Ninja Self Defense for Peaceful People.

A no-nonsense, brutally effective self-defense system designed for non-violent people who want to be safe forever.
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  • Lectures 27
  • Length 2 hours
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About This Course

Published 1/2015 English

Course Description

In this course, I will teach you how to protect yourself and your loved ones from any empty-handed aggression.

If you feel insecure in any way, are not a martial artist ( and are not trying to become one ), would consider yourself at a disadvantage should you need to engage in physical combat with a larger or aggressive opponent, this is THE self-defense course for you. It is especially well-fitted for women and kids, as strength is not a primary tool is this course, nor are speed or flexibility. I use easy to follow instructions to make everything very clear.

Included materials include videos and quizzes.

The course should take about 2-6 months to complete. The course is structured in progressive topic-centered lessons at first, then moves into more complex situations to offer more advanced options. Everything is laid out very simply and clearly to maximize information retention and lesson effectiveness.

By the end of the course, you will be able to dodge any incoming punch or kick, free yourself from various grabs, target weak areas of the human body, and apply control techniques on larger and faster opponents, as well as punch, kick, apply basic locks and joint reversals, and get your opponent into submission if you have to. You will also have a strong knowledge of how to ensure maximum awareness at all times and never be taken off-guard. You will also learn to use everyday, commonly available items to improve your odds in a tricky situation.

I have been teaching self-defense and martial-arts for over 20 years, and practicing for over 38 years. I rank 4th Dan black belt and above in 9 styles of combat-oriented martial arts schools, and currently teach non-professional, everyday folks from all walks of life, as well as police, personal security and army people at all levels of proficiency.

The content of this course, although easy to grasp for beginners, is the foundation to a system used by extremely result-oriented professionals over the world.

The course is 27 video lectures for close to 3 hours of video content and is constantly updated with new and revised lectures for maximum learning efficiency, so this course will never be outdated.

What are the requirements?

  • The course starts at the very basic level. No prior experience is necessary.

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Develop a sense of intuition of when things start to get tricky and learn to anticipate.
  • Control their emotions and reactions when confronted and pushed into an actual fight.
  • Control their response to always adapt to any level of threat, from negociation, to control and submission, to escape if necessary.
  • Learn to punch, kick, control, get free from grabs and locks, bring a hostile down to the ground, and put any opponent, whatever their size and strength into submission or walk away safely from any empty handed aggression.

Who is the target audience?

  • People looking for a very simple, very effective self-defense system, fit for any age, size, type, or fitness level should definitely take a good look at this course.
  • This course is especially well suited for women or younger people looking to be safe on the streets with a system that actually works, but of course men can benefit from the content just as much.

What you get with this course?

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30 day money back guarantee.

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Course Intro Video
Section 1: Welcome to The course !

Real people, real expectations, real results. Check out the companion PDF file to learn a little bit about me.


Aren't you tired of all the ninja word being thrown around for everything and anything? Me too... But there's a very good reason why I'm using this word here..


In this lecture I explain who are the people who would benefit the most from the teachings I'm sharing in the course. The course is, of course, fit for anyone who wishes to learn self-defense, but is designed to improve the odds in a huge way for people who might need it the most.


How getting a partner, even a novice one, will boost your results like crazy.


What you must focus on throughout this course : follow this advice for even faster results.

Section 2: Core Concepts and How to Approach This Course for Maximum Progress.

Avoid the element of surprise, never be caught off-guard, and be ready for anything, anytime by understanding and following the advice given in this lecture.

3 questions

Pick at least two ways from this list that can be used to avoid being the subject of a unexpected attack.


After watching this lecture you'll know why learning standardized reactions can be very dangerous for your safety. In this lecture I explain the state of mind you should have when training, what part of your memory system is most important regarding self-defense situations and what type of skills you should focus most of your training on.


How you approach this course will either enable you or disable you to respond to a threat in the right way. Which will it be ? Find out how to use this course in the best possible way in this lecture.


What actually happens when someone tries to hurt you physically and what you MUST change in your mindset to dramatically change the potential outcome.

Section 3: The basic technical components.

Basic instinctive blocking techniques that don't require strength to be 100% effective.


Learn to apply the "8 Directions System" to a simple punch and end up completely controlling your environment and opponent.

3 questions

Quick review of the "8 directions system". As everything else depends on your ability to move freely in a self-defense situation, understanding this system is paramount.


How to punch effectively, without the need for super-strength or obvious preparation.


Learn to kick without needing to ever join a yoga or stretching class. An effective kick doesn't have to look impressive or tear up your inner thigh muscle.


How to use kicking to create openings in your opponent's space and inflict damage that is both physical and psychological.


Being grabbed is not as bad as most may think, quite the opposite really. In this lecture I show you how to use 3 types of grabs you're very likely to encounter to your advantage. Very dense content. Make sure you take your time with this one.

Section 4: Intermediate strategies and techniques.

Most people rely only on punches and grabs. Here are a few more options to add to your inventory, that actually potentialize your effectiveness way beyond what punches and basic kicks can do. More options sometimes can be a good thing.


The core concepts to make your opponent lose his balance and drop to the ground are presented in this lecture. Beware ! These strategies will work on everyone if mastered, but your partner has to know how to get to the ground safely in order to avoid being injured in the process.

Targeting for Effectiveness : Easy to reach weak areas of the human body.
7 questions

You learned the primary targets you should aim for in the previous lecture for maximum effectiveness. Take this quiz to make sure you remember them well.


After this lecture, you will have learned new ways to inflict pain and damages to your opponent. Everyone focuses on the face and torso, but there's a better way to end things fast. Combining natural weapons with creative angles and target areas is a great way to achieve this type of outcome.


Everyday items can dramatically improve your odds of overcoming in a confrontation. I present you with 3 common items that are readily available, legal, and can prove incredibly useful and effective in a tricky situation.


The range of motion of the wrist and elbow are very limited. In this lecture, we explore 3 ways to leverage these limitations to apply joint reversals and locks. Quick and easy techniques to save the day.


Joint reversals that are not fo the faint of heart. Master the first few natural response motions lessons and basic reversals and locks before tackling this one.


This simple technique keeps you safe from headbutts or shows you how to escape a double chest grab. Simple yet extremely powerful.


This simple technique helps you stay safe fast and clean should someone decide grabbing your by the shoulder or arm from the back is a good idea. Simple and effective. Just remember your whole body does the job, not your arms or upper body only. Engage your whole tool box and the reward will be huge.


A practice routine should be short, effective, and include all the basic building blocks of the material you are trying to master. In this lecture, I give you the structure of a 30 minute solo practice session and how to keep it fresh and interesting as well as effective over time.

Section 5: In closing.
Final words.

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Instructor Biography

Chris Martins, Udemy Instructor At Large.

Chris Martins "Yourself, just more of it" - Exploring the human potential since 1973.

A confessed self-development junkie, my ultimate goal is to make people feel a little better, happier and safer. My journey allowed to acquire knowledge ranging from Martial Arts and Self-Defense, to personal development techniques that can help you create the lifestyle you really deeply desire.

Do you want to feel safe wherever you go and keep your loved ones safe ?

I can teach you that, even if you're not a martial artist, fighter, strong, fast or flexible... In fact, you're better off not being any of those things. 

Do you want to build up your confidence levels and achieve more of what you want ?

I can show you how to do exactly that, and more.

Do you want to learn foreign languages in record short time ?

It's really not that hard.

My Udemy courses can help you reach your goals, and I would be honored to have you as a student.

My Experience :

Martial Arts & Self-Defense

I have been teaching Martial Arts and Self-Defense for the past 20 years, starting my personal journey in 1977, at the age of 4. I received my ranks and teaching licence in the system I teach, directly in Japan from the GrandMaster. My students come from all walks of life, a lot of them are security or combat professionals.


I have studied mediation through the practice of Musô Sesshin, a directed meditation method inherited from Shingon Buddhism. This practice obviously helps create a peaceful mindset, as well as a highly purpose driven, targeted mind. It is also a wonderful way to enhance any confidence building method.

Online Marketing

I have created several courses ( in french ) to help musicians reach a larger audience and make a living as professional musicians and teachers. These courses include topics such as list building techniques, mindset management, pedagogy, website design, SEO, using Social Media for marketing, and many more topics, and have helped hundreds of musicians create a business from scratch.

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