Outsourcing Basics to Save Time and Hire the Right Pros
4.5 (24 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
816 students enrolled
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Outsourcing Basics to Save Time and Hire the Right Pros

Outsourcing helps you work less & live more. Get proven outsourcing training so you can make ROI from everyone you hire.
4.5 (24 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
816 students enrolled
Created by Rachel Rofe
Last updated 4/2014
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What Will I Learn?
  • Learn exactly what you should start outsourcing RIGHT NOW -- even if you're brand new
  • How to use outsourcing to make sure you reach all of your goals (even if they're non biz related)
  • How to find champagne-level workers for pennies on the dollar (and they're NOT from the Philippines)
  • Learn about *AMAZING* little-known websites you can use to quickly offload tasks that drive you crazy
  • Learn the BEST ways to find outstanding workers -- including sample job ads, my rolodex, and case studies
  • Tried and tested interview questions to ask people before you hire them
  • Learn exactly what to pay people
  • How you can make sure people write, talk, and work up to your standards — regardless of how picky you are or how specific your voice is
  • What to do when you need to change work scope – i.e., you have less work for someone than you once did
  • How to reward people – including different types of incentives, and which ones you should never give…
  • How to discipline, and eventually fire, people, if it comes to that — in a way where both of you come out feeling empowered
  • Where to find thousands of workers who can be utilized quickly (within 10 minutes) to do tasks that would take you hours to do yourself
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  • A working computer

Running a business can be absolutely exhausting - whether you're seasoned or just starting out.

Even if you just want to create a website… you’ve got to buy a domain, set it up with hosting, get it designed, have compelling copy on it, figure out what content to post, how often to post…

…and then you have to get visitors to the darn thing!

And that’s just for ONE thing.

It’s no wonder so many of us spend time on Facebook or YouTube, looking at cat pictures, putting off what should really get done. It’s just too freakin’ overwhelming!

That’s why you should lighten your load and hire (inexpensive) help.

There are thousands of capable, talented people out there. They’re looking for work — and many of them will happily take care of whatever it is you’ve been putting off.

If you’d like to spend your time doing what YOU want to do – whether it be watching TV, playing with your kids, or otherwise making the world a better place – you owe it to yourself to outsource.

That's exactly what this course will help you with.

In Work Less To Live More, you'll learn how to get an army of people working on your business -- even if you're just starting out with no budget or if you're seasoned and want some advanced tips to get the most bang for your buck.

Check out the course goals and objectives... you'll be surprised at everything we're going to cover. :)

Who is the target audience?
  • Action-taking, positive people who want to change the world
  • Business owners
  • People who want to create businesses and have a basic understanding of business
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Curriculum For This Course
23 Lectures
Set Yourself Up For Success
1 Lecture 17:59

Thank you very much for your trust in me.

I am excited to bring you this course and believe it can really help you a LOT. It’s my intention that by the time you’re done with this course, you’ll have a clear action plan on how you can free up your time to focus on the things you love to do the most.

I’ve also created this course in a way that I would personally love – with videos that are short enough to get to the point (no fluff) yet still give you everything you need, all content labeled for easy reference, and worksheets that can help you really get different points I make.

I recommend you watch each video at least once and download every worksheet I supply. I’ve carefully crafted this so that you get everything you need to get going right away.

In this video you’ll learn:

* Why I created this course
* Who this is for
* Why I'm qualified to teach
* What I personally outsource (this should help give you some ideas)
* My teaching style
* Common outsourcing objections
* Action items - how to fill out the Goal Worksheet and the Time Tracker exercise

Preview 17:59
The Rapid ROI Formula: How To Make More Money Every Time You Hire Someone – No M
4 Lectures 24:31

In this video you’ll learn:

* How to get the most of the Goal worksheet you just filled out
* How to get the most of the Time Tracker worksheet
* Precisely how to break down your goals so that we make it inevitable you knock them out of the park

The book I mentioned in this video is The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson.

Reviewing Your Worksheets

In this video you’ll learn:

* How to use a point-tracking system to figure out exactly how to get started outsourcing
* Exactly what you need to begin hiring out.

Figuring Out What To Outsource First

In this video you’ll learn answers to common objections:

* What if it feels easier to do this myself?”
* “What if I don’t think I’ll have enough work to hire someone on a regular basis?”
* “What if I think I’m the best person for the job?”
* “What if I’m scared to give up control?”

Outsourcing Objections

In this video you’ll learn:

* How to look at outsourcing as an investment (instead of a cost)
* How to make it inevitable you get an ROI from everyone you hire
* Personal examples of how I’ve gotten an ROI from VA’s and website designers

“What About My Budget?”
The Champagne System: How To Find Champagne Workers On A Beer Budget
4 Lectures 27:18

In this video you’ll learn some of my best strategies to find all-star employees. We’ll go over:

* Places you can ask for recommendations
* Traditional job sites and what I like each one for (eLance, Craigslist, oDesk, 99 Designs, MyWebSupportTeam, Fiverr, MyFancyHands)
* Out of the box ways you might attract cream-of-the-crop talent

Finding Potential Employees

In this video you’ll learn the pros and cons of working with a team versus hiring someone on your own.

Most of this is very situation-specific, but this should help shed some light for you on how to make the best possible decision.

Should I Hire A Team Or My Own Employee?

In this video you’ll learn my personal experience with hiring offshore, and how you can get the best possible employees if you do decide to hire in the Philippines or other countries.

The book I mentioned is Drive by Daniel Pink.

If you decide to hire in the Philippines, you may also want to check out Virtual Staff Finder. It helps you find some of the best employees in the Philippines. The last time I checked, it was a $395 service with optional monthly fees.

Should I Hire Offshore?

In this video you’ll learn:

* How to post job ads in the most efficient manner possible
* How to attract top-quality candidates (even if you can’t afford to pay the most)
* The “purple cow” trick that eliminates 70% of job applicants from the very beginning, saving you tons of time
* How to approach the money situation
* …and everything I use to post the best possible job ads.

Posting Job Ads
The A-Player Magnet: Know you're hiring the best possible people.
3 Lectures 22:40

In this video you’ll learn some of my best strategies to find all-star employees. We’ll go over:

* How to hone in to your top 3-5 applicants
* The questions to ask to find your best person out of the top 3-5
* Simple exercises you can do to make sure people are available as often as you need them

Selecting The Best People Available

This will give you an overview of Myers Briggs, a really helpful personality profiling system. The video will help you understand the best types of people to hire for particular jobs.

This is just an overview video. Make sure to check out the worksheet below for very thorough and specific help.

You can find a free version of the test right here.

Personality Types - Myers Briggs

In this video you’ll learn:

* Why I *always* pay people task-based versus hourly or salaried
* How to check out market price for specific tasks
* What to do about upfront payments
* How to work out milestone payments

What To Pay People
How to make working with people as easy as possible.
5 Lectures 19:50

This video goes over:

* Why you want to figure out your new hires’ goals right away
* A simple overview of Noncompete + NDA paperwork

The gal I mentioned is Genavieve Shingle.

Immediate Legal Groundwork.

This video goes over:

* Why to record all your training
* Giving people tests based on what you teach them
* How to get people trained on topics you don’t know much about
* The importance of active feedback in the beginning
* How to make sure people learn to write in your vision and language

How To Train People

This video isn’t necessarily totally outsourcing, but I *love* recordings and wanted to show you exactly why.

The Joys Of Quick Recordings

In this video you’ll learn:

* The 3 questions to make sure your outsourcers answer every day
* Why you want to make things a 2-way conversation
* Ongoing communication
* How to empower people to make decisions
* How to track peoples’ work

The site I mentioned in this was TimeDoctor.com.

Daily Rituals

In this video we go over some simple communication techniques that help a lot.

How To Communicate
How To Reward People And What Happens When Tough Stuff Comes Up
5 Lectures 29:00

In this video we’ll go over:

* Hiring one central project manager
* Different project collaboration tools (Dropbox, Google Docs, and RealTimeBoard)

Sharing Files And Multiple Projects

In this video you’ll learn a few different techniques on how you can manage without having to take on too much control. We go over:

* Agreeing on guidelines
* Milestones
* Letting go

How To Manage Without Micro-Managing

This video covers:

* What happens if you decide to change a project after people have started working on it
* How to handle it when you have less (or more) work for people than you once did
* How to give people new responsibilities

The blog post I mentioned is right here.

When You Need To Change Work Scope

In this video you’ll learn:

* What happens if someone stops working mid-project?
* Signs you should end a relationship
* Finding win-wins with employees
* How to discipline people
* How to fire without feeling bad

When Tough Things Come Up

In this video you’ll learn about:

* Non-tangible incentives that mean a lot
* Looking out for peoples’ best interests
* How to bonus with money
* How much to bonus
* Pre-negotiated bonuses

The book I mentioned is Drive by Daniel Pink.

Rewarding People
Bonus: How to get 1000′s of trained people to work for you for pennies.
1 Lecture 09:29

In this video you’ll learn:

* What crowdsourcing is
* How you can use it
* My favorite crowdsourcing site
* Tips on how to make the most of Microworkers

Get 1000's of people to work for you for pennies on the dollar.
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Rachel Rofé is a multiple bestselling author that's been featured in Entrepreneur, Woman's World, and Fox News. Since she began internet marketing in 2006, she's developed over 30 products, 40 Kindle books, and bought and sold companies with as many as 120+ employees. She speaks nationwide about copywriting, book creation, outsourcing, and product creation. And her favorite part: she does all of this while living the "internet lifestyle", traveling the world and having fun.