Overcoming Emotional Abuse
4.9 (6 ratings)
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44 students enrolled
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Overcoming Emotional Abuse

The sequel to the FREE Overview by Will, which takes you through how to Move Forward, Overcoming Abuse
4.9 (6 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
44 students enrolled
Created by Will Perry
Last updated 10/2016
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What Will I Learn?
  • See and have taken clear steps towards a word for you, FREE of ABUSE
  • Take control of the negativity in your mind, using the tools and techniques covered in the Programme
  • Feel so much more confident within yourself to move forward with the life YOU choose
  • Build your BELIEF in yourself through the Belief exercise, clearly seeing things differently and feeling so much better
  • See your Self Esteem scores dramatically improved via the pre and post Programme scoring questionnaires
  • Be more aware of the language you use, being able to apply the words that EMPOWER you rather than subconsciously undermining you
  • Create and clearly visualise Goals in your timeline that YOU choose and are drawn towards
  • Organise yourself much more effectively, using the simple, yet effective system thought to you
  • Take the next steps into your new life, with the support of a group of understanding and supportive people who understand your situation
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  • Before you ENROL in this Programme I'd like you to gave completed my FREE Programme 'Emotional Abuse - Understanding what it is' also available here on Udemy
  • The assumption is that you have experienced, first-hand, Emotional Abuse to some extent. If you have been sexually or physically abused then Emotional Abuse WILL have been present in your life and this Programme will be of benefit to you
  • This is a VERY emotional subject and while Will deals with emotion openly, if you feel you need to ask Will any questions about the Programme or your suitability for it, then please to message Will directly

This Programme has been designed to equip you with the tools and techniques to OVERCOME Emotional Abuse.  It is the sequel to the free Programme released by Will Perry, called 'Emotional Abuse - Understanding what it is' which should be viewed before you start this Programme.  Once you have viewed that Programme you will understand the terminology Will uses throughout the Programme.  That Programme will also help you determine if you have been or are in an abusive environment.

This Programme is for you if you if you have the desire to move forward, away from Abuse, yet you are not sure how to achieve that, or indeed if you feel you ever can.  It is aimed at adults who have experienced Emotional Abuse and feel they are or might be repeating the patterns from their early years in their relationships and/or wider connections.

The Programme is built-up of lots of bite-sized elements, you can repeat any sections when you want, so you're totally in control.  There is no time-frame to work to so you could work through the Programme in one day or take a few months to complete it.  There are elements that you will need to practice, before they become natural to you as it's understandable that lasting change takes time and application.

The Programme covers many tools and techniques that enable you to control your Mindset like never before and there is a secret FaceBook support group available for all participants too. 

Who is the target audience?
  • This Programme utilises Will Perry's extensive Professional Development experience, with his considerable experience on the subject of Emotional Abuse. This Programme has been specifically designed for adults that experienced Emotional Abuse to any degree and are ready to take action to grow their Self-Esteem and create the future they want for themselves and their loved ones.
  • This Programme takes you through a journey of developing your MINDSET to grow your Self-Esteem so that you never allow yourself to be abused again.
  • While Will has put a lot of work into the Programme, it is only YOU who can create the change you desire, through being open to the coaching and techniques that Will provides. Will acknowledges that this is not always easy and can be painful, yet he KNOWS it's worth it. There are support options within the Programme to help you get the support you need.
  • It is your responsibility to make Will aware of any emotional, medical or mental issues that might affect the effectiveness of this Programme and it is solely your responsibility to look after your wellbeing. This Programme comes with no guarantees, you need to be open and coachable to the Programme and Will's approach.
  • Will is very passionate about raising the awareness of Emotional Abuse and helping people grow their Self-Esteem so that they can take CONTROL of their own lives where before they were allowing themselves to be controlled. I wish you every success and now look forward to helping you on your journey for GOOD.
  • If you are under 18 years of age there are many aspects of this Programme that will benefit you, yet the main purpose of the Programme is to enable you to become independent from your Abuser, which minors are unlikely to be able to do
  • If you are currently taking medication or suffering from a mental/medical issue it is your responsibility to look after your wellbeing, Will Perry cannot be held responsible for any negative outcome or issue arising from this Programme, which has been developed in good faith
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Curriculum For This Course
45 Lectures
8 Lectures 52:17

Will Introduces himself and gives an outline as to how the Programme runs, including the support available including inviting you to join the Closed FaceBook Group, here's the link to it, just add yourself and Will can approve you:


If you haven't done it already, you can now do the Self-Esteem Score on-line, very quickly!  Here's the link:


Many thanks!


Preview 05:06

You might have left an Abusive relationship, you might be about to leave one or you may yet to make the decision...wherever you are this Programme will give you greater awareness about the situation.  Lets look at the things I asked you to consider in the previous Programme:

  • The consequence of Leaving and not Leaving
  • Your Safety
  • If you have Kids - what's the impact on them of staying or leaving
  • The likelihood that this will happen again if you don't change your Mindset
  • That you will likely get lots of emotional blackmail to keep you IN the relationship

This must be Your decision

It's really natural to question and doubt yourself - you probably have a disposition towards Self-Doubt, Will shares some thoughts to help you

Preview 04:14

The Programme covers how to take control of your Emotions, yet Will know that this is a MASSIVE change for you and encourages you to keep pushing through 

Acknowledging your EMOTIONS

There will be a whole range of Emotions that you go through during this Programme and Will encourages you to take it at the pace YOU want.  You can re-cover the ground you've already covered until YOU are ready to move on.  Will also shares the importance of the Support Group

One Step at a Time..

Will outlines a few different reactions you may well have during the course of this Programme, in order to help you and acknowledges that this will be just a part of a longer journey for you

This is a MASSIVE Change

There can be so many areas to explore within this subject that might resonate with you, Will can't explore them all, yet here he briefly mentions a few of the common ones, inviting you to learn more if it rings any (alarm) bells:

  • Abandonment Issues
  • Stockholm Syndrome
  • Florence Nightingale Syndrom
Preview 06:34

As we start the Programme, Will explains why he is focussing on YOUR Mindset

Starting the Programme...
What you SAY to Yourself
13 Lectures 01:34:32

Low Self-Esteem is such a key part of being a Victim, it's important to recognise what it is, so that we can move forward to CHANGE it

Preview 05:25

You'll know that your past has imprinted itself on you...yet do you know to what extent?

Your Past

Will shows you that you have a unique starting point for what you want


To understand how to re-programme your brain, you first need to understand how your brain works 

Your Brain is AWESOME

Will explains WHY his approach needs to be the way it is...

It's a SERIOUS issue

Will shares the first of many simple techniques with you, starting YOUR change process

Change the way you SEE things

In this lecture Will gives you an experience of how just ONE word can change everything

The POWER of your WORDS

In this Lecture Will reveals HOW you CAN control your internal dialogue

What you say to YOURSELF




You will need a fail-safe strategy for when your feel yourself being controlled by negativity - here it is

A Strategy for YOU

Some things to consider, going forward

Going Forward
How you SEE things
9 Lectures 01:21:03

Will introduces the mechanism of HOW we visualise things and what you might be prone to looking at 

What are YOU looking at?

Will explores how our preferences affects how we visualise our future 

Changing HOW you see things (1 of 2)

Will explores how our preferences affects how we visualise our future

Changing HOW you see things (2 of 2)

It's time for Change, yet have you set your destination?
The Importance of GOALS

A wonderful Strategy for when you find yourself running a negative outcome in your head

Taking Control of What you SEE

A quick technique for managing EMOTION

A different Perspective

This can be a HUGE one for many of us...

It's a small thing...

Now you know that your subconscious programming is guiding you...which programme are you running?

Don't let the PAST be your FUTURE

Two stories to share just how impactful seemingly small experiences from your past can be...

The POWER of Words
Believe in YOU
6 Lectures 01:04:48
At the core for your transformation is the need for you to have strong and positive Self-Belief

This key exercise takes YOU through HOW to change your BELIEF
The STRUCTURE of BELIEF (part 1 of 4)

This key exercise takes YOU through HOW to change your BELIEF
The STRUCTURE of BELIEF (part 2 of 4)

This key exercise takes YOU through HOW to change your BELIEF

The STRUCTURE of BELIEF (part 3 of 4)

This key exercise takes YOU through HOW to change your BELIEF

The STRUCTURE of BELIEF (part 4 of 4)

This is a Journey you are already on...
You ARE Changing - are you not...
Organising YOU
6 Lectures 50:11
An invitation to look into the mirror...
How are your Strategies working for you?

To change, to Transform, to achieve what you want...it takes Discipline

A simple Strategy, to adjust the Strategy you already have - for GOOD!
Prioritisation (1 of 3)

A simple Strategy, to adjust the Strategy you already have - for GOOD!

Prioritisation (2 of 3)

A simple Strategy, to adjust the Strategy you already have - for GOOD!

Prioritisation (3 of 3)

Without a STRONG reason to change...you'll find reasons not to 

A strong WHY
Stepping into YOUR FUTURE
3 Lectures 24:13
We've covered a LOT in this Programme...how are you doing...
Are you getting it?

A review of the tools and techniques you now have at your disposal...
Your TOOLS for going forward

Will uses a special bonus to close the Programme with you.

Looking into YOUR Future
About the Instructor
Will Perry
4.6 Average rating
118 Reviews
2,172 Students
3 Courses
Self-Esteem Coach

Will Perry has over 15 years experience in the field of personal and professional development.  He was Head of Action Learning at the BBC, where he was also an Executive Coach and Leadership Trainer.  Will is trained in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), which informs much of Will's work where he specialises in raising people's Self-Esteem.

Will has been helping people raise their self-esteem to overcome Emotional Abuse for over 7 years, helping to change the future of countless people.  Will also has an established YouTube channel through which he helps raise awareness of Emotional Abuse.

His passion for quick and lasting change are matched by his humour, believing that you learn best when you're smiling!