N.E.U.R.O. Negotiation System: Make/Save 1000s of dollars
4.7 (90 ratings)
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8,141 students enrolled
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N.E.U.R.O. Negotiation System: Make/Save 1000s of dollars

Make More Money. Have More Control on the outcomes. Get More of What you want.
4.7 (90 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
8,141 students enrolled
Created by Archana Dutta
Last updated 3/2016
Price: $200
30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • 3 hours on-demand video
  • Full lifetime access
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  • Certificate of Completion
What Will I Learn?
  • Lifetime access and 30-days money back guarantee
  • You’ll learn the proven blueprint for how to negotiate effectively and fairly to save/make 1000s more than you would otherwise
  • You’ll learn the proven 7-step model you will use in your very next negotiation.The tools and techniques provided can be applied immediately, and make a profound and positive change in your outcomes
  • You’ll understand the Mindset required to be successful in most of the Negotiations
  • You’ll learn how to bargain over everything from buying your next house to flea market haggles
  • You’ll learn how to understand what others really want - not just what they say
  • You’ll learn how to get others to understand and appreciate what’s most important to you
  • You’ll learn the crucial step most people miss before discussing solutions
  • You’ll learn how to combat the most commonly used tricks, traps and ploys used against you in negotiation
  • You’ll learn simple negotiation phrases that will get you a brilliant price
  • And lots, lots more!
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  • An open mind for learning and commitment
  • A willingness to apply what you have learned in the course to your real life situationsand get measurable results
  • A willingness to make mistakes while learning and go back and try it again
  • A willingness to break away from the norm and go against the grain
  • A spirit to be game!!

**Course Updated - Dec 2016**

How important is the need of negotiating? Does it impact your life and your money? Well, all that I would say, “If you can’t negotiate effectively with people, you shouldn’t buy/sell anything for more than a few dollars.”

The reason I say this is because regardless of the type of work we do, knowing how to negotiate effectively can greatly impact our success and our satisfaction. Wondering how? I will tell you how… but before that let me remind you how often you negotiate in life. From childhood, you must have practiced the art of negotiation – Bed time, a treat, a promotion, a raise, an extended deadline. Yet you are not good at negotiations. Why? Does it demand a different level of intellect and expertise? Well, I will say “No” to the former and “Yes” to the latter. There are some techniques and a process when put into practice enable you to save thousands of dollars, but unfortunately no one has told you these techniques yet and hence, you are missing out. And by this time, I am sure you must have figured out what I am doing here. I am here to help you and uncover all these techniques in this course.

It may be…or may not be difficult for you to digest the fact that we all negotiate on a daily basis. On a personal level, we negotiate with friends, family, landlords, car sellers and employers, among others. We come across hundreds of situations that put our negotiation skills to the test. Whether buying a house or car, reviewing your salary with your boss or deliberating contracts for your business, your success in each of these activities will be heavily dependent on your ability to negotiate.

But how come I am speaking so highly of negotiation skills? Well, I've spent thousands of hours reading books, articles and videos and doing real life research aiming to master negotiation conversations. And now, I want my learnings to benefit you so that you don’t need to chart the long road which I have treaded on. I want my long road to be your shortcut and hence, I have created a 7-step model “N.E.U.R.O Negotiation System”. Combining the principles of Evolution and Brain Science, this program demystifies the science of negotiation like nothing else. This course will help you prepare for and conduct real-world negotiations, from personal to professional, small to large, daily to extraordinary. You won’t be able to find anything else even one-hundredth as valuable and jaw-dropping. If you get, please feel free to revert to me. Within months, hundreds of people saved 1000s of dollars and made numerous connections with some very influential people. I believe it to be the most powerful idea for business, career, and personal life.

But what makes it so special? Only my words? Or something else? Well, here is the answer. Drawing on the latest research and best practices across a breadth of industries, the course goes far beyond simplistic formulas such as "win-win" and "win-lose." Instead, it provides hard-hitting, practical, intensive, and transformative techniques.This course is guaranteed to keep you engaged and amused, and teach you life-changing skills for home and work. The course discusses lots of real life examples (some of which will definitely get you laughing) and gives practical tools you can use right away to get better results. And what more and better than the fact that you can learn all this by just sitting at your home. You don’t need to get mauled by scrupulous people before you can learn the art of negotiations. Although to master it, you need to walk out and experiment.

After attending this program, you won’t remain the same; the impact will be severe. AND massive! Your life will change forever. This is the surefire mantra to big-ticket successes. You will learn the art of crafting such compelling messages that people will surely open their hearts and wallets for you.

All this can be a reality for you as well. Think big. Take the plunge.

- This is NOT a basic Negotiation training program.

- This is a Mastery Course to learn to negotiate in any situation

- Only requirement to become a successful negotiator is you should be willing to break away from all your existing beliefs and keep an open mind while taking the course. Are you not game for it?

You can have a super-kickass, freaking-awesome, absolutely wonderful life.

What are you waiting for?

Who is the target audience?
  • Do you want more from your life? If not, please close the browser tab!
  • Do you want to become more Magnetic, Inspirational and Influential?
  • Do you want a raise? Yes, of course! You deserve it!
  • Do you want to save more money as a buyer and make more money as a seller during personal or professional negotiations?
  • Have you ever regretted not producing the most lucrative outcome during a business deal?
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Curriculum For This Course
Expand All 45 Lectures Collapse All 45 Lectures 02:59:45
Mastering Advanced Negotiation Strategy
4 Lectures 22:20

Is negotiation so important? How?

Preview 08:23

Time to flex your muscles….do it to earn money!

A Powerful exercise

The most expensive mistake of life. Don’t guess the cost…you will fail.

Negotiation Examples

How misconceptions have kept you blindfolded since years? Know it right now.

Top 5 Negotiation Myths
Step #1: Make a Millionaire Mindset
6 Lectures 16:31

So here we go! Get set to embark on a refreshing journey

Preview 00:39

The first thoughts in your mind determine your later direction.

Preview 03:15

Winning over 3Es that stop us

Should you negotiating during an important deal that you can't afford to lose?

Always explore the third option

It is not a crime to question. But it is certainly one not to.

Always Ask
Step #2: Learn the best way to approach Negotiations
7 Lectures 16:03

Nothing is better than empathy. Develop it to make your way.

Understanding Mindset

Wise is not the one who stresses a lot, but the one who stresses on the right things.

Focus on the right things – Part 1

How emotions can make or mar your game? Emotional intelligence is a pre-requisite for negotiations.

Emotional Intelligence

Positions vs Interests

Focus on the right things – Part 2

How to see the hidden satisfying elements? This lecture will help you unearth the satisfiers that are not seen by a normal eye.

Hidden Satisfiers

Focus on the right things – Part 3

Listening is one of the best forms of communication. How should you put your point forth by active listening?

Listen Up
Step #3: The most important phase of negotiation
4 Lectures 16:29
Preparation! Preparation! Preparation!

Rule #1 which you should NEVER EVER break !

Understand how to create Opening Offer and Walkaway Point

Make yourself powerful!
Step #4: How to decide your opening Offer
7 Lectures 28:01

Golden Rule for opening offers

Build up your power bank.

Most critical skill – “Listen”

Foolproof process of setting your Opening Offer

Verbal vs Non-verbal communication

Mind Trick

The most often neglected area of negotiation
Step #5: Top 21 key tactics for success in negotiations
5 Lectures 47:15

Which tactics are out there, how do they work and how can you counteract them if others use them on you? This lecture section will cover the top 21 tactics.


This lecture will cover what the different Buyer tactics are, how to use it, and how to avoid it being used on you. Don't fall into this common, but effective, traps

Top Buyer Tactics

These are the tactics which can be used by any seller to sell at a higher price or to make buyer sell the product to themselves. Also, it includes the countertactics that you should use if someone uses these tactics on you.

Top Seller Tactics

These are most effective tactics that can be used by buyers as well as sellers. Also, it includes the countertactics that you should use if someone uses these tactics on you.

Common Tactics Used In all situations by Both Parties - Part 1

These are most effective tactics that can be used by buyers as well as sellers. Also, it includes the countertactics that you should use if someone uses these tactics on you.

Common Tactics Used In all situations by Both Parties - Part 2
Step #6: The most ignored and most beneficial part of the negotiation process
4 Lectures 10:37

Actual Meaning of Win/Win Negotiation

Practical Tips to become a master in Trading

How to do trading during negotiations?
Step #7: How not to lose the deal when you are near 97% close
5 Lectures 11:19

Don't squeeze them

How to handle commonly used phrase “Let’s split the Difference”

Watch for this tactic and respond accordingly

Very important: Should You Ever Walk Away?
How to make this 7-step model ingrained in your subconscious mind
3 Lectures 11:10

The most important thing to do now is go and practice your new skills. This lecture lets you know the best ways to do that, and why it's so important.

How to Practice

Don’t call me a fool! After all, colors are just your perceptions.

Can you prove a Blue pen to be a Red pen?

Don't miss an opportunity! What are the 'red flags' to remind you that you should negotiate and try to get more money?

When you should definitely negotiate?
About the Instructor
Archana Dutta
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32,237 Students
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Bestselling Udemy Instructor, Top 1% Performance Coach, MBA

Top 1% Performance coach, Ms. Dutta, is one of the US's and India’s leading corporate trainers, Professional Speaker and a Top 1% Performance Coach. Her core mantra is “The Best or Nothing” i.e. reject mediocrity and pursue excellence. The biggest strength of her teaching is that she knows how to transfer her "Success-DNA" to YOU. She provides a wide variety of courses designed to inform, educate and inspire people of all levels.

She believes in the power of education to transform lives and even entire communities. Her neuroscience and behavioral science expertise is without a doubt the most important factor that make her so appreciated worldwide.

She helps her clients in the fields of Business Skills, Neuro-science & Online Business Strategy and taking that big step to a completely transformed life with changed belief system.

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