Online Course Creation (No. 1) - The 1-Week Plan
4.6 (39 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
166 students enrolled
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Online Course Creation (No. 1) - The 1-Week Plan

Let's create your first online course in one week. This step-by-step plan shows you how to go from planning to publish.
4.6 (39 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
166 students enrolled
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What Will I Learn?
  • You will have a step-by-step plan to creating an online course from beginning to end.
  • You will know when to do which task, so they fall in line with other tasks.
  • You will know what type of pre-marketing strategy steps to take to get students to pre-enoll while you are creating your course.
  • You will know how and when to create your test video.
  • You will know the difference between publish online courses on Udemy or your own online school.
  • You will know the importance of technology; we will cover microphones, lighting, camera and video editing software.
  • We will talk about confidence on camera.
  • You will learn about creating handouts, homework, cheat-sheets, checklists, bonuses, and more.
  • You will learn the number one strategy to having your students become loyal followers of all your published courses.
  • You will know the biggest pitfalls to avoid when creating online courses.
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  • Unless you already have a microphone and camera (iphone or Android are sufficient), you may have to spend a little money to creating your first course.
  • You will need internet and a computer or laptop to create your course materials.
  • You will need a video editing software, such as Camtasia or Screenflow, in order to edit your videos.

Are you ready to finally kick procrastination to the curb and publish your first online course?

Then you're in the right place. As a best-selling online instructor with over twenty online courses, over 20,000 students from 140 countries, I have compiled a simple step-by-step plan that will show you how to create your first online course in one week.

Do you have questions such as:

  • Is there an ideal length for my online course?
  • How do I price my online course?
  • How do students find my online course?
  • Where should I publish my online course?
  • Is it hard to create my own online school?
  • What technology is best for online course creators?
  • What's the difference between a talking head video and a screencast video?
  • Do I need both?
  • What exactly does it take to make passive income with online courses?
  • I'm not confident enough to get in front of the camera, who am I to teach an online course?
  • I hate marketing, what are my options?
  • I'm afraid that creating online courses will create a customer service nightmare for me, how much time does it take to answer student questions?
  • I've been planning a course for months, years even, but procrastination keeps getting the best of me, can you help?

If any of these sound familiar, then you're in the right place!

We will cover the answers to these questions and then some.

This online course gives you several hands-out, homework and all the help from me that you need to get it done. I answer student questions 7 days a week.

There is even a special surprise gift for those who complete the course. And believe me, you'll want this gift!

If you're ready to package your knowledge into an easy digestible format, then I can teach you how to create an online course that you and your students love.

Are you ready?

I'll see you in class!

Who is the target audience?
  • This course is ideal for new and beginning online instructors.
  • This course is NOT for those who have already published best-selling online courses.
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Curriculum For This Course
39 Lectures
Course Overview - Before You Get Started
5 Lectures 23:10

This is an overview video of this course and what we will be covering in this course. If you have any questions along the way, simply hover over the video and underneath you will see a Q&A link to click on.

Preview 02:19

Let's determine why you want to create online courses. The 'wrong' reasons may be the cause why your courses do not sell. Getting your priorities set up correctly will help your courses sale on 'auto-pilot' and with minimal work. Print the worksheet attached to this lecture and do the work before you jump in creating course outlines.

Preview 06:55

Just a couple of minutes of my background as a best-selling online instructor. I've been an online instructor for over 10 years and a best-selling Udemy instructor since 2013. This video gives you just a few of my stats and makes the request for you to introduce yourself so I can officially welcome you to my course.

Preview 02:09

A few more thoughts to keep in mind as you go out and create your first online course. What does it take? What are the advantages of creating a Udemy online course versus your own online school? How can you prevent procrastination or perfectionist tendencies? This and so much more in this video lecture.

Words of Wisdom From a Professional, Best-Selling Online Course Creator

I want to give you a 12-month plan as my special gift for completing this course. This special gift is sent to all students automatically, as soon as you have taken 100% of this course. There is no sign-up needed, just click and save to your desktop.

I want to show you how you can create a full time business becoming a best-selling online instructor in 12 months or less. 

Watch this video for details.

A Special Gift For You
Day 1: Planning, Technology & More
5 Lectures 27:07

Print your DAY 1 handout attached.

Print This: Day 1 Download

One of the most difficult and yet most important part of the online course creation is writing your course outline. This is the first step in getting started as an online course creator, and therefore is also the number one reason for people to get stuck on and procrastinate. There are many ways to creating a course outline and I will cover them in this video so you have a broader idea of what may work for you and what may not work for you.

Creating Your Course Outline

Watch this video to get an overview of the technology that is needed to creating online courses. I will cover the basics for new instructor that fit every shoestring budget, to the more expensive solutions for once you start making money with your courses.

Technology Needed

Watch this video for some tips and tricks on where to find royalty free music, videos and pictures. I will also talk to you about some pitfalls to avoid that many new online instructors fall for. There is also a download for this lecture, with links to resources to help you out.

Royalty Free Music, Videos and Pictures

Do you want to get started with the Udemy platform or start your own online school? Do you want both? What's the difference and how can you keep your videos ever-green so you can use your lectures again in the future?

Watch this video to consider some important thoughts before you go out and create an online course.

Third-Part Platform or Your Own School?
Day 2: Pre-Marketing Efforts
5 Lectures 11:39

Print your Day 2 checklist attached.

Print This: Day 2 Download

Marketing is not everyone's cup of tea, although it is one of the most important steps of the entire course creation. After all, you want to have students waiting for your course to launch, so that when you hit that publish button, students are waiting and ready with wallets open. This video lecture talks about some pre-marketing steps to take, so that your course launch will be a successful one.

Print This: Pre-Marketing Steps for Online Course Creators

Watch this video to learn about some important steps to take before you begin filming your online course videos. Pre-marketing is an important part of a success course launch. This video tells you more about those steps to take.

Pre-Marketing Steps for Online Course Creators

Get set up to accept payments for your online courses before you launch your course. You may even want to charge a pre-enrollment fee and give discounts to those fast acting students of yours. This video talks about the ways you can accept online payments and also talks about the Udemy payment process.

Pre-Marketing, Accepting Payments

Check this article for information on how to create effective promo videos.

Creating Effective Promo Videos
Day 3: 'Other' Course Materials
2 Lectures 06:07

Print your Day-3 checklist.

Print This: Day 3 Download

It's not enough to just create video lectures or screencast videos. A thorough course also includes handouts or homework, cheat-sheets, checklists or other kind of bonuses. Today I want you to take the time to create your handouts. This video will explain how. 

Creating Additional Lecture Material and Handouts
Day 4: Filming
6 Lectures 31:43

Print your Day-4 handout.

Print This: Day 4 Download

Today is all about filming. Watch this overview video to learn how to set up your filming day. Make sure you check the lecture on "test video" creation so you don't waste time creating your entire course only to find out that something went wrong.

It's Filming Day, an Overview

Before your run off all excited filming all of your lectures, make sure you have received feedback for your test video. If you choose a platform such as Udemy, you will be required to submit a test video first. Make sure you do that BEFORE creating all of your course lecture videos. If you choose to launch your own online school, get feedback for your test videos from friends. Watch this video for some tips on how to create your test video.

Create Your Test Video First

Is there an ideal length for your video lectures? Yes, there is. Watch this video for tips to creating lectures that are being watched until the end. "Less is more" works wonders when creating the perfect length for your videos.

How Long Should My Lectures Be?

Here is a schedule of my filming day looks like. My filming day is just one example and I share with you what I do first and why, what I do next and so on.

Additional Filming Tips, My Filming Day Schedule

All the success anyone can ever achieve comes down to this one quality: CONFIDENCE.

You either have it or you don't. If you are not coming across confidence on camera, watch this video to learn how I overcame my all time biggest fear of public speaking. I hope that these simple tricks and tips will help you shift from shy or insecure to confident on camera.

Let's Talk Confidence
Day 5: Editing & Upload
4 Lectures 12:46

Print your Day-5 handout.

Print This: Day 5 Download

Now that you have filmed all of your videos, it's time to edit your lectures. The video editing process is by far taking the most time, that's why I have reserved at least one day for video editing. Watch this video on how to set up your computer files so you can easily find your video raw files, along with your rendered video files, and course handouts and more.

It's Video Editing Day

How do you get videos uploaded to your school's platform? This video talks about individual vs. bulk uploading your videos to Udemy or your own school. Visit to check your internet provider's upload speed. Once you are uploading your video, you'll get a pretty good idea of how fast your video is being uploaded. To upload a 5 minute video takes me approximately 2-3 minutes. When I lived in France, however, it would take me nearly a week to upload 20-30 five-minute videos. It was very, very frustrating. So your internet speed will determine if you want to individually upload your videos or upload them using a bulk uploader.

Uploading Videos: Bulk or Individual?

At this point you may be feeling overwhelmed or you may be feeling excited and feeling accomplished. How are you feeling? What's working and what's not? I care about your success and so I've added this extra check-in lecture to let you know how to contact me if you need extra help.

Check-In Time - How's It Going?
Day 6: Course Description, SEO and More
7 Lectures 30:38

Print your Day-6 handout.

Print This: Day 6 Download

Your course title, description and overall SEO (search engine optimization) is crucial for your courses to be found. Whether you use the Udemy platform or your own online school to market your courses, you want to make sure your courses can be found. Watch this overview video for more details.

Your Course Description, Title and More, Section Overview

You know the term "first impressions count?" That's what your course title does to fly-by visitors who may be looking for your course material. Your title is THE most important thing because it will determine whether or not a person will click on your course to find out more. There are a few do's and don'ts when creating your course title. Watch this video to learn how to structure your course title and how to make your course title keyword friendly.

Effective Course Titles and Proper SEO

Watch this video to find out how to write effective course goals containing your keyword, so you attract the right student to your course sales page. Not writing proper course goals for your students may attract the wrong kind of student who will only be disappointed because your course did not satisfy what they were really looking for. Keep refunds and low review rates to an absolute minimum by writing course goals that will bring you the right target market.

Who Is Your Course For - Defining Your Target Market

One of the most amazing things, whether you choose to publish on Udemy or your own school, is the ability to automate tasks. This video talks about your welcome and completion emails and what to write in them to continue receiving a steady flow of students.

Automating Student Welcome and Completion eMails

One of the most frequent question is: "How much should I charge for my course? Should I give it away for free?" 

In this video we will talk about effective course pricing strategy and the issue of giving your course away for free or paid. By the end of this video you will have some ideas and strategies that you may want to try out to decide what you want to price your own course at.

Pricing Your Course Effectively - Free or Fee?

If you decided to create your own online school, then it's imperative that you test your entire sign-up process as if you were a student. If you have chosen the Udemy platform, then the course sign-up process is being handled by the Udemy team. They also review and watch your entire course and will give you feedback.

On your own platform, make sure that students can see your promo video, read your course description, register and pay for your course, and that they have immediate access to your course material. 

For all the steps to take during your testing phase, watch this video.

Test Your Course Sign-Up Process
Day 7: Launch - Post Marketing Efforts
3 Lectures 12:40

Print your Day-7 handout.

Print This: Day 7 Download

One of the greatest benefits of being an online instructor is the automation process. Students often ask how much time I dedicate answering daily student questions. I will share just how much time I have reserved daily for customer service related issues and you won't believe your ears! It's so much easier than you think. I will share with you some trips and tricks to keeping your courses as automated and with as little customer service time needed as possible.

Automate - Automate - Automate

This video talks about the importance of announcing your course to your current list. At the beginning of the course I taught you how to create a landing page and how to get people to sign up for your upcoming course. Now is the time to announce the completion and availability of your course. This videos talks about the details.

Announce Your Course!
Course Summary and Bonus
2 Lectures 08:13

This video gives you a summary of everything you've learned in this course, along with some additional thoughts to keep in mind as you create your online courses.

Course Summary

Inside this document you will find special discounts to other courses that can help you on your journey. If ever a link is not working or a coupon has expired, just send us a personal message and one of us will fix it and send you an updated coupon.

Course Bonuses
About the Instructor
Cha~zay Sandhriel Ph.D.
4.6 Average rating
3,045 Reviews
11,234 Students
21 Courses
Best-Selling Udemy Instructor, Author and Podcast Host

I absolutely love teaching and your success in every way is important to me!

As a best-selling Udemy instructor with more than a dozen online courses, I also run the Core Freedom Academy with over 14,000 students worldwide, and I am ready to share what I know.

I have been a public speaker, workshop leader and online course creator for more than 14 years. I've spoken on stage with Robert Kiyosaki (author of Rich Dad Poor Dad) and also taught at the Learning Annex in San Francisco for over three years.

I teach courses in the field of professional and personal development and new courses are constantly being developed.

Today I draw on my further education as a metaphysician, holistic life coach, certified hypnotist and trained grief and suicide hotline counselor. I’m also a non-denominational ordained minister, a Reiki Master and I teach courses in EFT (emotional freedom technique) and dowsing.

It all started in the world of business. I’ve worked for the Swiss Government and Private Banking Industry, before moving to Silicon Valley putting together teams for technology start-up companies. A tragic loss in 2006 left me homeless for 7 months while I withdrew from society to reinvent myself and my life.

The courses I teach today come from my school of hard-knocks

I’m a huge fan of living the mobile lifestyle. Less is indeed more and being able to live wherever I want to is possible thanks to being an online instructor. My life lessons are woven into all of my courses.