Secrets of Sound for Self Healing (Introductory Course)
3.8 (15 ratings)
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547 students enrolled
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Secrets of Sound for Self Healing (Introductory Course)

Learn how to create a thriving, healthy life by using the power of sound to heal yourself & others.
3.8 (15 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
547 students enrolled
Created by Tam Katzin
Last updated 2/2017
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What Will I Learn?
  • Start the natural healing process in your body immediately during the course by participating in an actual sound healing activity
  • Understand the basic science behind how (and why) sound healing works, and the mind-body medicine that goes hand in hand with it to boost the healing process
  • Harness the power of your conscious and subconscious mind to engage in your own self healing using simple energy tools to enhance your overall wellness, reduce stress and promote balance in the physical, mental and emotional body
  • Know that the power of intention, thoughts, words, sound and music has been proven to affect us greatly and how we can use this information to help balance our body to assist us in creating a thriving, health filled life in the process
  • Over 30 lectures and 2 hrs of content
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  • You just need to be open and willing to experience something new and have a desire to improve your life and/or the lives of your patients.
  • Headphones or decent quality speakers so you can go through the sound session experience in a comfortable way
  • Special note: As with any course on health and healing, no matter which modality you might subscribe to (be it Western Allopathic or Alternative Medicine ... even if there is scientific proof), we cannot make any claim to something being curative or guarantee healing benefits. Therefore, while I do go through the science of this modality (and even discuss how medical professions around the world are using many of the methods I talk about in this course), the information contained herein is not meant to diagnose or treat illness and I cannot make any claims of cure due to legal bindings. If you are ill or injured, please seek out professional assistance and/or include your health care provider when embarking upon any self healing regimen.

Over 400 people enrolled within the first 24 hrs!

This course is about self-healing through sound (a proven scientific method which is becoming an adjunct to Western Allopathic Medicine) and can be used as a way to enhance wellness, personal growth, reduce stress and engage deeper healing.

When you begin to learn about the various scientific aspects of sound, along with utilizing simple tools like deep breathing and mind-body awareness, you can begin to create a powerful setting for your physical, mental and emotional body and ignite a pathway to help you heal.

While this is an introduction to my advanced course, I still teach you easy, practical tools that you can begin using immediately and I also go over the science that explains why "sound" is a serious (and successful) modality to consider.

You will have the opportunity to go through a sound healing session and come back to the course at anytime in order to use it again and again.

By empowering ourselves to participate in our own healing, our physical, mental and emotional bodies are engaged in ways that can bring about incredible transformation if we just take the time to apply and use the information . . . allowing us to potentially create a life full of thriving and joy.

Give yourself a fresh start by enrolling in this life-changing course now.

Any updates to this course are always free and you have lifetime access.

And ... there's a 30 day no questions asked, money back guarantee - my personal promise to ensure your satisfaction.

Who is the target audience?
  • Absolutely no experience is required, so this course is open to anyone (of any age) looking to enhance their own self healing by using sound or looking for new healing techniques in general as a preventative to illness.
  • Science has now proven that sound can be exceptionally effective to promote healing and balance, however it is not a quick, overnight fix. This course is not for you if you are not open and willing to apply the tools and course material to your life.
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Curriculum For This Course
39 Lectures
Introduction to Music as Medicine and the Healing Power of Sound
1 Lecture 03:24
It All Starts Here! Please Follow The Course In The Presented Order
2 Lectures 04:16

Finding resource links in the lectures.

Please read through the information below to help you navigate through Udemy's course layout. If you have a question or need any help... please, please, please, contact me so I can assist you! ;-)

  • At the top of the video in the right hand corner there is a blue button that says resources.
  • Once you click, look to the right where a panel will appear. There are 4 tabs.
  • The first tab is your original guide tab to the course sections.
  • The 2nd tab has an arrow, it will show you if there are extra resources and/or videos to the section you are in. If there are, there will be links or additional information. Just click and it will download the document and/or take you to a Youtube link etc...
  • The 3rd tab is for discussion. You can pose questions here and I usually check this area daily, if not every other day, to ensure everyone is taken care of.
  • The 4th tab is for taking notes.


This lecture will provide you with an overall expectation of the course objectives.

Preview 03:02
Sound. What Do We Know?
9 Lectures 14:25

This is a brief look at the world's history regarding sound use and who has been known to utilize this modality for healing.

Preview 02:00

Learn what sound healing is (in simple terms), so we can understand how we might use it in a therapeutic application.

Preview 02:24

Learn about how music and sound has been a miracle healing modality for a man with "dystonia", a disease that affects a person's ability to control their muscles.

Preview 00:20

A Few More Words ...

Sound Plus Intention Equals Healing

In this lecture we will get the chance to meet another man who has been able to live out the last of his years with a deeper quality of life... all because someone cared enough to utilize music to engage his cellular memory.

Preview 00:30

Music and Sound Activity 1

Music and Sound Activity 2

In this lecture, I review how Sound Healing can be achieved through various methods, including the human voice.
I also discuss how everything in the Universe vibrates at its own individual resonance and, in order to heal, if we can find the right correlating frequency, it will bring it back into balance.

A quick note:

You will find that Music Therapy and Sound Therapy are listed as two separate modalities when it comes to healing.

To many individuals across the globe, Sound Healing and Music Therapy are exactly the same... while others may argue that each are different and present their own value as individual modalities.

Technically it's really challenging to discuss one without the other in our contemporary world. So, I believe all sides would agree that no matter which part of the fence they are on, SOUND HEALING would be the overall umbrella and Music Therapy would be listed as one of many therapeutic applications for sound.

Keeping it simple is a preference of mine due to the nature that I personally believe we can develop our intuition to guide us to the right practice and/or practitioner that we need. However, if you prefer to review an overall picture of inclusions, I have listed some approaches below since you will find that the education and training varies widely even though there are many similarities included in both.

Sound Healing tends to believe that sound itself impacts our overall functioning. Noted below are inclusive to sound healing overall:

  • May use ideas from Eastern philosophy and medicine
  • May include entrainment from rhythm, pitch and vibration
  • May be utilized to entrain brain waves, hemisphere functioning, energetic pulses and more
  • May use instruments from rattles and drums to various other standard instrumentation, tones and toning, vocal techniques, resonance therapy, chanting, sound projection into the body to engage the energy field, rhythmic entrainment, recorded music, and the list goes on.

We'll break some aspects down in this introductory course, however again... I like to keep things fairly simple so everyone can feel like they can access this information no matter where they are coming from in their life at this time.

I believe that each individual can sharpen their own internal guidance system just by going "within" for personal body awareness. So, while I will go into some detail for overall educational purposes, my hope is that you will use the information and begin to open up to your own intuitive nature ... which will in turn assist you on your path to personal wellness and healing.

Preview 02:22
Water Crystals, Sound Waves & Intentions
6 Lectures 12:27

Being conscious of our physical, mental and emotional states are key to our health and wellness. We just need to be more aware of everything within, through and around us. In this section we will review some of what we know from a scientific point of view and how we can use the information to help us in our process to gain overall wellness.

Water Carries Sound

Quick Check
2 questions

Learn how water reacts to human intention by our words, music, thoughts and feelings.

Water Crystals and Intention

Enjoy viewing stunning geometric patterns created from sound.

Imagine... if sound creates such beauty in our outside world, what can this do for our internal body resonance if we intentionally connect our body with the perfect sound wave pattern?

Singing Plates: What Sound Vibration Reveals

Standing Waves on Chladni Plates

But Wait! There's More ...

Chladni plates

Quick Check
1 question
Western Science and Allopathic Medicine
3 Lectures 09:01

A quick recap and an answer to the big question ... "If science is proving that sound can be utilized to heal, is Western Allopathic Medicine using it ... or not?"

Is Western Medicine Tuning In or Tuning Out?

In this lecture we will discuss modern technology regarding sound and whether or not we are using it around the world today.

Sound Technology? Yes or No?

Checking In
Enhancing the Sound & Vibration Experience
6 Lectures 12:14

Here, you will learn one of the most important keys for your health and why it can exponentially kick your healing into high gear.


Understand how the essence of breathing, meditation, our heart connection and inner guidance all work together to help you maximize your sound session.

While I do go into detail regarding this subject matter in the advanced course, I want to at least give you a quick overview here in the introduction course to understand its value... as it is an important element if you want to expedite and strengthen your ability to heal.

Please download the enclosed diagram to review before your sound session. While there is only some basic detail given on the sheet, I think you will understand the overall viewpoint. If anything, it will remind you of bringing the elements together so you can utilize them during the upcoming sound session and for future use.

Breathing, Meditation, the Heart and Inner Guidance

Breathing Technique

Is there proof that meditation works? Absolutely.

While we won't go into a list of specifics here, it's good to know some of the basic information from the science based allopathic community.

While numerous studies have been conducted across the globe for over several years, in 2014 JAMA for Internal Medicine (Journal of the American Medical Association) published the results of 47 clinical trials that had over 3500 participants.

The findings from the study showed that there was definitive evidence of moderate improvement in anxiety, pain and even depression.

I mention some basic techniques in the video/audio about just getting "quiet" if you haven't had any meditation practice in the past. That said, I know some people prefer to have some basic instruction on what to do. While there are several methods, because we are working with "sound" for a specific purpose in this course, I will only list what works best as a combination to sound. In the advanced course I go into a bit more detail, but this should get you going.

So, here's a few simple methods to get you started:


This is a favorite of many because you get to be "creative" with your thoughts... AND it can become a very powerful and useful tool. You can create a beautiful setting for yourself or just follow the ribbons of the music and sound. Whatever your visualization, just ensure it's a relaxing one that invites you to let go and enjoy a moment of peace and serenity. Still unsure what to visualize? Try following the music with your mind's eye and imagine the notes and patterns as brilliant colors.

Focus on Your Breath

When your eyes are closed, begin to focus on your breath. The inhale, then the exhale. Be conscious of the physical, mental and emotional sensations that breathing creates. You can use this practice repeatedly during the entire meditation or just when something pops in your mind that you wish would not disturb you... you know, that inner assistant who likes to bother us with the details of everyday "to-do" lists. ;-) Just inhale and exhale them away.

Candle Staring

If you have trouble focusing while listening to the audio only portion of the sound session, you can light a candle and stare at it. I will give you a video to use as well, however everyone is different and you might need some practice getting your mind to quiet down initially. Candle staring is as easy as it sounds. You light a candle and stare into it during the session. This helps hold your attention by assisting to keep it away from the monkey mind and laundry lists that tend to swirl around. Initially, your thoughts still might interfere, but if you just notice them and let them float away, you will eventually get used to the practice of letting go and it will become much easier for you.

Meditation Techniques

For those looking for proof that meditation actually works, enclosed you will find some interesting notations from a Harvard Study noted in The Washington Post and a Huffington Post live interview with John Hagelin.

Scientific Proof Meditation Works

Healing frequencies and essential oils.  Click the article content and/or resources tab for additional information.

Preview 02:04

Quick Check
1 question

Quick Check
1 question
Sound Healing Sessions - Information and Expectations
3 Lectures 09:59

Learn about the Base Chakra (Root Chakra) and the aspects of ourselves that this area of our body represents. (Make sure to download the pdf reference page in this lecture).

Working With The Base (Root) of Who We Are

We will review what others have experienced during a sound session and advise you of information and potential expectations.

Preview 04:02

This section will help you prepare for your up coming sound session so you can begin your healing journey with ease and comfort!!

Per the audio and video notation:

When the music begins, I want you to focus on your heart opening up to more and more self love. If you aren't sure what that means, just say silently to yourself… "I love myself unconditionally and am open to healing myself through love … as love."

Preparation for Your Sound Session
Sound Session - Earth Passions Sound Healing Meditation & Attunement
9 Lectures 29:01
Earth Passions First Sound Session (Closed Eyes)

Check in, review and information.

Sound Session Check In

Second sound session. This time, I will ask you to watch the video and keep your eyes open.

Earth Passions Second Sound Session (Open Eyes)

Wrap Up

As a token of my appreciation, I have enclosed an MP3 download of "Earth Passions" from my Transformations Soundscape CD (the healing soundscape we used earlier in the course to assist in balancing your Root Chakra).

This will enable you to load it on your smart phone or MP3 player and take with you wherever you go. While I don't suggest doing the sound session with meditation and breathing etc... while driving, you can certainly play it in your car and utilize for background music to remind you of your intention to heal.

Wishing you much love and success on your healing journey!


Boost your sound healing with chakra knowledge ... this will help engage your intentions for deeper healing.

About the Instructor
Tam Katzin
3.7 Average rating
26 Reviews
674 Students
2 Courses
Energy Intuitive/Sound Healer/Usui Reiki Master

Energy Healer and Intuitive Business Consultant, Tam Katzin, has been called an intentional healer and inspirational oracle.

She has been assisting people transform their physical, mental, emotional & spiritual lives into an authentic, whole-life balanced state … filled with health, renewal and passionate thriving for over 15 years. She believes everyone is a natural born healer and teaches her clients how to integrate healing tools into their everyday lives to empower their own soul growth… be it personal, business or family life.

A successful singer/songwriter from the early age of 17, Tam has been moving audiences with her voice and illumined presence ever since. Captivating fans from around the globe, Tam has been known for her multi dimensional magic and sultry vocal talents. She has received countless accolades and star quality music reviews, shared stages with well known celebrity vocal artists and musicians, and has received several music awards for her work as a singer/songwriter and performer.

While much of Tam's life looked wonderful on paper, inside she had been struggling with a mystery illness that began to affect her vocal ability and overall energy and strength. After months of medical testing revealed blood and immune disorders (without specific diagnosis or remedy), she decided to step away from the music industry as a full time profession. She leaned back into the skills she learned in college and took on work in the various industries helping others improve their lives and businesses while she searched for ways to heal herself.

Since Western allopathic medicine had no answers nor help for her, Tam's search led to studying various methods within the ancient healing arts, energy medicine, sound healing, nutrition and meditation. All of them were unique and wonderful in their own way and assisted in transforming her life completely.

The more she practiced her intuitive skills to heal herself, she found she was starting to pick up on what was happening with others around her. When she worked with a co-worker, or was in an office assisting a client with their business, she would begin to see and feel energies that were affecting them. She would sense the energy blocks that followed a pattern in their auric field that led to why they might be stuck in a failing business, relationship or financial issue. Tam could actually feel the energy and her senses became heightened to each individual she would encounter.

In the following year, Tam had healed her ailing body and began singing again ... along with finding excitement in assisting others. However, like many who tap into this invisible skill, she began to question her own ability to help people. So, as if on cue when her doubts came in to play ... she became ill again.

Feeling she wasn't strong enough to heal herself this time, she found comfort in a wonderful functional medicine doctor who was able to assist in a diagnosis and incorporate natural remedies to help Tam rebalance. It worked for a while, however after a couple years of treatment, she still was not completely healed.

Tam knew that unless she embraced who she was from every level, she may not have a chance to remedy her body, mind or spirit.

So, she reached back into the essence of everything she knew, released her fear and began practicing her healing work again.

One day in meditation, she received a simple, yet striking message. "A lack of belief in who she was, and all she was meant to be, was the reason for her reoccurring issues. Self love and pure intention would be the remedy."

From that day forward, she has embraced not only who she is, but has understood the importance of her role in helping others achieve the same understanding. She believes now, more than ever, that helping teach others how to do this work is critical and a natural part of who we are that needs to be revealed. Only when we turn our backs on ourselves, do challenges and illness exist.

Tam now lives a remarkable life filled with health and unconditional love... and she continues to sing around the country as her schedule allows. She strives to assist her clients find their own truth while she acts as a conduit to help them balance and heal the issues in their lives. She is a gifted healer, teacher and intuitive business consultant with clients from around the world.

Tam is a certified Usui Reiki Master, Sound Healer, Matrix Energetic Practitioner, Life Coach, Business Consultant and Book of Life Practitioner/Specialist.