SEASON 2 MQL4 Tutorial Bootcamp - Metatrader4 Trading Robots
4.1 (20 ratings)
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486 students enrolled
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SEASON 2 MQL4 Tutorial Bootcamp - Metatrader4 Trading Robots

Create easy, reusable MQL4 modules. Learn how to modify, improve and test different trade entries for better results!
4.1 (20 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
486 students enrolled
Created by Raimund Bauer
Last updated 6/2017
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What Will I Learn?
  • Create automated, easy MQL4 modules that you can use again and again
  • Learn how to automatically trade 50 positions at once with Bollinger Bands
  • Find the golden key for you automated MQL4 trading by answering the right questions
  • Get automated results and valuable insights within the next hour instead of weeks later
  • Learn about Martingale, Bollinger Bands and trend based entries - including the astonishing trade entry I use in my verified SALT system
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  • Before you take this course you need to understand the lectures in MQL4 Tutorial Bootcamp - Season 1

If you know how to automate Metatrader4, you can turn your PC into a trading force that can automatically trade - exactly according to your trading strategy!

My netbook can trade 27 currency pairs, seven days a week, 24 hours around the clock, without the need to sleep, eat or go to work.

It will not harm the trading plan, it will not become bored or tired and it will not make emotional revenge trades.

Metatrader4 ist a standard platform and most traders already use it.

MQL4 is part of Metatrader4 and it can help you to create automated trading systems, reproducable trading results and valuable insights in minutes!

  • Do you want to know, how to automate trading strategies like Trend, Bollinger Bands, Martingale?
  • Would you like to automatically trade up to 50 positions on a single chart to speed things up?
  • Would you like to find the golden key to profitable, automated trading by asking and answering the right questions?

In 60 minutes from now, you will be glad, that you have invested the time, effort and money to take this course - or you will hate it!

Here is why:

  1. I know people that give advise on the MQL4 forums for over 8 years, but they do not produce results. This bootcamp series is about results, not beautiful coding style.
  2. I have taken out all the fluff, because it is a bootcamp. Bootcamps will help you to save time - but they are demanding.
  3. You will be able to reproduce and proof the results of the examples in this bootcamp. But YOU will need to do it. You need to invest the time, the effort and the money it takes to succeed!

If this is something for you, you will have your first automated system up an running in 60 minutes from now. You can either learn how to automate your own system, or you will have to settle for the next “trading robot wonder" and hope for the best.

So what are you going to do now?
Who is the target audience?
  • Are you a beginner in MQL4 and automated trading with MQL4?
  • Do you want to see reproducable results within 60 minutes?
  • Are you one of the 10-20 % that will do whatever it takes to make your own MQL4 system to work for you?
  • If you said YES to the questions above, this course is for you!
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Curriculum For This Course
Creating modular system components with MQL4
27 Lectures 55:13

Welcome to part 2 of the MQL4 Tutorial Bootcamp!

I believe you will like what you see in the next hour. I have edited all the videos and I have removed all the fluff to save you time in this second part of the MQL4 Tutorial Bootcamp...

Preview 01:28

We are going to learn how to create modular systems in MQL4 Tutorial Bootcamp Season 2. Modular Systems allow you to write your MQL4 code once and use it again and again...

Preview 00:58

A module is a piece of code that can be stored in a seperate file to use it in your MQL4 Expert Advisor. Once coded and saved, you module can be used in other Expert Advisors again and again...

Preview 01:21

We are going to import our first MQL4 module with the #include command. If you include a file this way, MQL4 can use the code as if it was written within the Expert Advisor.

Preview 01:08

In this lecture we are going to replace the fixed trend value to calculate a 60 minutes trend...

Preview 01:33

We have already calculated the trend for 10080 minutes and we are going to create another module to calculate the changes in the 60 minutes trend.

Preview 02:34

The Metaeditor compiler will tell you if there are any errors. It won't compile before you get rid of them. But there are also warnings that will tell you about possible data loss and other things you might want to improve. In this lecture we are going to clean them.

Preview 01:23

In this lecture we are going to do a backtest in several timeframes with MQL4.

How to do a backtest with several Trendframes in MQL4

This time we are going to create an MQL4 module that will buy and sell.

How to create a BUY and SELL module in MQL4

Do you know the Bollinger Bands indicator? You can drag it onto your chart and see breakouts. In this lecture we will also calculate trade entries that are based on "iBands", the way MQL4 calculates Bollinger Bands.

How to create a simple but profitable Bollinger Bands Expert Advisor in MQL4

Most trading systems use position based stop losses. But there is a better way to do it - based on your Equity...

Now create an equity based Stop Loss Module in MQL4

One trade at a time is nice, but what will happen if you could automatically do 50 trades on a single chart with MQL4?

How to do multiple trades at the same time with MQL4

There is always a better way to do things and in this lecture we are going to improve the way multiple trades are opened...

How to trade multiple trades the better way

If you are like most traders, you try to beat random by looking for an entry that is better. But I guess you have never seen random at work in an MQL4 system...

Why do you think you need to beat random?

Metatrader comes with builtin statistics. But if you like to have better insights for your trading history, you might need a little more...

Where to get advanced statistics for your MQL4 system

Do you know how much money you need to trade your very own MQL4 system? You can find out with the profit calculation module...

How to create a MQ4 module to calculate the profit in MQL4

This module will enable you to define an area where you are willing to take all kinds of trades to avoid buy trades on an alltime high - and sell trades on an alltime low...

How to create a trading range module in MQL4

It is easy to build an Expert Advisor that will make profits with the Martingale strategy. But DO NOT use it! See this lecture to learn why...

Beware of the Martingale Strategie! Here is the reason why...

Would you believe, that you can have over 8000 profitable trades and still can bust your trading account with a Martingale Expert Advisor? See how it works - and why you never want to be part of it...

See an automated Martingale EA do over 8000 profitable trades - but beware !

Some systems use calculated position sizing to increase or decrease the lot size. This MQL4 module can do that.

How to automatically calculate position sizes based on results with MQL4

You can spend hours and hours looking for an error in your MQL4 code. Here are some tips how to save time...

How to find errors in the programming logic with Metaeditor and MQL4

Automated trading combined with your mobile device will help you when you are away from your desk. Live example included...

How to combine automated MQL4 systems and mobile trading

If you can answer the right questions in this lecture, you might find the golden key for profitable, automated trading with MQL4...

How to find the magic golden key for profits in automated trading with MQL4

A good toolkit will help you to improve your results with MQL4. Here are the tools I use - and how you might find the services that fit your own needs.

My useful toolkit for automated trading with MQL4 and Metatrader

There are so many books out there. I have read a lot of them - good ones and bad ones. A few books stand out and might help you to save time...

What I have read and find helpful for automated trading systems in MQL4

You wouldn't believe it, but I think the right mindset for automated trading is absolutely essential, because you can manipulate or "improve" your system every day...

Important! - the right mindset for automated trading systems and MQL4 traders

Once again you have made it through the entire course! Congratulations, in Season 2 you have learned to create modular MQL4 files that you can use in your other systems.

Season 3 will go one step further: We are going to create the exact system I use for my automated trading with real money. See you in the upcoming third part!

You have come a long way in Season 2 and with automated trading in MQL4
MQL4 files to test and adapt
7 Lectures 03:37





Not all brokers are alike. You might experience problems with your broker. I will include a text file with hints in this lecture...

Warning: Your current broker might be a problem for automated trading systems!


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