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Pareto for Developers - How To be an Excellent Programmer

10 Lessons that nobody is teaching about the skills needed to become an excellent developer( and very well paid too)
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Do you know those developers who work 10 times faster than average? What takes an average developer one full day will take them less than one hour. Most that that speed can be attributed to technique.

It doesn't matter if you have to create programs, build pages or do Web Design. It doesn't matter which language you use; can be Java, C #, Visual Studio, Angular, Jquery, Python, Javascript or C.

Just like a basketball player can become a better shooter by learning the proper techniques, a developer can become a better coder and deliver much value by learning better techniques.

Today more easily and quickly due to Internet, Online Courses, Google and many examples out ther. Even help studying systems engineering, systems analyst, computer science.

After learning and working on the basis of this book, most of the newly-hired developers double their productivity in the first month. Many will triple or quadruple their productivity.

Go tell your boss you can deliver twice as many functional points as you do today. Tell your boss that instead of having to hire that other developer, you can get it done. Your boss will love you, and delivering that kind of value that will keep you in demand!

I decided to share this for a couple of reasons.

First, I'm tired of inheriting train wreck projects whose code base is bloated and unsalvageable. There are far more projects in the world than my team can take on so I hope you find this simple approach a compelling alternative to what you are used to read.

Second, we hope we can learn from you. My team members learn every day from each other. With your help, we can learn more, become even better developers, and deliver more value to our clients.

Code simple,

Nicolas Rossello
Who is the target audience?
  • Any Programmer / Developer who wants to double your salary / wages / earnings
  • Systems Engineering / Computer / Systems Analyst Students
  • Anyone working as a freelancer who wants to decrease development time to generate more customers
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What Will I Learn?
Learn some things that will make double your salary / wages / earnings
Techniques to improve your ability to write better code regardless of the programming language used to develop software
Techniques to improve your ability to write better code regardless what you have studied
Increase your seniority regardless the languaje program (Visual Studio C# Visual Basic Python Angular JavaScript Java Wordpress HTML/CSS Ruby )
Become a better programer / Developer
Write better code, with more quality and with a less rate of errors
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  • Turn on the computer ;-)
  • Basic programming capabilities
Curriculum For This Course
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Improve Technical Capabilities
5 Lectures 34:31

Lesson 1: Pareto's law

Most of you probably know about Pareto's law. If not maybe you know as 80-20 rule. This rule, law are whatever you want to call it is THE most important thing you could ever know. If you apply this in your life and work it could radically change your life.

The Pareto principle states that, for many events, roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes so every time you do something in the project, ask yourself if that task is a 20% more productive or is a task 80% less

Preview 08:48

Lesson 2: Tools Make you code faster

Human beings have been doing tools for the last…. Let me rephrase that, human beings do tools to make their own work and life better and easier. Period. You should do the same as a software developer.

It doesn't matter if you have to create programs, build pages or do Web Design. It doesn't matter which language you use; can be Java, C #, Visual Studio, Angular, Jquery, Python, java script or C.

Tools Make you code faster

Lesson 3: Coding Guidelines

Code Guidelines are meant to be followed by everybody in the team. Period.

Want to know why? Really?

They will help establishing consistency within a team and sharing best practices and lessons learned.

It doesn't matter if you have to create programs, build pages or do Web Design. It doesn't matter which language you use; can be Java, C #, Visual Studio, Angular, Jquery, Python, java script or C define and follow Coding Guidelines

Coding Guidelines

Lesson 4: SQL Coding Guidelines

I can hear you…. Ooooohhhhh man, more coding guidelines …. YES MORE code guidelines, you not only write and organize code, you also need to write and organize things in the database…. So let's start and avoid losing time here… Benefits why we should do this, in Lesson 3

SQL Coding Guidelines

Lesson 5: Code the right way

We are half way this course. What do we know so far? We know about Pareto, that not all the things you do add value. We know about tools and that is important to work with the right one. We know that we need to write code that follows guidelines and patterns since we are part of a team. But how can we make our code to be good, reusable, scalable, maintainable, and with good performance, I mean how we can make our code to be a piece of art in software development.

Here some things that can help even if you have to create programs, write backend code, build web pages or do Web Design. It doesn't matter which language you use; can be Java, C #, Visual Studio, Angular, Jquery, Python, java script or C.

Code the right way
Improve Non Technical Capabilities
5 Lectures 30:38

Lesson 6: Language-> English

Here there is not much things to argue with. English is the World's language. You can argue you can dislike that fact; you can have any excuse (I know them all because I don't speak English natively, I am from a country that speaks in another language and I had to study several years to be able to manage this other language).

Here some tips to improve your english really fast!

Language IS English

Lesson 7: Communication

We could write an entire book about communication, that's a whole subject you should practice your entire life.

Reasons why being a good communicator:

1)Your features are not an island; they work within a lot of other features being built by others team members. You need to communicate with those guys in order to make the whole thing work.

2)Your features belong to clients. This means that someone will use your code with only one reason, make their work life a bit better. Your job is make their life a bit better…. Meaning you need to communicate with those guys too..

3)Your features make other teams member work (Testers, Infrastructure team, Account managers team, etc). They need to understand what you did, how it works, how it can be deployed, etc. This means that you need to communicate with these guys too.

Bad communication ( or miscommunications) costs a lot of money. If you are able to communicate well and make the company spend less money because of these problems…. Well, we'll like that, and we'll pay you better for that.

Here how you can improve the way you communicate


Lesson 8: Source Control

Source control and a good versioning system are like car insurance. Is one of those tasks that you don't see value on doing until you have a problem.

When problem occurs, you can feel relieved because you did it or you can feel pain because you didn't.

There are a couple of things that makes source control and versioning system so critical.

1) Agile methodologies for development ( like Scrum / Kanban)

This is what nobody is saying about agile, once you finish a sprint, usually you deliver the code to the client (Let's say version 1 of the code deployed in Production Environment). Meantime you code another increment (Version2 in Development Environment) and perhaps fix some bugs from version 1 inside version 2.

Ok that situation, let's say, is the most comfortable situation you could have... But (there is always a but) the projects on where you have this, usually are not the projects Developers type A (top paid developers) works. Ohhhhh life is sooo m##@i%{replace3}amp; complicated.

2) Teams located all over the world.

Sometimes teams are located in places and time zones so different that you can be working in a country, and after you leave your computer, another team starts in a different place. This other team could need the code you wrote that day to keep doing progress on their own tasks.

Because this 2 things, there are certain things you (and the project) should do to avoid problems. Again this things are those things can make you became a developer Group A (top paid developer)

we explain in the chapter the things that matter about source control

Source Control

Lesson 9: Test your own Work

Test your own work. There is not such a big deal about this. The idea should be to have fewer bugs each time. I'm not talking about the bugs you discover, but those the QA team do or even worst, the client does. Those are the ones you need to decrease sprint after sprint. Imagine I'm your boss and every time we deliver code you are the developer with the slower rate of bugs...
Now let's see how we improve those numbers. The 20% more important things you can do.

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Lesson 10: Metrics and retrospectives

The idea of this chapter is to encourage you to improve

The clue of this chapter is that it doesn't matter where you are at with your knowledge but to identify what to do (and do it) to get better.

There are certain things you can do to improve, let's go one by one.

Metrics and retrospectives
Others people lessons
2 Lectures 18:33

Lesson 11: be Like Mike

In case you are not from the earth or you never heard of a sport called basketball... Michael Jordan was THE player in the history of the game (NBA). For me was one of my first's heros.

On my early 20s I started to work meantime I was studying in University. And I started to notice that a lot of times I found myself saying what Jordan would have done with this problem under this situation.

That exercise helped me a lot for the last 10 years of my life ... So nowadays Jordan is more hero for me than he was when I was 10.

Preview 11:39

Lesson 12: Teamwork Vs Stars - Lesson San Antonio Spurs

How team work beats Stars. No matter if the star is Lebron James o Koby Bryant

Live story of San antonio Spurs Versus Miami Heat and how sometimes it doesn't matter how much talent a team has, it's better to have less talent but more commitment to win.

Preview 06:54
Now It's your turn to work ( Live Section)
3 Lectures 00:10

This is an example of a Coding Guideline we used in a project some time ago.

It is for a .net Project I worked with.

From Class 3 - Coding Guidelines - Example
7 pages

In This lesson we share a SQL coding Guidelines that will help to maintain consistency in the database

From Class 4 - SQL Coding Guidelines - Example
9 pages

Course Sumary - Your Checklist
About the Instructor
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My name is Nicolas Rossello. I've been involved in coding since i was a kid.

All this time I've worked with Microsoft technologies, starting with Visual Basic 5, then VB6, ASP, and then with all the .Net frameworks.

During all this time I've been working with other developers, learning and teaching them and After 20 years I still feel like I'm playing with computers solving bigger and bigger problems and having a lot of fun.

I'm not a teacher (with long long lectures and classes), I just can let you know the 20% you need to solve the 80% of the problems you'll have.

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