New Year's Resolutions, Secrets to Making them Stick

Finally get to the root of making any resolutions or goal stick.
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About This Course

Published 12/2014 English

Course Description

Everyone thinks of resolutions at New Years, but most are soon forgotten. We know why this happens - it's because your life has one track for 364 days, and then suddenly you want to change. If you want the change to stick, learn the habits of successful people and get educated on how to successfully make changes.

We gathered information from everywhere so you can spend time on your resolution or goals.

This course is for everyone trying to improve their life. Whether you are a super-achiever or need to get-it-together after life has thrown you a curve, we can help whatever your resolution:

•Stop Smoking

•Lose Weight

•Eat Healthier

•Manage Finances Better

•Give to the Community

•Improve and Grow Relationships

•Help the Environment

•and many others

The self-guided lessons include; New Year's Resolutions, Building Goals for Your Life, and Life Improvement Tips. The inspiring videos ease you in and through the 15 lessons you'll learn:

•Exactly what to do each week

•Create easy-to-accomplish motivating steps

•Learn how to handle problems and persist until you succeed

•Get in touch with your dream life that gets hidden by life's grinds and ups and downs

•Clear Clutter and Build Balance

If you are serious about making a change and need guidance this course if for you. This motivating course will make you feel better just by watching the videos, let them sink in and take action with the step-by-step plan in the included workbook. There is also a booklet to provide more detail and supporting material like action planners.

Take the course at your own pace or over a few days. As you grow, remember to view the videos again, because you'll be open to more ideas. Whenever you feel stuck, you can watch them again.

What are the requirements?

  • Everything you need is included in the course, a workbook and all supporting material is part of the course download, and you can follow it step-by-step from the beginning.

What am I going to get from this course?

  • You will be aware of the correct action to take to reach your resolution.
  • Recognize when you are not taking action aligned with your resolutions and goals.
  • Understand what to do when something goes wrong so you can persist.
  • Prepare an easy-to-accomplish weekly schedule tied to your resolutions.
  • Understand that change can be challenging and be provided many tools to succeed.

What is the target audience?

  • For everyone interested in learning and applying the actions of successful people. Whether you want to watch motivating videos to build a spark, or if you are ready to hit the ground running and take action, the program will satisfy anyone between those 2 points.

What you get with this course?

Not for you? No problem.
30 day money back guarantee.

Forever yours.
Lifetime access.

Learn on the go.
Desktop, iOS and Android.

Get rewarded.
Certificate of completion.


Section 1: New Year's Resolutions - Secrets for Success

Most people can benefit from the key principals to make a change in their life. With a busy schedule and many responsibilities, making sure the change is manageable is paramount. For that reason, we outline the importance of making a series of continuous small improvements that over time add up to a great life for you.


There's a saying that if you track it, you can change it. For that simple reason, creating a high-level weekly schedule will make you aware of how you spend your time, and allow you to take a step back and prioritize your efforts. With that foundation, you will be able to add easy-to-handle actions for your resolutions. Learn how a weekly schedule can benefit you.

You can also download all the course material in this lesson, everything you need is provided:

  1. Booklet - for detail description of steps
  2. Workbook to do the exercises
  3. A weekly Action Plan
  4. Weekly schedule template

As a child most of us had an overflowing desire to grow and try new things. Where did all the energy go? As adults, we know that trying new things will require us to run into a few bumps, because we aren't good at the new activity yet. Learn how persistence will be your key to success.

Whne things go wrong as they sometimes will, you may rest, but try, try, try again!

1 page

You can also download all the course material in lesson 2 and the weekly schedule template here.

Section 2: Success and Happiness through Goals

Through the history of the world, some people have succeeded and some have not. Those who succeed practice some basic behaviors, habits, and attitudes that anyone can learn and apply. They help you live more happily today and build a more successful tomorrow.


Clutter is anything that blocks your path to the next step. It can be physical objects, emotional issues, relationship issues, financial problems, or health concerns. The best news is that by making a plan to clear clutter is a great first step and can lead to a motivating spirit.

Most participants have many goals and ideas they have put off for many years. For example it could be climbing mountains, running marathons, taking courses, or any energizing activity. Find out how to make them fit into your balanced life.


People who fish have a saying that big bait leads to big fish. I like saying that big dreams can lead to a big life. Although you can start with small comfortable steps, having a big dream has many benefits:

  • Inspiring
  • Gets you in touch with your inner desires
  • Provides a path to a fulfilling life
  • Can lead to happiness

Every day you make many automatic behaviors. You don't even think about a lot of actions you take, they're a habit. At the same time other actions you take are purposeful and pre-planned. They make up all your actions. Your entire life is a culmination of the actions you have taken and the corresponding result.

It's time to consciously think of your resolutions and goals and build new habits that will help you achieve the new results. you desire.

Here's a hint: A weekly schedule would be helpful to track your progress and schedule the activity.


Our lessons have provided guidance to dream big, clear clutter, build balance, and create new habits. Now it's time to put the picture together and think about the actions you need to take.

Build a 90 day plan - we walk you through the details, and then every week you can choose a few action items from the 90 day plan and be confident that they are tied to your inner desires and goals.


This weekly action plan and schedule are a powerful, super task list because you know the action items are tied to your resolutions and goals.

At the beginning of each week, schedule a few items in your planner, and carry it and read it many times a day to remind yourself of the importance and remember to do the actions you scheduled.

Section 3: Life Tips

The number one thing successful people exhibit that those who fail don't exhibit is persistent action for the things that are most important to them. They don't give up. Make sure you stick to it by:

  • Realizing the importance of your resolutions and goals by thinking on these things
  • and rethinking your actions when the first attempt doesn't work

You have to really want it to keep going when things don't go your way.


There are many things in today's world that can rob you of all your time. The Internet, TV, activities, smart phones, social media, drama, and day-to-day activities and struggles.

To succeed you need to make sure the actions you schedule for every week get done. They are the cement that builds the raod to your happiness. Make those actiosn a priority over the time-stealing activity.


Begin to recognize what thoughts go through your head when things go wrong, or when you feel very far from the life you dreamed, or when you were disappointed with a situation. Is your automatic thought negative? Learn to stop and ask yourself how you are reacting.

Then, get in touch with your inner strength. You can choose to be a wuss or a warrior. You may get beat down in the short-run, but make it a habit to get back up and get back in the fight.

Come back with a fire in yur gut, a smile on yoru face and open to the challenge.


Without balance in your life, you can be on a roller coaster. This happens when you don't keep track of important things. If you don't, your life might be a continuous flow of unexpected issues because you weren't keeping track. Make sure you keep things up to date and headed in the right direction on all these areas:

  • Health
  • Spiritual Life
  • Finances
  • Career
  • Relationships

We show you how to keep your life in balance.


To a large degree your thoughts can determine your emotions and motivation that provides the direction of your life. The words you use will determine your thoughts, so choose your words carefully when you write yoru dreams, goals and actions.

Use action-oriented, motivating, colorful words that are filled with vitality. Your vison is solely for you so choose the words that inspire YOU most. We have great detail in this lesson.


If you take any action it will have a result. If you plan the action and all the external items are in line with your effort you, will get the result you desire. Your job is to keep trying until you learn the formula of the right action and environment to give you the results you desire.

Enjoy the adventure of your efforts, keep trying because you'll learn more about the right combination by trying than by analyzing. Be a person of action, and continuous trial.

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Instructor Biography

Paul Pasier, Success and Happiness through Goals

After receiving an MBA from the University of Buffalo, I was recruited by General Motors and worked in their world headquarters in Detroit, Michigan. In pursuit of entrepreneurial opportunities, I relocated to Atlanta and after consulting with a local marketing firm, I successfully started marketing IT services, and as my business grew, I incorporated many life lessons to build balance, clear clutter, focus on the strategic plan of my life. In 2005, I began forming weekly goal groups with like-minded people to teach these principals. The meetings expanded and demand for the information grew. I wrote my first book, Everyone's Life Rules, the Foundation, and have used that as a guide for events and for self-guided learning. Since then I have added many fast-track courses and events and a new web site with a blog. The material now includes DVD's, workbooks, books, booklets, and resource material such as weekly planning guides. The courses offered here are a culmination of year's of experience.

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