  • Online instructors and course creators
  • Video Bloggers, YouTubers, Podcasters,Voiceover artists
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Curriculum For This Course
67 Lectures
Introduction to Adobe Audition CC course
4 Lectures 09:21

I’ll go over the broad topics we’ll cover in the course. I’ll also touch on why the course will help students, and what they’ll get out of it once they’ve completed it.

Preview 04:11

  1. Cardioid condenser microphone or Lav mic or Smartphone
  2. T-Shirt or Headphone foam or Handkerchief
  3. A notebook
  4. 2 small size table mat or thick towel
  5. Adobe Audition software
Preview 01:35

  1. Lavalier mic
  2. Foam Filter or Headphone buds
Preview 02:08

Things you Need
5 questions
You need to know this audio recording setup to get the best sounding audio
10 Lectures 23:29

You will learn where to place the mic to get the best volume in your audio

Where to Place your Mic

You will learn where to place the mic to get the humming free audio

How to Setup your Mic

You will learn how to setup your Cardioid Condenser mic

Cardioid Mic Adjustment

You will learn how to setup your omnidirectional mic

Omnidirectional Mic Adjustment

You will learn how to setup your lavalier mic

Lavalier Mic Adjustment

You will learn how to setup your smartphone mic to get the best out of it

Smartphone Mic Adjustment

Let's wrap up the section and see how to adjust mic gain

Wrap up & Mic Gain Adjustment

Recording Setup
10 questions
Get Adobe Audition CC Trial and other Audio Post Processing Plugins for free
9 Lectures 17:31

Why we should use adobe audition instead of cheap alternatives like audacity

Why Adobe Audition CC

What's Live Editing?

minimum and recommended system requirements for adobe audition

System Requirements

how to create an adobe id to download web installer

Create Adobe ID

Resource: Sign up for Adobe ID

step by step procedure to download and install adobe audition cc trial

Download & Install Adobe Audition Trial

Adobe Creative Cloud and Discounts

purchase and install necessary plugins into your adobe audition

Install Plugins

Resource: Download link to Plugins

Adobe Audition
1 question
Adobe Audition CC for first time users
6 Lectures 22:54
Crucial steps to Prevent noise from your audio or voice recording in Audition CC
7 Lectures 10:24
Just before Recording

Resource: Checklist - Just before recording

Caution: If you use Camtasia to record Audio

Best way to Strip out Audio

Start Recording

Resource: Checklist - Start Recording

Exercise: Test Recording
Everything you need to know to remove background noise in Adobe Audition CC
7 Lectures 26:43
Introduction to Noise Removal

Remove Noise Manually

Output Noise only - Explained

Automatic Noise Removal

Spot Correction and Bulk Silence

Wrap up & Where to use which one

Exercise: Submit test noise removal
Perfect ways to boost volume of your audio recording in Adobe Audition CC
8 Lectures 21:59
Increase Volume or Amplify - Intro

Amplify Volume

Auto Level your Voice in your Audio Recording

Perceived Loudness - An Intro

Increase Perceived Loudness of your Voice

Increase Perceived Loudness - Guide

Wrap up & Where to use which one

Exercise : Amplify a test audio
Easy way to remove hollow echo, reverb from audio recording in Adobe Audition CC
7 Lectures 20:00
What is Reverb or Echo

Differential Monitoring and Emphasis Filter

Remove Reverb

Remove Reverb - Guide

Reduce Hissing Sounds and DeEss your Audio

Reduce all Distortions and Impulse Sounds together

Exercise: Remove reverb

Advanced Editing
3 questions
Improve your voice in audio or voice recording with Adobe Audition CC
4 Lectures 07:29
Improve your Audio Dynamics

Improve Vocal Clarity

Enhance your Voice Automatically

Exercise: Take Screenshot
How to to bulk post-processing in Adobe Audition CC
3 Lectures 08:06
Apply Multiple effects to an Audio Quickly

Apply Multiple Effects to Multiple Audios Quickly

Exercise: Effect Rack Preset List
2 More Sections
About the Instructor
Arun Nagarathanam
4.4 Average rating
2,618 Reviews
45,714 Students
13 Courses
SEO, WordPress, E-Commerce, PowerPoint, Digital Art Expert

Arun Nagarathanam is a top online instructor, who has got expertise in various fields and software such as search engine optimization, WordPress web development, digital graphic design & animation. He teaches online courses to over 45,000 top entrepreneurs across 180 countries. His SEO, web development courses have received high admiration for the comprehensive tutorials and practical approach with lots of hands on examples.

He is an Electrical & Electronics Engineer, a Computer expert, a Blogger and a budding Chartered Accountant from India. His teaching style is, breaking-down complex concepts through simple examples and animations. 

That's why, his students call him a VERSATILE teacher!

For his consistent and timely support to his students in Udemy, he was awarded "Lightning responder" badge.

Areas of Expertise

  1. Adobe Audition, Photoshop, Premiere Pro, After Effects, Illustrator
  2. Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint
  3. Camtasia Studio, Cyberlink PowerDirector
  4. Windows 8, 10 Pro
  5. Programming in C, C++, Java, php, Python, HTML
  6. Data Structures
  7. Desktop & Laptop Software Troubleshooting, Hardware repair
  8. Android Smartphone Custom ROM installation & rooting
  9. Privacy Protection & Securing PC, Smartphone from threats
  10. Setup, Maintenance, Security & SEO in Wordpress
  11. PIC Microcontroller Programming
  12. Arduino Programming
  13. Applied Electronics, Power Electronics & Medical Electronics
  14. High Voltage Engineering, Transmission & Distribution
  15. Strategic Financial Management
  16. Photography
  17. Indian Yogasanam

Budding Chartered Accountant [August 2012 - Present]

He has been presenting so many captivating presentations. These presentations, they speak for themselves through custom motion path animations and that's his secret of keeping his audience engaged. He is specialized in 'Financial Management'.

His job is to:

  • > Supervise auditing of establishments, and determine scope of investigation required.
  • > Inspect cash on hand, notes receivable and payable, negotiable securities, and cancelled checks to confirm records are accurate.
  • > Inspect account books and accounting systems for efficiency, effectiveness, and use of accepted accounting procedures to record transactions.
  • > Collect and analyse data to detect deficient controls, duplicated effort, extravagance, fraud, or non-compliance with laws, regulations, and management policies.
  • > Prepare detailed reports on audit findings.
  • > Report to management about asset utilization and audit results, and recommend changes in operations and financial activities.

Blogger / WordPress Admin [January 2011 - May 2012]

His work was to:

  • > Publish news, reviews on latest and upcoming computer hardware components.
  • > Implement updates, upgrades, and patches in a timely manner to limit loss of service.
  • > Back up or modify applications and related data to provide for disaster recovery.
  • > Collaborate with development teams to discuss, analyse, or resolve usability issues.
  • > Prepare, rewrite and edit copy to improve readability, or supervise others who do this work.
  • > Assign topics, events and stories to individual writers or reporters for coverage.
  • > Review or update web page content or links in a timely manner, using appropriate tools.

He also helped his followers to manage WordPress blogs, optimize SEO, design logos, create animations, customize the look of their themes, secure their websites and ultimately to monetize them.

Freelance Writer [June 2010 - December 2010]

He started his career as a part time Freelance Writer. His responsibilities were:

  • > Organize material and complete writing assignment according to set standards regarding order, clarity, conciseness, style, and terminology.
  • > Review published materials and recommend revisions or changes in scope, format, content, and methods of reproduction and binding.
  • > Edit, standardize, or make changes to material prepared by other writers or establishment personnel.

Electrical & Electronics Engineer - [2006 - 2010]

He has done several simulations and hardware projects.

To name a few,

  • > 'Portable heartbeat calculator' in 2008
  • > 'MPPT based solar charge controller' in 2010
  • > 'Hybrid & Intelligent Power Supply Unit for PCs' in 2012
  • > 'Low cost audio amplifier' which provides stereo Output, with enhanced pre-set equalizer with bass, treble and supports Virtual environment effects.
  • > 'U – Bend accident preventer' which displays warning signal on alternative sides of roads in hills and glows traffic lamp based on speed of the incoming vehicle.

Moreover, he guided several students, to write coding for micro-controllers. His areas of interest are 'Applied electronics' and 'Micro-controllers programming and interfacing'.

Computer Expert - [From unknown time - future]

He loves to troubleshoot software issues and repair / replace hardware issues. He provides consultancy on what software to buy / use, what computer hardware to buy, what laptop to opt for etc.