New dimensions of Life
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New dimensions of Life

This is all include solution for those who have problems in life: lack of happiness, fear of pain, car accidents, death.
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Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
3 students enrolled
Created by Mr Andrei Li
Last updated 9/2015
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What Will I Learn?
  • understand life and its purpose
  • get everything connected in understanding from nano to equity market
  • find peace in life
  • understand fairness of the world
  • get clear view of things happening in the world
  • give children right understanding of how world is working
  • scientifically understand world connections
  • get infinite stability in decision made
  • find different right and unique approach to have things should be done
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  • nothing. just have basic understanding of the world

This course is a gateway to new life and understanding. Many of us feel unhappy, have a fear of different very unlikely situations, thinking about how unsecure and wrong the world is. This is a problem of 97 percent of population of the world. Unsatisfaction of what is happening in our life is usual and considered normal. But there is a solution that can change your life dramatically.
The problem lies in our wrong perception of the world. We have a very unstable fundamentals that we usually base on bible, atheist or other explanations of the world. But there is a natural explanations. Natural knowledge that explains with no pain whatever happens to us. And it is not a lie. It is truth that is hidden to us because we have a believing in magic worlds from childhood. These are the factors that significantly influence our fundamentals. Bible is the greatest book in the universe but in order to understand it we have to understand the truth of life. Otherwise, we get wrong picture of what is written in this book.
How to look on the world? Simply from natural, rational and scientific way. World is a product of evolution and development. Out psychology is based on Maslow pyramid that is important to understand. We have to be flexible on order to understand this kind of truth. But to be flexible we have to understand the basics of life and it creation. These simple foundations change us with time dramatically. And we will understand the basics truth that will open us gates to the new dimension of understanding of life.
What is this new understanding is about? Simply go on the street and look on the scratch on the car and you will get a picture of who this person is, what he eat, how he behave, whether he is married or not. And much more. Magic? No, simple logic. Look at the persons face and you will understand when he will likely die or buy ice cream on tomorrow friends party. These complex logic structure appear only when you understand fundamentals of life correctly. Telling you in other words god opens you gate for the life understanding. These gates are closed for those with a wrong fundamentals.
After that you will feel happy, satisfied with life and you will understand how to live happily. What I mean is that it is end of time of unsure knowledge of what we are doing. It is time for fair and solid decisions.

Who is the target audience?
  • those who have problems with ability to be sure in their decisions
  • see unfairness in what is happening in the world
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Curriculum For This Course
14 Lectures
What is the problem?
1 Lecture 05:33

Here we get basic coverage of the problem. Life is complex because we have a problems of understanding fundamentals.

Preview 05:33
Foundation of our false understanding of the world
5 Lectures 33:50

Classic theory that explains everything and leave thousands questions unanswered.

Preview 20:52

Mix of Bible and own experience approach that is widely used by 70 percent of the people.

Experience of living (wrong conceptions)

This approach is often used by the people from technical field. It has maximalism in its nature.

Atheist approach

This is about people who usually live in villages. Very simple but extremely smart people. It is like all or nothing. you smart in two ways: you are simple but not stupid or you are extremely smart.

Zero knowledge people

This section covers some wild explanations of the world with one central idea to explain everything. For example, pyramids and its theory explains the whole world. It is dangerous approach. There is no one central idea, the truth is a very dedicated thing.

Unique but not right understanding of the world
New dimensions of Life
5 Lectures 18:56

Explains basic theory of evolution and how this world appeared.

Creation of the world - rational approach

This theory is vital to understand many things.

Maslow pyramid

Nature, rationalism and fairness are the key factors to understand the world.

Basics of right understanding

Fairness of the world

This question cover your understanding of life.

What is the correct perception of the World?
2 questions

Everything is connected. So enjoy this smart thing.

Connect everything
Outcome of new understanding of life
2 Lectures 06:48

Science is the main factor for explaining the world from natural sight.


Culture is to increase entropy.

Final words
1 Lecture 02:50

Summarizing everything. Life is a SMART.

Right understanding of life
About the Instructor
Mr Andrei Li
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28 Students
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Value is the foundation of all

Andrei Li is the professional asset manager with experience managing mutual funds and managing different classes of assets such as Equities, Bonds and Real estate. He also has experience working with complex derivatives. At the moment he is entrepreneur working with different types of courses offline and online. He covers lots of subjects starting from investment valuation to the basics of living. In his opinion life is interconnected and every decision should be cross checked to get a right solution for the problem. His achievements includes:
-creation of multi asset management system for professionals from investment industry
-approach for making valuation of any asset based on Value Investing method
-proprietary option valuation model
Moreover, after having hard times living in a small village he created his own approach to living that explains everything and gives on scientific and solid understanding of life that gives patience, happiness and pleasure. Therefore, all his solutions comes from this fundamental understanding of the world.
Briefly about Andrei Li. He was born in Siberia in 1983, when he was 5 his parents decided to move to Sakhalin where he went to school. After 6 years of living there family decided to move to Saint Petersburg, where he spent 1 year. In 1993 his parents received an offer to live and work in a small village 80 km from Saint Petersburg and this offer was accepted. Andrei went to 4th class of the secondary school and was one of the worst performers in the school. On 7th class he decided to change his life and started living perfectly. The Bible was chosen as the main source of the living experience. Three months after reading he had severe psychological crisis that was past after one and a half years. In 8th class he become the best performer in the class and received a medal from the Chief of the School. And the reason for this outstanding and life changing result was the understanding of the world with fairness and rationalism that fit current world theories. In school he rethought many widely recognized theories and cleared a was for himself for years.
Then family moved to Saint Petersburg where he graduated from university for 3 years instead of 5. At that moment he already was the CEO at his own advertising agency that he successfully sold to young entrepreneurs. Prior that he also received big experience working for non profit organization where he wrote business plan and make valuation of investment projects.
Then he worked for Saint Petersburg exchange where he worked on futures contracts on oil, futures contracts on oil and gas tax rate and futures contract on export tax on gas and oil.
In 2003 he was offered a position of the business analyst at the big chain of hypermarkets "OK" where he build and defined business processes of the huge structure.
At the end of 2003 having good experience of working as business analyst he decided to mover further and he received a position of Managing Director of Industry and Construction Bank Asset Management Company at that he was only 21. He was responsible for managing assets with value of 25 million USD. At that time this amount was significant. Industry and Construction Bank in 2003 was the first bank in Northwestern part of Russia and was included in top 10 of the biggest banks of Russia. After a year three funds under his management become the best funds in Russia for 2004 significantly beating results of other funds with 37 percent difference for the equity fund. Bond and mixed find become the best in their own categories.
Then he decided to move to the new company created by the management of Industry and Construction Bank Asset Management Company. Company called Arsagera where he worked for 2 years with no significant result.
In 2006 Andrei was offered a position at Veles Capital investment company based in Moscow. For 6 months his salary increased three times buy 20% each time and then the whole number was multiplied twice. It happened because of closure of several projects with very hight return. For 3 years working for Veles Capital he not only enjoyed the company and the people working for this great financial institution but brought and executed more than 17 projects with return higher than 100%.
In 2008 market collapsed and Andrei gave several interviews where he forecasted very long and painful crisis in Russia, currency rate as 100 RUR per one USD and this became truth in 2015. He also said that there is gonna be military conflict. As we see now Russia have indirect military conflict with Ukraine and US.
After that his decision was to study MBA. Andrei is the big lover of the Spanish culture and language. So, he received two offers from ESADE and IE Business School. Although ESADE gave a scholarship. Andrei's decision was to move to IE Business School where he got extensive knowledge of international business architecture.
Then in 2011 he moved back to Saint Petersburg where he was hired by the VKMD - it is a retail chain that was in need of Chief Financial Officer.
In 2015 Andrei started his own career and working at creating offline and online courses.