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Overcome the Power of Frustration

A guide for learning how to control your emotions and experience inner peace in chaotic circumstances.
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What Will I Learn?
By the end of this course, you will be able to redirects your thoughts, apply your knowledge base and your inner strength to master your emotions and frustrating circumstances and situations.
In this course, you will learn the simple definition of frustration and its powerful effects.
In this course, you will learn how to assess your inner strength.
In this course, you will learn the four (4) most common frustrations in one's life.
In this course, you will learn the seven (7) common triggers that cause frustration and the behaviors that produce regretful results.
In this course, you will learn to identify the levels of frustration that lead to more dangerous behaviors.
In this course, you will learn the fundamental guidelines and perspectives for helping yourself and others to overcome the power of frustration.
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  • Journal/notebook
  • No prerequisite knowledge required; just a willingness to learn and the courage and desire to embrace spirituality from a different perspective.
  • All rights reserved. Copyright 2013, Queen E. Phillips

Do you feel as if your life is a maze of confusion and chaos? Are the challenges you're facing causing you to live a "frustrated" life...always feeling discouraged, dissatisfied and disappointed? Perhaps you're frustrated because you see yourself as an underachiever. Has almost everything you'd planned for a successful career has failed? Maybe you're experiencing the negative effects of the economic dilemma. Would you like to experience inner peace even in the midst of chaotic surroundings?

Learn how to build your knowledge base and access your inner strength to master your emotional stress due to difficulties and circumstantial frustration that can drive you to behave in a regretful manner.

This course is created to empower and encourage those who desire to master their emotions by tapping into the power of positive thinking and apply the knowledge they have, which may be suppressed because they can only see the unpleasantness of present circumstances and situations.

This course teaches you how to:

  • Recognize the most common types of frustrations
  • Identify the triggers that causes frustration.
  • Tap into your innate gift (power, strength, ability) to overcome life challenges.
  • Use your "knowledge base" as your power rather than your emotions.
    By the end of this course, you will be able to redirect your thoughts and tap into the power available to you, and use it to overcome the detrimental power of frustration.

Included in the course are PowerPoint videos, audio and downloadable materials.

There are eight (8) sections and fifteen (15) lectures.


This course is intended for biblical teaching and educational purposes and should not be construed as medical advice or instruction. In no way are any of these teachings meant to be a substitute for professional medical care or counseling by a licensed professional counselor.

Who is the target audience?
  • This course is intended for those who are easily frustrated and desire to experience inner peace.
  • Those who believe in the power of prayer and positive thinking will benefit most from this course.
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Curriculum For This Course
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Course Overview - Before You Start
2 Lectures 09:48

In this lecture, I explain the goal and objectives of this course. Goal: Enable you to redirect your thoughts and apply your knowledge base and use your inner strength to master your emotions and the frustrating circumstances and situations that arise in your life. The objectives are outlined as follows:

1.  Define frustration and its powerful affect

2.  Learn how to access your inner strength

3.  Identify the four (4) most common frustrations in life

4.  Recognize the seven (7) common triggers that signal frustration and the behaviors that produce regretful results.

5.  Identify the levels of frustration that lead to more dangerous behaviors.

6.  Learn how to apply the fundamental guidelines and perspectives for helping yourself and others to overcome the power of frustration.


This course is intended for biblical teaching and educational purposes and should not be construed as medical advice or instruction.  In no way are any of these teachings meant to be a substitute for professional medical care or counseling by a licensed professional counselor. 

Preview 06:07
The Power of Frustration
3 Lectures 52:01
In this lecture, I share the importance of asking the tough personal questions (3-D questions) that will help face the truth about frustration.  
The 3-D questions are: 
  1. Why am I discontent? 
  2. Why am I discouraged?
  3. Why am I disappointed?
3-D Questions: Why am I...?

In this lecture I define frustration and breakdown the definition to give clarity to the meaning.  I differentiate between the sense of insecurity and dissatisfaction; that insecurity is an internal issue/problem, and dissatisfaction can arise from both an external and an internal issues.   I also go deeper in discussing and explaining the "power of frustration."  The reason I use the term is because frustration has the ability to change influence your behavior based on your feelings rather than what you know. This video also includes an exercise to get you started in building your knowledge-base by having you recall a time when you were frustrated when you knew something not true, but your feelings convinced you otherwise and acted on those feelings rather than your knowledge.
Define it & Dig Deep

In this lecture, I discuss the facts: Challenges and adversity are inevitable; no one is exempt. There will always be cause for frustration and legitimate reason for emotional upset; however, the key is how to handle (face/deal it) with life's challenges.  I explain that the key to handling the facts is acknowledging and affirming the truth about your "creative" "spiritual" self rather than your "carnal" "sensual" self.
Facing the Facts
Triggers for Trouble
1 Lecture 21:25
In this lecture, I discuss the triggers that signal and set off frustration. These triggers are categorized as External and Internal triggers. External triggers are things that happen around you, in your life or in society in general. External triggers are usually out of your control, yet they influence how you feel. 

Internal triggers are things going on within you...your "inner" struggles. Your spiritual self nudging you to connect with your Creator, whose given you purpose and passion to live authentically. That means living the life of inner peace even in chaotic environments.  That also means being the person you were created to be.   I also give examples of common "external" and "internal" triggers.

Circumstantial Frustration
Cause and Effect
1 Lecture 12:05
In this lecture, I discuss the four (4) MOST common causes for frustration. Perhaps there are many; however, these are the most common: 
  • Financial dilemma
  • Unhealthy/Broken relationships 
  • Underachieved/Unachieved goals
  • No spiritual connection- ignoring your spiritual self and needs.

I also share the "dangerous" effects of frustration. When your level of frustration escalates, more serious emotional and psychological issues arise, i.e., anger, depression, anxiety, etc. The two (2) major effects of frustration are: 
  • The "Blame Game" mode 
  •  "The Search and Rescue" mode
An exercise is included in this lecture. It's a tool to help you build your knowledge base, recognize how you are inclined to handle the circumstances that cause frustration and how you react.
Common Causes-Dangerous Effects
Basic Guidelines: Two Perspectives
1 Lecture 15:56
In this lecture, I share some insight about perspectives; for example, how viewpoints are formed and how the views of others will influence you negatively or positively. In addition, I present options that can be viewed as ways to "help" the frustrated, or help with frustration. 
The two perspectives are: Natural and Spiritual. I offer some things you can do to be proactive in helping the frustrated. Looking at your options from a natural and spiritual perspective will help. For example, one viewpoint is set alternative goals if you're frustrated because you haven't achieved your long-term goals yet. Also, from a spiritual perspective, consider your renewed faith in God.  Look at ways of helping the frustrated from both a natural perspective and spiritual perspective. 
Natural and Spiritual
Power to Overcome
3 Lectures 57:17
In this lecture, I discuss perception; however, emphasis is placed on personal perception--how you see yourself from a spiritual perspective--made in the image and likeness of the Creator. I share the process of perception from the psychological perspective. I provide some key points about perception and how critical to your being able to handle circumstantial frustrations. 

I also discuss how important it is to redirect your thoughts; I give a "checklist" to help you redirect your thoughts using "selective thinking".  Redirecting your thoughts to focus on the positive is a tool to help overcome frustration. Usually frustration is due to the negative occurrences/events in our life.

I also include a "personal exercise" in this lecture.

Personal Perception

In this lecture, I begin with the basics of knowledge, its simple definition, and how the pursuit of knowledge in a particular field varies with individuals based on their interests in a field of study and their passion for life's purpose. 

I also address knowledge in association with biblical wisdom, and how both wisdom and knowledge are gifts from the Creator of the Universe; however, we have the power of choice to reverence Him as the giver of wisdom and knowledge. Wisdom is needed for the the following reasons:

  • Godly wisdom goes beyond intelligence
  • Godly wisdom involves ethical choices
  • Godly wisdom and spiritual knowledge serves as a "built-in" emotional monitor

 I also address that since God is the Source of all power, knowledge, wisdom and understanding, building your knowledge base on spiritual knowledge is most powerful in order to overcome the power of frustration. I clarify that in this course the concept and practice of building your knowledge base is, pursuing and gaining knowledge about God through His written Word (Holy Bible) so that you will have a solid spiritual knowledge base, and have the supernatural power and wisdom to overcome the power of frustration.  You will be equipped to overcome the power of frustration by accessing and exercising Divine Power when you're connected to the Source of all power, wisdom and wisdom.

Building Your Knowledge Base

In this lecture, I share four (4) spiritual truths from the bible to help you be intentional about not allowing your emotions to control your behavior. These truths are essentials to your knowledge base and to experiencing inner peace.
Spiritual Truths
Conscious Decisions
3 Lectures 10:12
In this audio lecture, I share a case study to give hands-on activity to help you think and process the scenario based on the course study to this point. This case study title is "A Soaring Perspective."  This study is about a character named Alexis; she's faced with a challenging and frustrating situation. How did she handle her situation? Would have handled it differently; if so, how. Did you think Alexis overcame the power of frustration? If so, how.
Case Study 1- A Soaring Perspective

In this lecture, I made a movie as your case study. This exercise helps you to redirect your thoughts and calm your emotions.  Let the power and glory of presence bring you inner peace. Let the Presence be your Source of peace in your spirit (soul). Here are the instructions:
  • Watch and listen.  Allow the calming sound and beautiful images to speak to your inner self. 
  • Use your imagination to perceive (see) beyond go deep with your soul (spirit, creative self) and carry you to peaceful and serene place; keep the beautiful images in your mind to bring inner peace.
  • After you've watched the movie at least three (3) times, record your thoughts and feeling after each viewing. Did your thoughts and feelings change? Was the Presence greater after you watched the movie each time, or did it remain the same?  
  • Describe the energy and synergy produced by the glorious and powerful presence produced by the sound and the visible images.  

Preview 05:17

This downloadable document is a personal prayer to ask for God's power to help you overcome frustration. 
Personal Prayer
1 page
Wrap-up and Review
1 Lecture 11:37
This is a wrap up lecture to provide a summary of the course and some of the key points shared in the course.  The summary is "sandwiched" between serene sounds to create an atmosphere of peacefulness that soothes the "stressed-out" and "frustrated" spirit.  
Course Summary

Power of Frustration
7 questions

Triggers for Trouble
6 questions

Cause and Effect
6 questions

Power to Overcome
14 questions
About the Instructor
4.1 Average rating
12 Reviews
6,057 Students
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Author, Bible Teacher, Prayer Coach, Spiritual Consultant

Queen Phillips is a woman of wisdom, well acquainted with the challenges and struggles of life. Her steadfast faith and persistence in prayer during adversity kept her committed to the call of God in order to help others, especially women, overcome the hardships that comes with life.

Overcoming years of personal struggles, setbacks, grief and loss and experiencing God’s healing power from emotional abuse qualifies her to speak life to others, and bind up the brokenhearted

Queen has always enjoyed literature, poetry and creative writing. She started journaling during her high school years and continues to journal. Her religious inspirational journey began in 1984 after an intense prayer setting. She recalls how the flood of words just began flowing from deep within. She still has the journal where she recorded them. Over the years, her passion for writing continued and emerged into mostly nonfiction with a strong emphasis on biblical teaching and life application.

Queen is a proclaimer of the message of healing and hope in Jesus Christ. She is an inspirational writer, author, poet, motivational speaker, spiritual consultant, prayer coach, mentor, retired public administrator, mother of three adult children and grandmother to five girls).

She is the founder of Majestic Publications, an online literary ministry with global outreach publishing words of power tailored for the heart. She is also the founder and executive director of Majestic Worldwide Ministries, Inc .

Queen has committed over twenty-five years to publishing and proclaiming the good news of Jesus Christ to carry out the Great Commission in Matthew 28:18-20-- evangelize the lost, make disciples and teach them how to apply biblical principles in practical living, to live a purposeful and powerful life through faith and hope in Christ.

She is a gifted communicator, and exhorter of the Word. Her bible teaching engages the students and offers spiritual insight to inspire students and audiences to go deeper in biblical studies and unleash their untapped potential.

She holds a degree in Bible and Theology, certification in community leadership and management, board certified Christian counselor and Christian educator. She is a prayer coach and spiritual consultant. She conducts workshop on administration, management, bible lessons and trains others in the prayer ministry.

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