Oracle SQL: The Ultimate Crash Course
4.4 (52 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
1,366 students enrolled
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Oracle SQL: The Ultimate Crash Course

Become an SQL Developer earning $70 - $100K by receiving 20,000 hours of database experience in one course
4.4 (52 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
1,366 students enrolled
Last updated 4/2016
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  • 6 hours on-demand video
  • 4 Articles
  • 13 Supplemental Resources
  • Full lifetime access
  • Access on mobile and TV
  • Certificate of Completion
What Will I Learn?
  • Apply for an SQL Developer full-time job.
  • Work as SQL Developer freelancer.
  • Teach Oracle SQL to other students.
  • Write complex SQL statements.
  • Configure PC/Laptop with Oracle database.
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  • NO previous database, SQL or programming required to become an SQL Developer using this course.
  • NO Oracle setup required to start practicing this course! Ready-made virtual machine image was prepared specially for this course.
  • Download and configure "Oracle VM VirtualBox" software! Will be covered under "The Concepts".
  • Special package worth $279 is provided absolutely for FREE

Want a better lifestyle? Looking for a salary boost working as an Oracle SQL developer? Maybe seeking a career change for greater flexibility? Or feeling the freedom of earning money independently as a freelancer developer working under your own rules?

Whatever motivates you to become a professional SQL developer, you’re in the right place.

Oracle SQL ultimate crash course is the most cost-effective and career enhancing course you’ll ever find on the web. It’s the place where you can become an Oracle SQL developer from absolute zero in just 5 days and make dependable income.

Not only that but you will get unlimited access to a preconfigured Oracle database instance that have everything you need to start practicing immediately without delays.

Oracle is #1 database product in the world while SQL is simple, power and working under ANSI standards which means it can be used almost with any other database product. This powerful blend grants you a prestigious position and allows you to work with the world’s largest corporations.

Oracle SQL ultimate crash course will not only tech you how to code in SQL language but to understand the thinking process and the mindset of the developer. On the other hand, the riddles and BrainTeasers will complement your learning experience and transform you to a pro developer smoothly and surely.

You don’t have to believe what I’m saying, enroll and try yourself and you have 30 days money back guarantee if you don’t like what you have.

All what you’ll get here have unlimited access:

  • Pre-configured Oracle database 12c VM image
  • 59 lectures in widescreen HD quality, total of 7.5 hours
  • 75 quizzes [Riddles] for better material absorption
  • 58 Real-life scenarios [BrainTeasers] for practicing SQL
  • Oracle database 12c installation documentation
  • Presentation lectures in downloadable PDF format
  • ER Diagram of Oracle database 12c sample schema
  • [Mind Maps] contains illustrative summary of course contents

DO NOT waste your time and hard-earned money buying books, expensive courses or free videos on the internet. With Oracle SQL ultimate crash course you will get everything you need in one place conveniently accessible from anywhere.

You won’t be alone!!

I’ll be your senior developer who will help you all the way to get the best out of this course and to enhance the learning experience to become a complete workshop. You may seek for help at anytime through email, Udemy platform, Facebook, Twitter or Google+ and your right is to receive a quality and friendly assistance till you are satisfied with the results.

Join us and get Oracle VM, BrainTeasers and mind maps worth $279 exclusively for FREE

Forget about your age or knowledge level, just bring your laptop and let’s do this together. There is no reason to wait without taking action to change your life. Take this course and invest in the right place.

Here comes the best part:

  • NO previous experience required
  • NO Oracle setup required
  • NO additional materials needed

Anyone who ……. should take this course.

  • Want to apply for Oracle SQL Developer job
  • Desire to work as a freelancer developer
  • Want to start teaching SQL language
  • Want to use SQL in other applications like web development

Do something today that your future self will thank you for.

Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone want to become a SQL Developer in few days without prior experience.
  • Anyone want to teach Oracle SQL course as a freelancer or full-time trainer.
  • Anyone who want to use SQL with other applications like web development
  • Fresh graduates who want to start their career as SQL Developers.
  • IT professionals who want to learn SQL language and concepts of databases in least possible time.
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Curriculum For This Course
72 Lectures
What is it all about!
5 Lectures 14:19

In this lecture:

  • Know your coach.
  • Advantages of learning SQL language.
  • Why choosing Oracle as a database product.
  • Other available databases in the market.
  • Database configuration structure.
  • Why this course is different!!!
  • How to benefit from this course.
Preview 06:48

Presentation slides for the introductory lecture.

[Slides] Brief Overview
10 pages

Document contains the steps for preparing Oracle VM as well as the installation steps for Oracle database including the required configurations.

================================== IMPORTANT NOTE ==================================

You may now download VirtualBox software and Oracle Database VM from the following links;

Oracle VirtualBox URLs: 

  • Google Drive: 
  • MEGA: 

Oracle Database 12c VM URLs: 

  • Google Drive: 
  • MEGA:

Note: Links here are the most recent, please use those links if you experience issues using links attached in the document.

[Document] Oracle environment preparation steps
3 pages

Install VirtualBox downloaded from Brainiwi google drive or from and mount the VM image contains preconfigured Oracle database 12c downloaded from Brainiwi google drive.

Preview 05:30

Startup the Oracle database BRAINIWIPDB using startup DB script then open Toad application and connect to the HR sample schema

Startup database and run Toad on Oracle VM
Day 1: The Concepts
4 Lectures 19:31

The history of database and applications on daily life.

Preview 07:28

Definition of database components and how they relate to one another.

Database Components

Get introduced to database tables and other important elementary concepts.

Table Components

Presentation slides for the concepts lectures.

[Slides] The Concepts
13 pages

Questions: 10

Required Time: 15 Minutes

[Riddles] Database Concepts
10 questions
Day 2: Retrieving Data
16 Lectures 01:38:50

Topics covered in day 2.

Day 2 Table of contents

Learn to write your first SELECT statement in few minutes.

First SQL Statement

Return only unique results from your SELECT statement using DISTINCT.

DISTINCT keyword

Make your code more readable and communicate with other developers with universal code commenting guidelines.

Code comments

Sort returned query results with ORDER BY clause.

ORDER BY clause

Filter records to get only required data by adding a WHERE condition to your query.

WHERE clause

Use comparison operators to compare different values and tune SELECT conditions.

Comparison operators

Extend WHERE conditions and make them more complex and more powerful.

AND/OR operators

Filter set of values from returned data.

IN operator

Search inside specific text value with LIKE operator.

Preview 10:20

Append multiple strings for better representation.

Concatenation operator ||

Mathematical operators that can be used with SQL language.

Mathematical operators

Mathematical operators do not execute without a sequence. They execute as per the precedence rules.

Mathematical operators precedence

Rename your output titles for better representation of data.


Presentation slides for retrieving data lectures.

[Slides] Retrieving Data
18 pages

Questions: 21

Required Time: 35 Minutes

[Riddles] SELECT Statement
21 questions

Real life requirements to build SQL statements. Brain Teasers provide the correct way of thinking and breakdown of the process to effectively build the required SQL statement.

[BrainTeasers] SQL Challenges
Day 3: Functions
11 Lectures 01:05:41

Topics covered in day 3.

Day 3 Table of contents

Get introduced to functions and understand why DUMMY tables are used.

Preview 04:46

Learn the functions that deal with text values.

Text manipulation functions

Know the functions that can be used with date and time datatypes.

Date & time manipulation functions

Use numeric functions for building complex calculation expressions.

Numeric manipulation functions

Practice those powerful functions that can produce amazing reports.

Aggregate functions

Enhance the representation of aggregate functions by grouping the results.

GROUP BY clause

Filter data returned on the level of aggregate functions.

HAVING clause

Revisiting previous clauses and get the full picture of their sequence and neccessity.

SELECT statement structure

Presentation slides for the functions lectures.

[Slides] Functions
14 pages

Questions: 14

Required Time: 25 Minutes

[Riddles] Functions and Grouping
14 questions

Real life requirements to functions with SQL statements. Brain Teasers provide the correct way of thinking and breakdown of the process to effectively build the required SQL statement.

[BrainTeasers] SQL Challenges
Day 4: Join and Subquery
15 Lectures 01:16:40

Topics covered in day 4.

Day 4 Table of contents

How powerful they are!! Try subqueries anywhere in your query.


Understand the basics of RDBMS.

Relational tables

They are the most powerful capability in SQL language.

Introduction to joins

Associate different tables for higher data accessability.


Join different instances of the same table to get deeper level of details.

Self joins

Can not find specific data from your query!!! Try outer joins.

Outer joins

Get every output possible from associated tables.

Cartesian product

Not satisfied with joins and subqueries!!! Go for even a higher level of connectivity.

SET operators

Understand the usage of UNION operator.

UNION operator

How UNION ALL differs from UNION operator!!

UNION ALL operator

Just get the common results.

INTERSECT operator

Ignore the results coming from specific query.

MINUS operator

Presentation slides for joins and subqueries lectures.

[Slides] Join and Subquery
17 pages

Questions: 12

Required Time: 15 Minutes

[Riddles] Joins, subqueries and SET operators
12 questions

Real life requirements to build joins and subqueries and understand the differences and applications of both. Brain Teasers provide the correct way of thinking and breakdown of the process to effectively build the required SQL statement.

[BrainTeasers] SQL Challenges
Day 5: Changing Reality
16 Lectures 01:08:36

Topics covered in day 5.

Day 5 Table of contents

SELECT is not the only thing out there. Understand how transactions form during database interactions.

Data Manipulation Language (DML) and Transactions

Add new data to your table.

INSERT statement

Change existing data in the table.

UPDATE statement

Do not want specific data!! remove it.

DELETE statement

Change the structure of your database objects.

Data Definition Language (DDL)

Trash in trash out. Do no allow this.


Create your first table.

CREATE TABLE statement

Want to copy another table with its data!!! Try this one.


Change your table structure.

ALTER TABLE statement

Flush everything in your table instantly.


Your table is of no use!!! Drop it.

DROP TABLE statement

The use of views is inevitable. What are they!!!

Dealing with Views

Wrap it up.

Final words

Presentation slides for the changing reality lectures.

[Slides] Changing Reality
23 pages

Questions: 18

Required Time: 30 Minutes

[Riddles] Transactions and other parts of SQL
18 questions

Real life requirements to the structure of database objects. Brain Teasers provide the correct way of thinking and breakdown of the process to effectively build the required SQL statement.

[BrainTeasers] SQL Challenges
Appendix I: Oracle DB Installation & Configuration
3 Lectures 09:59

Download database installation files from

Download installation files

Steps required to install Oracle database 12c

Oracle database 12c installation

Steps required to install Oracle database client 12c

Oracle database client 12c installation
Appendix II: Auxiliary Documents
2 Lectures 00:00

ER diagram of HR sample schema

[ER Diagram] HR Entity Relationship Diagram
1 page

Summary of course in the form of easy to understand mind maps for better acquisition of the material.

[Mind Maps] Course summary
7 pages
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