Newborn Baby Photography Class

Learn how to photograph a newborn baby. Learn how to create simple and safe poses. Work with wraps + photo sets.
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Instructed by Marguerite Beaty Photography / Other
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About This Course

Published 7/2015 English

Course Description

Why take this course?

Do you want to learn how to photograph a newborn baby? This class will teach you some fun tips and tricks to photograph newborns.

You can do this class with a DSLR camera or a phone camera.

You don't need to know how to use your camera well: Set it to AUTO! The idea is to learn about posing, a bit about lighting and creating photo sets.

This is a great course for those of you who want to photograph their baby. It's also a great course for those of you who want to try this out to see if you want to pursue baby photography.

The course starts out with simple poses and very simple props and becomes more complex towards the end when you start to work with wraps and blankets.

  • You will learn how to pose a baby.
  • You will learn how to use props to help the baby stay in a pose.
  • You will learn how to create a home studio.
  • You will learn about light
  • You will learn how to create mini photo sets.
  • You will learn about camera angles and heights for complimentary portraits.

How long is the course?

The course will take about 2 hours to watch.

It will take much longer to do the actual assignments. The first 3 assignments are fairly quick and the other ones will require more preparation with the set and props.

What will I get from this course?

  • How to pose a baby.
  • How to create a home studio on a budget.
  • How to work with props for best poses.
  • How to tell a story with photo sets.
  • How to use wraps to add a message in the photograph.

I will only use a doll for all the demonstrations. I am suggesting that you practice with a doll before you photograph a real baby :)

A doll will allow you to start photographing and doing the exercises whenever you want. You will not need to take special breaks, feed nor take care of a baby's needs. A doll is the best way to learn!

What are the requirements?

  • You will need a camera or a smart phone
  • You will see a check list on the video: "What you need for a home photo studio on a budget"
  • A computer will be great

What am I going to get from this course?

  • How to photograph a newborn baby
  • How to create a home photo studio on a budget
  • How to create simple and safe poses
  • How to work with continuous light and a reflector
  • How to create photo sets

Who is the target audience?

  • New moms and dads who want to photograph their baby and have no experience with photography
  • Are you a newbie photography hobbyist who wants to explore baby photography? This introductory class will introduce you the basics of baby photography.
  • This course is not for professional photographer and advanced photographers.

What you get with this course?

Not for you? No problem.
30 day money back guarantee.

Forever yours.
Lifetime access.

Learn on the go.
Desktop, iOS and Android.

Get rewarded.
Certificate of completion.


Section 1: A little about Marguerite and this course

Hello from Marguerite!

We will be photographing with a doll for safety purposes and

-You can take your time learning poses

-You can take your time fixing the sets

-You can take your time fixing the light

-You can take your time learning how to put it all together

If you start off trying to learn all this with a baby it may be a bit of a challenge! The baby may need to be changed, feel uncomfortable or have some issue that will make you have to stop your photo session. Learn with a doll and then go onto photographing babies.

2 pages

So...These aren't really rules.

These are tips for safety and for you to have a successful photo session.

About you!
Section 2: About working with a camera or a phone camera: Read this before you start

Use the camera in the AUTO mode

Use the 50 mm lens for optimum results

Wide-angle lens will distort


Most phone cameras have a wide-angle lens.

If you are using the phone camera you will need to be attentive to the camera angle. It you keep it straight and parallel to the subject it will not distort the baby.

If you have the camera at an angle or tilted it will distort.

Section 3: Creating your home photo studio

Create your home photo studio on a budget:

There are many ways to create a good home studio.

My tips for a good background: Work with paper because it does not wrinkle as much as fabric backgrounds. Although I will give you some tips about using blankets as background later on.

For your day to day, paper is good.

Lights: I have given 2 options here.

One that can be found at constructions stores

One that can be found in photos stores

My tip: I would get the one that you can find in a photo store. Before buying it consult a sales person so that you can get the best quality and one that does not heat up!

There are many things that you can do yourself and others will need to be bought. You will decide how to work with this.

Keep it simple!

NOTE: If you get into baby photography you will need to consider working with strobes! :)

Section 4: Pose for success: Posing the baby

You can get some good size mattresses for your photo sessions...At a budget...take a peak at the video.

The idea is to work with a good base so that your images look professional. A mattress will be better than a large pillow because it will make the set look tidy and will have less wrinkles on everything.

BUT: If want to use a pillow go ahead! Just be attentive to keep it wrinkle-free. A hard pillow will work better.

Create a good photo set and you will have a good image!

Baby photography is all about simple sets, good color combinations and de-cluttered photo space.

About Continuous Lights
  1. -For this first photo session the baby (doll) will be facing up.
  2. -The lights: natural light + continuos light
  3. -Make sure that you have enough light for the photography
  4. -If it's too dark: Bring the lights closer to the set or you may have to point the lights onto the baby
  5. -Camera position: Bird's Eye View, camera straight down
  6. -Use a simple cover like a towel
  7. -Colors: Keep everything simple and work with one or two colors; for example all whites or white and another pale color
  8. -Take your time setting up the photo set so that it looks professional
6 pages

This is your first assignment. Very cool!

This is how I would do this. These tips are not on the tape!

1) Fix the mattress and the towel carefully so that you don't have any wrinkles.

2) Dress the baby and make sure that the clothes look nice

3) Set everything near a large window

4) Set the lights close to the baby but make sure that the light stand is not in the photo!

5) Start shooting and make sure that you are not creating a shadow!

6) Don't forget the camera strap


Baby on it's side

  1. Pose the baby on it's side and show the little hands
  2. Lights: Natural Light + Continuous light + Reflector
  3. Camera Position: Baby's eye level
  4. Mattress: Add pillows to create an angle or you can add a board in between the mattresses to create a angle or buy a special posing pillow
  5. Take your time arranging everything so that it looks professional

3 pages

Pose no 2 Baby on it's side

This is your first assignment using the reflector

This is how I would do this.

1) Fix the mattress and the towel carefully so that you don't have any wrinkles.

2) Dress the baby and make sure that the clothes look nice

3) Set everything near a large window

4) Set the lights close to the baby but make sure that the light stand is not in the photo!

5) Place the reflector in place make sure it's not in front of the camera.

6) Lower the camera to the baby's eye level.

Introduction to Baby Photography Props

Get tips for posing props. Props on a budget and down load the PDF file for shopping tips.


Baby Laying at an angle (props are needed)

Baby facing up and side ways

Part A

  1. Pose the baby on it's back facing up
  2. Lights: Natural + Continuous
  3. Mattress is propped up and at an angle

Part B

  1. Pose the baby on it's side facing the camera
  2. Lights: Natural + Continuous + Reflector
  3. Mattress is propped up and at an angle
7 pages

Baby on the mattress at an angle

Shoot from above

Shoot from the baby's eye level

Camera at the baby's eye level

Must use a reflector


For this lecture you will learn how to create your own doughnut prop with towels.

You will cover it with a nice soft blanket and photographs.

Part B will be using towels for a different type of pose.

Remember that you can buy all these posing props when you are ready to photograph real babies, for now create your own like we did here.


You will use the doughnut prop to photograph the baby side ways too.

Change the prop and use 2 towels. Follow the instructions on the video for the set-up.

5 pages

Duplicate the poses that you see on the assignments.

Share them with us in class!

Pose NO 5

For this assignment you will duplicate the photo on the video.

Watch the video and do the same thing. You will like this pose!

You may need a reflector because the baby's face will not be lit from the light. Just like the side pose.

I hope you enjoy the Froggy's substitute!

Section 5: Wrapping

Learn how to wrap a baby.

Use the different scarves and fabrics that you have at home.

This is a wonderful way to work with color.

Work with motifs and props.


How to use the scarves and wapping to another level.

Tips on how to photograph for best results.

We discuss:

Wraps, folding, hoods, loose or tight wraps

How to personalize the wrap

Ideas for holidays

Creating a set with wraps

Activity: Assignment Wraps as a Motif
Section 6: Create mini baby photo sets

You will learn how to create mini photo sets. Use the backdrop stands with photo paper or use jersey. You will learn how to create mini walls out of foam board and there is a great tip for flooring. Mini sets can be made out of anything and it's a way to let your imagination run wild. Add color color and texture to these basic sets that you will learn about.


Time to let your creativity out!

You will create your first baby portrait with a unique photo set.

Research ideas on Pinterest, Etsy, other photographer's sites, magazines, and anywhere!

Section 7: Props: boxes, blankets and bowls

Have you wondered how to make that box look like a comfy little bed for the baby? Here are some tips on how to fill the box. You will learn how to get the most out of your photo session by getting at least 3 very different looks.


For this assignment you will create a photo set and use a box to place the baby inside.


Use blankets as a backdrop or as a prop.

Blankets add softness to your photographs.

It's a great way to change the set on a budget.

Wonderful way to get creative!


Blankets can be used to wrap the baby or as backdrop.

Download the PDF file and do these fun assignments!

Section 8: Free tool for you to create awesome cards

Create a unique card with your baby photograph using Canva

Activity: Create a card with Canva

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Instructor Biography

Marguerite Beaty, Photography Teacher @Udemy

★ I am a photographer and I love to teach photography.

★ Do you want to learn how to use the manual mode in your camera?

★ Do you want to create a photo portfolio to share with friends and family?

♥ Learn how to capture your newborn child's earliest moments with awesome photos?

Some of my past lives: I worked as a stockbroker in São Paulo, Brazil for approximately six years. When I moved to New York City in 1988 I changed careers and returned to school. I studied at the School of Visual Arts for one year and finished my Bachelor of Fine Arts at the Florida International University.

I received a full scholarship from the University of Miami to do my Masters of Fine Arts in Photography. The best 3 years I have ever had! Just imagine: 3 years working on photography projects. What a luxury! ♥

During that time I taught at the university and began to exhibit my work. Upon completing school I continued to teach as an adjunct and to photograph for different corporations.

I taught at the University of Miami, Art Institute, Barry University among other places.

These are some of the places that showed my work:

Naples Museum of Art in Naples, Fl

Museum of Latin America, Long Beach, Ca.

Dot Fiftyone, Miami, Fl

Bernice Steinbaum Gallery, Miami

Michael C Rockefeller Arts Gallery Fredonia NY

These are some of the grants that I received:

Creative Capital, New York Foundation, State of Florida Individual Artist Fellowship, Artist Enhancement Grant Miami-Dade County, Florida Breast Cancer Coalition, Travel Grant to Washington DC

These are some of the awards:

MOLAA Award an Invitational Juried Art Competition and Exhibition at the Museum of Latin American Art in Long Beach California

Golden Mouse Award in 2014 for Online Photography Classes.

At this time: I am focusing on teaching one-on-one classes while I develop new online classes. I teach Introduction to photography, studio classes, the business of photography, social media for photographers and baby photography classes.

My photography work has changed directions completely. I am enjoying travel photography and the adventures that come along with traveling. My interest in food photography came from one of those very special trips.

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