Palm Reading for Beginners: Master the Basics!
3.3 (9 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
61 students enrolled
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Palm Reading for Beginners: Master the Basics!

Comprehensive guide to reading palms from 2 expert (and entertaining) palm readers
3.3 (9 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
61 students enrolled
Last updated 12/2015
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What Will I Learn?
  • Read palms on a professional level
  • Identify palm shape and finger length and put into action basic principles of chiromancy
  • Identify and evaluate the main lines on our palms as well as common variations
  • Identify and interpret the meaning of minor lines on our palms
  • Analyze mounts
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  • All you really need are your own hands, but I'll be asking you to look at the palms of other people too, so keep in mind some friends, colleagues or family members who you can go to for these exercises.

This course is designed for anyone interested in palmistry - whether you want to sell your skills as a fortune reader, take your Halloween fortune telling character to the next level, or simply learn a great new party conversation starter - this course is for you!

If you already know something about reading palms, in addition to all the basic elements of palm reading, the course also goes into more advanced techniques that you may not be familiar with, such as:

  • Psychology involved in palm readings
  • Mounts & secondary lines

(Please check out the individual lecture outlines for more specific information).

I've also included some (optional - but useful and fun) hands-on exercises (haha - pun intended!) so that you'll be fully immersed in palm reading right from the get-go!

Join me now or feel free to send me a message if you have any questions!

Updated April 13, 2016

Who is the target audience?
  • This course is meant for anyone interested in palmistry, fortune telling, or chiromancy. It is geared towards students with little or no experience reading palms
  • We go very into depth with palm reading techniques, by the end of the course you will be able to read palms on a basic professional level.
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Curriculum For This Course
21 Lectures
Introduction to Palmistry
3 Lectures 06:47

Welcome to the course! This course will teach you how to read palms. The art of chiromancy is truly fascinating and amazingly accurate. Wikipedia refers to palm reading as a pseudo-science, which I think is a perfect description. Part Art & Interpretation, Partly based on fact and science.

I explain the basic tools you’ll need to complete this course. Basically, you’ll need some friends and family who are willing to share their hands with you. There is a bit of memorization involved in Palm Reading - I will share some tips to help you remember information and useful study tools.

We’ll talk about objectivity & projection.

I highly recommend recording your journey through this course in a journal or, even better, in a smash journal. (Helps know and better understand who we are, human nature, and the characteristics associated with each line).

Tools: paper, pen, “special” marker, scanner, camera, baby powder, craft ink, journal

Preview 02:36

In this video we'll go over how to actually use Udemy to take the course. We'll go over where to find supplemental resources, how to download the lecture files onto your computer and communicate with the instructor and class members.

** If you've already taken a course on Udemy, you can probably skip this video **


  • Ruler
  • Washable Marker
  • Blank Paper/journal
Preview 01:49

In all aspects of my psychic development, I've found that journaling my experience is extremely rewarding.

In the video and additional resources you'll find the scientific support as well as information about objectivity & projecting in regards to palmistry.

In taking this course, you are about to embark on your very own psychic adventure and I invite you to either keep a regular journal or create a special palmistry smash journal. You can choose whichever method you prefer.

At the end of each lesson, I'll invite you to track of your experience in your journal. By the end of the course you'll have a wonderful keepsake from this period of your life and a sort of "cheat sheet" that you can take with you and refer to when you're on the road reading palms.

For me, the "hardest" part about journaling is figuring out what to write or simply finding the time to do it. To help you surmount these issues, I'll provide inspirational triggers to get you started. Also, keep in mind that your entries don't have to be long winded, or even make sense to anyone else. They can be quick, jotted down words and phrases that remind you of what you're feeling or what you want to remember on that particular day. You can easily complete these journaling assignments in a few short minutes or take it to another level and make it a real extra-curricular learning & exploration experience. It's up to you!


Incorporate some of the following into your journal:

  • Quotes from famous palm readers
  • Thoughts on men & women/masculine & feminine
  • List of people you’d like read for (local/famous) & people you think could most benefit from a reading
Preview 02:22

Take a moment before you begin to consider your current level of knowledge, opinions and feels regarding palmistry. This is a self assessment for you to see where you’re at before we get into the course. I’ll have some questions for you to fill out, and we’ll review this document at the end of the course to see how far you’ve come!

Palmistry Self-Assessment
5 questions
The Pseudoscience of Chiromancy
5 Lectures 36:49

Overview on interpretation vs. science. Brief history of where, why, when palmistry was (and continues to be) used. There are so many different ways to interpret lines - discover which school is right for YOU.

- Which hand to read, reading for men vs. women

- How palm reading can help you and others.

- Reading own palm vs. reading others.


- quotes from famous palm readers

- thoughts on men & women/masculine & feminine

-list of people you’d like read for (local/famous) & people you think could most benefit from a reading

Preview 14:50

This is an introduction to the psychology involved in palm reading and the different schools of palm reading. We will introduce the psychology of palm reading and talk a little about the different schools of palm reading.


Do some Personal Reflection: Review the various palm reading schools and think about which one resonates most with your way of being.

Psychology & Palmistry

In the second video, we'll cover how to use certain elements of psychology to improve the palm reading experience for you and your "client" - including real world examples and techniques you can easily use.

Part of what makes a palm reading memorable is the reader’s “bedside manner”.

This lecture will demonstrate some practical techniques you can use to make your reading more memorable and convincing:

  • Physical Touch
  • Exuding Confidence
  • Showing understanding, happiness & gratitude
  • Active listening, earning trust


Role Play: In front of a mirror, practice reading your own hand using the bedside manner techniques & elements of psychology learned so far. Introduce yourself and give them a brief explanation on palm reading and how they might find it useful.


- Think about people you trust, what is it about them that makes you want to rely on them? Think about the people you most enjoy spending time with. What is it about them that makes you want to be with them?

- Brainstorm ideas on how to make your readings more believable, convincing, theatrical

Practical Palm Reading Techniques + [ACTIVITY]

Explanation of the 4 realms our hands fall into. Demonstration of how to determine which realm a hand pertains to (including measurement techniques).

* You may find it helpful to have a ruler and a washable marker handy for this lecture *


Memorize the realms and characteristics of each realm.


  • Trace your hand in your journal and draw a box indicating your palm shape (oblong/square) & measurements
  • Doodle a page of geometric shapes
  • Cut out different geometric shapes to help you determine realm, put in envelope in smash journal.
  • Cut out pictures of hands in magazines
  • Incorporate elements that remind you of each realm (dedicate at least one page to each).
  • Make a ruler
  • Flow of consciousness on how YOUR realm evidences itself in your life.
Hand Shape & Cheirognomy/Chiromancy + [ACTIVITY]


Look at your own hands and identify which realm you fall into. Refer to the previous lecture to help you identify each property and explain how and why you came to that conclusion. Use measurement techniques.

When you've finished, evaluate your conclusions - do a self-assessment. How accurate do you feel your reading is? Knowing what you do about yourself, how would you describe the characteristics of your realm to someone else?

Look at the hands of 3 friends or family members and identify what realm they are in.

A Closer Look at the Realms + [ACTIVITY]

An assessment on identifying the characteristics of the four realms in palmistry.

Realms Quiz
8 questions
Reading Fingers
4 Lectures 27:35

“Anatomy” of the Palm

  • Identifying phalanges & and in-depth look at the characteristics of each
  • An in-depth look at Mercury & Apollo fingers

** Helpful Hint **

If you're having trouble remembering which finger is associated with which Mythological character, try creating a funny sentence with MASJ - like Momma Ate Some Jam - or some other silly phrase that will help you remember that, parting from the pinky finger, you have:

  • Pinky = Mercury
  • Ring Finger = Apollo
  • Middle Finger = Saturn
  • Pointer Finger = Jupiter
Fingers: Part I

Continuing the previous lecture, looking at each individual finger, the phalanges and how to interpret these.

  • An in-depth look at the Saturn & Jupiter fingers.


Analyze YOUR fingers using the information from the previous two lectures on fingers. Trace your hands on a sheet of paper - or better yet, in your journal! Identify & label each finger, drawing in the phalanges (be as precise as possible) and recording your observations.


- Using ink (press your finger into an ink pad) or paint (brush paint on your finger and then press onto page), make hand prints/partial hand prints in your journal. Be creative with your designs. Print each finger singularly and/or make shapes with your fingers (stars, triangles, etc.)


Analyze the fingers of 2-5 other friends & family members. Submit pictures & written analysis for peer & instructor feedback.

Fingers: Part II + [ACTIVITY]

We'll continue our analysis of the fingers by looking at the:

  • Thumb
  • Fingernails
  • Knuckles

This section's video has been divided into two parts - the first focuses on the thumb and the second on the knuckles & fingernails.


Analyze your own thumb and fingernails and record your observations in your journal.

-Trace your hand (palm down) and draw your fingernails & knuckles, trying to be as accurate as possible. Note markings on nails, color, wrinkles and puffiness on knuckles, etc.


- Trim your fingernails and glue them in or put in a glassine bag (!)

- Use an ink pad to make thumb prints in your journal, or draw the design of your thumb print.

- The thumb is the root of our being, the center of our will power. Write about YOUR roots or an occasion on which you used great willpower.


Look at the front of the hands of 2-5 acquaintances. Analyze their knuckles, thumbs and fingernails with particular attention to detail. Take pictures for your future reference if desired.

Fingers: Part III + [ACTIVITY]

Previous lecture continued, focus on knuckles & fingernails.

Knuckles & Fingernails
2 Lectures 10:25

Mounts - what are the mounts? Where are they located?

  • Mount of Mercury
  • Mount of Apollo
  • Mount of Saturn
  • Mount of Jupiter
  • Mount of Venus
  • Mount of Moon

Discover how each mount got its name and why this is relevant to your readings.

Mythology & Mounts

Properties of Mounts

Identify Location & Property of Mounts


Locate your mounts and analyze each one.


- Trace your hand and circle or color in each mount. Add notes on plumpness/depressions/color/characteristics

- Draw pictures of mythological characters

-Cut out pictures of mythological symbols and paste into journal


Analyze the mounts of 2-5 friends or family members.

[ACTIVITY] Analyze your Mounts
3 pages

This is a quiz to test your knowledge of the mounts.

Mounts Quiz
5 questions
Major Lines
4 Lectures 08:30

Physical vs. Mental Heart Line

Starting & Ending points


Common variations


Explanation of Heart Line:

  • varying positions,
  • common characteristics
  • depth & color
  • Special symbols:
    • tassels, islands, circles, breaks, upward & downward branches, fork, trident, X, square, horizontal & vertical lines


Using the attached document as a guide, analyze your HEART line. Provide explanations to support your conclusions. Consider your interpretation in relation to other lines.

If possible, analyze the heart lines of at least two other people: your significant other, mother, father, siblings and best friends (ask them to send you pictures of their hands if they live far away).


-Reminisce on most dramatic moments of your love life

-Comment on times you felt most loved

-Consider sending a brief note to the people you thought about during this journaling experience.

The Heart Line + [ACTIVITY]

Imaginative vs. Practical Head Line

- Starting & Ending points

- Shape/Curvature

- Common variations (writer’s fork, etc.)

- Timeline

The Head Line


Using the previous lecture as a guide, analyze your HEAD line. Provide explanations to support your conclusions. Consider your interpretation in relation to other lines.

Analyze the head lines of 2-5 friends or family members.


-Draw or cut out pictures of brains/heads, symbols of intelligence

- Comment on your work, job, career

- Consider your current and future work goals

- Fantasize about some of your dream jobs; What would you love to do with your life?

- Look at famous characters in history - who do you think has a strong head line? A weak head line? Why?

[ACTIVITY] Analyze Your Head Line
3 pages

  • Identifying the life line
  • Properties, characteristics
  • Start & end positions
  • Creating a timeline for the life line
  • Common variations
The Life Line
Secondary Lines
2 Lectures 08:22

Overview of secondary line properties.

Fate line

  • Starting & Ending positions
  • Timeline
  • Common variations

Other Secondary Lines

  • Girdle of Venus
  • Children
  • Marriage, Big M
  • Bracelets
  • Simian Crease


-Draw, cut out or include 3D mixed media symbols of luck and fortune

-How lucky are you? Draw a scale

- Write about times you’ve been lucky in your life.

-Do you believe in Fate?

-How much control do you feel like you have over what happens to you?

-What does “success” mean to you?

Secondary Lines


Analyze your SECONDARY lines based on the previous lecture. Pay special attention to your fate lines. Provide explanations to support your conclusions. Consider your interpretation in relation to other lines.

Look at the minor lines of 2-5 friends and family members. If possible, look at the marriage lines of divorced people and the child lines of people who have children.


-Incorporate elements that represent the secondary lines. For example: souvenirs from trips you’ve taken, pictures of places you’d like to go, cut out or draw images of symbols that remind you of each minor line.

[ACTIVITY] Identify Your Secondary Lines
1 page
1 Lecture 04:12

Things to keep in mind as a palm reader, pointers for the future as you develop your skill.


Further reading: Amazing Palmistry Secrets by Per Hogseth

About the Instructor
Psychic Medium Gladys Jones
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Psychic Medium & Palm Reader

As a psychic medium, I tune into the spirit energy surrounding you and receive thoughts/feelings from these spirits to answer your questions. I have been working in the metaphysical realm for over 10 years, doing live readings for people all over the world.

I specialize in psychic medium readings, palm readings and past life readings and have been helping others understand and hone their psychic intuition for as long as I can remember.

I'm positive you will find my courses insightful and empowering.