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About This Course

Published 4/2015 English

Course Description

Microsoft Excel is one of the most widely used, and popular data managements packages on the market. But the regular version is expensive. Enroll in this course, and learn the fundamentals using Excel Online, which is FREE. Excel is an absolute essential to have on your resume. The awesome thing is that now you don't have to spend money to purchase Excel. This version has many of the most important features of the full version, and is ideal for many common office tasks. This course is structured using a simple video lecture and detailed lesson descriptions. There are also quizzes to accompany the lectures so you can check your understanding. There are lectures with assignments and video solutions. The data is automatically generated in the videos, so you can generate the data at home quickly and easily, meaning no downloads are necessary. What you learn using the online version of Excel carries over naturally to the desktop version. You should take this course if you want to build a foundation in Excel, but don't want to spend a lot of money up front . The course will take about three hours to complete. Once you've watched all the videos, done the quizzes, and completed the assignments, you'll have a very solid foundation in the fundamentals of Microsoft Excel.

What are the requirements?

  • Ability To Access Free Version of Microsoft Excel Online
  • Computer With A Popular Browser Like Chrome, Or Internet Explorer
  • Course Works Equally Well With Macs and PCs

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Use Microsoft Excel Online To Create , Save and Share Spreadsheets
  • Apply a Variety of Formats to Columns
  • Perform Range Searches Using Vertical and Horizontal Look Ups
  • Learn How To Generate Large Quantities of Data Fast
  • Apply a Variety of Pasting Options
  • Understand How To Make Dynamic Graphs
  • Apply Formatting Options
  • Learn How To Merge Cells and Align Text
  • Learn How To Scale Axes To Represent Different Data Ranges
  • Learn How To Convert Columns Into Interactive Tables
  • Learn What Functions Are, and How To Use Them
  • Learn How To Nest Functions For Great Productivity
  • Learn How To Apply Filters To Tables To Get More Detailed Information
  • Learn How To Work With Linear and Logarithmic Data
  • Learn How To Download and Embed Active Spreadsheets
  • Learn How To Save Files In Microsoft OneDrive
  • Learn How To Extend Excel With Apps

Who is the target audience?

  • This is a course for beginners.
  • This is not a course for advanced Excel users.
  • You don't have to own the expensive desktop version of Excel to complete this course.

What you get with this course?

Not for you? No problem.
30 day money back guarantee.

Forever yours.
Lifetime access.

Learn on the go.
Desktop, iOS and Android.

Get rewarded.
Certificate of completion.


Section 1: Introduction

Learning Results

1) Understand how to create an account with Microsoft

2) Understand how to access Microsoft Excel Online

3) Understand that Excel Online can be easily used on a variety of operating systems, including Mac with Safari

4) The key combination "Ctrl+" for enlarging, or "Ctrl-" for shrinking, works equally well in Chrome, IE, and Firefox

5) Besides Excel, you can also access several other online versions of popular Microsoft Office products

Quiz On How To Create An Account With Microsoft
3 questions

Learning Results

1) Understand how to embed spread sheets on websites built using WordPress

2) Understand how to download spread sheets


1) Figure out how to create a free account on www.weebly.com, and put an

Excel spreadsheet there for the whole world to see.

2) Watch the video attached to see the solution

Quiz On Embedding And Downloading Spreadsheets
3 questions

Learning Results

1) Understand how to add or remove rows

2) Understand how to add or remove columns

3) Understand how to hide or show columns

4) Understand how to hide or show rows

5) Below is a link to an Excel page with many helpful tips.


1) Figure out how to reorder sheets

2) Figure out how to hide and unhide entire sheets

3) Watch the attached video for the solution

Quiz On Adding, Removing, Hiding, And Showing Rows And Columns
3 questions

Learning Results

1) Understand absolute references

2) Understand relative references

3) Understand how to mix relative and absolute references

4) Understand how to apply percentage and currency formatting


1) Create two sheets. Figure out how to create references between cells in different sheets.

2) Watch the solution in the attached video.

Quiz On Relative And Absolute Positioning
3 questions

Learning Results

1) Understand how to scroll through sheets

2) Understand how to use the tabs for navigation

3) Understand how to activate the next hidden sheet

4) Understand how to hide and unhide entire sheets


1) Figure out how to view all the Excel spreadsheets created thus far. Figure out how to hide, and then show the menu ribbon across. Figure out how to rename entire Excel books, and individual sheets.

Quiz On Navigating Through Sheets
3 questions

Learning Results

1) Understand how to format columns

2) Understand how to do math on formatted columns

3) Understand that numbers can be converted into dates, times, and so on, according to rules specified by Microsoft


1) Setup a column using accounting formatting that represents the initial amount of an investment. Setup a column on which this investment is made, randomly generating the column, and formatting it using short date. Setup a column that randomly generates the final amount of the investment. Find the average rate of change of the investment between today, and the date of investment.

Quiz On Different Number Formats
3 questions

Learning Results

1) Understand how to merge cells horizontally

2) Understand how to merge cells vertically

3) Understand how to format text inside these merged cells


1) Can merged cells be moved around as a unit

2) Can merged cells be extended to repeat a pattern, just as we can repeat a pattern using just a couple cells?

Quiz On Merging Cells And Aligning Text
3 questions

Learning Results

1) Understand how to copy

2) Understand how to paste data in several different formats

1) Is it possible to copy data between books opened in different browser windows, or even completely different browsers?

Quiz On Copying, Pasting, And Formatting
3 questions
Section 2: Functions

Learning Results

1) Understand how to use the sum, average, max, min and count functions


1) You've received a matrix of sales amounts for three different people over a period of one week. Find the sum and average per person, per day, and the sum and average for everybody.

3 questions


Learning Results

1) Understand how to use the if / sumif/ countif and averageif functions


1) Figure out how to use the sumifs function to find sums based on multiple conditions. Watch the attached video to see the solution.

Quiz On If Functions
2 questions

Learning Results

1) Understand how to do vertical look ups

2) Understand how to do horizontal look ups

3) Watch the supplementary video to learn how to do horizontal look ups.


1) Create a table that is searchable by date and name. Use VlookUp() and Match(). Watch the attached video to see the solution.

Quiz On Vertical And Horizontal Lookups
2 questions

Learning Results

1) Understand how to use some basic date functions

2) Understand how to apply those functions and build a simple income model


1) Imagine you've received data from a bank. The columns are amounts invested, and dates of investment. Calculate the interest earned on the investment using Interest Earned= Principal * Rate * Time. The time is to be taken as the number of months into the year in which the investment is made. Time in this context is to be expressed as a fraction of that year. Watch the attached solution.

Quiz On Date Functions
3 questions

Learning Results

1)Understand how to use subtotals

2)Understand how to specify different kinds of functions to be used with subtotals


1) Create a table. Create two inputs to get a name, and a function type to be applied in a call to Subtotal. Use these values to find a name in the table, and then apply the function type to the data that corresponds to that name. Watch the attached video to see a possible solution.

Quiz On Subtotals
3 questions

Learning Results

1) Understand how to apply proper casing

2) Understand how to clean text

3) Understand how to combine text


1) Using a sequence of text functions, transform " this Text is BadLY formattED." into

"This text is beautifully formatted."

Quiz On Text Functions
3 questions

Learning Results

1) Understand how to use the And function in excel

2) Understand nesting functions


1) Figure out how to compare the product of two columns, across two different tables. For example, Does A1*B1 equal C1*D1? If this product is not equal, return "Not Equal". If this product is equal, return the product.

Quiz On Simple Logical Functions
3 questions
Section 3: Charting

Learning Results

1) Understand how to construct a line plot

2) Understand how to do some very simple economic modeling of average cost

Quiz On Simple Line Charts
3 questions

Learning Results

1) Understand how to construct percent graphs

2) Understand how to construct percent tables

Quiz on Line Charts With Percents
3 questions

Learning Results

1) Understand how to construct column charts

2) Understand how to construct bar charts

3) Understand how to interpret these charts

4) Watch the supplementary video to learn about a couple more things that can be done with charts.

Quiz On Bar And Column Charts
3 questions

Learning Results

1) Understand how a coordinate system is constructed

2) Understand how to plot pairs of x and y using several different plot types

3) Understand how points are represented in a coordinate system using x and y coordinates

4) Understand the concept of a functional relationship


1) Bankruptcy filings are modeled by 3x^2-28x+133. Construct a plot of this model for easy reference. x is the number of years since 1990.

Quiz On Plotting Pairs Of Data Points
2 questions

Learning Results

1) Understand how to create a table

2) Understand how to apply a variety of filters

3) Understand how to make dynamic charts


Make a table with three columns. Connect the table to a bar graph. Be sure the bar graph and table interact so a change in the table is propagated to the chart. Make the first column "Investment", the second "Amount", and the third "Tax"

Quiz On Table With Filters And Dynamic Graphs
3 questions

Learning Results

1) Understand how to make dynamic data static

2) Understand how to make a table

3) Understand how to apply subtotals and filters by name


1) Make a table with three columns. Make the first column store Honda and Toyota. Make the second column store Accord, CRV, and Civic for Honda. Make the third column store prices for each model. Repeat for Camry, Prius, and Corolla for Toyota. Make the prices up.

Quiz On Tables With Subtotals
4 questions

Learning Results

1) Understand how to build a linear relationship

2) Understand how to plot with units

3) Understand how to change plot with thousands, millions and so on


1) Construct a plot that show a linear relationship that expresses decline over time. Use the relationship y=-2x+1000. Make sure you show the line from its highest point when x=0 to the place where it crosses the x axis.

Quiz On Scaling Linear Graphs
2 questions

Learning Results

1) Understand basic exponential growth

2) Understand how to plot exponential curves

3) Understand how to using a logarithmic scale


1) Create a plot of bacteria growth. Imagine that every time one unit of time passes, the bacteria splits into two.

Quiz On Logarithmic Relationships
2 questions
Section 4: Misc

Learning Result

1) Understand how to extend Excel with apps

2) Understand how to use math functions

3) Understand how to use the imported app to perform a practical search

Quiz On Excel With A New App For Searching
3 questions

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Instructor Biography

Tom Owsiak, Web, Math, Stats., and Physics Expert

  • I have nine years experience as a teacher of mathematics, physics, statistics, and programming. I worked for five years as a database programmer using various technologies such as .NET, Clipper, SQL, SQL Server, SAS, Excel, and others. I'm the publisher of one of the most successful programming courses on udemy, called "Learn C# With Visual Studio 2013". Currently, I work as a mathematics and computer science teacher at a college in NY.
  • Related Education:
  • Master of Science in Applied Statistical Computing, Kennesaw State University
  • Bachelor of Arts, Pure Mathematics, Queens College
  • Associates of Science in Computer Programming
  • Creator of more than 1620 math, physics, statistics and programming videos
  • Programmer of more than 500 educational simulations

Instructor Biography

Rabiyah R, Instructor at Udemy

I have a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and a Master of Science in Applied Statistics from Kennesaw State University. I am experienced in using many software packages, namely Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook), ChemSketch, SAS, JMP, Minitab, SQL, JavaScript, and Visual Basic. I have a passion for mathematics along with a high desire to learn new things. I also enjoy teaching others and helping them in reaching their maximum potential. I am currently pursuing a career as an Actuary.

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