Options Spreads Bundle- the heart of Options Trading

Master the art of constructing and managing Option spreads, and you have a skill to produce consistent monthly income.
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About This Course

Published 2/2013 English

Course Description


We introduce all four Options Spreads in this Bundle (Bull Call, Bear Call, Bull Put and Bear Put). This bundle is a very comprehensive coverage of all four Option spreads. Options spreads sit right in between the 4 basic Option positions and the more Advanced level Option strategies. The Spread is the bridge between the basic Option strategies and the advanced strategies. In fact, most advanced strategies are composed of the spreads we cover in this course, so this stuff is key. For the busy professional, Spreads offer the right mix of reward and risk. All 4 vertical spreads introduced in this course are extensions of the 4 basic Options. Spreads add an element of cost control and / or risk control to individual Options positions. Master the four Options Spreads, and you would have acquired a skill that can create consistent monthly income. Additionally, you'll be well on your way to mastering the advanced Options strategies.

What you will master
  • Advantages and disadvantages of single Option strategies - Long and Short
  • How Spreads tackle the negatives of individual Options
  • With Spreads, you can now be a seller of Options
  • The meaning of "defined risk" Options investing
  • Spreads help you control your costs and risk exposure
  • What are the differences between credit and debit spreads
  • Control risk and costs without compromising on Probability



The Bull Call Spread is an extension of the Long Call Option. When you buy a Call Option, you are bullish. The Bull Call spread maintains the bullish element of the Long Call while controlling your costs and has a limited losses profile. Of course, everything is a compromise. But you would probably be willing to make this compromise. We explain why this spread is called a Bull Call spread, and how to address any confusion from these strange names. The risk-reward profile of a Bull Call spread is very favorable. We define why the Bull Call spread is a Debit spread, and study its Profit and Loss diagrams in detail. We put a real trade on IBM and we navigate the trade for a couple of weeks.

What you will master
  • Differences between Debit spreads and Credit spreads
  • How does the Bull Call reduce your costs
  • What do we give up when we put on a Bull Call spread
  • What are the criteria for a good Bull Call spread
  • Put a real Bull Call spread on IBM and understand the position
  • Analyze, simulate the trade through various stages of the trade
  • Put the trade in context with the overall market condition
  • Analyze exit points carefully and execute the exit


The Bear Call Spread is a credit spread, and we explain why credit spreads are a viable way to assuming an Option seller's profile. The Bear Call spread limits your risk. We study the role of Probability in selecting credit spreads as well as Implied volatility considerations and time decay. Time decay is a key component of credit spreads and the Bear Call spread can be an excellent way to generate monthly income. All spreads can be part of the busy professional's playbook, but credit spreads can be especially attractive. We analyze the right criteria for credit spreads, including the selection of the expiry series as well as the individual Options itself. We put a real trade on Amazon (AMZN) and track, monitor and adjust this trade until its exit.

What you will master
  • Differences between Debit spreads and Credit spreads
  • How does the Bear Call spread control your risks
  • What do we give up when we put on a Bear Call spread
  • What are the criteria for a good Bear Call spread
  • Analyze chart and resistance levels for a good Bear Call
  • How do we put Probability on our side
  • The balance between premium collected and time to expiry
  • Put a real Bear Call spread on AMZN and understand the position
  • Analyze, simulate the trade through various stages of the trade
  • Put the trade in context with the overall market condition
  • Analyze exit points carefully and execute the exit


The Bear Put spread can be a powerful strategy for bear markets. The Bear Put is an extension of the Long Put Option. The Bear Put has some specific features, which make it a very attractive spread, and we dig deep into these characteristics. We put a real trade on Netflix (NFLX). The risk reward characteristics of Bear Put spreads are very attractive as its losses are limited. The Bear Put, just like the Long Put is a Vega positive trade, so this trade can optimize a bearish move as well as any upside from Implied volatility changes. The choice of expiry series, time decay effects and the choices of individual Options are also important.

What you will master
  • Why the Bear Put spread is a debit spread
  • How the Bear Put spread optimizes a bearish move in a stock
  • Get benefits from Delta and Vega - double deal
  • Why this is a Limited Losses spread
  • How time decay affects the Bear Put spread
  • Study of Profit and Loss diagrams
  • Plan the trade entry for a Bear Put spread
  • Chart and Stock analysis
  • Plan and execute the exit on the NFLX trade


The Bull Put spread is a flat to bullish that profits primarily from time decay, but can also profit quicker from a move to the upside. Its important to pick the right strike prices for the Bull Put spread, as is a thorough analysis of the stock's chart and support levels. In this course, this is what we do - we pick Google (GOOG) as our candidate for the Bull Put, and analyze past price action, support levels and put on a successful Bull Put spread.

What you will master
  • The anatomy of a good Bull Put spread
  • Analysis of stock chart and support levels
  • What is special about the Bull Put spread
  • How does the Bull Put spread control your risks
  • How do we put Probability on our side
  • The balance between premium collected and time to expiry
  • Put a real Bull Put spread on GOOG and understand the position
  • Analyze, simulate the trade through various stages of the trade
  • Put the trade in context with the overall market condition
  • Analyze exit points carefully and execute the exit

This is a BUSY PROFESSIONALS SERIES. If you have a regular job, then you need strategies that allow you to focus on your job, but yet create a somewhat stable and reliable income stream from your investments. The Covered Call, which we covered in COURSE I, is an excellent example of such a strategy. In this PRIMER, we dig deep into credit spreads and understand why being an Option seller (risk defined of course - no naked selling) may not be that bad after all.

This is Course IV of a 4-course step-by-step program to achieving Options mastery.

Course I - Introduction to Options - Learn about Call Options and Put Options is a detailed step-by-step explanation of Options, Call Options and Put Options with theory and practical application with Apple (AAPL) Options

Course II - Options Foundation - Time Decay, Implied Volatility and Options Greekswill complete your theoretical understanding of Options.

Course III is Options strategies for Beginners - Buying Call Options and Put Options where we actually put live trades and manage them to their exit points.

Course IV is on Options Spreads - This is the heart of Options Trading. Once you master Options spreads, you have acquired a skill that can generate consistent monthly income for the rest of your life.

Please feel free to browse this page for a complete list of Testimonials from our clients, Blog readers and Linkedin group members.

What are the requirements?

  • Introduction to Options - https://www.udemy.com/learn-options-trading-introduction-call-put-options/

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Learn and understand the four vertical Option spreads
  • Spreads are the starting point to create consistent monthly income.
  • Understand how "live" trades are constructed with strategy, chart analysis and execution

What is the target audience?

  • You already understand Single Options - Calls and Puts as well core concepts like Time decay, Implied Volatility, the Option Greeks and some amount of Probability as it applies to Options trading.

What you get with this course?

Not for you? No problem.
30 day money back guarantee.

Forever yours.
Lifetime access.

Learn on the go.
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Get rewarded.
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Section 1: Introduction to Options Spreads
We discuss the advantages and disadvantages of Option spreads, and why Option spreads can provide vital control with costs and risks. Option spreads are a step up from Single Options and mastering spreads is key to enhancing your learning on Options.
The Bull call spread is also called a Debit spread and this spread is a direct extension of the Long Call single Option. How does the Bull Call spread tackle the negatives of a Long Call position. And what are the compromises.
The Bear Call is an extension of the Short call single option. Once you put a Bear call spread, the unlimited risk profile of a Short call disappears. 
The Bear Put is the extension of the Long Put single Option trade. It's a bearish debit spread and generally has very good reward to risk ratio.
The Bull Put is a mildly bullish strategy and optimizes a flat that is trading flat. Just like the Bear call spread, the Bull Put is also a credit spread.
Section 2: All four Option Spread Trades (with detailed explanation and trade entry parameters)
Live Bull Call spread on IBM. The outlook for IBM was determined by Chart analysis and suitable strike prices and expiry series chosen for the trade. 
Management of the IBM Bull call trade to its exit.
Heavy technical analysis on the AMZN Bear call trade results in entering the trade above the resistance point for AMZN. 
The trade goes on a choppy ride but stays within the parameters, and is exited successfully.
Trade entry considerations for the NFLX Bear Put trade. 
The trade gets into trouble from the time its put on. At one point, we discussed the possibility of closing the trade, but wisely chose not to do so. 
The Bear Put trade is optimized when NFLX makes a big move down, and we exit the trade profitably in stages.
The GOOG Bull Put trade is a play on Probability as well as the fact that GOOG has bounced off its support zone.
The GOOG trade is very choppy. But it never hits our adjustment point. This is a lesson that you have to give a trade enough wiggle room.
A sneak peek into the next course on Monthly income strategies. We discuss the criteria that make certain trades qualify as a "monthly income strategy".
This concludes the course on Options spreads.
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Instructor Biography

Hari Swaminathan, Options and Financial markets expert, Trader and Investor

Knowledge. Strategy. Execution.

Hari Swaminathan is the founder of OptionTiger, a cutting-edge Options education and trading company based in Washington D.C.. Hari is an entrepreneur, everyday person and a self-taught Options expert for over 8 years. Hari has a Bachelors degree in Engineering from India, and MBA degrees from Columbia University in NYC and London Business School in the U.K

More than ever, its become important for everyday people to take control of their financial situation, and create additional income in a smart, risk-controlled manner. This is precisely my mission. Through knowledge, education and investment discipline. Options are powerful, but they have a learning curve. I've broken down all the complexities of Options in simple language that everyone can understand. The courseware uses real trade examples, always highlighting the pluses and minuses of every investment situation. Options provide the best way to take advantage of bull cycles, bear cycles and everything in between.

As someone that has self-learnt Options and through making mistakes, I can tell you Options trading is not something you should take lightly. You will hear people talking of fantastic triple and quadruple digit returns. I'm here to be brutally honest with you - 

- Be very very careful in the first 12 months of Options trading. 

- This is when everyone is the most vulnerable to losing money. 

- Your main objective during this time is to focus on learning this craft and not lose money during this time. 

Having said that, if you can get past the first 12 months and acquire the expertise in a systematic manner, true financial independence awaits. Options are a mathematical and strategic game much like Chess, and no amount of technological advances can make this skill obsolete, because the fundamentals of Options are never going to change. 

You can trade Options from anywhere in the world, regardless of how old you are. You never have to worry about job security any more because you have a skill that can produce consistent wealth month after month. 

But you have some serious but exciting work to do before you can get there, and I'm here to help you in this journey. 

Watch my Free Course for Options Trading Beginners where I draw out a detailed roadmap of what this 12-month journey looks like, and the specific strategies you should master during each step of this learning process. 

Watch my Free Mini-courses or my YouTube channel , all of which have the highest quality of education material. 

And join me in my UDemy courses, where I share cutting-edge theoretical knowledge mixed with practical insights, strategy and impeccable execution through live trading examples. 

If you have any questions at any time, please feel free to message me on Udemy.

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Comprehensive guide to Financial Markets, Investing and Trading

Options Trading Beginners Bundle (3-course Bundle)

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Options spreads and credit spreads Bundle

Technical analysis and Chart reading Bundle

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