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Business Success Formula for Marketing Your Business Online (don’t worry, no experience is necessary).
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About This Course

Published 8/2015 English

Course Description

Stating it concisely, the Online Business Strategy Mastery/30-15-90 Millionaire Coaching Program is a professional training series by a life long leader, trainer, coach, author... that's me, Wayne Sharer.

I'm not someone that was successful once and then called myself a coach, instructor or mentor. In fact, I wrote the book on mentoring.

The Online Business Strategy Mastery/30-15-90 is definitely for you if any of this is true for you because it is the proven path every major marketer and successful online business has used to end the failures, stop the horrible feelings of desperation and to grow massive financial success and independence including:

  • Selling Information Products
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Coaching
  • Multilevel Marketing
  • eBay Selling
  • Drop Shipping
  • Retail Sales Online
  • Professional Services

You can use the coaching to decide if it is right for you to be trying a business online, and to seriously get profitable, fast.

This is the proven path of 30 days of coaching, to be on the path to 15k per month in the next 90 days - 30-15-90. You cannot and will not fail if you follow the guides and steps inside the 5 training modules that walk through your exact online sales strategy and sales tactics.

This is the closest thing to a guarantee there is that any action taker who follows instructions and doesn't skip things and quit after little setbacks WILL build a list and make sales. You cannot fail.

You get 5 video training modules that start by introducing you to the success strategy and then shows how and why it works, one piece at a time. You'll also be getting two tactics to start you earning and putting the strategy to work.

The bottom line is, you are being spoon feed exactly how the top online sellers and companies make there sales online, and why not using this is like voting to stay on the path to failure.

Don't rely on one hit, un-trained coaches and instructors for your business future. Get started today by clicking the "Take This Course" button below while it's handy!

What are the requirements?

  • They really want to have a successful business of their own
  • Know they are comitted to success and it doesn't happen over night
  • Exisiting business owners should be ready to make necessary changes to their online efforts to truly dominate their market
  • No technical expertise is required.

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Develop an Online Marketing Strategy as Effective as the Top Gurus and Online Businesses selling today.
  • Execute a proven email marketing strategy to maximize sales and profits in 30 days or less
  • Identify what is missing from an existing online marketing strategy (if you have one), and what to do to fix it.
  • Start a business in online sales using info products, MLM, retail products, services, etc using a proven strategy and tactic of the world's leading online sales companies
  • Stop chasing useless products, softwares, and services and focus only on what you really need to end the failures and transition to massive success.
  • Create a complete, high volume online sales process from start to finish
  • Start getting highly targeted leads and buyers to your offers immediately at very low cost
  • (Bonus $47 value) Be able to create an info product from scratch

What is the target audience?

  • This online marketing strategy course is designed for those who are ready to start a business using online marketing, those who have been using online marketing and are not progressing, and small and medium business owners with websites that don't really bring them sales.
  • If your business is already generating over 50K per month, then this course is not for you.

What you get with this course?

Not for you? No problem.
30 day money back guarantee.

Forever yours.
Lifetime access.

Learn on the go.
Desktop, iOS and Android.

Get rewarded.
Certificate of completion.


Section 1: Business Strategy & Tactics Overview

Welcome to the Online Business Strategy Mastery - 30-15-90 Millionaire Coaching program.

I am very excited you've chosen to permit me teach you the total sales process (from start to finish) of becoming a successful online business owner. The course is called the Online Business Strategy Mastery - 30-15-90 Millionaire Coaching because, simply put this is the most comprehensive course on getting your business started with a proven strategy of real, top internet businesses (not the one off "gurus") that I have ever created with such easy access.

With this course, the aggressive, determined individual can scale up a business or income stream online setting it all up in 30 days or less, and achieving 15K earnings per month in 90 days or less. Thus, the 30-15-90.

This is not a promise or guarantee that you will achieve that. First and foremost, I already know from my over 35 years of experience, that most who start this course will either do all the videos and not implement anything, or not even complete the video training. I hope you choose to be one of the aggressive ones, that does the training and takes action - implements.

You're going to find TONS of information in here so the key is to follow the steps, watch all the videos in the order shown, and make sure to go SLOW. That's right, don't skip all around and do things any way you like. Don't just be clicking this button or that button and think BOOM the big profits are coming. No No No…

Download the videos, worksheets, guides and resources and use them. It's why they are there for you.

The secret to you ending your earning frustrations, and cutting your dependency on a job you don't want or even hate is to work slowly and steadily, implement what you learn, and understand you will make mistakes. It is those who don't let small or even big setbacks stop them that will succeed. Which will you be? The quitter, cry baby, or the doer/action taker? It's your choice.

What This Course Is NOT

– A Get Rich Quick Plan, Scheme or Idea
– A path to “automated” profits without you ever doing any work
- A magic pill or loophole no one knows about - they don't exist

What This Course IS:

– A comprehensive course on building a business from ground up using the internet starting with a strategy and getting you rolling with solid, proven tactics that work.
– A glimpse inside the minds of some of the most successful email marketers in the world who were my mentors and I have taken what I learned from them and transferred to you in the most understandable way possible.
– A training program designed to walk you step by step through creating your entire business.

The Online Business Strategy Mastery - 30-15-90 Millionaire Coaching is only for those people who are SERIOUS about actually doing something online that is proven to work by small, medium and large businesses alike, and you also have realistic expectations.

Success DOES NOT come sitting around in your pajamas wishing and hoping and pressing one button. It requires hard work, education and desire.

My entire Online Business Strategy Mastery - 30-15-90 Millionaire Coaching was built to transfer you the knowledge of myself and my many millionaire mentors, and provide a big 'jump start' to get you so motivated you won't stop driving to massive success as business owner, entrepreneur and email marketer.

As an Online Business Strategy Mastery - 30-15-90 Millionaire Coaching student you have endless access to this training, any tools and of course our support. I want to ensure you know you've jumped on the right path and will succeed to the highest level you desire and provide real feedback and testimonial of your success.

Please click through the entire course, then dig in at the beginning, take notes. Most Important, You MUST Take Action!

Please do each lesson in the order presented, even if you believe you are more advanced. This training is a total process starting with the strategy behind it.

Then you get the tactics to make it work so you can start profiting and scale up. You will never scale up if you don't know the strategy. So do yourself a BIG FAVOR and start at the beginning and go through each video lesson in the order it is presented.

Each video is in very High Definition, so I encourage you to watch the lessons using the full screen setting. It will be clear to the eyes, and easy to see and understand.

Thanks. Now let's dig in.

Wayne Sharer

Section 2: The Cornerstone Strategy for a High Paying Sales Process
The Strategy Big Picture

Always vital to making your business or any major undertaking work is know the big picture of where you are starting and where you are going. This is true for online business as well as offline, brick and mortar stores and services.

By NOT having this, you are working in the blind and literally shooting in the dark... probably the worst thing a hunter or warrior can do. It's also the worst choice you can make as an entrepreneur who is hungry for success, and not there yet.

This video lesson is that big picture, and in the following video training, you will get the strategy broken down to key pieces you will put into action.


Understanding what an online business strategy is and why it's important to have before you begin doing the various sales tactics will save you time, and prevent failures that can often cost you a lot of money.

In the lesson, you'll begin with the top and understand how this online business strategy works for new, small, medium and large business, alike.


For your online business strategy to succeed you must understand its foundations or key elements for success.

In this lesson, you see what makes this strategy easy to use because you will fully understand the keys to success.


Like every business, every machine, there tools or pieces of the pie that must be present to make your online business strategy function.

Since selling and marketing online IS all about having the essential technical tools and pieces in place, this lesson will show you the ones you must have - like having an engine in the car, or gasoline (petro) in the engine. Bottom line is, there are "things" you must have. This lesson will review those tools.

Section 3: Email Marketing Mastery
**Important You Understand This**

Email marketing mastery works the same for ANY business. In this training series, you will often here reference for MLM or multilevel marketing because it was created in a MLM class.

That DOES NOT MATTER. Substitute your business service, offer, name, program for any such reference. The process is the same for email marketing anything online.

Understanding this, you should watch this short video, and then you are ready to proceed with the Email Marketing Mastery Program where you will learn all the details of the core email marketing tactics needed (and used) by new, small, medium, and large businesses, alike.


The Email Marketing Mastery Overview introduces you to the core elements of the email marketing and why it's vital to any online business strategy. Like all Sections for this course, you start at the top with the big picture and then "dig in."


This 2 part lesson will show you why email marketing is the core of any strategy you use for online marketing, and how you easily develop the email marketing tactic for your online sales funnels and lead offers.

Part 1 of the Price of Email Marketing shows you the specifics of why you must include email marketing in any online marketing strategy and what it costs you in losses if you don't.


In part 2 of The Price of Email Marketing, you'll continue with understanding the costs of email marketing, and fully put together why the costs are so low compared to the outcomes you achieve.

When you complete this email marketing lesson, you will understand why you can't afford not to be doing email marketing, and if you are using cost as an excuse... well then, you are making a killer excuse for not succeeding.


For email marketing to be successful, the first thing that must happen, after sending the email is that the recipient actually click your email and open it.

Then you must get the recipient to read the text. Finally you must get them to take whatever action needed to further your sales or learning process.

That's the click science of email marketing, and the better you do this, the more your business grows with happy and satisfied customers. This lesson shows you how to master the click science.


Despite what many online "gurus" tell you, your email marketing is not free. There are real costs doing it, and real costs for not doing it.

When you understand these costs and how you know them, then the cost of doing email marketing generates a return on investment that, for all practical purposes, negates the cost of required to do the marketing.

This lesson in Email Marketing Mastery shows you all the costs and how to understand them in your business.


Not employing segmentation methods in your email marketing will cost you big money in terms of sales lost.

Email marketing tools, when you use them correctly, allow you separate your leads and customers -- your non-buyers from your buyers.

Why do this? Both have different needs when it comes to marketing, and sending a lead the same email as a buyer (customer) and vice versa, will not only cost you sales, you may actually lose customers.

This lesson shows you the art of segmentation.


In the lesson, you will see how to properly segment your buyers and why, when you do this correctly, even a small email marketing database will yield you increase sales and revenue.


Now that you understand the mechanics of your email marketing, the question remains, "How do I get the leads into my email marketing database?"

This lesson shows the one technique that puts your first box of your online marketing strategy into action. It is this key to making everything else work.


Ultimately, you want this all to be as automated as possible. I am not going to tell you the classic lie, that it is totally hands off. Like everything in your business, it does require attention.

However, when you email marketing machine is developed right and looks like what you learn in this lesson, it is about 95% hands free - requiring only a minimal amount of periodic adjustment and oversight. Don't miss this.

Section 4: Fast, Endless Traffic

This is an important module for many reasons, but those who watch it all will discover how to get a list instantly, how to build a quality list from nothing, and online marketing resources that will literally bring you targeted traffic in any quantity and quality you desire.

Also below you have a resource document so you can go there if you wish, but watch the video first to know whether this is the right thing for you or not. It won't be for everyone, and there is no requirement to do this.

Finally, there is the 30-15-90 Market Research Failure Elimination Execution Plan for you to download. This execution plan is in PDF form format so you can fill it in and use it in developing your understanding of your market, and developing your ad campaigns. You should also use it to not only speed up marketing of your own product and save you tons of time and money...

You should also be using it for affiliate product sales (information products, services and retail products), and also using it for developing your MLM marketing plans. This plan works for literally anything you offer online. It is how my consulting business gets the right information from our clients.

I modified the plan slightly for your use as a business owner for your own products, services, MLM, auction, or retail sales. Don't skip this download because it will save you endless heartaches, and make you money much faster... plus it includes numerous resources you find anywhere else in the course (some free, some paid services).


Are you aware that solo ads or newsletter marketing, is one of the absolute best ways on the planet to get highly qualified leads and buyers on your email list for very low cost?

In this 3 part lesson, you get everything you need to start doing solo ads properly and effectively. The videos shows you how to make high converting solo ads you can use right now for your first solo ad buy using a real life case study.

Also included are all the solo ad providers resources you need to get started.

The Solo Ad Wheel Book, included here is a list of many popular business opportunity ezine newsletters you can send ezine solo ads to: Please note that I have absolutely no affiliations with any of these list owners. I have personally used many of them myself, but I am not recommending one over another. I'm continually doing my own marketing with some of the lists below along with other lists I find in a popular directory called DOE and elsewhere.


Part 2 for Email Marketing Without a List starts getting into the details of this important case study. It shows how almost every new and some experienced business people manage to mis-evaluate their email marketing results.

Solo ads have a fear stigma attached to them. In some cases it's rightly so, but more often it is because of doing what you see in the lesson. Listen in now and see how a bad email may not really be so bad.


In this final segment of Email Marketing Without a List, you learn the terms you must know to properly evaluate your email marketing results, and how to apply them to your outcomes. There is nothing worse than deciding you failed when you really did not. Don't make that mistake. Watch now.


Part 4 of Email Marketing without a list wraps things up for you and provides you a few pointers and what to do to ensure you get the highest return from your efforts.


One of the greatest fears of getting started with newsletter marketing or solo ads is the fear of your email not "working."

This is natural. In this lesson, you see a simple formula to put this fear at ease so you can confidently get started with your first marketing email for your solo ad.


This is important: this resource is a service provider. There service is to create ads to send to your landing/squeeze page that are the right demographic and get you a specific number of visitors (or clicks).

This DOES NOT mean they are guaranteeing a particular opt-in rate for YOUR landing page because they cannot since they did not create the copy, nor did they test it.

This pay per click solution is provided to give you a fast way to get clicks from qualified traffic on proven networks if you have no experience with Pay Per Click on Google, Bing, Facebook or other PPC networks.

Your first ad will likely perform best if it is on a proven, and tested page.

No advertising is perfect, and 60-80% of first time ads fail, which is why testing of ads is REQUIRED and why experts do split testing.

It is another reason I recommend you use ClickFunnels as your funnel creator. The split-testing is a built in function.

First time advertising is one of the most nerve racking things a new entrepreneur experiences because no one is willing to share with you the risks because other "Gurus" seem to just want your money, and don't care if you succeed, or they simply don't have the mettle or courage to be straight with you.

Advertising is risky, and you likely will lose money the first time. So start small, and scale up when you have a success.

If you don't advertise, you won't succeed!

**Attention** Not Covered in Video: This resource is an excellent choice for finding recruits into opportunities and other internet marketing offers - Powered Clicks


Facebook ads have gotten more complicated. While it is true they are very, very targeted, many fear Facebook much like they fear Google Adwords because of the money spent with no return.

This lesson is designed to help you make a business decision about whether Facebook ads is something you should start now so you understand the risks and the benefits.

Section 5: Turning Profits into More Profits

Most important to is maintain your metrics so you know if you are really profiting or not.

I had a student that insisted he was failing. So he stopped taking action.

Finally, I insisted he show me the details to prove he was failing. When I finally got all the numbers from him, he was wrong. He was clearly profiting, and didn't know it.

This has happened more than once. A student of mine learning Bing Ads, was doing great, but he thought he was failing. Once again, when I got his numbers from him, I found he was not only profiting, he was excelling, and he had convinced himself he was failing and quit.

Don't be like that. Track your metrics and scale up!

Wayne Sharer

Section 6: Resources

This resource wheel book serves as a guide for resources that have proven their viability in online marketing and being a key element of your online business strategy and tactics. Be sure to download this and use it when deciding what resources you will use.

Section 7: Bonus Section: Product Creation

This module will take you from start to finish through the complete product creation process.

Like the other modules, it is important you do the lessons in order.

It is not lesson to learn how to make crap products in an hour. This process is complete and what it takes to make real products that sell, and keep your customers coming back for more from you.

You can download the Mind Map of the product creation process below. It is for your personal use. The two software apps listed below are free. Xmind gives a better presentation. Both are free to use for viewing purposes.


Knowing who your market really is makes your product viable. Rarely, if ever, is a product successful without first knowing who it is really for. The process is simple, but typically more involved than most realize - especially if you are new to creating products and services. This lesson shows you how to know who is your market easily.


At this point, product development begins. There are many steps you should be aware of before you begin. You should have found out who your market really is, and now it's time to start making your product provide real solutions to your market.


A sales funnel is more than just slapping up web page with some "salesy" words on it. In fact, your funnel, and how and what it presents now become vital to your product sales success. This lesson shows you the essentials of developing your funnel. Remember your online business strategy and where this fits in the big picture.


Ultimately, you must get the right people to view your offer. Now it's time to see how you will do this. Don't forget the resources you had presented in the Endless Traffic section. The availability of targeted buyers is really unlimited. Here's how you get started.

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Instructor Biography

Wayne Sharer, Traffic Commander Online Business Coaching

Wayne Sharer is the Best selling author of the antology, "Arts and Science of Success Vol II"

Retired Navy aviator, now entrepreneur running his own marketing consulting and coaching business, and teaching/coaching online business startups since 2009.

Wayne spent 22 years in the Navy, and has been teaching and coaching success in some form all of his adult life. He has over 35 years of coaching, instructing, and leading experience. Now It's time to help you build your business online.

Wayne built his online business from nothing, literally. He now runs a marketing consulting business for small and medium businesses, and and sells information products to assist small and medium businesses in improving their marketing results. He also does personal coaching of online entrepreneurs.

His business partner in New York focuses on helping non-profits who teach job skills and professions to willing, low income or jobless people raise money to continue their services.

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