Mindfulness Meditation For Everyday Living
4.8 (16 ratings)
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3,512 students enrolled
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Mindfulness Meditation For Everyday Living

Body-Based Intelligence Mindfulness Training & Meditation Techniques for Living a Healthy, Happy and Fulfilled Life
4.8 (16 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
3,512 students enrolled
Last updated 8/2017
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What Will I Learn?
  • Integrate a body-based mindfulness practice into your life.
  • Feel connected to yourself as you relate to others.
  • Decrease stress levels and feel a deeper sense of calm and ease.
  • Listen to your body so that you can prevent injuries.
  • Live your life with greater moment to moment presence.
  • Discover tools for finding inner peace and true happiness.
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  • You do not need any materials to begin this course.
  • What you do need to do is set aside quiet time. Turn of your cell phone and the ringer on your home phone.
  • Wear loose, comfortable clothing.
  • Find a place to sit or lay down that is comfortable for you as this is a time for you to drop inside and focus on yourself.
  • Carve out a minimum of 15 minutes to enjoy each section of the course.
  • Know that you will feel happier and more peaceful by participating in the course.

Why take this course? This course is intended for you if you are looking to relax, be in your body and enjoy your life. 

When you are mindful of your breath and grounded in your body it makes it much easier to navigate everyday tasks and the nuanced dance of relating to yourself and others.

Mindfulness is the ability to notice what is in present time. When you notice signals of stress like scrunching up your shoulders or holding your breath, you can pause and make a new choice. 

You can choose to relax, breathe and drop your shoulders. You can begin freshly.

Mindfulness offers you the option of breaking physical, mental and emotional holding patterns which enable you to make healthy choices.

In this course you will learn how to:

  • Be present rather than lost in future fantasies or past regrets

  • Course correct physically, feel better and save on health care bills

  • Find peace of mind

  • Experience more self-love

How is it structured? The course is structured into 8 sections so that you can watch it in convenient increments of 15-minutes or less making it easy for you to integrate into your life.

I suggest that you watch 1 section per week so that you have time to practice. The mind learns through repetition. Practice is essential. The great thing is that you can do these practices as you live your life.

What materials do I get?

  • Videos to guide you deeply into restorative practices

  • Guided audio meditations intended to integrate your learning

  • Writing prompts to inspire journaling

  • Bonus section from Ken Wells

  • Bonus lecture from me, Padma Gordon

I have carefully designed these materials to support you in deepening into embodied mindfulness so that you can live a healthy and deeply fulfilled life. Are you ready to begin? The time is now.

Who is the target audience?
  • This course is for both beginning and more advanced students of mindfulness. In it I outline several body-based practices so if you are someone who spends a lot of time in their head then this course would be great for you because you will learn techniques for coming out of your head and into your body. Your body and your breath are a direct invitation into the present moment. This course is probably not for you if you if you are looking for a mindfulness course that is based in chanting or mantras.
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Curriculum For This Course
15 Lectures
Mindfulness For Everyday Living -- Practices to radically improve your life!
10 Lectures 01:37:43

Welcome to this course. I'm so excited to share some amazing mindfulness practices that will change your life. By enrolling in this course you are choosing to shift things; you are choosing to engage with what is alive in you. You are choosing to be more alive! This is an exciting step and it will positively impact your relationships, your health and your ability to thrive.

In this course you will learn practical ways to be in your body, relax and enjoy your life.

Being present increases your ability to feel and know yourself. 

Welcome to the journey of embodied mindfulness practice!

Preview 08:34

As you watch this course just let what I am sharing sink in. Receive what you see and hear. There is nothing to remember. In this section of the course you will learn a simple technique for mindful breathing. I will offer you clear instructions so that you can begin to tap into your breath as a friend, as a companion you can trust, one that will serve you in being present, aware and more relaxed.

Mindful breathing can support you in interrupting reactive habit patterns and creating space so that you can pause, settle and respond from a place of peace and calm. Breathing is free and when you learn to engage it as an ally you will create more harmony in your life. Are you ready to breathe your way to freedom? Let's practice now.

Preview 13:27

In this section you will learn how to experience your body as a temple. I will offer you guided instruction and simple practices for learning how to feel yourself, how to awaken your senses and how to discover a way to love your body just as it is. You only have one body and the possibility is to fall in love with it! Enjoy!

Meditation #2: Are you ready to fall in love with your body as a sacred temple?

In this section you will learn how to dive into the mystery of your body through an incredible tool called "Sensation Tracking." You will receive clear guidance from me as to how to listen to your body and receive its' signals. When you learn the language of the body it becomes your ally. 

When you spend time learning to your sensations you expand your capacity to "be with" what arises. When you are able to be with what arises without getting freaked out or even mildly triggered you open the door to a life of peace and freedom.

May you enjoy the journey into yourself and may you befriend your body.

With a deep bow,


Practice #3: Discover the Mystery of the Present Through Sensation tracking

In this lecture,  you will learn a meditative practice to help you manage your feelings so that you are not compelled to either repress or express them. The possibility is to be able to consciously choose what we say or don't say. 

Being at choice is being free.

You will learn how you to include your feelings and be kind to yourself rather than judge yourself for what's showing up. What is important to recognize is that "your feelings make sense." Why? Because they are arising.

I hope you enjoy this repetitive movement practice because. It opens the doorway to being at choice. When you are mindful of what is happening you can respond rather than react. 

As you do this practice you are training your body and your mind which gives you the capacity to be with your feelings.

You can train your mind and your body. Feelings cannot be trained. They are calling to be non-judgmentally experienced. 

Practice #4: If you like freedom this practice is for you!

Welcome to the Magic of the Pause! 

In this lesson, you will learn about the amazing value of the Mindful Pause. In my experience pausing is essential for healthy living. 

When you pause your nervous system can relax and let go. You can feel and drop down into the present. This is what it means to meditate-- to be present and open to what is.

I will instruct you in the art of the pause. This mysterious thing called the pause opens you to the moment, to the unknown. The pause creates space so that you can stay in balance in your life.

Enjoy the gift of the Pause!

Note: You can download an App called "Insight Timer" which has a selection of wonderful gong sounds that you can use to assist you in this practice.

Practice #5: Opening to the Secret of the Magical Pause

In this lecture, I will teach you about Mindful Speech. Mindful speech is incredibly useful because it brings you into the present. When you reside in the present you can respond with clarity. Clarity opens to effective communication.

People generally respond very well to clear communication. You may find that your personal and professional relationships thrive when you speak from a place of integrity and grounded connection to yourself.

This practice will open you to ways of communicating precisely so that you can experience harmony and joyful productivity with the people in your life. Enjoy!

Practice #6: Say what? Lining Up Your Speech with Integrity

Welcome to the Mystery of the Golden Ball! 

In this lesson, I will guide you through this magical and deeply relaxing meditation where you will learn the keys to staying connected to yourself regardless of what appears. 

The golden ball is an anchor for you to stay present and aligned with your body, and as such, with the present moment.

This guided meditation offers you a valuable tool for how to be mindful and connected at your core as you relate to others.

Sit or lay down, relax and enjoy the journey! Turn all of your devices off please. This is time for you to go inside.

Practice #7: Dropping Down Into the Mystery of the Golden Realms


This lesson of the course is perhaps the most important one. It is the section where you will learn to cultivate self-love through self-acknowledgement. 

I will guide you into a technique that invites you to fall in love with your own heart. It is a meditative practice where you are guided to open to a level of compassion; one that you perhaps have not previously known. 
When you are steeped in self-love, you can open to gratitude. Gratitude is the key to living a happy life.

I invite you to fall in love with yourself at the deepest level of your being.

Namaste. Namaste is a Sanskrit word that translates as "the Divinity in me bows to the Divinity in you."

Practice #8: A Return to the Bliss of Self-Love

Well done! You've made it to the end of the course. You have the rest of your life to practice what you've learned.

In this section of the course, I will review all of the incredible tools that you now have in your mindfulness toolkit. It's up to you to practice, practice, and practice some more. The good news is that you can practice as you are living your life one moment at a time.

Thank you for your commitment to being a mindfulness practitioner. You are on the journey.

I am here as your ally so please reach out to me anytime.

Blessings and Namaste,

Padma Gordon
Mindfulness Teacher and Spiritual Counselor


Now You're Ready to Dive Into Practice -- A Review of it All
Bonus Section
5 Lectures 33:25

This is a bonus lecture for you in which I offer you some very practical tips from my own personal experience on how to stay in the present when you are visiting with your family of origin or anyone else. We are prone to projection. You can learn to be fully present when you practice mindfulness. I am cheering you on because I know you can do it!



Bonus: Relating to Family In Present Time - Yes you can do it!

Join Ken on a guided meditation designed to inspire you to open your heart and practice loving yourself. By listening to this guided meditation everyday for a few weeks, you'll find that you're more accepting and forgiving of others, which is the doorway to genuine self-love.

Guided Meditation: "Open Your Heart & Experience Unconditional Self-Love"

Join Ken on a guided meditation designed to help you to get in touch with your body and realize the bliss of the present moment.  By listening to this guided meditation everyday for a few weeks, you'll find that you're more at easy and experience less stress and tension in your daily life.

Guided Meditation: "The Awakened Body"

BONUS: A Surprise Gift, Free Classes and "The Academy of Self-Mastery"

Some additional gifts for you from Padma.

Bonus: Free Gifts for You
About the Instructor
Padma Gordon
4.8 Average rating
16 Reviews
3,513 Students
2 Courses
Spiritual Counselor/Mindful Embodiment Teacher

Padma Gordon is a Psycho-spiritual Counselor, movement educator, mindfulness teacher, writer, mother and lover of life. She skillfully guides people to deepen their connection to body, heart and soul in her private practice based in Marin County, California. Padma teaches about life, love and relationship. She has been a dedicated practitioner of meditation for over 30 years and she holds mindfulness as the ground for living a truly healthy and fruitful life. 

People across the country choose to work with Padma either long distance, or in person when they are at a potent crossroads, and are searching for connection and deeper meaning in life. They may be transitioning in relationship, desiring more purposeful work, facing an illness, grieving a loss, or wanting to be more fully present and engaged in life. Padma assists others to turn toward their experience, so that they can move where they are stuck. In this way, people come home to themselves and thrive.

Padma uses a variety of techniques including: contemplative movement practices, mindfulness, hypnotherapy, Somatic Gestalt, self-inquiry and radical truth telling. She works with both individuals and couples, and is a facilitator of groups nationwide, teaching new ways of listening to the body, quieting the mind and opening to the heart. 

The depth of Padma’s embodied presence catalyzes clients and students into more profound levels of self-awareness. She gratefully offers herself as an ally for awakening to authentic connection and the simple aliveness of being.

Ken Wells
4.4 Average rating
2,131 Reviews
50,614 Students
20 Courses
Best-Selling Instructor, Coach, Meditation Teacher, NLP

Ken Wells is an internationally sought after trainer, teacher and coach.  

He is the author of 25+ courses and coaching programs covering topics such as online course creation, sales and marketing, personal transformation, meditation, mindfulness and spirituality.

Most of his courses are Best-Sellers and Top-Paid Programs here and elsewhere.

*50,000+ students in 174 countries are currently enrolled in his programs.


I teach forward thinking, open-minded individuals how to reshape their perception of themselves. 

This is so they can clearly identify and effectively reach their true goals while finding more meaning, joy and freedom along the way.

Whether that goal is more happiness, better relationships, greater spiritual awareness, more money or simply to experience less anxiety and frustration.

I do this by using the same techniques and approaches used by Professional Athletes, World Class Business Executives as well as Creative Geniuses. This is all set against a backdrop of raising your Spiritual Awareness.

I believe that goal achievement is more about personal transformation than anything else.

Despite having many disadvantages starting out, I was able to dramatically improve just about every area of my life.

I went from deeply depressed to consistently happy, anxious to peaceful, started my own successful business, dramatically improved my physical health and went from feeling isolated & disconnected to feeling truly connected and whole mentally, physically and spiritually.

Nowadays, I get to do what I love, which is help other people become happier and have more personal freedom and find new ways to live the type of lifestyle that they choose.

All this has come about primarily by changing my perception.

What do you truly want? Let me teach you how to get there...

Why Learn from Me?

*I've overcome just about every challenge that life has offered me with the same tools I teach

*I've Helped Thousands of Other People Live Happier, Healthier and More Fulfilling Lives

*Everything I teach is based on techniques, strategies and concepts that work in the "real" world.

*20 Year Track Record of Success in Highly Competitive Environments (Sports, Business)

*Certified Mental Strength Coach

*Member of A.C.E. (Association for Coaching Excellence)

*13 Years of Sales & Business Development Experience Ranging from Small Business Consulting to C-Level Selling to and for Some of the Largest and Fastest Growing Companies in the World.

*My Instruction Is Simple, Straight Forward and Provides Practical Ways to Get Started Immediately

*Well over 10,000 Hours Invested in Studying and Practicing Peak Performance Techniques and Wellness Practices over the Last 15 Years

*This is my Passion and Purpose first and my 'business' second.

*Short, Crisp Lectures - I Take out Everything That Isn't Necessary. No More Watching 15 Minute Lectures Only to Get 5 Minutes of Actual Content