Online Arbitrage - Buy Products Online to Resell

Get inventory shipped right to your door! Turn around and sell it back online. This course shows you how.
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About This Course

Published 7/2015 English

Course Description

Ever wondered how online sellers are able to get the hottest products at the best prices in order to resell them for a profit? This course will show you exactly how they do it!

Online Arbitrage is the practice of purchasing items online to be resold online for big profits.

In this course, we'll look extensively at ways to do research online, from home, so that you know what products are in demand. We'll also look at ways to monitor and track prices and stock levels so that you always get the best deals.

By the end of this course, you'll have a firm understanding of the Online Arbitrage business model and the confidence to consistently find profitable products to resell for big profits.

What are the requirements?

  • Marketplace knowledge (Amazon, eBay) is useful but not necessary. Once inventory is acquired, students will have to sell it.
  • Computer, Chrome browser, Internet connection

What am I going to get from this course?

  • By the end of the course, you'll be able to find and evaluate products online for potential resale.

Who is the target audience?

  • Anyone can use this course to find profitable inventory to resell and have it delivered right to their door.
  • Ideal for Amazon and eBay sellers looking for additional inventory sources.

What you get with this course?

Not for you? No problem.
30 day money back guarantee.

Forever yours.
Lifetime access.

Learn on the go.
Desktop, iOS and Android.

Get rewarded.
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Section 1: Online Arbitrage - Sourcing Profitable Inventory to Resell for Big Profits

In this lecture, Chris Green, author of Online Arbitrage, welcomes Udemy students and explains the outline of the course.

10 pages

This lecture serves as the introduction to the course on Online Arbitrage.


I placed a large order from Disney Store online for some Online Arbitrage. This is what happened to my email the day it was all delivered.


In this video, I show you how easy it is to find profitable deals right on the homepages of major price tracking websites.


Amazon dropped the price on some big-ticket items in the Sports & Outdoors category. Come see what I bought!

20 pages

This is a full explanation of a deal that I did from The Disney Store Online. It starts with their promotional email, shows exactly what I purchased, and breaks down all of the profit per item.


Viewing TheTracktor Movers list, we find a new toy that closely resembles a very profitable item from fourth quarter 2013. Did we stumble onto the breakout hot toy of 2014? Time will tell.

Section 2: Introduction to Online Arbitrage
5 pages

This lecture serves as an introduction to exactly what Online Arbitrage is and how you can benefit from learning about the buying strategies in this course.


This video is just to make people aware of what happens when you search Amazon for items to resell. If you end up finding the same items as other sellers, you may end up making BOLO lists.

3 pages

This lecture outlines the differences between buying at retail stores compared to buying online.

4 pages

In this lecture, we set the start with where to start on your Online Arbitrage journey.

Section 3: Tools, Hardware, Extensions
24 pages

This is a very important lecture that outlines many of the tools, programs, and browser extensions that you will use to make Online Arbitrage both easy and fun.

Bonus Browser Extensions
3 pages
15 pages

Keepa is one of the most used and useful browser extensions and websites. This lecture serves as an in-depth look at this great tool.


In this video, we see an example of using to quickly find and evaluate potential deals.

Use to identify Online Arbitrage opportunities on

This bonus video goes in depth explaining what Keepa is.

5 pages

CamelCamelCamel is another great tool and website that gets an in-depth analysis in this lecture.


In this video, we walk through how to use CamelCamelCamel to find deals to resell.

2 pages

PriceZombie shows amazing price information for many online retailers and is not just focused on Amazon.

4 pages

TheTracktor Movers is a great place to do deal research. This lecture is an in-depth look at the site.


In this video, get a quick rundown of the features of and how to use it fo quickly find and evaulate Online Arbitrage opportunities.

Section 4: Social Media and Google
7 pages

Social media is often overlooked as a way to do online research into the hottest products and brands. In this lecture, learn how to use social media and searching to your advantage.

6 pages

So many times the answer is just a Google search away. Learn how to use Google optimally to do product research online.


In this video, learn how to do product research on a new line of products right from home on your computer.

Section 5: Sourcing on and Deals vs. Duds
65 pages

Amazon can be one of the biggest sources of Online Arbitrage inventory. There are so many ways to do product research and set up price and in-stock alerts. This lecture will outline the upcoming videos.


In this video, see an example of the finding items with a supressed Buy Box and how you can use these types of items to setup BOLO alerts.


In this video, I walk through some deals that hit the Amazon Movers & Shakers page for TOYS and talk about Keepa, settings up Alerts, Frustration Free Packaging options, and Oversize concerns.


In this video, watch how fast and easy it is to quickly evaluate items listed on the Amazon Movers & Shakers pages as potential deals to buy and resell for a profit.


In this video, see how simply checking the Amazon Movers & Shakers pages can show you entire lines of products that are on sale from and some at prices low enough to make a profit on.


In this video, we look at how easy it is to find profitable products to resell using the Amazon Movers & Shakers pages. Example: Paw Patrol


In this video, we use Amazon search strategies to find out of stock items and then search for their sources.


When you buy out Amazon on a product to resell, sometimes you can have trouble finding the ASIN once you're ready to go back and list the item for sale. Use the PARENT ASIN on the Add A Product page in Seller Central to see all Child variations.

9 pages

Not every deal that looks like a deal is actually a deal. Learn what to look for to spots 'false positive' deals and avoid making bad purchases.


When a good deal isn't as good as you think. Sometimes you find an item that looks to be profitable but the data can help you avoid making bad buying decisions (and data never lies).


In this video, see an example of how just because an item has a big discount on a deal site like, it doesn't necessarily mean that the deal is legit.

Section 6: Rabbit Trails
23 pages

Rabbit Trails consists of following the clues from one hot product to the next. Learning how to follow your own rabbit trails will be one of the biggest money making skills that you can learn. This section will show you how with many graet examples.


In this video, we follow a rabbit trail started at and end up finding some replenishable ALmond Joy candy.


In this video, we explore items first found on Top Price Drops and see if we can find other deals.


In this video, we follow the rabbit trail from Keepa Deals to finding popular Starburst candy that is out of stock on that is readily available at Wal-Mart and


In this video, I start on the Movers & Shakers page but end up on eBay looking at high priced NERF guns.


In this video, we follow a rabbit trail from Pricenoia and find some How To Train Your Dragon 2 BOLOs using tools like Keepa, CamelCamelCamel, Google, and Google Images.


In this video, we see a $300 lawn mower drop down to $60 from Amazon and we follow the trali to find a $1,000 flag being sold for $90 (spoiler alert; I bought it).

Section 7: Learning New Product Lines
32 pages

Learning new product lines is very profitable. Learn tips and tricks in this lecture to learn any new product line in no time.


In this video, we look at 'Girl in a Boy Line' toys, April O'Neil searches, Google, and Rabbit Trails.

13 pages

If you're planning on learning a new line, LEGO is easily one of the most profitable lines to sell.

5 pages

Learn how to use industry websites to stay on top of new products and trends.

27 pages

Do your homework at home and learn the ins and out of your favorite websites so that you can find deals faster as well as get the best prices using their own promotions.

4 pages

Be the first to know by getting on store email lists and always bookmarking and checking their clearance sections.

Section 8: Timing the Market (Buying and Selling)
4 pages

Timing is everything. Learn why in this lecture.

29 pages

Seasonal cycles, product cycles, clearance cycles. Learn them and know the best times to buy and sell.

Section 9: Deals Aggregate Websites
9 pages

Let the computers do the work by letting them track items for you. Get alerts when prices drop and items come in stock.

12 pages

Get an in-depth look at one of the best deal sourcing and deal discussion websites:

4 pages

Get an in-depth look at another great deal sourcing and deal discussion websites:

2 pages

Is there an app for that? You bet there is! Many apps, actually.

Section 10: Buying Strategies: Coupons, Rebates, Cashback, Payments
3 pages

Once you've found a deal, be sure to check for coupons. Lower your price, increase your profit.

2 pages

A deal is a deal but deals get sweeter with rebates and cashback. Learn how to get the most from rebate and cashback programs online.

4 pages

You're buying the stuff anyway so you might as well max out some points, rewards, and perks.

Section 11: Advanced Inventory Tracking
19 pages

IFTTT (IF This Then That) is an amazingly powerful site to automate your tasks. It can be a little overwhelming at first so use this lecture to get on the fast track.


How to setup an IFTTT alert from the Amazon Movers & Shakers RSS feed.


In this video, see how to take a product search and setup a system of alerts so that you never miss a deal.

3 pages

Monitoring websites is more than just prices. HTML monitors can track ANY change to the page including items coming in stock and coming off of pre-order.

7 pages

Online Arbitrage isn't difficult. Once you get the ball rolling, you'll want to grow. Learn the keys to scaling your business in this lecture.


Prime Zero Prep is a TAX FREE prep & ship company for Amazon FBA sellers. Run by Brenden Sullivan.


In this video, see a $250 printer on sale for $116. It's good to network and have friends in this business.

Section 12: Inventory Sources
3 pages

WOOT is a great site to find some daily deals. Often they can be resold online for a profit.


Daily Deal sites can be hit or miss, but they are always easy to check and easy to evaluate so check them daily.

2 pages

Amazon Warehouse Deals can be a great place to get items to resell. It is often overlooked by sellers.

9 pages

Liquidation sites can be a great source of inventory if you know exactly what types of product you are getting.

17 pages

Different marketplace, different prices. See how you can find items for sale on eBay that can quickly be turned around and sold back on Amazon for a higher price.

8 pages

Don't forget about CraigsList. Lots of deals can be picked up locally for a low price. And there are lots of tools to monitor for certain items or searches.

2 pages

You can even hit the thrift stores from the comfort of home with Online Arbitrage.

7 pages

Facebook as a marketplace is growing and very few sellers are aware of the inventory opportunities that currently exist.

Section 13: Bonus Tips and Tricks
9 pages

Lots of little tips and tricks that didn't fit in the other lectures are included in this lecture.


In this video, I give my thoughts, ideas, and general commentary on TWO very easy money making products on Amazon. Use this info to not only find your own deals, but to do those extra steps that you competitors don't.

Section 14: Sharing Deals
2 pages

Information is valuable. Learn about the value of sharing and how to share with discernment.


In this video, I talk about the VALUE of deals and how to get the maximum value from them. Either doing the deals yourself, sharing with friends, or recoming a ScannerMonkey and participating in the BOLO Exchange.


In this video, see a simple trick to share an offer from any specific Amazon seller (including


This video was originally shared with DDR members and is included as a preview of the content shared in the private DDR Facebook Group for DDR subscribers.

Section 15: Making Tax Exempt Purchases Online
6 pages

Full list of contact info for every state to get tax-exempt status.

Section 16: Vendor Spotlight: ScanPower
6 pages

ScanPower is the industry leader in Amazon and FBA tools and software. Learn about the specific tools available for Online Arbitrage sourcing.


In this video, get an overview of some of the evaluation and tracking features of ScanPower WebScout to use for Online Arbitrage.


In this video, see how ScanPower WebScout makes it easy to evaluate products for profitability.


In this video, see how the features of ScanPower WebScout help users make accurate product matches when doing Online Arbitrage.

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Instructor Biography

Chris Green, Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur

Chris is the co-founder ScanPower, the premier suite of apps and programs for professional Amazon sellers, in 2010 with his business partner, Paul Retherford. He has been selling online since the '90s, has sold millions of dollars worth of products online, spoken at dozens of events across the country, mentored hundreds of online sellers, and published several books.In addition to helping hundreds of online sellers run profitable businesses, Chris enjoys leveraging new technologies such as on-demand printing, 3D printing, and drones. Look, if you sell products online, it doesn't matter what they are, where you got them or where you want to sell them. Just put the pieces together and make a profit. And if you have a passion for something, Chris can give you a dozen ideas on how to make that your fulltime job making good money.

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