30 days to Mind Map Mastery- Productivity boost for everyone
4.2 (19 ratings)
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875 students enrolled
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30 days to Mind Map Mastery- Productivity boost for everyone

How to master Mind map drawing in 1 month to increase productivity, boost creativity, save more time and memorize longer
4.2 (19 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
875 students enrolled
Created by Zoe Hoang
Last updated 6/2015
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  • 2 hours on-demand video
  • 11 Supplemental Resources
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  • Certificate of Completion
What Will I Learn?
  • Obtain overall knowledge about Mindmap and the science behind
  • Understand the benefit of mindmap
  • Use the necessary technique and skill to draw mindmap
  • Understand the golden rules to master mindmap
  • Apply mindmap to various activities to save time and effort while dramatically improve productivity
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  • This is a hand-on course so your result could only be achieved if you are committed to participating on all the activities/exercise provided. It's like learning to swim: passive listening would lead you to nowhere! Rather than that, no pre-knowledge about Mindmap is required

Course Description

Mind map is a “special map" that supports you in taking note, memorizing and recalling information. Different from normal note-taking method, Mind map leverages on the working mechanism of our neuron network and both hemisphere to facilitate the communication process to your brain, which makes information processing becoming easier, more interesting and effective.

Contents & Overview

30 days to Mind map Mastery provides you a comprehensive set of knowledge and skills in order to apply Mind map immediately in note-taking, summarizing, brainstorming and managing knowledge. The course will cover:

  • Overall understanding about Mind map
  • The science behind
  • Mind map application with practical examples
  • How to draw mindmap – the golden rules
  • Common pitfalls and how to overcome
  • Master the art of drawing

You will receive full-support with detailed comments & suggestion on each exercise (if you send your masterpiece to me:) ). I will also address common concerns regarding using mind map such as “I am a bad artist", “this is time-consuming", “how do I apply this" to ensure your confidence, understanding and capability of drawing & applying mind map adequately at the end of the course.

You will get:

  • Over 30 lectures and 3+ hours of video contents
  • Step-by-step technique & process to draw mind map
  • Practical exercises from starting to mastering drawing technique
  • Detailed comment and unlimited support from instructor to master mind map in your own preference
  • Practical case studies on mindmap application in real-life
Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone who find it is difficult to handle new knowledge
  • Anyone who feels bored with conventional learning style of note-taking
  • Anyone who wish to memorize & manage mass amount of information in a well-organized and structured way
  • Anyone who read lots of books/articles and want to manage the new knowledge/ideas effectively
  • Anyone who want to be more creative in working
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Curriculum For This Course
38 Lectures
1 Lecture 02:34

An overview on course objective and course outline.

Preview 02:34
5 Lectures 15:32
  • How people traditionally take note and why it causes you distracted or overwhelmed
  • What Mind map is, how it looks like, and its important elements
Introduction to Mind map - The productivity tool of your brain

  • Why Mind map is a highly effective productivity tool (Hint: it works as how your brain is built to work)
  • The 2 brain's principles of Mind map
  • "Brainy" explanations why traditional note taking method is ineffective and distractive to your brain
Sciences behind Mind map - How it is built to work with your brain

A short lesson to give you an overview of Mindmap's wonderful benefit and wide applications

Why you should use MM & What you can use it for

  • Supplement resources if you want to learn more about Mind map
  • The 3 ways of drawing Mind map
  • Digital and physical tools you will need (depending on your preference)
Preview 05:30


  • To give you a glimpse of drawing Mindmap.
  • To find out your preference in Mindmap tools: pen & paper or digital devices or Mindmap applications
  • To briefly understand your challenges in drawing Mindmap
Assignment 1: Get a glimpse of MM
1 page
11 Lectures 32:07
  • Why you have to know and follow MM official rules
  • Introduce to rules of the 3 elements of MM
Preview 01:06

Image is essential in MM as it triggers your brain to work and imagine. Learn what the rules of quality impressive images are.

Rules - Images: How to make Mind map interesting and sticks to your brain

Branches are the one thing that distinguish a good and a not-so-good Mind map. Learn the rules of natural and flowing branches.

Rules - Branches: How to make your Mind map look great with a single twist

We process information with images and words. If you can catch right keywords, they stick to your brain. Learn the rules of efficient sticky keywords.

Rules - Keywords: The simple thing that most people have got it wrong!

Besides the 3 key elements, MM is productive thanks to the connections between these elements. Learn the rules to make great and fast connections in MM.

Rules - Connection: What Mind map masters use for complicated Mind maps

A downloadable summary of MM rules for your reference.

[DOWNLOADABLE] Your cheatsheet for Mind map rules

A super fun exercise to test yourself on common pitfalls one may make in MM.

Preview 01:30

Detailed answer to the previous exercise. From the answer, you will learn the most common pitfalls in MM to avoid.

See all common pitfalls one may make that you now know how to AVOID

A downloadable summary of MM pitfalls for your reference.
[DOWNLOADABLE] Your handy summary of all pitfalls

Should you draw Mind map only once or multiple times?


  • Apply your knowledge in MM rules (referred to lesson “The rules of Drawing MM”)
  • Learn to recognise and avoid common pitfalls (referred to lesson “Common pitfalls in drawing MM”)
  • Find out any other challenge you may face when drawing MM
Assignment 2: Get your Mind map right!
1 page
11 Lectures 44:24

List of top common challenges you may face when drawing MM. List will be updated frequently. Please send me your top challenges when practising MM so that I can add them in as well:)

About this section: List of challenges you may face when drawing Mind map
1 page

Top barrier when people practise MM. Some say that they just were not born with drawing ability. Is it, however, really true that you cannot draw?

How to draw fast & effective images - even when you THINK you can't draw

Exercise from previous lecture to practise drawing.

Exercise 3-1: Practise drawing
9 pages

Branches distinguish good to not-so-good MM. Here I will show you an easy way to drawing branches fast and natural.

Secret to draw natural branches revealed HERE

It takes you more than 30 minutes to draw a simple MM? Maybe something goes wrong in the process. Let's identify the root causes and learn how to solve them.

Why it takes you forever to draw Mind map & How to never face it again

You draw your MM, but you just cannot remember it. Moreover, you forget many things in life as well. Let me show you the 5 tips to greatly improve your memory in MM and life.

The scientifically proven way to remember your Mind map (& anything you want)

For those you use pen and paper to draw MM, this is certainly one of the most annoying challenges. But there's a will, there's a way:)

What to do if you are out of paper (while passionately drawing Mind map)

Sometimes MM makes you see your information and thinking clearer. Sometimes it looks even messier than your mind. How to avoid that?

What to do if your Mind map looks complicated and messy...

If you are a book lover, or you simply have to encounter much information, this lecture is for you to find keywords fast and efficiently.

A little trick to spot the keywords fast and easy in any article you read

You draw a MM, then when you read again you cannot understand what you have drawn. Don't worry, you are not alone! Let me show you why it happens and how to solve this (hint: it's much easier than you think!)

Why you may not understand your self-drawn Mind map & How to deal with it


  • Overcome the challenges you may face when drawing MM
  • Feel comfortable with the rules and the process
  • Spend appropriate duration and effort to draw MM that serves your purpose
Assignment 3: Get comfortable with drawing Mind map
1 page
6 Lectures 14:48

Summarizing information is one of the most popular applications of MM in work and life. Let's learn the process to summarize any articles/books/materials using what I call "proactive learning approach". You will never feel bored again!

Step-by-step guide to efficiently SUMMARIZE information

Exercise to practise "information summary" application.

Exercise 4-1: Summarize a ted talk
1 page

How to use MM for brainstorming and experience exhilarating creativity and innovativeness.

A great way of BRAINSTORMING to massively boost creativity

Exercise to practise "brainstorming" application.

Exercise 4-2: Brainstorm your masterpiece
1 page

How to use MM for planning efficiently, in work an in life.

The 3 ways to use Mind map for PLANNING & get everything done nicely

Exercise to practise "planning" application.

Exercise 4-3: Plan your trip in next 6 months
1 page
2 Lectures 04:43

A marvellous certificate to appreciate your time and effort to accomplish this course and become a Mind map master.

Congratulation on completing the course
1 page

Now that you have finish the course, what will come next? I also include a small gift for you to show my gratitude that we have this opportunity to work together. Thank you and see you again!

UPDATED 16/11/2016: Please use the coupon ILMMM20 (20% OFF) 

What’s next?
2 Lectures 00:00

Your user-friendly checklist to use after drawing any Mind map (especially on your journey to mastery) to make all important rules are followed.

Your instant Mind map checklist
2 pages

I draw this using Sketchbook - an iPad app for free drawing. You can download both pdf and jpg versions.

[Sample] A simple Mind map to summarize all Mind map rules
1 page
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Zoe Hoang
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Zoe Hoang is an inspiring life strategist with the ultimate goal to empower marvellous souls to lead their boats and unleash their peak potential to personal and professional excellence. Having gone through a critical personal transformation in 2012, she now believes that with the right mindset and good strategies, anyone can live the life they desire, and that no one should settle for less than they deserve.

She set about learning from the best masterminds in the world, as well as through her own experiences, and today, Zoe has built a well of deep knowledge on how an empowered life looks, feels, and works. She has spent time mastering not only the wisdom, but more importantly, how to practically apply it in order to make it an authentic part of everyday life. With a right mindset and strategies, every dream is achievable. Now she lives, loves, serves and enjoys all the great things life kindly gives her, from lemon to strawberry!

Zoe is the author of the upcoming book "WHEN GOOD BECOMES GREAT! An Ultimate Guide to Breaking FREE from the Status Quo and Living an Empowered Life". She trusts that it will resonate with others who may find something of value in its pages, following her ultimate purpose “to have the honor of being a wise caring partner on people's life journey."

Zoe also enjoys making life efficient and effective - from time management, wealth creation, to speed-reading, and mind-mapping mastery. With a warm and pragmatic approach, she is dedicated to personal and professional excellence and passionately work to be your trust-worthy companion on your journey towards BEST life!