Natural contraceptive - Prevent pregnancy naturally
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Natural contraceptive - Prevent pregnancy naturally

Fertility awareness is a scientifically proven method that allows women to prevent or plan pregnancy naturally
5.0 (1 rating)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
13 students enrolled
Created by Avishag Zloof
Last updated 4/2017
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What Will I Learn?
  • Learn the cycle of my own body and the reproductive processes within me
  • Learn the language of the body and develop trust in it
  • Acquire an amazing tool with which to gauge my own health
  • Develop the ability to take responsibility for my own fertility and trust myself in this
  • Be able to decipher the effects of change in my life on my cycle and my health
  • Strengthen the connection between my mind and my body. Explore my sexuality, empowering my body image, self-confidence and presence within my own body
  • Know exactly what days I am fertile each month in a way that is accurate enough to prevent or achieve pregnancy
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  • In order to apply what we learn you will need to purchase an appropriate thermometer, which I will explain about later.
  • Throughout the course you will need to print out different charts and information pages. For this reason, access to a printer will be necessary.
  • Throughout the course I will ask you to fill out questionnaires that test your understanding. It is recommended you take the time to fill these out.
  • If you are interested in using this method to prevent pregnancy, you will have to send me the fertility charts you create for feedback.

Fertility awareness is a scientifically proven method that allows women to prevent or plan pregnancy naturally and without taking hormones. It works by tracking three signs that teach us what days throughout the month each of our bodies is fertile.

The act of tracking your fertility signs will help you get to know your body's cycle and your body's wisdom in a deep, empowering way.

Course Content:

      ·Introduction to the female reproduction system and fertility cycle

      ·Learn about fertility signs and how to track them daily in a quick and simple manner

      ·Learn about your own cycle and its fertile attributes and how to prevent or plan pregnancy accordingly

      ·Learn about the signs of a healthy cycle versus imbalance or illness and how to track them

      ·Additional subjects such as sexuality, female nutrition, body image and more that will provide supplemental material to complete the bigger picture

    The course is made up of 4 parts.

    I recommend devoting 3 hours to study once each month and 3 minutes for charting each day.

Who is the target audience?
  • Any woman who wants to know her body better and her self better
  • Any woman who is interested in learning an amazing tool to track and improve her health
  • Any woman who wants to prevent pregnancy naturally
  • Any woman who wants to achieve pregnancy naturally and easily
  • Medical practitioners and therapists who want to deepen their understanding of the female reproductive system and acquire an effective and exciting diagnostic tool
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Curriculum For This Course
114 Lectures
10 Lectures 26:56

The basics regarding me and FAM [fertility awarness method]

Preview 03:36

Welcome to my fertility awareness online course! It would be great to get to know you better

Preview 01:07

This course addresses men, partners, and therapists who support fertility. This course is for anyone who wishes to be better aqquainted with the female body and its changes during the hormonal cycle.

Preview 00:45

What are you going to learn in this fertility awareness online course?

Preview 03:03

This online course is structured to allow learning the method in an efficient and easy way.

Preview 03:56

Before continuing the course, please make sure you read this attached note, sign it and send it back to me.

Preview 04:43

The knowledge learnt here is important for every woman to know, but what is the most responsible way to for this knowledge to be passed on?

Preview 01:16

In order to apply the method in the most efficient way, its important to choose the form of study that is most appropriate for you .

Preview 02:29

Taking an online course has many advantages. Online learning is becoming more and more popular, allowing access to important knowledge that was once taught almost secretly in tiny groups.

Preview 02:48

Most people that will hear that you are studying a natural birth control method will assume that you are about to practice the rhythm method or any of the non effective known natural methods. Here I explain the essential differences between fertility awareness methods to other natural methods. The difference is significant

Preview 03:13
59 Lectures 02:59:34

Here we start!

Let's learn about the anatomy of your different sexual organs and see how they function together to create life.

Getting started... the female reproductive system

After understanding the way our fertility system works, you are welcome to check out this beautiful video demonstrating fertilization .

Then you are welcome to watch the amazing process of birth (animation)

The internal female reproductive system

Important fact's which FAM is based on point out how there is a steady structure to our menstrual-ovulating cycle.

The course of the menstrual cycle

How do you know for sure when you've ovulated? How can you predict your upcoming period?

Kim Dana & Karen

Our hormones change from day to day affecting our cycle, our brain and the way we think and function.

Let's get to know the actors and each of their rolls in the play.

What are hormones?

Here's a story that will help you remember what's happening in your body in each phase of your cycle.

The story of the hormones who conduct our cycles

Now let's see all the above hormones come together in a graph to make it more clear.

Lets see how these hormones look in a graph

Alongside the three primary fertility signs which FAM is based on, there are secondary signs as well.

In order to get to know your personal patterns better, it's recommended that you track your own secondary signs.

The secondary signs

This is the - chart

Choose the one that suits your needs according to the type of thermometer you got.

Introduction to the different components of the chart

Step by step guidance how to fill out the chart

How to fill out the chart

The first sign our method is based on.

Introduction to the first fertility sign - The basal body temperature

in order to take your basal body temperature, you need an accurate thermometer.

for the best basal thermometer I know look for - NEXCARE (BD)

on amazon , e-bay and so on

How to choose an appropriate thermometer

Why we need to track our BBT?

When your BBT rises, what does it indicate?

How to fill up the chart for the first time?

Where to start when filling out your chart

Now we learn how to track the signs , later on we will learn how to analyze the measurements

Everything is just fine

Taking your temperature might bring up some questions

on which i start answer here

Guidelines for taking your BBT

It's important to take your temperature in a consistent and right way

Important facts to know regarding your BBT

It's important to take your temperature in a consistent and right way

Let's summarize the first sign - BBT

The second sign , is the cervical secretions. what each woman sees on her underwear ,almost every day.

Inroduction to the second sign - The cervical secretions

How to find and tell the difference between the secretions.

How to notice the cervical secretions

The non fertile secretions functions as a spermicide , therefore you cannot conceive during the days with the non fertile secretion

The non fertile secretions

Its important to print the empty comparison chart , ad right the words together with me in order to assimilate better.

Farther on , while describing the secretions you got you could use that chart

The non-fertile secretions in the comparison chart

On which days you might notice a non fertile secretion?

When is it expected to see the non-fertile secretions?

From the non fertile secretion we will skip to the very fertile secretion .

The very fertile secretion takes place very near and during ovulation. that is the time on which you produce the conditions to conceive easily

The most fertile secretions

Now we will go over the words you can use to describe the very fertile secretion. It's recommended to write the words with me

The very fertile secretions in the comparison chart

Now we will talk about the fertile secretion. actually it's not the most fertile secretion you might find. but indeed its fertile.

When you notice that kind of secretion its a good time to have intercourse in order to conceive.

If your goal is to prevent pregnancy- remember-

While studying the method you must use other non hormonal contraceptive methods, until you learn the rules of FAM , fill up few charts and gain enough confidence, to rely on the method

The fertile secretions

The fertile secretion can be confusing. with more practice and experience you will learn how to tell how it appears in your body. It might vary for each woman

The fertile secretions in the comaprison chart

In some days you might not see any secretion at all

Dry days

Going over the dry days qualities

The dry days in the comparison chart

Before starting the tracking, It's important to know how to do it right

More about filling out the chart

Every chart is different and thereforeI'm here to give you a personal feedback on your chart

Every chart is different

Answers to some questions coming up from the tracking.

Through actually tracking your secretions you will understand the differences better

How to differentiate between sweat, urine and a very fertile secretions

Answers to some questions coming up from the tracking.

Through actually tracking your secretions you will understand the differences better

How to differentiate between normal healthy secertions and an infection

Answers to some questions coming up from the tracking.

Through actually tracking your secretions you will understand the differences better

When you should and shouldn't check

Answers to some questions coming up from the tracking.

Through actually tracking your secretions you will understand the differences better

What if I forgot to check

Its important to understand the reason for our actions and not just do it.

This is what i encourage you to ask me questions

Why do we follow the secretions

There are few ways to find the secretion and look at it

How we do an external check

The most important rule of the method-

If you are not sure. consider your self - FERTILE

When will we do an internal check

What is the internal check and why we should use it?

Check out the handout and the photo explaining how to do it

How we do an internal check

What if you dont want to do an internal check?

Internal check troubleshoot

Women the their relationship with their body

A few personal words from me

The internal check might provoke all kind of feeling it's recommended to pay attention to

Another important subject

A short review on the secretion types and how to write them in the chart

Summary of the second sign - Cervical secretions

Just want to mention a commun situation you might experience

Understanding blood which might appear during ovulation

here you can see photos of one whole cycle which can give you an example of how the secretions pattern may look like. each woman is unique

A video of real cervical secretions

The cervix is our third sign. now we will just get to know it in general. On the second part of the course we will get to know it deeply.

Tracking the cervix is important for those of you who wish to identify the non fertile days before the fertility window.

If your goal is to achieve pregnancy or only to identify the non fertile days after ovulation. you don't have to check it.

Mean while you can check out that video while paying attention to the cervix , and how it dilates

Getting to know the third sign - the cervix

I want you to know the speculum. The great fear of the gynecological examination is cuased by that tool

What is a speculum?

I already mentioned that the tracking allows you to know much more than when you are fertile and when you are not.

Tracking can be useful in many ways

More aspects and advantages to charting your cycle

A lot of women tend to learn FAM , just as they stop using the birth control pill.

What to expect after getting off the pill

If you wish to conceive , this is the time to start tracking and aiming to have intercourse during your fertile days.

Check the last videos of that part of the course , referring to pregnancy

So now what?

During the fertile days you need to use other non hormonal birth control methods . And so do now until you could rely on the method to prevent pregnancy.

A quick overview - The contraceptive methods that are out there

It's one of the questions i've been asked a lot

My opinion regarding the different contraceptive methods

The first question women ask me is - what is the efficacy of FAM?

you are wellcome to check out that link:

Regarding efficiency when talking about different kinds of contraceptives

we must take those factors into considartion if we wish to create the highest efficacy

What can reduce the effectiveness of FAM

During your fertile days you can chose how you wish to act. its important to find the most suitable way for you

What options are out there for your fertile days?!

There is no "wrong" choise , its important to chose your contraceptive method whis suits the best for your needs , values and life style

Important values in choosing a complementary contraceptive

So here you beggin you own privet research into your own body

That's it !!!

Yes , you can do some sagnificant actions to increase your fertiltiy

How to increase the chances for pregnancy

Yes , you can do some sagnificant actions to increase your fertiltiy

How to improve the quality of sperm

Primary Check
17 questions
The second part
34 Lectures 01:29:44

After tracking your sign for at least 3-4 weeks , this is the time to continue

Introduction to the second part

On that video i remind us what we've learend so far and what we are going to learn

What will you learn in this part of the course?

Why do we need another sign ?

The third sign - the cervix

The cervix changes during the cycel under the influence of the hormones , showing us when the fertility window is opening

How the cervix changes during the cycle

Its possible to check the cervix in few diffrent positions , you should chose your favorite position and stick with it

How to check your cervix

In the chart you can find two row dedicated to the cervix. one is for writing weather its soft or firm and the second one is to indicate weather its high/low and close/open

How should you mark your cervical changes in the chart

The most important thing while tracking the cervix is to be cosistant

you can start checking it after your menstruation ( or few days after if you have long cycles) and continue after the closing of the window ( which you will soon learn to identify)

Highlights regarding the cervix check

While checking the cervix you can notice abnormalities

and keep your health

The cervix health

Now we will learn how to identify the closing of the window. that way we can tell when are our non-fertile days after ovulation

later on , in part 3 we will learn how to identify the non fertile days before the fertility window

Starting to analyze the chart

When Miss progesterone is on board she is rising the temperture and that is our first sign , showing us the fertility window is closed. Now we will learn who to make sure the rise we see is the one we are looking for

Recognise the fertility window by the BBT

What if i got fever? How do i chart and analayze the chart then?

What do you do in a case of a fever?

What if i got a missing meajurment or unusual meajurment when I go back to find 4 low meajurments before the rise

The "finger rule"

Miss progesteron dries up the secretion showing us the window is closing

what are the rules helping us make sure the window is closed?

Recognizing your fertility window by cervical secretions

Miss progesteron closes the cervix, makes it low and hard showing us the window is closing

what are the rules helping us make sure the window is closed?

Recognizing your fertility window by the cervix

Why do we need to wait 4 days after the peak days and 3 high days of temperture? Why do we need all that ?

Why do we need to wait after ovulation?

Well now you are probably overflowing with information. So this is a great time to go over tha charts and see how it all comes together

Wait a minute...I didn't understand

Now look at your chart and see if you can analize it the way we did so far

So now what?

Chart number 1 classic chart

Chart number 1 day by day

Chart number 1 third time quick overview

Char number 2 secondary signs

Chart number 2 day by day

Chart number 2 third time quick overview

Chart number 3 obscured secretions

Chart number 3 day by day

Chart number 5 the finger rule

Chart number 5 day by day

Chart number 5 quick overview

Chart number 6 after stopping the pill

Chart number 6 day by day

Chart number 6 quick overview

Chart number 7 which one is the temperature rise?

Chart number 7 day by day

Chart number 7 quick overview
The third part
8 Lectures 17:36

After completing 6 charts or only 4 (if i told you its enough)

and you feel the method isclear to you

this is the time to move on to the third part and learn whats going on the fullicular phase (before the opening of the window)

Welcome to the third part

Being experienced with tracking the secretions and cervix you can identify the window opening

Non fertile days on the follicular phase

The first rule - THE DRT DAY RULE

The "dry day rule"

THE 5 DAYS RULE - If your cycles exceed 26 days

The "5 days rule"

The 21 rule - If your cycles exceed 26 days

The "21 rule"

After completing 6 chart youcan summerize them with the summery chart

Summery chart

You can chart only part of your cycle or all of it , chose your way


You did it !!!

Congratulations !!!
The fourth part
3 Lectures 14:22

Everything you wanted to know about spermicides, variety, efficiency and how to use.

Preview 04:02

What is a diaphragm and how to use it? How to enhance it's efiiciency and dirrections for propper ussage.

Preview 06:44


Preview 03:36
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Avishag Zloof
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FAM fertility awareness instructor

Hello everyone, welcome to my profile. My name is Avishag Maya. I'm a certified Naturopath and Herbalist. I specialize in Fertility and Sexual Function. I'm a Tantra and Sacred Sexuality Coach, and a Fertility Awareness Teacher (FAM) for naturally preventing/achieving pregnancy. I offer workshops and sessions for couples and individuals. I combine the healing properties of herbs, nourishing food, and change of life style, with meditation, guided imaginary, shamanic healing, dance, breath and laughter. When we are more "alive" we can also be more joyful and healthy. We can easily create more joy, or utilize this creative energy to live our life more fully with ourselves and others.

I'm 31 year old. I run a successful clinic in Israel. I have studied in Israel , Mexico, USA, Canada, India, Germany and more to come. Merging my passion for travel and acquiring more knowledge, I believe that the best medicine is love and more importantly, self love. In my opinion, the first step towards self love is to get a better understanding of our inner essence, and to learn how to listen to our body and personal rhythm. In my journey, I slowly gather and practice these tools, allowing for more love to flow. I feel very blessed to be able to share some of these amazing gifts with you.